7 Best Online Singing Lessons That Actually Work 2021

Best Online Singing Lessons That Actually Work

Choosing the best online singing lessons is no easy task. That’s why we’ve picked and reviewed the best online vocals lessons for you so you can start singing at your best today!

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Do you want to improve your singing voice but you’re not sure where to start?

The voice is like an instrument – it takes time and proper practice to make it sound better.

If you’re not ready to pay for traditional vocal training or you simply want to learn how to sing some songs for fun, there’s an alternative.

And a pretty good one too!

Luckily, with modern technology and the growing demand for virtual music classes, you can find a bunch of high-quality singing lessons online.

They are usually affordable, easy to follow, and fun.

The best online vocal lessons are created by professional teachers and musicians who share their knowledge and unique learning methods.

It’s important to find the course that is compatible with your goals and abilities, as you’ll see results in no time.

To help you find the best option for you, we’ve summarized the best online singing lessons.

From interactive video lessons and apps to superstar masterclasses, something will surely catch your eye.

So, here we go!

Best Online Singing Lessons In 2021

1. 30 Day Singer – Best OVERALL

Without a doubt, the 30 Day Singer course is one of the most popular online singing lessons. The name itself suggests the course will make you a better singer within a month.

But does it deliver what it promises?

30 Day Singer Features

The 30 Day Singer course contains training lessons created to help you improve your singing skills. 

It offers video tutorials that will easily guide you through exercises focused on strengthening your vocals and developing your confidence in singing.

You’ll be coached by educated, experienced singers. Some of the names you’ll come across are Camille van Niekerk, Jon Statham, Jonathan Estabrooks, and Reagan James (The Voice USA contestant).

All of them have their own beginner’s course, so you’ll be able to choose whose teaching style suits you best. Or, learn from them all!

With your monthly or annual subscription, you’ll have access to a variety of lessons and features including specialized technique lessons, warm-ups, advanced courses, performance tips, and many more.

For an extra cost, you’ll have the amazing option of booking an individual lesson with one of the teachers privately.

There’s also the possibility of enrolling in a second learning module: 30 Day Singer Course with Guitar. It’s a great opportunity to get specific knowledge and tips on how to sing and play at the same time.

Content and Benefits

The course’s focus lies mainly on technique. It will primarily teach you how to sing properly. Getting a grasp of how to practice in the right way and not only sound good is essential.

That will also help you to avoid injury and vocal strain. Taking care of your vocal health is very important and it can easily be neglected when you’re only a beginner. You should be aware of it no matter how advanced your exercises are.

However, with 30 Day Singer, you’ll learn and practice step-by-step. Also, you can progress at your own pace and abilities.

During the course, you will define your vocal range, learn scales and rhythms, and move on to more advanced techniques such as adding vibrato and smoothing out vocal breaks.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced singer, you’ll also have plenty to learn. You’ll work on improving leaps, accuracy, and fluidity in singing, perfecting your pitch and intonation, as well as mastering your performance skills.

You can also give a try to specific genres like country, R&B, and classical singing, which can be fun and useful for someone who’s already through the basics. However, these lessons don’t go very deep into the specific style.

30 Day Singer course options.

Regarding the basics – The warm-ups and exercises section might seem like it’s designed for beginners, but it’s actually recommended who anyone who wants to improve their singing voice.

Taking some time for a proper vocal warm-up and going through exercise drills builds or maintains a solid singing foundation. It will help you enhance your skills while taking care of your vocal health.

Who is 30 Day Singer For?

The 30 Day Singer course is for anyone who wants to improve their singing skills through a well-organized and motivating program.

It’s an ideal online learning source for beginners, but it can also be great for more experienced singers who want to work on a specific weakness or technique.

Since the course also offers lessons on singing with a guitar, it’s also perfect for anyone who wants to improve that particular skill.

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2. Singorama – Runner-UP

Among online singing classes, Singorama is certainly one of the most popular.

It offers everything you need to know to learn overall fundamentals or enhance your existing vocal skills.

So how does it work?

Singorama Features

Singorama is an online e-learning program created by the Australian singer and songwriter Melanie Alexander.

When you purchase Singorama, you’ll receive audio lessons that include vocal exercises and practice songs along with a PDF workbook and special accompanying software.

There is also a possibility to directly download the program which is perhaps more convenient and cheaper. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have to use it on your computer.

Audio files will guide you through a variety of topics that will help you broaden your musical knowledge and skills. There are materials for people of all levels of experience.

Singorama Mini Recording software works as a pitch-training course and a recording device that will allow you to see if you’re improving. Ear Training software is an app that will help you learn to identify notes.

You can decide on the pace of your learning. However, it usually takes a bit more than 6 weeks to complete the course.

The platform has a 60-day guarantee policy, so in case you don’t resonate with the course, you can get your money back.

Due to Singorama’s well-rounded and quality content, that’s unlikely to happen. But to see what lessons really provide, let’s dig deeper into the content.

Content and Benefits

The Singorama singing program includes a large amount of learning material. While some might find this a bit overwhelming or time consuming, it’s great to have a thorough course that covers all the fundamentals and more.

The course starts off with a lesson that will let you know where you stand with your vocals. It will also teach you or remind you how to take care of your vocal cords and proper posture, both of which are absolutely essential before starting any vocal exercise.

As you progress, you’ll be improving your tone and pitch and learning various techniques.

You’ll also receive a brief in music theory. From key signatures to solfege, Singorama provides valuable knowledge that can only enrich your musical abilities.

Of course, every proper singer needs to delve deeper into the song they’re dealing with. You’ll explore songs’ lyrics, mood, and emotions.

Singers with advanced skills will enjoy the part about building a musical career.

So, no matter the level of experience, everyone will benefit from Singorama lessons.

Who is Singorama For?

As we already mentioned, Singorama can be a great learning source whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer.

However, you’ll have to be ready for the whole process of improving your voice to take some time. It might not be very quick, but it will be worthwhile.

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3. The Vocalist Studio – The Four Pillars Of Singing

Another platform that offers singing lessons online worth checking out is The Vocalist Studio.

It’s created by Robert Lunte, a singer and author of the book „The Four Pillars of Singing“ where he discusses the method that the online course is based on. 

So how does his method work?

The Vocalist Studio Features

The course creator Robert Lunte’s teaching style entails a rather scientific approach. Therefore, he often uses technical terms while explaining musical concepts and singing techniques.

However, his video lessons are straightforward and his guidance is clear and expressive.

Once you purchase The Vocalist Studio course, you’ll get lifetime access to all the lessons and bonus content. You’ll get Lunte’s book too.

Despite the one-off payment, the content is frequently updated so you can continue to use it even after you’ve completed the course. You’ll keep getting new material in the form of webinars, articles, lessons, etc.

Although the program doesn’t have a strict schedule, it usually takes a bit more than 2 months to complete the course. Their recommended practice routine entails 30 to 120 minutes per session, 3 to 6 days a week.

Lunte’s commitment and enthusiasm is also visible through his activity in forums. Moreover, his website provides a Live Chat option that can connect you to your instructor directly.

Apart from video lessons, The Vocalist Studio course features quizzes designed to track your progress more easily.

There are also plenty of engaging vocal exercises, but we’ll give you a clearer idea of the program’s content in a moment.

Content and Benefits

The Vocalist Studio in-depth curriculum will help you improve your singing technique. The content covers all aspects of singing as well as useful tips and tricks.

In the beginning, Lunte talks about singing myths, to clear things up before starting with concrete concepts. Eventually, he’ll be moving to fundamentals and specific exercises.

As the course progresses, you’ll be learning particular skills like connecting your head voice with your chest voice without pushing. You’ll also learn how to create six different sounds in your head voice.

In his video lessons, Lunte will also explain different specialized onsets that can help you develop vocal stength.

Moreover, he’ll describe exercises that will, with enough persistence, expand your vocal range.

From sharing in-depth researched information to providing a benefit to contact your vocal coach for advice, The Vocalist Studio offers a well-rounded musical learning experience.

Who is The Vocalist Studio for?

The Vocalist Studio course works best for singers with some experience.

Anyone can enroll in the course though, but beginners will probably find some of the terminology a bit complex and confusing. So even if you’re not a beginner, if you don’t fancy that kind of teaching style, you should think twice.

Nevertheless, if you complete The Vocalist Studio course, you’re will certainly have core singing skills and solid musical background.

4. Roger Love Singing Academy – Best For Those Seriously Committed

If you want to learn how to sing online, you won’t go wrong with Roger Love Singing Academy.

The program quickly became a huge success due to its renowned creator – a vocal coach Roger Love. In fact, he helped many superstars to get where they are now.

But can it help you?

Roger Love Singing Academy Features

The Roger Love Singing Academy is a 14-week program divided into three main courses. Each course contains video lessons that will show you how to become a better singer.

If you purchase the Level 1 course you’ll be learning Roger Love’s technique. With the second package, you’ll gain access to Level 2 and learn how to apply the technique. The third package includes 100 videos and all three courses with the additional „Performance magic“ part.

Roger Love managed to help Gwen Stefani, Eminem, and many Grammy award winners with their careers, and it seems to have the same success with his online singing classes.

In his videos, Roger is easy to understand and motivating, and he obviously knows his onions. After all, what’s more motivating than learning from someone who is among the best in the industry?

Moreover, the program has useful features that will help you with your practice. For example, with the Love Notes training system, you can sing songs in a similar way as karaoke. The difference is that you will, besides lyrics, get instructions in volume, vibrato, etc.

Content and Benefits

Roger Love’s method is based on teaching you how to use your middle voice. He believes it’s the best way to fulfill your vocal potential.

However, you will learn how to control your chest and head voice too. You’ll also learn about diaphragmatic breathing, vibrato, and various singing techniques.

In the third course, you get to explore how to deal with stage fright, how to connect with an audience, and many other useful tips.

You’ll be doing many vocal exercises while learning songs in different styles including country and rock.

The way Roger communicates is probably one the biggest benefits of the course. You’ll undoubtedly get encouragement from his side.

So, besides core singing skills, you’ll certainly gain more confidence and make your overall performance better.

Who is Roger Love Academy For?

The Roger Love Academy course is created for singers of all levels of experience.

However, it will probably be most appealing to beginners since the first course covers all the basics.

As you progress, you’ll get introduced to more complex techniques, but how much you want to enhance your vocals depends on your further practice.

5. Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass – Best for Those That Want a Singing Career

We don’t need to explain who the teacher behind this masterclass is.

However, if someone’s a talented, popular singer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good vocal coach.

Is that the case with Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass?

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass.

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Features

Truth be told, Christina Aguilera is one of the famous people who does know how to approach students.

Through high-quality personalized videos, she shares her musical knowledge and experience. She will teach you how to find your voice, expand your vocal range, and master singing techniques.

When you purchase the e-course, you’ll get 23 video lessons and a PDF workbook. Each lesson includes homework assignments and notes.

You can choose your own learning pace but the recommended course duration is six weeks.

It’s a rather extensive course that will need your full dedication if you want to get the most out of it.

Content and Benefits

In the introductory videos, Christina will introduce herself and talk about her musical inspirations. It’s a great way to make you feel connected and motivated to start practicing.

As you progress, you’ll be going through vocal warm-ups and exercises with Christina, as well as work on breath control and expanding your vocal range.

She will also share important information about vocal health, inner-rhythm, and self-expression.

On top of that, she’ll break down her biggest hits and help you master the necessary technique. There are also lessons focused on singing duets.

The last few lessons are focused on live shows, overcoming mistakes, and finding yourself as an artist. Christina shares a lot of personal stories and examples to portray better what she’s talking about.

All things considered, this is a well-rounded online singing program that will not only show you how to improve your voice but also inspire you to grow as a singer.

And with all the beneficial workbook assignments, you’ll truly soak in what you’ve learned in the videos.

Who is Christina Aguilera Masterclass for?

Although the Masterclass is probably most convenient for amateurs, it can also be useful for advanced singers.

Needless to say, fans of Christina Aguilera music will find it especially enjoyable.

Also, we recommend the course to anyone who has a wish to sing on a stage one day since there is a good portion of lessons focusing on live performances.

Nevertheless, Christina’s insights and experiences can help you in your musical journey regardless of your skills and goals.

6. Yousician Singing – Best For Casual Learners

If you searched for online piano or guitar lessons, you’ve probably heard of Yousician.

It’s an app that also offers an online singing course in the form of interactive lessons. So how do you improve your voice with an app?

Yousician Singing Learning Interface.
Yousician Singing Learning Interface.

Yousician Singing Features 

Music apps can contain features that are very helpful in learning more quickly and easily. Basically, they usually provide well-structured and fun learning.

What also makes the Yousican Singing app a great source of vocal exercises is the instant feedback feature. The app will listen to you sing and give you feedback on the timing and accuracy of your singing.

You don’t need any extra equipment for the app, only your device. It works with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Video lessons are engaging and easy to follow. They are linear, which is great if you’re a beginner in need of clear guidance.

Yousician’s layout is instructive, game-like, and well-designed. You can choose to sing specific songs, do workouts, or follow the suggested lesson plan.

Singing challenges and interactive tutorials will make your practice versatile and fun.

The app also offers the transpose feature, meaning you can adjust the song’s pitch to suit your voice.

However, apps can generally lack a personalized approach, but Yousician is trying to work on that by making the videos interactive and engaging to keep their users interested.

Content and Benefits

Yousician Singing course provides all the basics and tips that will help you take control of your voice and make it more powerful.

Lessons cover ear training, solfege, breath support, harmony, melody, pitch control, and much more.

The knowledge section will give you a better idea of how singing works and teach you important things such as counting beats.

You can also choose warm-ups and exercises in the Workouts section, as well as simply pick songs to sing. It might be best if you search them by the level you’re on – that way, you’ll not be singing something that is still too challenging for you.

What’s great about this app (and many other apps) is that it’s customizable. You can slow the song down, and then sing full speed when you’re confident about the lyrics and tones. Moreover, you can adjust the song to your pitch which is a great benefit.

Who is Yousician Singing for?

Yousician Singing app is suitable for beginners and intermediate singers.

However, we believe beginners will find it especially useful. Linear and interactive lessons are great for anyone who needs a clear structure.

Younger users like teens will also like the app due to it’s game-like format.

All things considered, Yousician Singing is a nice tool for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice and gain fundamental musical knowledge.

7. Artistworks Vocal School

Artistworks Vocal School platform offers video-based vocal training lessons.

It was created by the celebrity vocal coach Jeannie Deva who has worked with many successful singers and was a member of the Grammy Awards committee.

So what makes this course different than other online singing classes?

Artistworks Vocal School.

Artistworks Vocal School Features

The great Jeannie Deva left true wealth in the form of this course. In numerous video lessons, she shared her knowledge and principles.

Her method works well for most people, and lessons are suitable both for complete amateurs and intermediate singers. They include vocal warm-ups, exercises, and secrets to sing more beautifully.

When you purchase the course (it’s quite affordable, by the way), you’ll get unlimited access to lessons and the music theory workshop.

You’ll also get archived video exchanges where you can watch Deva’s advice to students’ videos.

Actually, you can do that as well! If you record yourself singing and send it to the Artistworks instructors via the platform’s website, you’ll receive a personalized video response from an instructor.

Platform’s teachers are qualified, talented vocal coaches who will provide valuable advice.

Artistworks Vocal School really has a strong community and provides its students to communicate with their teachers. It’s a feature that many online courses lack.

Besides singing lessons, Artistworks offers a variety of other music lessons. It’s an inclusive music school dedicated to providing well-rounded musical education through a virtual platform.

Content and Benefits

We’ve already mentioned the benefit of the possibility to get feedback from educated vocal coaches. If you enroll in the course, you should definitely take advantage of that.

Moreover, the course offers very rich content. You’ll be learning step-by-step and learn exercises to keep your voice strong, powerful, and healthy.

First, few lessons might not be very engaging for singers with some experience but are great for beginners. You’ll learn how to warm up your voice properly and practice tongue rolls and lip thrills.

When singing the songs, you’ll learn how to control your stomach, lips, and rib cage to produce a better sound.

Further lessons will introduce you to classical and contemporary singing, as well as singing embellishments and more advanced techniques such as singing harmony and high notes.

There is also a number of lessons focused on performance, auditions, and sound equipment.

As you can see, it’s a quite well-rounded curriculum.

Who is Artistworks Vocal School for?

These online singing classes are the best for beginners who want to learn how to control their voice and body and, therefore, improve their overall singing performance.

While intermediate singers might also find useful material in the course, truly skilled singers will probably not get much out of it.

Regardless of your level of experience or age, Artistworks Vocal School will provide you with quality content and effective learning methods for enhancing vocal abilities.

How to Choose the Best Online Singing Course?

It’s true, the amount of available online singing lessons is huge, and each seems to promise fantastic results.

Before making an informed decision on what online course to start, you need to be aware that learning how to sing is not as easy as some websites claim.

If you want to develop a beautiful and flexible singing voice, you need to be prepared for regular practice. Even if you’re a natural talent, it takes time to learn to control your voice and to use its full potential.

Man singing on stage.

On the other hand, online singing programs often gather the most important elements explained with the most effective, modern methods. That way, if you follow the suggested schedule, you’ll be able to see results sooner than you think.

Now, how do you choose the best online singing lessons?

For starters, choose the format that best suits your preferences. If you like a clear linear schedule and real-time feedback, then the apps will work well for you.w

If you learn better by listening and using imagination, choose audio lessons. And if you need an extra push by a vocal coach and visual instructions, there are plenty of singing video tutorials to choose from.

Each format has its own advantages and drawbacks, but choose something that is best for you.

Furthermore, educate yourself about the program’s content. Is it suitable for your level of experience? Is it focused on the results you seek? Does it entail music styles you’re fond of?

Even if you find the ideal format and content, if you don’t click with the instructor or course’s layout/atmosphere, it just won’t work. If the course has instructors, try to find a video to get an idea of their energy and teaching style. If it’s an app, research how exactly it works.

So, are online lessons worth it?

If you take into account previous tips, they surely are. If you’re still not sure about it, let’s dig deeper into their benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Online Singing Lessons?

If you want to enhance your singing skills, expand your vocal range, or simply learn how to master your favorite songs, online voice lessons can be truly beneficial.

Of course, same as learning how to play an instrument, hiring a teacher would ensure you the results you want since you would have clear guidance and elaborate feedback. But what if some programs provide that as well?

Apps can give you instant feedback based on your accuracy and video lessons often let you progress step-by-step.

Firstly, online singing classes are much more affordable than hiring a vocal coach. Most of them let you do a free trial first.

Singing microphone and headphones in a studio.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to practice from the comfort of your home. That can be encouraging for people who don’t feel confident singing in front of other people.

Online courses can be a great start and a way to build that confidence.

Moreover, the instructors behind the best online singing lessons are often world-renowned vocal coaches that are working with popular artists. Isn’t it a privilege to learn from the best in the industry?

Listening to the experiences and advice of skilled professionals is almost as important as learning singing techniques. Their perspective will give all the exercises more meaning.

Another benefit of online singing classes is the freedom of choosing your learning pace. You can progress as fast as you want, and whenever you want. However, you’ll have a responsibility not to overdo it – be mindful not to hurt your vocal cords!

Besides creating your own practice schedule, you can choose what kind of singing and techniques you want to work on. Do you want to try classical singing? Are you dreaming of performing on a stage and want to fight stage fright?

With e-learning programs, you’ll find a wide range of topics and master any style you want!

Last but not least – learning to sing online can be so fun! Some courses include games, quizzes, an option to record yourself or to compete with other students, and much more. All these features are motivating and extremely useful.

Whether you plan to work on your music career or just sound better at karaoke, you’ll find online singing lessons fun and easy way to improve your voice.

Choose which course suits you best and start singing your heart out!