7 Best Online Singing Lessons That Actually Work 2021

Best Online Singing Lessons That Actually Work

Choosing the best online singing lessons is no easy task. That’s why I’ve picked and reviewed the best online vocals lessons for you so you can start singing at your best today!

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It’s never too late to learn something new or how to play an instrument, and learning how to sing is no different!

If you want to learn effectively and not in public, why not try some of the best online singing lessons in 2021?

If you’re a musician looking to sing along to the songs you play, a beginner looking to learn to sing from scratch, or you just want to improve your ability and grow in confidence, online singing lessons are perfect for you.

Because of the vast options of online vocal lessons out there, I’ve put together a list of what I think are the best online singing lessons at the moment to help you choose the right course for you.

By the end of the article, you should have found the most suitable online singing course for your needs and preferences, and be ready to start your singing journey!

Our Top Pick
30 Day Singer - Online Singing Lessons That Work! 14 Day Free Trial
  • 30 Day Singer lessons are the best online singing lessons in 2021
  • You'll notice a huge improvement in your voice in 30 days (full money-back guarantee)
We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.

Best Online Singing Lessons In 2021

1. 30 Day Singer – Best For Beginners

30 Day Singer Overview.

Do you want to extend your vocal range? Do you dream about having a powerful voice? Do you want to pick up some neat skills and tricks and become a better singer in a month?

You no longer need to only dream about it. You can take this course and achieve remarkable things!

Why can 30 Day Singer promise you great results?

First of all, they offer 150 lessons and four tracks of study. You’ll be able to work every day using the most effective and efficient training methods.

You’ll have access to video lessons as well, and based on how experienced you are, you’ll have less or more challenging elements for you to overcome.

Regardless of if you are a complete beginner or you need lessons for the intermediate level, you will have a chance to learn and grow in both cases.

Even more skilled singers can learn a few tips and tricks to become better! If you don’t think you are talented enough, don’t worry. If you have enough willpower and some patience, you can develop your skills and abilities and have a lot of fun during the process.

The more classes you take, the more difficult the online singing lessons will become. For example, the first class is the easiest, and it helps you build a strong foundation and to learn the fundamental techniques.

The second lesson focuses on learning about some of the best singers in music history. You’ll learn to analyze their voice and study their different styles. But also some interesting facts about a singer or musician you may have never heard of.

It doesn’t end there though. The next elements of the course have you focus on pitch and harmonizing. This part involves more advanced training, but with practice, it will take your singing to the next level.

Whatever your starting point was, upon completion you’ll gain more knowledge and expertise than any other form of vocal training.

And if confidence is a problem, the courses’ performance training section will help you to become more confident. You’ll no longer have the problem of feeling nervous when performing in front of an audience and will be able to sing in public with ease.

Read my full 30 Day Singer review here!

Finally, for those musicians looking to improve their playing and singing simultaneously, there are even classes for that!

One of the best features of the 30 Day Singer course is that you can start a free trial for 14 days to see if you like it, what have you got to lose?

Our Top Pick
30 Day Singer - Online Singing Lessons That Work! 14 Day Free Trial
  • 30 Day Singer lessons are the best online singing lessons in 2021
  • You'll notice a huge improvement in your voice in 30 days (full money-back guarantee)
We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.

2. Singorama – Best For Comprehensiveness

Singorama online singing lessons.

Have you heard of Melanie Alexander, a noteworthy vocal coach and singing sensation? Singorama is her project, and it’s the most comprehensive program that offers online singing lessons for learners of all levels!

Why is it so widely praised and often spoke of as being the best online singing lessons? Perhaps because she knows that a nurtured voice is a powerful tool that any singer can use to achieve greatness.

Unlike other online vocal lessons, Singorama focuses on audio lessons and workbooks for both advanced and experienced users, as well as complete beginners. There are no video instructions, but the audio lessons are extremely beneficial.

Melanie’s instructional courses are easy to follow, so you won’t have a problem here. By using them, you can rehearse various songs. You also have various vocal exercises and a PDF workbook with all the information that you need for the lessons.

The goal of this program is to help users see results fast, requiring only 15 minutes of vocal exercises and practice every day.

With Singorama, you’ll learn the cornerstones of an incredible singing voice. From understanding the basics of breath control, ear training, pitch, tone, and other essentials, even warm-up guides, and career tips!

Regarding the price, it’s one of the most affordable forms of lessons for singing, which can guarantee results in a short space of time.

One of the best aspects, in my opinion, is the diversity of material available for challenging different aspects of singing. For instance, you can overcome an extra octave or learn how to handle high notes that are difficult for most singers or even how to sing as part of a band.

Not to mention, there are enticing bonus tools. For example, you can track your progress and record everything through their own software, which can help you improve, and grow every day, you don’t even need an external device.

Read my full Singorama review here!

Singorama also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the online signing lessons! But I don’t see this being a problem, this is one of the most comprehensive and successful singing courses of all time.

3. The Four Pillars Of Singing – Best For Technique Development

The Four Pillars of Singing is one of the highest rated vocal training programs in the world and backed by science.

It is a fully-comprehensive course with an athletic approach by Robert Lunte (The Vocalist Studio) available as a Hard Copy Book with a DVD or a digital download. The eBook is accompanied by 370 video and audio files that equate to over 40 hours of lessons in the video department alone. It is a one-time purchase but updates are free so when Robert adds new content you can download the new.

The training platform and interface is one of the best around. There are no game-like gimmicks, everything is well-organized and laid-out and the support is second to none.

It really teaches the voice as an instrument. Some of the training routes are pretty intensive but you can revisit and take it at your own pace. He takes you through bridging your vocal registers and strengthening each.

Robert uses his own 8 developed specialized onsets. They are for different approaches to how you start making a sound and each one is useful for tackling vocal problems and or strengthening your vocals in a unique way.

The content touches on many aspects that other options don’t cover. In addition to breathing exercises, pitch, and scales, etc. you have specialist subjects such as vowel modification formulas, training work flows, and vocal modes that other platforms neglect.

On top of that, there are Physical Modes, Acoustic Modes, Vocal Effects, Training Warm-ups, Training Onsets & Sirens, Training Intermediate Demonstrations, and Training Advanced Demonstrations.

His lectures are delivered in-depth, he takes complex theories and explains them in a simplified way and has good visual aids and use of gesture. He sings every single exercise alongside you.

Some people have an aversion to his rockier vocal style so it might not be for everyone but it is without a doubt a very technically inclined and thorough course that would teach even the most seasoned of singers a few new tricks!

4. Roger Love Singing Academy – Best For Those Seriously Committed

A favorite coach among Hollywood stars, Roger Love has a thorough working knowledge of the voice for singing and speaking having coached Gwen Stefani, Eminem, and some of the cast of Glee to name a few names.

His singing academy platform provides a 3-course program delivered over the course of 14 weeks. It is packed full of information and exercises to help avoid straining and prevent vocal damage.

The lectures are pretty invaluable. They cover a huge variety of concepts and techniques. The first course (5 weeks) teaches the foundations for novices but is still full of nuggets of information that an intermediate singer will need.

It provides vocal evaluations (male and female) and starts you off with diaphragmatic breathing exercises, covers the mechanics of the singing apparatus with the larynx and vocal chord techniques. He will help you develop your chest, middle, and head voice with safe and effortless transitions with an emphasis on the middle voice.

He teaches strengthening and sustaining vibrato in week four before wrapping things up with a section that even covers stage fright and dietary consideration.

Course 2 is based heavily on popular singing styles. You will look at rock, pop, country, Gospel, R and B, and musical theater. Extra topics discussed include; the secrets of how to audition and how to act out a song whilst you sing.

There are a total of 35 instructional videos in tier one and tier 2, the final tier is 30 videos. Roger Love demonstrates his teaching beautifully and his video lessons feel very personal. In fact, one-on-one coaching is available for course 3 content.

On top of that, there is an armada of exercises and additional content as well as bonus videos. He uses his own proprietary Love Notes software which is a bit like an advanced karaoke player. Alongside the lyrics are technical notes and symbols that dictate vibrato, dynamics, and when to take a diaphragmatic breath.

5. Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass – Best for Those That Want a Singing Career

Christina Aguilera online singing lessons.

Christina Aguilera is one of the biggest names in the music industry, and there is a reason for that. Her vocal range is jaw-dropping, and her powerful voice is truly captivating!

It is such an honor that a widely acclaimed singer and a star of her caliber teaches people how to sing. If anyone can teach singing well, it’s Christina Aguilera.

There are twenty-three HD video lessons from Christina herself. After some warming up, you learn about different vocal styles and how to protect your voice.

You’ll learn how to control your breathing, mastering vocal techniques, vocal placement and posture, diction, and singing along with various different textures, beats, tempos, tones, and rhythms.

Additionally, you’ll get advice on performing live and in front of big crowds, perfect for building up your confidence.

Her course offers the best online singing lessons for those that want to take their talent to the stage, with insight and actionable tips on aspects of performing like projection, singing duets, using microphones, and how to emotionally connect with the audience. It is perfect for those who want singing to be their career.

Christina will not just share her techniques; she will also teach you how to use them to push you to be the best singer that you can be. The star will even tell you more about her journey, and what you can expect and the challenges you may face during your musical journey and career.

You can buy one-time access or subscribe for unlimited use, depending on your budget. Whatever you choose, it’s an excellent investment, and you’ll learn a lot. It’s not every day you can learn from someone with such notable experience in their field!

6. Yousician Singing – Best For Casual Learners

If you are looking to start finding your voice in a relaxed manner with no grand plans to pursue a career, then Yousician is a fun approach to consider. The app-based content is great for bitesize lessons and exercises.

If you are short on spare time or have a lower attention span, it is a great way to supplement your hobby. The teaching style would also suit much younger users.

Yousician Singing Learning Interface.
Yousician Singing Learning Interface.

It has informative video explanations of concepts delivered by professionals in a one-to-one style and covers a wide variety of skills and techniques. The course focuses on the entire body and gives users a lot of skills to strengthen muscles that help support the voice.

It is entertaining and interactive, the slide exercises are good but could be useless if you don’t already have a good grasp of natural pitch. To counter that, there is a pitch exercise area that helps reinforce that. Whilst it can’t replace the value of a singing tutor, it provides a fun way to exercise your vocal cords and dishes out a decent amount of knowledge on how to sing safely without damaging them.

The lessons are delivered in a linear fashion, you have to complete each in order to progress on to the next stage. There is no skipping option so it is probably best geared towards complete beginners.

The notes are shown using Yousician’s enhanced bubble style notation that displays the length of the bubble relative to how long it is held within the bar. It gives a good visual for what is coming next and is reminiscent of the Guitar Hero style era of musical games. Despite not teaching you to sing from sheet music, it does a good job at teaching tempo.

There is a large library of songs with lyrics displayed alongside the bubble notation. There is a scoring system for each level and your progress is tracked. You can also take part in weekly challenges against other users.

7. Superior Singing Method – Best For Budget

Superior singing method online singing lessons.

Anyone can take their singing to the next level with a bit of help and practice, but the Superior Singing Method will certainly give you the structure that makes the process easier.

This course of online singing lessons was created by famous vocal coach Aaron Anastasi, who knows a lot about singing and the human voice.

He’s an expert who appreciates every person’s authentic register, tone, and vocal range. If you take his course, you’ll learn how to use all these unique characteristics of yours and turn them into something truly magnificent. 

I’d recommended the Super Singing Method course for mainly beginners and intermediate users, although there are lessons for advanced singers with experience as well.

The course is broken down into eight modules, each of them is different and has its purpose. The first module focuses on learning various singing exercises designed specifically for the program.

Module two to four concentrate on learning the basics of singing using the different singing exercises learned in module one. The others are more difficult, and the last modules help you develop your range and become a powerful singer.

Each of them are easy to follow and you’ll learn in a well structured systematic approach.

When it comes to the duration of the program, you can organize your lessons the way you want, but they recommend that the program lasts for eight weeks.

When you finish everything, there will be six bonus modules. The purpose of these bonus lessons is to make a first-class singer out of you. What is the best you can do with your voice? How much can you be pushed? The program only wants to see the best version of you when you’ve completed it.

Another extremely useful feature is that you can download the lessons and take them anywhere. It means you can practice wherever you want and as much as you want.

The Superior Singing Method offers a sixty-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about canceling the course if you don’t like it. And since they want you to have only a good and useful learning experience, you can subscribe to their website and get even more valuable content for free!

What People Say About The Best Online Singing Lessons

The following are based on in-depth research reading reviews and feedback from students that have completed the entire course.

Best Online Singing Lessons for Beginnners

The 30 Day Singer course is considered to be a well-structured set of lessons that can help when learning to sing for the first time. According to many, it is one of the best online singing courses, especially if someone is a beginner.

The lessons are short and sweet, so people enjoy them and follow everything without problems. You can learn how to sing or improve your voice if you already have some experience. Comments are predominantly very positive, so check it out for yourself!

Best Online Singing Lessons for Comprehensiveness

When it comes to Singorama, many find this an ideal program because everything involved in learning to sing is covered. There are useful stage performance tips and all sorts of singing techniques. It’s well-thought-out, and people are usually very impressed with everything it offers. Students also like how the instructions are detailed and precise, so there is no confusion.

Best Online Singing Lessons for Those That Want a Singing Career

Regarding Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, people enjoy the aspect of getting top-quality content from a world-renowned star, and all that for a reasonable price. It’s great for those that are looking to pursue a career as a singer. You’re not only taught performance tips but how to navigate a career in the industry based on Christina’s experience. The video production is very high quality and detailed too.

Choosing The Best Online Singing Lessons For You

Hopefully, by now you should have a better understanding of some of the best online singing lessons on the market today and what each of them has to offer.

You’re budget, current skill level, and ambitions as a singer should be the three main deciding factors you focus on.

For newcomers, the 30 Day Singer course is overall the best online singing lessons for beginners and those that want one fully comprehensive learning platform.

If you want online vocals lessons that are a bit less expensive, Singorama is perfect for mastering the fundamentals of singing and is overall a great program for anyone.

Finally, although other courses touch upon this aspect, if you want insight into making a career for yourself as a singer, Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is excellent.

At the end of the day, the best online singing lessons are going to be the ones that you enjoy and use the most. Because most offer free trials and money-back guarantees, try a few out, and see what you think for yourself.

But remember, just like anything else, you have to put in the work and practice to get results!

Happy singing! – Will