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AI music for dogs: science and AI merge in this heartwarming new app

January 16, 2024
AI-generated music for dogs
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Key takeaways

  1. One by One Music, an AI-driven startup, is revolutionizing pet stress relief with scientifically backed music for dogs.
  2. The startup’s unique approach of personalized AI music for dogs promises to offer superior soothing effects compared to general playlists.
  3. Presented at CES 2024, One by One Music’s global debut highlights a significant technological advancement in pet care powered by AI.

In an era where AI touches almost every aspect of our lives, it’s now stepping into a role that’s both unexpected and heartwarming: soothing our pets.

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, a Japanese startup named “One by One Music” unveiled an innovative solution for a common pet problem — separation anxiety in dogs, a rising concern exacerbated by changes in work-from-home routines during the pandemic.

Their AI-generated music, tailored to individual dogs’ needs, is offering a novel approach to calming our canine companions, setting itself apart from traditional pet playlists.

One by one Music, the startup behind this invention

“One by One Music” isn’t just another pet-focused startup; it’s a venture where compassion meets technology. With a mission to enhance the well-being of dogs, particularly those suffering from separation anxiety, this company stands out in its approach.

Utilizing AI, the app crafts unique soundscapes tailored to the specific needs of each dog, factoring in breed, age, and behavior. Their commitment to animal welfare is backed by scientific research, including a two-year study in collaboration with Azabu University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Additionally, the startup’s interdisciplinary team, comprising Waseda graduate students, Tokyo University of the Arts composition department graduates, Kumamoto University medical students, and professors from Azabu University, ensures a rich blend of music, technology, and veterinary science in their product development.

The power of AI-driven music for dogs

While pet playlists are not new — even Spotify has a dedicated section for ‘Pet Playlists‘ — “One by One Music” elevates this concept through AI personalization. This AI-driven music for dogs’ customization could be a game-changer, potentially making it more effective than generalized playlists. 

By analyzing a dog’s response to different tunes and modifying the music accordingly, the service aims to offer a more targeted and effective solution to canine stress.

Furthermore, the app offers 24/7 access to their music, demonstrating their commitment to providing continuous support for pet anxiety relief. The startup’s innovative approach is further highlighted by its plan to apply for a patent on this technology.

AI music for dogs: science and AI merge in this heartwarming new app 1
The startup claims an impressive 84% reduction in stress through its scientifically verified AI music for dogs service. Source: One by One Music

The science behind music for dogs 

The science behind music’s effect on dogs has been researched for years. There are certain types of music, particularly those that are soft, harmonious, and not overly stimulating, that can have a calming effect on canines. 

“One by One Music” leverages this knowledge, integrating it with AI to produce music that doesn’t just sound good but also resonates with the emotional state of dogs. 

This blend of scientific insight and technological innovation creates a harmonious environment for pets, addressing their anxiety in a way that’s both soothing and scientifically sound.

User experience and subscription model

Adopting “One by One Music” AI-generated music for dogs is straightforward. Pet owners can subscribe to the service for ¥980 (around $6.70) per month, gaining access to a diverse range of AI-generated tunes. 

The interface allows users to select music based on their dog’s mood and needs, offering a personalized experience. This subscription model not only provides continuous access to new and updated tracks but also supports ongoing research and development, ensuring that the music remains effective and up-to-date.

AI music for dogs: science and AI merge in this heartwarming new app 2
Source: One by One Music

Global potential and future implications

Despite being only available in Japan, presenting at CES 2024 “One by One Music” has clearly set its sights on the global stage, indicating a strong potential for international expansion.

The success of “One by One Music” could pave the way for further innovations in this field, potentially leading to more AI-driven solutions for a variety of pet-related concerns. As we continue to explore the capabilities of AI, its application in improving the lives of our pets represents a promising and heartening development.

“One by One Music” stands at the intersection of technology and animal care, offering a glimpse into a future where AI not only simplifies our lives but also enriches the lives of our pets. 

We are already experiencing a new era for home automation, where AI can play music that aligns with your mood as soon as you walk into your home. Could this also be the beginning of a new era in pet care, one that’s more attuned to their emotional needs? Only time, and perhaps a few more AI tunes, will tell.

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