10 Best Online Piano Lessons That Actually Work 2021

Best Online Piano Lessons That Actually Work

Choosing the best online piano lessons is no easy task. That’s why I’ve picked and reviewed the best online piano courses for you so you can start learning today!

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Gone are the days of having to learn a new skill or hobby in-person…

Thanks to modern technology, you now have access to learn the most highly-desirable skills at the power of your fingertips!

And the same is true with learning how to play the piano. The best online piano lessons are created to offer the freedom and flexibility to learn the piano whenever and wherever suits you.

Whether you’re currently teaching yourself piano and finding it too tricky, fed up of having to travel for a quick lesson, or a complete beginner looking to learn a new instrument from home, the best online piano lessons cater for everyone’s situation.

Because of the huge selection of online piano lessons out there, I decided to use my musical knowledge and experience to put together a list of what I think are the best online piano lessons at the moment.

Hopefully by the end of the article you’ll have managed to choose the right online piano course for you!

Our Top Pick
Playground Sessions - The Best Online Piano Lessons in 2021

"Playground Sessions makes learning the piano fun and easy. It's the next big step in music learning. You'll be thinking like a musician in no time." - Harry Connick Jr.

We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.

Best Online Piano Lessons in 2021

1. Playground Sessions – Best Online Piano Lessons Overall

Meet the best-selling piano-learning software for both computers and iPads!

If you’ve been trying to find top-quality online piano lessons, your search is over! Playground Sessions is what you need, with some very cool features that set it apart from the rest. What does it offer to its users? Many things, but let’s start with this – support from successful musicians, and an extensive library of popular songs.

If you like the sound of that, you will like what’s coming next as well… How would you feel to find out that your tutor will be the jazz icon Harry Connick Jr? What about the fact that the co-creator of the software is Quincy Jones, a well-known producer? They even offer a branded MIDI keyboard you can buy that goes with the software.

What fascinates people the most is how fun and interactive this system is, due to the video-game style way of learning. When you plug in a MIDI keyboard, there is visual feedback that helps you play. You will see the red color when you hit the wrong note, while the green one is for the right notes.

A very cool feature is the extra content that you unlock with rewards. Since you can record your sessions, you can also keep track of your progress. It’s extremely beneficial because it helps you go back and learn from your mistakes and see where you can improve.

Will there be music theory? Yes, but not too much to burden you, especially at the beginning. With Playground Sessions, the focus is on you playing songs quickly and enjoying the learning process.

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Overall, Playground Sessions offer some of the best, if not the best online piano lessons on the market. They have support from various successful musicians, and I especially like the way that they combine learning music theory and songs in an enjoyable way!

Our Top Pick
Playground Sessions - The Best Online Piano Lessons in 2021

"Playground Sessions makes learning the piano fun and easy. It's the next big step in music learning. You'll be thinking like a musician in no time." - Harry Connick Jr.

We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.

2. Flowkey – Best Online Piano App

Learn the songs you like with this convenient piano teaching app! 

In the music industry, more specifically the piano world, Yamaha is one of the biggest piano brands. Well, guess what? The producers of this new software collaborated with Yamaha. So, you can be sure that it comes with some great features, like the fact that it is for both novices and advanced pianists.

Those who own a Yamaha piano receive a premium Flowkey membership that lasts for three months. However, the software is suitable for both acoustic and MIDI pianos.

By selecting intermediary lessons, you can learn your favorite songs. The setup process is there to determine whether you are an advanced and more experienced player.

Do you know how sometimes the interface is difficult to navigate? It isn’t the case with this program. It’s user-friendly and straightforward, so you will be able to get the most out of it effortlessly and with little confusion.

You have the choice of following lesson plans or choosing a song you want to learn. Once you’ve chosen, you can always slow the lesson down or pause it. This feature comes in handy when you encounter the problematic sections.

I personally think that Flowkey is great for beginner or intermediate level players or those that want a fun way to learn new songs, but it’s not the most comprehensive online program.

Ready my full Flowkey review here!

If you have doubts, you can use the one-month trial period, and then make a decision. The minute you are sure this is what you want, you will have two alternatives – the monthly and yearly subscription plan. During the trial, you have access to fewer songs but can still view all of them to help you make up your mind.

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Flowkey - Online Piano Learning That Works!
  • An easy and fun way to learn piano online
  • Learn to play your favorite songs
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We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.

3. Pianoforall – Best If You Want To Compose & Improvise

Learn how to improvise and compose with this chord-focused piano learning alternative!

If you find traditional piano learning methods boring, perhaps it’s time to consider something different. Here is a suggestion – try this app and learn how to make music and improvise like a professional pianist.

It’s a video-based site that emphasizes learning through chord shapes. You learn how to play popular songs, as well as learn to compose your own music.

One of the best features of this program of online piano lessons is that it develops your musicality, i.e. playing by ear, improvising, and composing your own melodies, and teaches these skills in-depth.

Another aspect that differentiates Pianoforall from other online piano courses is that you can download the content and pay for it only once. Once you are done with it, lifetime access to the content is guaranteed!

Even though the site doesn’t offer interactive elements and people who prefer traditional learning may not like it, it is a very affordable alternative that can teach you a lot. People who try it are pleased with the learning process and feel that you’re making progress from day one.

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In my opinion, Pianoforall is most suited for beginner piano players or those who want to learn how to improvise and compose your own pieces. You’ll learn how to play the piano in a unique and enjoyable approach, and the skills you learn will lay a solid foundation for exploring other kinds of music and more advanced techniques.

4. Skoove – Best For Pop Music

Get well-acquainted with this interactive piano learning app!

Do you want a compelling software that is easy to use? Do you want to have a fun time while learning how to play your favorite songs? Skoove delivers all of this and more! However, these are not online piano lessons for those looking to learn classical music or who want to focus on music theory.

Beginners don’t need to worry because Skoove is built for them, the ‘listen, learn, and play’ approach means you’ll be learning new skills quickly while maintaining proper technique.

Unlike other online piano lessons like Pianoforall, there isn’t much focus on improvisation. Skoove is great for teaching you how to read music but lacks in some musical concepts.

Lastly, Skoove is suitable for most ages, I’d say anyone aged 12 and up. When compared to other online piano classes, the interface is modern and very easy-to-use. It’s also available in six different languages!

Some song arrangements may be too simplistic, but if you like popular music, you’ll be able to learn how to play all your favorite songs effectively.

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Overall, Skoove is ideal for those looking to acquire a solid foundational knowledge of piano playing in a learn at your own pace structure.

5. ArtistWorks Piano with Christie Peery – Best For Classical Music

Learn how to play classical music and get helpful personalized feedback!

Do you want a widely acclaimed concert pianist to teach you how to play classical pieces? If so, Artistworks with Christie Peery are the best online piano lessons for you! Christie is famous and highly respected in the music industry, so you know you’re receiving some of the best classical piano lessons online.

The program includes hundreds of lessons, and you can find something for you, whether you are a novice or experienced musician. One of the best features is the ability to submit your videos to the Video Exchange Library archive. Christie then watches them and gives you feedback on ways to improve through a recorded video just for you. Just like having your own private online piano teacher!

The unique aspect though is that all ArtistWorks users can see every video interaction. Meaning you’ll see someone else’s videos, and they will be able to see yours. It’s a useful feature because another person’s work and progress can inspire you, but also people often have similar questions and struggles.

Although Christie mainly focuses on classical piano, there’s the opportunity to experiment with pop and jazz piano courses as well through the Artistworks website, although these are an additional cost.

If you prefer teacher-to-student interaction when learning and having the opportunity to ask questions, ArtistWorks Piano with Christie Peery is a great option.

Although her online piano lessons are catered towards classical music, they are highly structured, even with a practice plan, making them some of the best online piano lessons on the market today!

6. Piano Marvel – Best Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Enjoy a gamified way of piano learning, offering manageable lesson chunks!

In the sea of piano learning apps, here is a perfect one for those who like game-like lessons. Add instant feedback and over 1,500 popular songs to it, and you get a remarkable software that can help you learn to play piano fast!

Many people like this app because it has a way to motivate its users. For instance, you earn trophies when achieving certain grades! The best part is that you can share your rewards on social media to see your progress, making it a fun way for children to learn.

Although the reward system is a great way to motivate children into learning, it’s also enjoyed by adults. The lessons are broken into small chunks, again making it popular and suitable for kids, but also for adults that don’t have much time to practice.  

Like many app-based online piano lessons, Piano Marvel also offers a free trial version before you decide to subscribe. You can use this period to get familiar with its features.

However, the subscription gives you the video lesson library and a bonus, the SASR sight-reading challenge. It helps you track and assess your sight-reading skills in a cool and innovative manner.

In general, Piano Marvel is a comprehensive option. The only slight drawback for some is that it was designed with traditional piano methods in mind, so you won’t just sit down and play something fun immediately!

Read my full Piano Marvel review here!

However, if you want to learn in a traditional way and build yourself a strong foundation based upon reading music and theory, Piano Marvel is a highly suitable option.

7. Piano with Willie – Best For Unique Genres

Enjoy genre-specific piano lesson plans and loads of great content!

Do you want to learn from a Berklee Music School graduate? If you do, there are thousands of lessons from Willie Myette that you can use and get started with. Those who like learning by watching videos will be happy to learn more about his online piano lessons.

Regardless of your level, there is plenty of content that can help you achieve superb piano-playing skills. You can learn how to play jazz, Latin, gospel, funk, blues, and rock. If you like improvising, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to do so on this online piano course.

There is another incredible feature that this site offers. If you like both face-to-face and online lessons, you can get the best of both worlds. He offers weekly Skype sessions where you receive coaching, which is advisable if you want to improve fast but also ask questions about certain piano-playing techniques.

Because of these interactive features, Piano With Willie offers some of the best online piano lessons for adults. Although children may not benefit from this kind of material, grown-ups can learn a lot by watching videos and having live-group Skype sessions. Even skilled musicians can utilize the site’s features to improve their piano playing.

The course offers a monthly subscription plan, but there is also a free option. Check it out below!

8. Music2me – Best For On A Budget

If watching videos while learning is your thing, you will like this!

Do you want to have access to more than 150 tutorial videos and over 75 songs? Do you want to be sure that you are hitting the right notes while playing on your keyboard? Do you always want to be able to set an adequate tempo, especially when you are playing something more challenging?

If you answer all these questions with a yes, you need to learn more about Music2me.

Whenever you start a lesson, you’ll be able to see the piano keyboard at the top with the score always at the bottom, this helps you to not make mistakes. When you come across some tricky parts during the lesson, you have the loop option to repeat anything you want as many times as you find necessary.

After all, repetition is the most significant part of learning and practice, and you know how they say practice makes perfect!

Any device is adequate for these online piano lessons as the app is made to fit all screen sizes. Whether you want to use your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, all you’ll need is an internet connection.

Although there’s no feedback like in some other online piano classes, you still have immediate access to hundreds of video lessons, especially great for visual learners.

The greatest aspect of Music2me is its price, offering the lowest monthly subscription plan of all the best online piano lessons on my list!

9. Yousician – Best For Budding Multi-Instrumentalists

Guided learning through interactive lessons that let you set the pace for yourself.

Yousician is another commendable option. It is also available for use on all operating systems. It teaches in an interactive manner and uses several learning styles to keep the user’s interest and encourage them to practice new skills.

After an introductory orientation video that shows you how to use the platform, you are taught all your basic principles via its guided lessons.

One cool thing is it allows you to pick how long you want your lesson. You are asked to choose between quick, casual, and intense, 10, 20, and 30-minutes respectively. During that time it will teach you a concept be it a simple scale or something more advanced. The guided lesson content is very linear and ideal for beginners or younger users.

Once you have a concept taught there are missions and workouts under the learn menu tab that help you to put the concepts into practice right away. Each mission presents you with levels to unlock via video lessons. Each lesson has a practice mode and a performance mode. The first mode, lets you learn hands independently and slow the tempo. Performance mode marks your accuracy giving you 1-3 stars.

Because of the way the content is structured you are supposed to work through each lesson to unlock the next. This can be skipped providing you can get through a short related quiz to progress. So if you have prior experience or are familiar with a concept you can still move forward without repeating too many fundamentals.

The workouts introduce game-like elements to reinforce things learned in a fun and engaging way be it chords scales or techniques. The workout area is great for practicing things you are struggling with because it presents the content differently.

Levels one and two cover the basics and after that, the course splits into different paths. The Classical path is focused around famous pieces and teaches notes and keys as well as styles. The Knowledge and Creativity path teaches key signatures, gives the player scales and chords with some ear training with the idea in mind to give you the foundations for improvising and playing your own music. The 3rd path, Pop, leans toward chords and melodies. It in fact covers rock and blues, teaching many popular riffs.

The searchable song library is pretty substantial. To make it easy to navigate the songs are divided into levels (0-10) and there are many genres to choose from.

Yousician offers 3 notation styles. You can have standard sheet music notation or an enhanced version which substitutes notes for colored bubbles. They take up the space of the beats in the bar with their length denoting how long to play it. This may be an easier way for a much younger player to put two and two together but might not be the best idea in the long-run. You can also play with color-coded-notation that helps you to know which finger is supposed to play which note a useful tool if you are learning alone from an app.

Yousician has a big social forum and you can participate in weekly challenges against other people at your level or even challenge your friends.

Yousician teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, and singing in addition to the piano. You can either pay a subscription for learning one instrument or you can get an all-access pass to learn all instruments, ideal for a musically inclined family, or aspiring multi-instrumentalist.

10. Simply Piano – Best For Those With Busy Schedules

An award-winning, socially orientated app from JoyTunes that teaches the piano from zero to hero.

Simply Piano is an interactive app-based way to learn the piano available on iOS and Android. Lessons are delivered in a bite-size, game-like format and the course content is centered around songs. Even if you are learning very basic fundamentals you finish the lesson with a simple song that demonstrates what you have learned giving you a sense of achievement from the very start.

It will ask you about your experience and the goals you have in mind to help steer you towards the right lesson content. It is very well-designed and has a focus on teaching beginners. You can create your own profile with an avatar that displays your goals and achievements.

There are 2 bare-essential courses that new players should complete. Piano Basics and Essentials I. They teach your finger numbering and explore some basic rhythm notation. Hands are exercised independently culminating in both playing basic phrases together. Upon completion, you will be able to recognize notes and play simplified versions of six songs.

After that, the curriculum splits into 2 main paths. The Soloist route is more sight-reading and theory tailored than the other. It has lessons centered on classical music pieces with scales and keys taught. The focus is on melodies and phrases. The Chords route covers pop, rock, and jazz and teaches rhythm chord patterns and techniques advancing to inversions and adding moving bass-lines as well as teaching seventh, diminished, and slash chords later on.

The content is taught in a listen, practice, play method, you can slow the tempo and learn hands one at a time and choose whether to have notes named and numbered for your fingering. You can also switch the metronome on and off.

Recap lessons are given to you each time you log-on. The app encourages good practice habits with its 5-minute workout tool.

One of the best attributes that Simply Piano has is its intelligent feedback system, it is a little cleverer than some of the other platforms’ color-coding.

Like others, correct and incorrect notes change color. Blue for right and red for wrong. But, if you are hesitant, missing the timing, rhythm, or tempo then it turns yellow.

Then it takes things one step further, If you play too many yellows then the app will automatically restart the bar or bars to the section you are learning. Likewise, if you get too many reds then it automatically initiates practice mode to slow down the track and add the metronome.

Benefits Of Online Piano Lessons

I often find people asking “are piano lessons any good?” or “do online piano lessons work?”

The short answer is yes! In fact, a research study from MIT found that online lessons, in general, were just as effective as traditional in-person lessons. The same is true with online piano lessons!

One of the main advantages, when you learn to play piano online, is that you get to watch the teacher show you what to do, not just tell you.

You can examine how the piano instructor sits, shapes their fingers, uses their arms and hands, and then emulate their form into your own playing. As well as hear what they play, and try to recreate that sound yourself. With video, you can go back again and again to re-watch.

This isn’t the case in traditional piano lessons, you don’t often have the chance to watch the teacher play. Interestingly, by watching videos over and over again, subconsciously you begin to emulate the instructor and replicate their good posture or how the piano is meant to sound.

Another beneficial factor of the best online piano lessons is that through watching videos, listening to different types of music, and integrating online learning games, they make the learning process fun and rewarding.

I especially love the aspect of being able to learn and work through a course at my own pace and a time of my choosing. Somedays you may just want to have a quick lesson whereas others you may want to spend a few hours learning, this kind of flexibility can only be found in online piano lessons.

Finally, one of the main advantages of using online piano lessons is cost. In comparison to a high hourly rate that you would pay a piano teacher, learning to play piano online is much more affordable.

Each program has different payment structures again making it more flexible for you. If you want to pay a one time fee, monthly subscription, or yearly fee, the option is yours and is flexible around your budget and lifestyle.

Final Thoughts On Online Piano Lessons

At the end of the day, you’re not going to go wrong with any of the reviewed online piano courses.

Especially if you’re a complete beginner, the above best online piano lessons will similarly teach you a strong foundation for which to build upon, they all just go about it in their own unique way.

If you’re still struggling to decide, think about your budget and what style of music you’re most interested in, and choose based on those two factors.

Or if you just want the most comprehensive piano course out there, that’s suitable for all levels of experience, and software which you’ll never outgrow, Playground Sessions is hands down my favorite.

I hope this list has helped you to begin your piano journey! There’s no better feeling than learning to play a new instrument, and helping people with their decision and getting them on their way is something I find enjoyable and fulfilling too.

As always, any questions to help you decide, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy learning! – Will

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