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Transforming fans into stars: explore K-Pop with a beat-based AI music video generator

January 5, 2024
aespa world: the first beat-based AI music video generator
Source: aespa, SM Entertainment

Key takeaways

  • Verses Inc.’s beat-based AI music video generator transforms users into virtual K-Pop stars, merging music creation with interactive metaverse experiences.
  • ‘aespa world’ elevates fan interaction, offering an immersive metaverse platform where users can actively engage with and manipulate K-Pop music.
  • The Meta Music System app empowers fans to become music creators and share their compositions as NFTs, redefining fan-artist dynamics in the digital era.

Have you ever dreamed of being a K-Pop star? Your dream is closer to reality thanks to Verses Inc., a trailblazing Korean music tech company. 

At CES 2024, one of the tech world’s most prestigious events, they unveiled their award-nominated ‘Beat-based AI music video generator.’ This innovative tool transforms user interactions—touching the screen to the beat—into stunning music videos. 

Tailored for a generation that thrives on self-expression in the metaverse, this tool empowers users to effortlessly create videos featuring their avatars. Verses Inc. has masterfully designed a user-friendly and interactive music video creator that simplifies the creative process, akin to playing a game.

Becoming a K-Pop star in the ‘aespa virtual world’

The rise of K-pop as a global phenomenon has been nothing short of meteoric. In recent years, this vibrant music genre has soared in popularity, securing its place as one of the leading music markets worldwide. By 2019, Korean popular music had impressively climbed to the sixth spot among the world’s top music markets. The industry witnessed a remarkable 31.7% growth in 2022 alone, with its music export revenues surging by 26.2%.

Given this explosive growth, the debut of the first official beat-based music video generator, in collaboration with SM Entertainment, comes as no surprise. This venture has given birth to ‘aespa world,’ an enthralling, immersive experience within the Zepeto platform, deeply rooted in the music of K-Pop sensation (the first group with their own AI avatars), aespa.

A look into ‘aespa world’, the first official beat-based music video generator from Verse Inc.

In ‘aespa world,’ fans are not just spectators but active participants. They can immerse themselves in the world of the band’s hit track ‘Drama,’ interacting with objects in the environment to manipulate the song’s sound. More than that, fans have the opportunity to virtually dance alongside aespa’s band members, taking fan engagement to unprecedented heights. The most exciting feature? Users can elevate their avatars to stardom by starring in their own aespa music videos.

Designed with intuitiveness at its core, the beat-based AI music video generator allows users to tap into their creative instincts. By simply tapping the screen to the beat, they can alter camera angles, backgrounds, and even the tempo of the song. This seamless integration of AI not only generates the music but also completes the video, ready to be shared in the aespa world or across various social media platforms.

Venturing beyond K-Pop: the adventurous world of Hitchhiker

The innovation of the beat-based AI music video generator is just one of the many strides Verses Inc. has made in the music metaverse arena. The company’s name, inspired by the musical term ‘verse’—a key element in conveying a song’s message—reflects their commitment to integrating music with technology.

Diversifying their musical portfolio, Verses Inc. transcended the K-Pop genre to collaborate with a globally acclaimed EDM DJ and producer known as Hitchhiker. This partnership gave rise to a unique app, immersing users in Hitchhiker’s distinct EDM universe. Here, users transform into a character clad in a spacesuit, embarking on an interstellar journey within the Metaverse. This digital cosmos is a playground for musical creation and reconstruction, with interactive elements scattered throughout for users to discover and utilize.

In this virtual environment, music transcends its traditional role as mere background sound. Users are empowered to construct their own rap tracks by simply interacting with the beat. This experience is enhanced by advanced AI music and video engines, creating a multi-dimensional space where users can actively shape their musical journey.

Empowering fans with the revolutionary Meta Music System

At the heart of these immersive musical universes lies the Meta Music System, a groundbreaking product of Verses Inc. This mobile app, a marvel of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, is redefining the boundaries between musicians and fans. It’s more than just an app; it’s what allows users to generate their own music within a virtual world filled with diverse musical themes and interactive elements.

The Meta Music System is a testament to the evolving relationship between fans and artists in the digital age. Gone are the days when fans were mere spectators or consumers of music. Now, they can step into the shoes of creators, participating actively in the music-making process. This transformative experience is made possible through advanced algorithms for music generation and visual asset creation.

A demo video of the Meta Music System app.

What sets the Meta Music System apart is its ability to allow users to not only create but also share their unique musical compositions within its community. Taking it a step further, users can mint their creations as NFTs, adding a new dimension to music ownership and distribution.

This innovative system has rightfully earned accolades, including the prestigious CES 2023 Best of Innovation Award. It’s a clear indicator that Verses’ Meta Music System is not just another music app; it’s a pioneer in the metaverse era, reshaping how we perceive and interact with music.

Looking beyond this beat-based AI music video generator

The intersection of AI, blockchain, and the metaverse with music has not only transformed the way we experience and create music but also redefined the role of fans from passive listeners to active creators.

The Meta Music System and the beat-based AI music video generator are not just tools; they are portals to new worlds of musical exploration and creativity. They herald a future where the lines between artist and audience blur, where music is not just heard but interactively experienced and co-created.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, one can’t help but wonder: How will these technologies continue to evolve? What new forms of musical expression will emerge?

The possibilities are as limitless as our imagination, and the journey has just begun.

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Sabrina Bonini is a content specialist, writer, and educator focused on Web3 and entrepreneurship. She started her career as an audio engineer and musician, and has been passionate about the intersection of music and cutting-edge technology since then.

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