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Michael Jackson’s first recording with the Jackson 5 enters the blockchain era

December 8, 2023
Michael Jackson's first recording

Key takeaways

  1. Michael Jackson’s first recording with the Jackson 5 is now an exclusive digital vinyl on Anotherblock, blending music history with modern technology.
  2. Anotherblock democratizes music ownership, allowing fans to collect and earn from iconic tracks through blockchain and NFTs.
  3. Owning digital vinyl offers fans a unique way to connect with and preserve the legacy of music legends like Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s first recording, made when he was just eight years old with the Jackson 5, marked the beginning of an extraordinary music career. Their debut single, “BIG BOY (ONE-DERFUL VERSION),” is now jumping into the future as a digital vinyl on the blockchain. This song recorded 56 years ago, marked the beginning of Michael Jackson’s legendary career.

Big Boy” was first released in 1968 by Steeltown Records and became popular locally around the Chicago area. However, these initial recordings were lost for over two decades, only to be rediscovered and remastered in 1995, with “Big Boy” leading the promotional campaign.

Now, teaming up with Anotherblock, a Web3 platform that lets you buy songs as NFTs and earn royalties, “Big Boy” is set to be a forever piece on the blockchain. This means fans can actually own a part of Michael Jackson’s first recording with the Jackson 5.

Michael Jackson's first recording with the Jackson 5 enters the blockchain era 1
What you get when collecting Michael Jackson’s first recording on Anotherblock.

Digital vinyl: a new way to own music

Digital vinyl is a modern twist on collecting music. It’s a digital asset that lets you own a piece of music history. These digital vinyls are unique and secure, thanks to blockchain technology. This means you own a part of the music, even without a physical record. It’s like having the best of both worlds: the classic feel of collecting vinyl records and the modern ease of digital tech.

With ‘Big Boy’, Anotherblock isn’t just giving you the song. They’re offering something extra special: a collection of never-heard-before stems. You can listen to young Michael Jackson’s voice alone, or focus on each instrument. This is a chance to dive deep into these classic recordings in a way that’s never been possible before.

And there’s more. They’re including an exclusive editorial called “Making of a King.” 23 pages giving collectors a deeper look into this amazing story, owning a part of music history, and the story behind it.

Transforming music ownership with blockchain technology

Traditionally, the ownership of music rights has been a privilege reserved for big labels and investors, leaving artists and fans with little say in how music is shared and remembered. Fans were just listeners, not part of the music’s journey.

Anotherblock and other blockchain companies are changing this old way of doing things. They use blockchain and NFTs to let fans own a part of their favorite music. This is a big change. It means fans aren’t just listening to music; they’re owning a piece of it.

This idea fits right into today’s world, where we share and connect over everything online. Anotherblock says on its website, “It is, in fact, you, the music lover, that gives music its value through your fandom, streaming, promotion, and support”. Now, thanks to decentralized blockchain technology, the music lover and fan get to own it.

Anotherblock isn’t new to this. They’ve already put songs like ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ by Rihanna, ‘Company’ by Justin Bieber, and ‘Acquainted’ by The Weeknd on their platform. This shows they’re serious about bringing fans closer to the music they love.

Michael Jackson's first recording with the Jackson 5 enters the blockchain era 2
‘Big Boy’s drop details from Anotherblock’s site

Collecting and earning royalties with Michael Jackson’s first recording ‘Big Boy’

Collecting and earning royalties from this track on the Anotherblock platform is very simple:

  1. Buying the Track: Go to Anotherblock’s platform, find the track, and follow the instructions. It will ask you to connect your Ethereum wallet to buy with cryptocurrency or sign in with your Google or Social Media accounts and use a credit card.
  2. Earning Royalties: After buying, you’ll start earning royalties. These will be available on your Anotherblock profile, ready for you to collect.

When you buy a track, you get quite a few things:

  • A legal contract that explains your rights to the streaming royalties.
  • Unique artwork.
  • A custom soundtrack.
  • Other benefits that you can pass on if you ever sell your collectible.

Owning music on Anotherblock means you get a share of the royalties every time someone streams the song. Think of platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal. Whenever ‘Big Boy’ is played, your share of the streaming money comes to you.

It’s important to remember that you’re not buying the song itself – just the rights to earn from it. You’ll get money from streams, but you won’t own the song’s intellectual property. This is all about sharing in the success of music you love.

Owning a piece of Michael Jackson’s legacy

Anotherblock’s latest drop shows how music and technology are coming together in exciting new ways. By bringing Michael Jackson’s first recording into the blockchain, they’re doing more than just keeping his music alive. They’re opening up new ways for artists to share their work and for fans to be a part of music history.

This blend of music and tech is really important for artists and the whole music industry. It’s about new ways to make money, protect music rights, and connect with fans in fresh, innovative ways.

For fans and collectors, getting Michael Jackson’s first recording as digital vinyl presents a new and exciting way to connect with the artist’s work. It’s not just about having another song in your collection. It’s about being part of the story of a music legend.

Michael Jackson, the unforgettable “King of Pop,” changed music. His first songs were full of new sounds and amazing singing that helped shape pop music as we know it. Now, you have the chance to own a part of this history. A way for fans and collectors to honor Michael Jackson and keep his legacy alive.

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