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10 Best Online Drum Lessons That Actually Work

December 29, 2023
Best online drum lessons

Looking for the best online drum lessons?

You’re in the right place.

In today’s digital world, it’s never been easier to learn the drums from home.

But with so many options, which one is right for you?

My article narrows down your choices, presenting top-notch platforms ensuring your path to drumming expertness is smooth and enjoyable.

So, keep reading as I’m going to be reviewing the best online drum lessons and courses in 2023.

So, in a nutshell, what are the best online drum lessons? The best online drum lessons are Drumeo, ArtistWorks, and Mike’s Lessons. Drumeo offers a comprehensive curriculum with lessons from world-class drummers and live sessions. ArtistWorks provides personalized instruction from professional musicians and includes a video exchange feature for targeted feedback. Mike’s Lessons offers a range of courses suited for various skill levels, complete with interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.

Disclosure: We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review. All recommendations are genuine and/or verified by myself!

Our Top Pick
#2 Best Choice
#3 Best Choice
Step-by-step course to learn fast
Jazz drum lessons
Live streams
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 5/5

  • Free trial available: No
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 4/5

  • Free trial available: No
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 4.5/5

Our Top Pick
Step-by-step course to learn fast
  • Free trial available: Yes
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 5/5

#2 Best Choice
Jazz drum lessons
  • Free trial available: No
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 4/5

#3 Best Choice
Live streams
  • Free trial available: No
  • Quality of instructors: High
  • Pricing: 4.5/5

What Are the Best Online Drum Lessons?

Here is a quick list of the best online drum lessons based on my hands-on analysis:

  1. DrumeoOverall best online drum lessons (Free 30-Day Trial)
  2. ArtistWorksBest jazz drum lessons online
  3. Mikes Lessons
  4. Preply
  5. Lessonface
  6. Takelessons
  7. 180 Drums
  8. Drum Channel
  9. Drum Ambition
  10. Stephen’s Drum Shed

I’ve also made a video on the top online drum lessons and courses, for those that prefer watching a video:

Best Online Drum Lessons Reviews

Research shows that people who learn online can retain 25% to 60% more information1.

This is just one of the benefits of learning the drums online.

I’ve spent the last few years reviewing 25+ different online drum courses, apps, and software, using the following key criteria to rank them: price, course curriculum, quality of instructors, lesson structure, and more.

Using my experience in this field, I’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the best online drum lessons below, comparing the above criteria to help you make an informed decision and take your drumming to the next level.

1. Drumeo – Overall Best Online Drum Lessons (Free 30-Day Trial)

Key Features

  • 30-day free trial
  • Content for beginners to advanced drummers
  • Choose different playing styles
  • Professional drummers as instructors
drumeo, the best online drum lessons.

The overall winner on my list of the best online drum lessons and what I recommend to beginners is Drumeo.

With an effective method and Grammy-winning teachers, you’ll learn how to play drums or improve your skills in no time.

Features and Benefits

The website is well-designed, comprehensible, and fresh. It offers lessons, play-along tools, downloadable sheet music, and a huge song library.

You can take more than 230 lessons through a 10-level curriculum.

Lessons cover topics from basic drum-playing to using intuition in music understanding and ear training.

Lessons are taught by world-renowned drummers like Aric Improta, Domino Santantonio, and John Wooton.

Moreover, the song library has 2,000+ songs of different genres. You can learn songs from artists like Nirvana, Miles Davis, The Roots, and Led Zeppelin.

Drumeo online drum lessons courses.

Not only can you access the online drum lessons and practice/learning materials at all times, but you’ll also have access to teachers and a community.

You’ll get weekly live events and personal feedback.

What Sets Drumeo Apart From Other Platforms?

Drumeo is one of the most popular and reliable drumming platforms.

The website is run by people with a passion for drumming, and you notice that in the quality of the content.

Who is Drumeo For?

I’ve found that Drumeo is an excellent learning source for beginners but it also contains lessons for experienced drummers.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get involved in a community and take part in an engaging learning process. Read my full Drumeo review.


  • A huge song library
  • High-quality production
  • Great teachers
  • Downloadable sheet music and resources


  • Optional video reviews are public
  • A bit pricey

2. ArtistWorks – Best Jazz Drum Lessons Online

Key Features

  • Suitable for all abilities and playing styles
  • Slow-motion and looping video options
  • Play along using backing tracks
  • Variety of subscription plans
Artistworks logo.

If you’re looking for an online drum course that teaches Jazz drums, I suggest taking a look at ArtistWorks.

ArtistWorks is an online music education platform offering lessons for different instruments.

They are designed to help you improve quickly, which makes it a great option to learn drums online.

Features and Benefits

With ArtistWorks you won’t get one-on-one lessons, but with the video-exchange learning method, you’ll have a chance to record yourself and receive personalized feedback.

Receiving personal feedback from Peter Erskine.
Receiving personal feedback from Peter Erskine.

There are many lessons on the website, and you can purchase a particular course. Each plan contains a certain number of videos, a music theory workshop, and submissions to a teacher.

Lessons are well-structured and guided by experienced drummers. Some of them are even famous Grammy award winners!

For example, you can learn Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine who played with legendary names like Chick Corea and Joni Mitchell. His drumming can be heard in many film scores including “La La Land.”

Lessons are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so anyone can benefit from the program.

What Sets ArtistWorks Apart From Other Platforms?

ArtistWorks is a unique platform because it offers lessons guided by talented and popular musicians.

In the video lessons, they share their knowledge as well as their personal experiences.

Who is ArtistWorks for?

ArtistWorks is for anyone who is looking for a structured, linear music curriculum. All levels are covered in the program.

Moreover, if you’re a skilled player, ArtistWorks is a great chance to learn from someone you’ve always admired.


  • Experienced (and famous) teachers
  • Feedback
  • Video exchange library
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Doesn’t cover many genres

3. Mikes Lessons

Key Features

  • $29.99 per month
  • Step-by-step learning
  • Weekly live-streaming sessions
  • Large library of tutorials, information about drum kits and equipment
Mikes online drum lessons.

Mikes Lessons provides hundred of lessons from all genres and skill levels perfect for learning at your own pace.

Lessons are created and taught by the American drummer Mike Johnston, so you’ll like this program if you prefer a more personalized approach.

Features and Benefits

High-quality lessons are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sections.

These lessons focus on specific skills to boost your speed, fills, grooves, independence, and technique.

Mike is a great teacher, and he explains the material in chunks and in an approachable, natural manner.

Apart from specialized thorough lessons, he shares information about drum kits and equipment on the website.

Since there are weekly live lessons, you’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions, which is a great feature. Although they aren’t specifically one-on-one sessions, the opportunity to ask questions is very useful.

What Sets Mike’s Lessons Apart From Other Platforms?

This learning platform offers weekly live-streaming lessons and live Q&A sessions.

Besides providing you with fresh knowledge, these sessions will definitely make you feel engaged and involved.

Who are Mike’s Lessons for?

Although this online drum course offers content for all skill levels, it’s most effective for players with some experience.

Lessons are focused on a specific skill and you can search lessons via the search bar, it’s perfect for people who know exactly what they want to work on.


  • Live content  
  • Versatile lessons
  • Great approach


  • A short beginner course
  • Might be a bit overwhelming for absolute beginners

4. Preply

Key Features

  • Customizable
  • Choose a personal drum tutor
  • Trial lessons available
Preply logo.

Preply has a unique approach to online drum lessons.

It offers the possibility to pick your own tutor and have individual online lessons whenever suits you.

Features and Benefits

The whole method Preply is based on is one huge benefit. The possibility to talk to a teacher, receive direct feedback, and build a true student-teacher relationship is precious.

So, how do you choose your Preply teacher when there are more than 49,000 online tutors?

Use filters to narrow your search and check their ratings, price points, and the number of students they currently have.

You can also book a trial lesson before you finally decide. But even when you do, you can always change your mind and find another tutor.

Once you find a perfect fit, book an available time for your lessons. When the time arrives, enter the virtual classroom and connect with your tutor through the comprehensive video platform.

Although Preply is not the most affordable solution, you’ll certainly receive a high-quality one-on-one learning experience and gain or improve your drumming skills.

What Sets Preply Apart From Other Platforms?

Preply’s one-to-one drum lessons will help you achieve your goals in a quick and effective way.

Having a private online tutor helps you significantly – you’ll get valuable feedback, suggestions, and encouragement.

Who is Preply For?

Preply is a very specific learning platform that will allow you to have private online lessons.

For beginners, it’s one of the easiest ways to learn with clear guidance. Experienced drummers can get valuable tips and suggestions.


  • Lessons adjusted to your level
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Available on all devices


  • Pricey
  • High commission for teachers

5. Lessonface

Key Features

  • A huge selection of teachers is available
  • Choose what style you want to play
  • Personalized drum instruction
Lessonface logo.

Lessonface is an e-learning music platform that offers live lessons for all instruments.

It also offers great drumming classes and the possibility to choose your teacher.

Features and Benefits

Just like Preply, Lessonface provides a tremendous selection of drum teachers.

The fact that the results can be filtered should help you. You can search for anything you want, perhaps a type of drum you want to learn how to play, steel drums, Cajons, or online jazz drum lessons.

When you find someone you want to work with, learn more about them by reading all the details on their page. You can see the prices, ratings, and if and when they are available.

You can pay however you want, and there is no monthly plan to worry about. You can have as many lessons as you need with your preferred teacher and improve your music skills through a fun, personalized learning process.

What Sets Lessonface Apart From Other Platforms?

Unlike Preply, Lessonface offers only music lessons. Therefore, you’ll come across more specialized drum lessons. Some lessons are focused on a specific type of drum, music genre, technique, and so on.

Who is Lessonface for?

Lessonface is for anyone who wants to learn drums in live online lessons.

You can also learn about notation, songwriting, or music production, so if you have a specific skill you want to improve or learn, you can do it with Lessonface.


  • Private tutoring
  • Specialized lessons
  • A lot of drum teachers to choose from


  • Not compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Potential time lag during virtual lessons (a general disadvantage of virtual lessons)

6. Takelessons

Key Features

  • Customizable approach
  • Choose your own instructor
  • Can arrange in-person lessons
Takelessons logo.

Takelessons offers customized lessons and expert teachers.

You can come across very affordable yet quality online drum lessons.

Features and Benefits

Takelessons works similarly to some of the websites we’ve already mentioned – you can choose from a large list of teachers. Each tutor is different and unique, but since there are so many of them, you will undoubtedly be able to find someone you are fond of.

You can choose from a variety of lessons covering all levels and styles.

Most of the valuable information is available on the website before you even create an account, and the page is easy to navigate. It’s also great how you can choose both online and offline lessons all under one platform.

What Sets Takelessons Apart From Other Platforms?

Takelessons is a popular platform that can provide you with customizable private lessons. You can choose the length of your lessons, as well as focus on your goals and preferences.

Who is Takelessons for?

Takelessons is for anyone searching for individual and affordable lessons.

There are lessons for all levels and styles, so if there’s an exact skill you want to improve, you’ll surely find someone on the website who can help you.


  • Private coaching
  • Affordable
  • A lot of teachers


  • The platform is not focused on music
  • Not as great for teachers    

7. 180 Drums

Key Features

  • $8.25 per month
  • Huge library of video lessons
  • Facebook group community
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheapest option
180 drums logo

This e-learning music platform offers affordable online drum lessons.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from various professional drum teachers and have access to over 500 structured drum lessons.

Features and Benefits

Although there is no option for one-on-one interaction, 180 Drums provides in-depth video tutorials that are useful and valuable to students of all skill levels.

You can follow a simple and structured pathway suitable for your level. If you’re not sure which course is for you, take a free drum quiz and find out.

There are also individual drum pathways with lessons focused on a certain style or a specific weak spot in your technique.

With a premium subscription, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group like a Q&A forum for students to ask all sorts of questions.

Although the 180 Drums program isn’t pricey, you should keep an eye on the website because you can come across a free drum pack with lessons, practice plans, and much more.

What Sets 180 Drums Apart From Other Platforms?

With the 180 Drums lessons, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the community. You can get the help of 180 Drums, but you can also meet fellow students and drummers.

Who is 180 Drums For?

These drumming classes are for people who are looking for an affordable and easy way to learn how to play drums online.

It’s also great for everyone willing to join the platform’s global drummers community.


  • Strong community
  • Great teachers
  • A vast lesson library
  • Individual pathways


  • No one-on-one interaction
  • Might be overwhelming for absolute beginners (at first glance)

8. Drum Channel

Drum Channel offers a bunch of lessons delivered by over 100 professional (and famous) drummers.

You can improve your drumming through step-by-step lessons and easily track your progress.

Drum channel.

Features and Benefits

With step-by-step lessons and masterclasses, you can learn whether you’re a first-time beginner or an experienced drummer who wants to master the craft.

DC Academy offers three 16-week courses for all levels. At the Advanced level, for example, you’ll learn about sticking patterns, single and double bass, etc.

There’s also a play-along section where you can search songs by skill level or genre.

On top of that, you’ll have a chance to learn from the best – Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Mick Fleetwood are just some of the interesting names that will definitely inspire you to keep going.

Drum Channel also offers live content like weekly Q&A sessions which is always a great benefit.

What Sets Drum Channel Apart From Other Platforms?

Drum Channel has an impressive roster of teachers – from Chad Smith to Mick Fleetwood. Even though the lessons are pre-recorded, you will feel like you’re getting private lessons from legendary musicians.

Who is Drum Channel For?

Drum Channel is for anyone willing to commit to a drum learning process.

However, intermediate and advanced players will probably benefit the most due to various masterclasses that can take them to the next level.


  • Great (and famous) teachers
  • Suitable for advanced players
  • Live sessions


  • Might be intense for some people
  • No instant feedback (like in one-on-one lessons)

9. Drum Ambition

Drum Ambition is an online drum course ideal for beginners.

Comprehensible well-structured modules with short guided drum lesson videos will help you take your first steps.

Drum Ambition.

Features and Benefits

You can start with the website’s free online drum lessons. After you subscribe, you’ll get access to other modules as well. Each module contains 100 10-minute videos.

You’ll be learning from Simon DasGupta, a skilled drummer who has been teaching for more than 20 years. His primary idea behind Drum Ambition is that anyone should be able to have fun learning the drums, without feeling confused.

He managed to deliver his idea through a structured easy-to-follow curriculum. He created simple, interactive, and effective video lessons.

With each lesson, you’ll get on-screen notation and sheet music.

Moreover, if you choose the Concierge Plan, you can participate in monthly live video chats and get a personalized practice plan.

What Sets Drum Ambition Apart From Other Platforms?

Drum Ambition offers a structured curriculum ideal for beginners. Some platforms can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for absolute beginners, but Drum Ambition keeps it very simple.

Who is Drum Ambition For?

Drum Ambition provides great online drum lessons for beginners.

By having newcomers in mind, the program offers a simple, well-structured, and interactive way of learning drums online.


  • Structured curriculum
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Sheet music


  • Won’t take you to advanced levels
  • Not so many features

10. Stephen’s Drum Shed

Another guy you should thank for creating great online drum classes is Stephen Taylor.

This online drum school provides a methodical and personalized learning system as well as free online drum lessons.

Stephen's Drum Shed.

Features and Benefits

Apart from free lessons and programs, you can purchase several packages. They are designed to help you set specific goals and improve your drumming skills.

You can choose different levels – so, regardless of your previous experience, you’ll find something for yourself. There’s even a section for people who are going back to drums after taking a break.

Stephen is a very dedicated and expressive teacher and he managed to create a real online community of students. He will even give you a personalized lesson plan upon request.

The platform also includes live Q&A and content, weekly student reviews, qualified staff teachers, and a student community forum.

You can also easily track your progress and ask a direct question if you stumble upon a problem.

What Sets Stephen’s Drum Shed Apart From Other Platforms?

Stephen’s Drum Shed will make you feel like you’re in a real drum school. You will be active and connected with other learners and staff, and that will keep you motivated to keep going.  

Who is Stephen’s Drum Shed For?

Stephen’s Drum Shed is for anyone wanting to get involved in an online drum school.

Although structured lessons are ideal for beginners, the website also offers courses for intermediate and advanced drummers.


  • Structured lessons
  • Student forum
  • Weekly reviews
  • Personalized approach


  • The website could be easier to navigate
  • Might be a bit overwhelming for some people

Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Online Drum Program is Right For You

If you’re not sure how to choose the best online drum lessons for you, let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect your decision.

Lesson quality

The quality of your drumming lessons is probably the most important thing. Video lessons should be clear and preferably feature multiple camera angles, split-screen, and so on. That way, you can see and hear everything your instructor does without hassle.

And speaking of instructors, it’s essential that the program you choose has good teachers. Drumeo, for example, has an impressive roster of teachers. Some of them are Grammy award-winning musicians with years of experience.

Learning structure, methods & curriculum

You should also opt for a course that fits your learning habits and goals. Some programs offer linear lessons, and others provide more flexibility. Either way, it’s good to have structure and clear guidance, especially if you’re a beginner.

Drumeo has a great structure because it offers a 10-level curriculum. This type of structured yet flexible curriculum will allow you to learn in a step-by-step fashion.

Platforms like ArtistWorks and Mike’s Lessons also provide step-by-step learning and effective methods such as a video exchange library and personalized feedback.


The program you choose should also yield good results. Therefore, it’s sometimes useful to take a look at users’ reviews and find out if people are generally satisfied with the course.

Either way, it’s important to check the program’s curriculum and methods to see if they align with your goals and learning style.


Different online courses are available on different platforms. Some drum programs come as an online course, and some can also be accessed through an app. And if a particular course is available on multiple devices, it’s ultimately more convenient and accessible.

For example, Drumeo also has an app for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can use it on any device you want.

Songs and styles

It’s always good to have an extensive song library at your disposal. That way, you can learn songs that you really like. And playing songs is the best way to learn new tricks and techniques.

Luckily, the best drumming platforms offer a variety of songs and genres. For example, Drumeo has more than 2,000 songs in the library, and that’s quite impressive. You can choose from jazz, country, funk, bossa nova, and so on. Drumeo also allows you to download tracks to play along to.


Generally, online music courses are more affordable than traditional lessons. And even the best online drumming courses aren’t pricey, especially if you consider what you’re getting with your membership/purchase.

Nevertheless, it would be good to find a program that offers a free trial period to test the waters. For instance, Drumeo offers a free 30-day trial as well as a rather unique 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Skill level focus

Before you purchase a drumming course, make sure it fits your level of experience. Some programs claim to be suitable for all levels but they only offer basic lessons for beginners. So, if you want to start at the beginning but also make progress, find a well-rounded program that also has more advanced material.

Programs like Drumeo and ArtistWorks offer content for beginners, intermediate players, and more experienced drummers. Beginners generally shouldn’t have any problems finding a good course since most platforms offer lessons aimed at newcomers.

Extra features

If you don’t have a private tutor, the quality of additional features is another thing you should factor in. Online tools and a variety of learning resources will help you improve your skills in a more effective way.

Some programs have tools like a metronome, and others offer one-on-one lessons or the possibility to get in touch with a teacher.

Drumeo, for example, offers plenty of exercise materials, downloadable sheet music, as well as the option to get valuable feedback.

How to Choose the Best Online Drum Lessons?

I agree it’s a bit overwhelming to see all these online drum learning options.

However, each online program has its own specific goal and approach. If you know what you’re looking for, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a course suitable to your level and wishes.

So, if you’re a beginner, don’t jump to song tutorials and specific techniques. Look for a structured program with clear guidance and then move forward. For advanced drummers, there are many lessons focused on specific skill sets.

Perhaps you also have a specific person you want to learn from – whether it’s Chad Smith or Peter Erskine, you can take lessons from them. Motivation is an important part of progress, so be sure to learn from someone who inspires you, but whose teaching style suits you.

You need to do research on your tutor especially if you decided to take private online lessons. Watch videos, read reviews and, most importantly, see if you ‘click’ with that person.

What Are the Benefits of Online Drum Lessons?

Taking drum lessons online is a great way to make quick progress. If, of course, you listen to your tutor and practice regularly.

The thing is, people are generally more relaxed when nobody is listening to them. You’ll be able to make mistakes without feeling ashamed or frustrated. On the other hand, if you like to hear someone’s feedback, there’s an option of having live one-on-one lessons.

So, the freedom to choose whatever method suits you is the best part of online learning. Apart from that, you’ll also be in charge of your time schedule, specific skills you want to improve, and songs you want to learn.

And being free to design your learning path is very motivating.

On top of that, the best online drumming lessons, have many mental and physical benefits. Playing drums can relieve frustration and stress, and make you feel fulfilled and more focused.

So, if you choose the right online program, it seems like the whole process can be helpful in many ways. Not only will you gain a new skill, but also have benefits you might not be aware of.

How We Test Online Drum Lessons

MidderMusic produces honest and accurate reviews based on personal experience and research. Therefore, the MidderMusic online drum lessons review process is fully editorially independent. We are either supplied with the free subscription by the platforms or we purchase our own subscriptions.

When evaluating a drum learning platform, we take into account the following factors:

  • Simplicity in setup and use – Is it easy to sign up and install the program? Is it user-friendly? Is the content easy to navigate?
  • Quality of content/tutors – Are the lessons easy to follow? What is the quality of the video? Are instructors easy to understand? Do they communicate information in a comprehensible as well as friendly manner?
  • Range of content – What areas or skills is the platform focused on? Does it contain lessons for advanced players? If it’s only suitable for beginners, does it have enough material and songs/tutorials?
  • Useful features – Can you use the program on multiple devices? Is there a possibility to get some kind of feedback on your playing? Is the service flexible or customizable? Are there features such as the ability to slow down or loop video?

We approach every platform with these same four categories in mind.

Our testing team includes:

  • Reviewers experienced in testing and owning musical instruments, equipment, and services
  • Professionals who work in the music industry
  • Writers experienced in creating content for music magazines and websites

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, there are many great online drum programs with thorough lessons, competent teachers, and helpful learning resources.

Overall, I rate Drumeo as the best and most effective course.

Once you choose your online lessons, be sure to stick to the suggested program and practice regularly.

Although it’s not hard to learn basic drum beats, to really excel in drumming, you need to be very persistent.

But once you learn how to play drums, the possibilities are endless – join a band, jam with your friends, or simply play your favorite songs by yourself.

Whatever your goal is, you’ll be sure to benefit from these online drum lessons. So, start learning, stay hungry for more, and have fun along the way!

Drumeo - Online Drum Learning That Works!
  • Easy and fun way to learn drums online
  • Learn to play your favorite songs
  • Try now for free with no obligations

Click for Best Price
We are a professional review website that may receive compensation for the products we review.


Can drums be self-taught?

Yes, with proper online resources, you can learn how to play drums by yourself. It can be a fun and easy process if you find a quality online program that suits your goals and abilities.

Are the drums hard to learn?

No, drums are not very hard to learn. In fact, you can learn the basics very quickly. However, mastering drums requires a lot of time and dedication. You’ll need to have an excellent sense of time and rhythm and that’s possible to develop in time.

Can you learn drums online?

Yes, it’s possible to learn drums online. In fact, the best online drums lessons are designed to make learning drums easier and more effective. These programs use modern learning tools and they are usually more affordable than traditional music lessons.

Are online drum lessons good?

The best online drum lessons can be very effective. Most of them are suitable for all levels, and they help users improve their music skills in a quick and easy way. They also have vast song libraries and useful tools and fun features. You just need to find a program that fits your goals and needs.

What is the best app to learn the drums?

The best app to learn the drums is Drumeo. This drum learning app is known for its effective methods, quality content, and renowned teachers. The app is well-designed and easy to use, and it has a vast song library featuring a variety of music genres.

What are the best online drum lessons for beginners?

The best online drum lessons for beginners are offered by Drumeo. This course is based on a video exchange learning method and it offers structured drum lessons for learners of all levels including beginners. Lessons are guided by talented and popular musicians, and you’ll also have a chance to record yourself and receive personalized feedback.

What are the best online drum lessons for adults?

The best online drum lessons for adults are provided by Drumeo. These popular drumming lessons are guided by experienced, famous teachers. Through well-structured video lessons, you’ll quickly gain basic drumming skills, and you’ll have the possibility to get direct feedback and find useful information in their video exchange library.

What are the best online drum lessons for kids?

The best online drum lessons for kids are offered by Drumeo. Drumeo has developed a special version of their popular drum learning app called Drumeo Kids. The app is designed to introduce children to the world of drumming. For more structured and detailed drumming lessons, children of a certain age can also use the standard Drumeo app.

What are the best free online drum lessons?

The best free online drum lessons are provided by Drumeo. Drumeo offers a free 30-day trial so you can check how everything works but also learn the basics. It’s an effective and well-designed app for learners of all ages. Programs like Drum Ambition and Stephen’s Drum Shed offer free online drum lessons too. However, both platforms offer more content to their subscribers.

How much do online drum lessons cost?

Online drums lessons usually cost between $20 to $200 per hour – if you’re taking private drumming lessons. However, most online drumming courses offer monthly subscriptions. The most popular online drum programs cost between $20 and $30 per month, which is much cheaper than hiring a private tutor or taking traditional music lessons.

Are there any drum lessons near me?

Visit the TakeLessons website to find drum lessons near you. This popular platform allows you to connect with a tutor online or in person. You can browse a wide selection of drum teachers and see if anyone is in your area.


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