The future of music

Sabrina Bonini

Sabrina Bonini is a content specialist, writer, and educator focused on Web3 and entrepreneurship.

She began her career as an audio engineer, musician, and audiovisual producer. However, embracing her multipotentiality, she transitioned into becoming a digital solopreneur and writer.

Driven by her passion for arts, culture, new technologies, and innovation, she delved into the world of Web3 in 2020. A year later, she founded a content writing agency,, where she collaborates with tech companies to create impactful content and educational materials.

She has contributed to notable Web3 brands such as World of Women and BFF, working closely with them to create meaningful educational experiences and content.

On a personal level, Sabrina writes the weekly publication Diary of a Modern Solopreneur, bringing readers along on her solopreneur journey and sharing insights and lessons in hopes of empowering others on the same path. She is also writing a book on the subject, aiming to broaden the empowerment of her readers even further.

When she’s not busy typing away, she’s picking up new hobbies, indulging her curiosity, or playing hide-and-seek with her fluffy cat. Discover more about her work and connect with her on LinkedIn.