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30 Day Singer Review – Personal Experience

May 19, 2023
30 Day Singer Review

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Key takeaways:

  • Is 30 Day singer any good? Yes, I highly recommend 30 Day Singer as a course to learn how to sing online. It covers a large number of singing fundamentals and skills. Plus, the efficient and effective lesson structure means you’ll notice improvements in 30 days.
  • How much does 30 Day Singer cost? 30 Day Singer costs $29.95 per month or $129 per year (around $10 per month). They also offer a 14-day free trial.
  • Overall personal rating is 5/5.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, I strongly recommend 30 Day Singer to both amateur and more experienced singers. Give their free trial a go below!

Ok, let’s get on with the review!

Have you ever dreamed of singing on the stage with all eyes on you?

Or maybe you’ve neglected your singing lessons for a while and want to get back to it?

There is a way to enhance your singing skills by yourself and in the comfort of your home.

Online singing lessons offer an easy and approachable way of improving your voice and getting valuable musical knowledge.

You also be able to practice at your own pace and choose the course that fits your learning style and level of experience.

One online program that is suitable for both amateurs and skilled aspiring singers is 30 Day Singer.

It’s an easy and quick way of taking your singing voice to the next level.

Luckily for you, I personally tested 30 Day Singer’s free trial and wrote this review about it. I’ll show you the features, content, and teaching methods of this course.

30 Day Singer Overview

The 30 Day Singer Course is one of the most popular online singing lessons.

It’s an online course that aims to improve your singing voice within a month.

It teaches fundamental vocal techniques and provides valuable tips on how to enhance your vocal skills.

But does 30 Day Singer delivers what it promises?

Of course, that depends on your commitment and willingness to really work for it.

What makes this course a great tool for improving your voice is its effective teaching method. Through its video lessons, you’ll learn how to sing properly.

Consequently, you’re voice will start to sound really good.

So, as in any craft, it’s not only about how much time you put into practice but rather about doing the practice the right way.

This online singing program strives to do exactly that – teach you how to exercise the right way and how to take care of your voice.

But how does it achieve that?

I’ll show you the platform’s features and content to give you a clearer idea of what you could expect.

How Does 30 Day Singer Work?

To get full access to the 30 Day Singer course, you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription.

Monthly membership costs $29.95 per month, and if you decide to buy an annual membership, you’ll be paying $129 per year.

You can also sign up to a free 14-day trial if you click here (this is what I did).

Once you become a member, you’ll have access to a large number of video lessons. The website also provides a short text beneath each video.

30 Day Singer learning interface.

Although the course is created to improve your singing in just 30 days, there is actually plenty of lessons you can take. Both beginner and advanced courses consist of 90 lessons, to be exact.

So, even though some people think of 30 Day Singer as pricey, it actually offers a lot of content and covers a variety of important topics.

What Will You Learn With 30 Day Singer?

Besides teaching you how to do efficient vocal exercises, the course provides a well-rounded curriculum divided into beginner and advanced lessons.

The content is delivered through step-by-step guided lessons that will gradually take your voice to the next level.

You can choose which lessons to take, which is great for experienced singers who know exactly what they want to work on.

However, it’s best to follow the suggested learning process and take one lesson per day.

30 Day Singer learning paths.

The 30 Day Singer Course will help you develop your singing voice in a very clear and fast way.

Lessons are easy to follow and they offer various genres, so everyone can find something for themselves.

But what makes this online course truly successful and popular are the vocal coaches behind it.

Experienced Instructors

The 30 Day Singer course provides videos guided by talented singers and experienced vocal coaches.

They are professional and highly educated – some of them have Julliard education.

Some of the singers that will teach you are Camille van Niekerk, Jonathan Estabrooks, and Jon Statham.

30 Day Singer instructors.

Each of them is great in their own way, so you just need to see whose teaching method suits you best. I personally enjoyed Jon Statham’s teaching method.

You’ll also have a chance to learn from Reagan James, one of The Voice contestants.

The fact that you can choose a teacher is fantastic. Sometimes you come across a quality online music course but the instructor just doesn’t resonate with you.

A variety of teachers increases the chance you’ll find somebody that perfectly matches your learning style.

Apart from teaching style, the instructor also needs to match your singing. If you’re in a higher register, you should start with Camille van Niekerk, and if you want to sing with a guitar, then Jon Statham is your guy.

Moreover, it’s important to know that online vocal coaches are truly capable of putting you on the right path. With substantial musical and teaching experience, you’ll be safe with all 30 Day Singer instructors.

Beginner Course

With the 30 Day Singer beginner course, you’ll receive straight-to-the-point vocal training that will help you get to know your voice and show you how to improve it.

Basically, the platform teaches every newcomer with dreams of becoming a singer to:

  1. Learn the singer’s breath – By using simple exercises, vocal warm-up, and vocal strengthening techniques, you will work on expanding your vocal range. That way, your voice will become more flexible and you’ll be able to sing more notes.
  2. Develop vocal power – According to the program’s creators, and many other talented singers, the secret to a great singing voice is power. That said, these lessons will strengthen your voice and teach you about proper breath control so you can achieve maximum vocal power.
  3. Build confidence – This is an essential part of training if you have a wish to perform on stage. Although some people might have more confidence to perform in front of an audience than others, everyone could use advice on how to sing with more confidence.

Everything I’ve just mentioned will give you basic singing skills and a solid musical background that is a great start for further improvement.

Besides vocal exercises and warm-ups which are, in fact, crucial for any level of experience, you’ll learn breathing and posture techniques.

You’ll also learn about tone, dynamics, and differences among chest voice, head voice, and mixed voice, as well as belting, singing vibrato, singing falsetto, and vocal fry.

You’ll practice performing runs, falls, and turns.

There’s also a lesson on how to identify and stretch your range.

So, even though these are clearly lessons for beginners, they will give you fundamental singing skills and a solid musical background.

Advanced Course

The advanced module is the continuation of beginner course and offers plenty of lessons for intermediate and advanced singers.

You’ll learn about finding your breath, performance warm-ups, improving tone, and phrasing.

30 Day Singer advanced module.

Moreover, advanced lessons offer you a chance to delve into different singing styles such as classical singing and R&B.

Previously mentioned instructors will give you tips on how to perfect your pitch and intonation, so you’ll gradually extend your vocal range, sing higher notes, and generally make your voice stronger and more powerful.

The advanced course provides specialized lessons and content that will broaden your knowledge of performing and vocal techniques.

Warm-Ups and Vocal Health

Apart from beginner and advanced lessons, and mastering essential singing techniques, 30 Day Singer offers lessons focused on vocal warm-ups and health.

Although you’ll learn about that in other modules, this section will specifically show you how to take care of your vocal cords and properly prepare your voice before practice.

Some of the lessons you’ll come across are: Daily Warm-ups, Daily Practice Routine for Sopranos, Removing Vocal Strain, etc.

Every experienced singer will tell you that avoiding bad singing habits and taking care of your vocals is absolutely crucial.

Singing With Guitar

As a guitarist, this was my favorite section of the course. Lessons that teach you how to sing while playing the guitar.

You’ll learn how to sing and strum rhythms, and many other useful tips to sync your playing and singing.

Although singing with guitar requires great singing and guitar skills, there are specific ways to make such performances better.

One-on-One Lessons

One of the biggest advantages of the 30 Day Singer course is the option of having a one-to-one lesson with an instructor of your choice.

For an additional cost, you can receive a truly valuable, personalized lesson that will give you an opportunity to receive thorough feedback.

That way, you’ll know where you stand with your lessons and what are your weak spots.

On top of that, you’ll have the chance to ask any question you want.

30 Day Singer one-on-one lessons.

If you’re planning a live performance, one-on-one lessons could also be a great way to prepare yourself and get that extra push.

Online singing lessons can often lack an individual touch, and this is a great feature that helps this online program to overcome that.

I can’t say I tried this specific feature, but couldn’t find this option on the many other online singing platforms out there.

Community Forum

When you become a member of 30 Day Singer, you gain access to the Community Forum.

On the Forum page, you can post questions, communicate with fellow students, and exchange thoughts, concerns, and encouragements.

Even instructors sometimes join the conversation, so you can get their opinion without booking an individual lesson.

Forums and chats are a great way of asking for advice, learning about other people’s experiences, and putting your own into a better perspective.

Since you’re going through the learning process by yourself and at home, it’s important to find ways to connect. It will help you feel involved and motivated.

The platform also offers YouTube videos on the 30 Day Singer channel, so you can check out extra material and also take a look at the instructor’s teaching styles.

Pros & Cons of 30 Day Singer

If you’re still not sure whether this online singing program is for you, I’ve summarized its advantages and weaknesses.


  • Extensive material Once you subscribe to 30 Day Singer, you’ll receive a large number of video lessons. So, even after 30 days, you’ll have plenty of material to learn from. The content covers a wide range of topics, from vocal health to specific singing techniques. That’s how you’ll get well-rounded knowledge and work on improving your voice properly.
  • Well-educated instructors All videos are guided by talented, educated vocal coaches. They are professional, positive, and clear while explaining. However, you’ll be able to choose whose teaching style you like the best since all of them offer beginner lessons.
  • One-to-one lessons – With 30 Day Singer, you can have an individual lesson with one of the instructors. This is truly a great benefit and if you’re able, you should take advantage of that opportunity.
  • Quick learning This online singing website is created with the goal of teaching how to sing better in the fastest, easiest way. This is certainly great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of spare time or simply wants easy get-to-the-point singing classes. On the other hand, how fast you’ll go depends solely on you. There’s no strict schedule to follow, which is a general benefit of all the best online singing lessons.


  • Not genre-specific If you’re an experienced singer who wants to work on a specific singing style, this might not be the best place to do so. However, the course does cover some singing styles (like R&B), but they are not as detailed as someone who is on the way to becoming an expert would wish for.

Who is 30 Day Singer For?

This online singing course offers an abundance of lessons suitable for all levels of experience.

The content is divided into beginner, advanced, and technical lessons, so it’s easy to navigate through the website and find the course that fits your abilities.

As you can access any lesson you want (without completing the previous one), advanced singers who want to master a specific technique will easily focus on what they need.

Lady singing on stage.

In the end, 30 Day Singer is for anyone who wants to go through a quick and easy course. If you take lessons every day and practice as suggested, you will see the results quite soon.

So, 30 Day Singer is for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice and build their confidence.

Needless to say, how much further you’ll go with your musical education depends on your commitment and regular practice.

Alternative Programs

There are lots of quality online singing lessons that will bring you the results you want. However, each one delivers content in its own way.

If you feel like engaging in a program that is more extensive than 30 Day Singer, you should check out Singorama. It’s an online e-learning program created by the Australian singer and songwriter Melanie Alexander.

With Singorama, you’ll get audio lessons, a PDF workbook, and accompanying software. So, if you prefer different learning resources, you’ll like what Singorama has to offer.

30 Day Singer has a quicker, more particular music curriculum though.

However, if you feel like having a shorter, well-structured singing course, then Christina Aguilera Masterclass might be for you.

The course offers a workbook and 23 video lessons guided by the iconic Christina Aguilera. In the video lessons, she shares her experiences, musical knowledge, and singing tips.

It’s a great course for amateurs, but advanced singers can also benefit from it. However, 30 Day Singer definitely provides more material.

30 Day Singer Review – Final Thoughts

After trying out the free trial, I would definitely recommend the 30 Day Singer online course.

All lessons are clear, easy to follow, and created by educated, talented vocal coaches.

The program consists of lessons for beginners and advanced singers, so people of all levels of experience will find it beneficial.

Moreover, with 30 Day Singer, you’re able to choose your own lessons.

Although I recommend taking the suggested path, it’s nice to have the freedom to choose a specific technique or style you wish to learn.

Of course, to really improve your singing voice, no matter what your level was when you started the course, you’ll need to be committed and persistent.

That’s the only way to see the change in 30 days. I didn’t miss one day!

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to practice singing correctly, so you can keep improving your vocals by yourself. With enough proper practice, you’ll soon be doing wonders with your voice.


How much is 30 Day Singer after the free trial ends?

After your free trial finishes, 30 Day Singer costs $29.95 per month or $129 per year.

How long does it take to learn to sing?

This depends on how well you want to be able to sing. For instance, if you are a beginner, this course will give you a solid foundation level of singing in 30 days. But generally speaking, it will take 3-4 months to become comfortable singing with your voice.

Can you learn to sing in your 40s?

Yes, it’s never too late to learn how to sing. As you get older, the voice matures, therefore anyone of any age would benefit from singing lessons.

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