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Simply Piano Review – Best App to Learn Piano?

January 19, 2023
Simply Piano review

Is learning how to play piano on your wishlist?

Well, today is a good day to start as any – especially because we have a great suggestion for you. 

If you don’t know where to start, finding a reliable learning app is always a good idea.

Simply Piano is a very popular piano learning app that will allow you to learn the piano in a fun and easy way.

It’s effective and affordable, and it will give you the freedom to take lessons from the comfort of your home.

You’ll just need a piano and a device to download the app – and you’ll be ready to start learning. 

If you want to discover more about the Simply Piano platform, keep reading!

We’ll dig into the details of the app and explain how everything works.

Simply Piano Overview 

Simply Piano Overview 

Simply Piano is a learning platform developed by JoyTunes, and it has won awards such as Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award, Parents’ Choice Award, and Best App from Google Play.

The app features tailored piano lessons and real-time feedback.

It also includes game-like elements, so it makes the piano learning process fun and engaging.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that the app is so popular – most people like fun and interactive learning apps.

But more importantly, the Simply Piano app is quite effective. It will teach you all the basics you need to know in order to play simple piano songs

That being said, the app is ideal for beginners, but it also offers some other options that we’ll explore in a minute.

To get Simply Piano, you need to download the app which will cost you $149.99 per year, $89.99 for six months, or $59.99 for three months.

However, the Simply Piano prices may vary, depending on their promotions. So the best way to check the price is to access the app’s Menu. There’s also a free 7-day trial.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it works with any piano or keyboard. 

Extra Options 

When you purchase the Simply Piano app, you’ll have the option to add up to five profiles on the same account – and that’s good news if your family or friends are interested in piano lessons too.

There are also in-app purchases available. 

And besides interactive online piano lessons and step-by-step tutorials, the app will provide you with a ton of features.

Plus, you’ll get the social aspect with Simply Piano, and you’ll get the chance to customize your profile, set your goals, etc.

Why Simply Piano? 

So, does Simply Piano actually work?

Well, it all depends on your goals and expectations.

But generally, the Simply Piano app is regarded as one of the best piano learning apps on the market. 

The app’s virtual piano lessons are quite efficient, and they will provide you with essential piano knowledge and music skills.

It’s a great app for anyone who wants to grasp the basics of playing the piano and learn how to play songs in a comfortable yet productive environment. 

But to decide if this app is for you, you need to know more about how everything works, so let’s dig deeper into the app’s features.

Simply Piano Features 

Simply Piano has been around for a while now, but they keep improving the app and adding new features.

One thing is for sure – the platform’s team keeps trying to give their users the best learning experience.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences.

Gamification Elements 

If you like game-like apps, there’s a high chance you’ll like what Simply Piano looks like.

Simply Piano is an educational app, but it incorporates elements of gamified learning.

The lessons are linear, so you’ll have a sense of progress, and you’ll also get a rating after each exercise.

The app’s gamification elements will surely allow you to keep your energy up during practice – after all, the majority of piano learning apps are designed to keep you interested and engaged.

Feedback and Progress

One of the best things about Simply Piano is probably the instant feedback feature.

When you hit the notes, the app will immediately let you know if you got it right. 

Simply Piano

If you play the correct note, it will turn blue. And if you make a mistake, it will turn red.

If you wait too long and a hint pops up (to show you where the note is on the keyboard), the note turns yellow.

This is a very convenient way to practice, as you’ll always know if you’re on the right track. Although you’ll probably hear it when you hit the wrong note…

Also, if you play more than a few yellow notes, you will have to repeat those few bars. And if you play more than two red notes, you go into practice mode.

The practice mode includes playing at a slower pace and with the help of the app’s metronome.

That being said, the app doesn’t let you move forward unless you get it right. In that sense, the Simply Piano program is slower than some other apps, but it will ensure you’ve really learned the material. 

But don’t worry – the color-coded system is very helpful, and you will most likely know what and when you need to play. 


As we’ve already mentioned, the Simply Piano lessons are linear. So you’ll learn how to play the piano in a step-by-step fashion.

The app has 27 different courses divided into two streams: Soloist and Chords.

You can also do the two streams simultaneously, or one after another – it’s your choice.

Simply Piano Review - Best App to Learn Piano? 1

The Soloist course covers sight-reading, sheet music, coordination, and technique. It will generally help you grasp the basics of piano playing – and we definitely recommend you don’t skip it.

The lessons are taught through songs, so you’ll also learn how to play popular piano pieces and tunes.

But the emphasis is still on reading music and scales.

The Chords course, on the other hand, focuses on playing songs. It will teach you how to play the chords of popular rock, pop, and jazz songs. Learning these common piano chords will allow you to accompany any song.

All Simply Piano courses start with the introduction video so you’ll know what to expect.

After the videos, the app will take you to the learning interface. 

As you learn new notes, they will be highlighted on the keyboard. You’ll get to learn a few bars of music at a time – you’ll hear it and then read it from the staff.

Once you learn several short parts, you will put them together with a backing track.

This is a very simple way of learning how to play the piano because the app guides you through the whole process.

But as we mentioned earlier, this app is perfect for beginners. It won’t teach you advanced content, so if you want to progress toward gaining more intricate piano skills, you’ll have to continue with another piano program. 

Song Library

The Simply Piano song library has hundreds of songs.

There’s a good selection of songs for each level, and you can easily search for songs by choosing the level you’re currently at.

You can’t browse songs by music genre though, which is something that could be improved.

However, the song library is composed mostly of popular songs. You can learn famous movie soundtracks, classical pieces, pop songs, and rock classics.

Some of the artists you’ll come across are Robbie Williams, Beethoven, R.E.M., Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, and so on. 

All songs are divided into several parts and sections like “intro” and “chorus”, which makes the learning process much easier.

Also, each song has a backing track (and usually vocals), which is great for some songs, but in some cases, it might seem a bit odd. 

Nevertheless, backing tracks will give you a sense of rhythm, and you can always practice the song by yourself outside the app (once you learn it properly.)

Simply Piano song library.

You can also access 5-minute workouts, short exercises designed to help you reinforce concepts you learn in your lessons.

These workouts will allow you to strengthen your skills through short exercises, touch-mode practices, and flash card challenges.

Sheet Music

The good thing about Simply Piano is that it teaches you to read sheet music. 

Although you’ll first learn how to play songs by checking the notes on the screen, the app offers another way of playing songs. 

The app offers printable sheet music, so you can play the songs you like anytime you want. This way, you won’t get instant feedback or play with backing tracks, which is actually good for you, especially if you’ve mastered the basics.

Playing with backing tracks only can be tricky – it won’t allow you to actually hear yourself. Even though instant feedback is great, it’s not perfect, and sometimes you’ll hear something that the app won’t.

That way, you can work on your weak spots and improve your overall performance.

Plus, playing with printed sheet music will help you improve your note-reading skills, and that’s certainly necessary for every aspiring pianist.

Simply Piano Pros & Cons 

If you’re still not sure if this piano app is for you, let’s take a look at Simply Piano’s advantages and drawbacks. 


  • Easy to use – The app is very clear and lessons are easy to follow. With an on-screen keyboard and color-coded system, you’ll also learn how to play songs and hit correct notes without hassle.
  • Gamification – Simply Piano has gamification elements to help you stay focused and engaged. But the app is also not too gamified, and the focus is actually on learning.
  • Sheet music – Besides playing popular songs, the app will also teach you how to read notes right away and provide you with printable sheet music. 
  • Linear lessons – Piano lessons are linear, and the app doesn’t let you move on until you play a section correctly. Although this might be a disadvantage for some people, this will actually stop you from rushing. When it comes to learning the piano, it’s crucial not to skip anything. 


  • Moves slowly – Since the lessons are linear, the overall learning process is rather slow. This might be discouraging for some people, and it’s true that the app could introduce students to some concepts earlier on. 
  • Lack of advanced content – The app doesn’t dig deeper into more complex music concepts, and it won’t teach you how to play advanced piano pieces. And although it does include important activities like reading notes, compared to some other programs, it’s rather light on music theory. 
  • Insufficient feedback – Although it’s great to get instant feedback, this could also be a bit misleading. The app can show you if you’ve played the correct note and tempo, but it won’t provide you with other relevant comments. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding if Simply Piano Is Right for You

Before purchasing a music learning app, it’s good to take a look at all the factors that might affect your decision.

To help you decide whether Simply Piano is something you’re looking for, we rounded up all the important elements you might be interested in.

Lesson quality

When thinking about learning how to play an instrument via an app, the most important thing is to make sure the program offers good lesson quality. 

As far as Simply Piano is concerned, you can rest assured you’ll get well-designed, thoughtful virtual lessons.

Of course, depending on your preferences, they might not be your cup of tea. But they are generally effective and well-rounded. 

Structure & curriculum

Simply Piano offers well-structured piano lessons that will teach you music theory as well as how to play simple songs.

Lessons are linear, and you can move forward once you’ve completed the lesson.

There are two main courses to choose from: Chords and Soloist, each focused on one part of playing the piano. You can also complete two courses simultaneously.

Platforms and devices

Simply Piano works for Androids and iOS devices. The app uses your device’s mic to recognize notes, so you can use any type of piano, digital or acoustic.


The song library offers plenty of songs to choose from, covering mostly well-known songs. It’s not as extensive as other app libraries though. 


The app costs $149.99 per year, $89.99 for six months, or $59.99 for three months. There’s also a free 7-day trial.

Keep an eye out for Simply Piano promotional prices. 

Also, payments made by credit/debit card are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Extra features

Besides a step-by-step piano curriculum, the app offers extra features like gamification elements and exercises.

It also offers printable sheet music and useful online learning tools.

Who Is Simply Piano For? 

In essence, Simply Piano is best for people who want to gain basic piano skills. 

The app is suitable for all ages, including kids. Younger learners will find the app fun and engaging, thanks to its colorful design and gamified elements.

Also, since the song library included mostly popular tunes, the app is not the best option for students who want to expand their repertoire.

All in all, Simply Piano is a great piano learning program for anyone who wants to approach their first piano lessons in a relaxed way.

Similar Platforms 

A similar platform to Simply Piano is Playground Sessions.

This is also one of the top online piano apps, and it’s also suitable for absolute beginners. Just like Simply Piano, the app uses interactive features like on-screen sheet music, as well as other fun and useful features such as educational games.

However,  you must have a digital piano or keyboard to truly benefit from Playground Sessions. On the other hand, Simply Piano works with all pianos. 

Also, Simply Piano is more appealing to younger learners – when it comes to design, Playground Sessions looks a bit more serious.

Simply Piano Review – Final Thoughts

Essentially, Simply Piano is a fantastic learning app for younger learners and anyone who wants to grasp the piano basics.

The app will teach you some music theory as well as songs, and it will introduce you to the world of music in a fun and engaging way.

All in all, the app will give you a good foundation to continue with more advanced piano lessons. 

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