About Us

MidderMusic was founded in 2020 by myself (Will Fenton) to share my love of music with the rest of the world.

Since reading Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity when I was 13, I’ve strongly desired to “do something” within the music industry and be a part of it.

Will Fenton, founder of MidderMusic

With a background in online marketing, it only seemed natural to start my own digital media publication and hence the creation of MidderMusic.

The website began as a place to help an ever-growing number of people learn how to play musical instruments.

We’ve expanded into the entertainment side of things too, helping listeners discover new artists, tracks, and playlists.

Most recently, the growing need from aspiring musicians for help navigating the new digital age of the music industry has become apparent. Therefore, we’re creating guides and educational content on ways for musicians to promote, distribute, market, and make money from their music.

We do this because we love music. It’s one of (if not) the best things that can bring people together universally and have a good time. It’s important for society and humanity. It puts smiles on faces.

Mission Statement

MidderMusic’s mission is to educate our readers about all aspects of music and entertainment. We help readers learn how to play instruments and improve their skills. We entertain readers and help them discover new music. We help aspiring musicians succeed in the music industry.

Media Mentions

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Daily Mail – Glastonbury 2050: Futurists predict what the famous festival will look like in 30 years

Our Team

MidderMusic has a small team of writers who produce guides and educational content about music.

MidderMusic’s staff members come from a wide range of backgrounds, however, they are all involved with music.

You can learn more about our individual team members on the “Our Team” page.

Contact Links

If you’d like to get in touch with us, then please visit our contact page.

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