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Robbie Williams’ virtual concert: celebrating 25 years in music in a groundbreaking way

February 2, 2024
Robbie Williams' virtual concert
Image Source: Robbie Williams

Key takeaways

  1. Robbie Williams’ virtual concert brings a new era of digital entertainment for his fans on his 25th music anniversary.
  2. Fans worldwide can join the digital celebration, blending nostalgic hits with cutting-edge technology.
  3. The event showcases the fusion of music, tech, and digital art, setting new standards for live entertainment.

Robbie Williams is celebrating 25 years of music in a big way. He’s inviting fans to join him in a special concert, but this time, it’s not in a regular venue—it’s in the metaverse.

This concert is a mix of old favourites and new digital technology. It’s being organized with the help of Bybit, LightCycle, and HAPE 2.0. Fans will enter a virtual city designed just for this event, where Robbie’s performance will be the main attraction. 

It’s a concert that everyone around the world can join, changing how we think about attending music events.

Since the pandemic, more and more artists are holding virtual concerts. Robbie Williams is joining in, using his 25th music anniversary to host a unique celebration.

Vertex Labs: the architects of Robbie Williams’ virtual concert

In September 2023, Robbie Williams teamed up with Vertex Labs to make his virtual concert even more special. Vertex Labs is known for having several brands and products like LightCycle, Caduceus, and Hape Prime, leading the way in creating exciting digital spaces.

For this particular event, they will be using LightCycle, a 3D world where fans can watch Robbie Williams perform in a city designed by AI. Although there is still not a lot of information about how the event will look like, “Robbie Williams Beyond Reality,” as they have called it, is set to change how we experience live music.

This partnership shows how the metaverse is becoming a new place for enjoying music, mixing creativity with the latest in tech.

NFTickets: your digital pass to the show

Bybit, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, serves as the official NFT marketplace for Robbie Williams’ virtual concert. Here, fans can buy NFT tickets, also known as NFTickets, and special collectibles related to the event.

NFTickets are a new way to experience events. They are digital tickets stored on the blockchain, making them unique and secure. This method is becoming popular in music and events because it offers more than just entry; it’s also a piece of memorabilia that can increase in value and give you extra perks over time.

Bybit makes it easy for everyone to buy tickets, aiming to include fans from different backgrounds. The event uses a mix of sales and fun giveaways to reach a wide audience, celebrating Robbie Williams’ 25 years in music with as many people as possible.

Robbie Williams' virtual concert: celebrating 25 years in music in a groundbreaking way 1
A teaser of Robbie Williams’ virtual concert NFTtickets

Buying a Robbie Williams’ virtual concert NFTicket is straightforward. The top option is called “The Twilight Pass,” which not only lets you into the concert but is also a valuable collector’s item. Each NFTicket comes with limited edition merchandise signed by Robbie Williams and exclusive items from LightCycle, making the concert experience memorable and possibly a good investment for the future.

NFTickets are shaping the future of music events, offering fans a new way to connect with their favorite artists and own a piece of the concert experience. As this trend grows, more artists are looking at NFTs as a way to offer something special and unique to their fans.

How to buy Robbie Williams’ virtual concert tickets

To get NFT tickets for Robbie Williams’ concert, you first need to set up an account with Bybit. Setting up an account on their platform is straightforward, and they guide you through each step.

Once you have your Bybit Wallet ready, you go to the Robbie Williams Music Realm Genesis Pass sale page. Here, you can buy Ethereum (ETH), the cryptocurrency you’ll need to purchase your NFTicket to the concert.

Robbie Williams' virtual concert: celebrating 25 years in music in a groundbreaking way 2
Bybit platform, creating the digital wallet to store your NFTickets.

After buying your NFT, you can keep it safe in your Bybit Wallet. When the concert day arrives, you’ll need to log in and connect your wallet to show you have the ticket.

The tickets aren’t available for purchase yet, but by creating a Bybit account now, you can stay updated and be among the first to know when they go on sale. Bybit also offers a detailed guide on how to buy these NFT tickets if you need more information.

Robbie Williams takes a bold step

Robbie Williams’ decision to hold his 25th-anniversary concert in the metaverse is not just about celebrating his music. It’s a brave step into the future of how we enjoy entertainment. This event mixes music, new technology, and digital art, showing a new way for artists to connect with their fans online.

Fans from all over are getting ready for this virtual event. There’s a lot of excitement for what could be one of the biggest virtual concerts in the metaverse to date.

It’s your chance to be part of a groundbreaking event. Will you let Robbie Williams entertain you in the metaverse too?

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