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Editorial policy

MIDDER is committed to pioneering the intersection of music and cutting-edge technology. Upholding the highest ethical standards and journalistic integrity, our mission is to foster a trusted bond with our readers.

We understand the critical role of reliable information in this rapidly evolving sector, and we prioritize transparency and accuracy in our reporting.

Editorial freedom & harm avoidance

We exercise our editorial freedom to bring our readers the most relevant stories in the domains of AI, Web3, blockchain, NFTs, and crypto within the music industry. While doing so, we are cautious to avoid causing unjustified harm and uphold core democratic principles vital for ethical journalism.

Feedback & interaction

MIDDER values reader engagement and feedback as key elements of our growth. We welcome:

  • News tips and story suggestions
  • Updates or additional information for published articles
  • Responses to social media discussions about our stories
  • Corrections for factual errors or misinformation in our content
  • Notices of potential copyright infringements

Contact methods include email, our website contact form, physical mail to our office, direct contact with writers through social media, and engagement on our social media platforms.

Diversity & inclusion

MIDDER is dedicated to representing all sections of our audience. Our network of journalists is diverse and committed to inclusive reporting.

Ethical principles

Our core ethical principles include:

  • Accuracy: Commitment to factually accurate reporting
  • Impartiality: Ensuring unbiased coverage without representing specific political, cultural, or corporate interests
  • Humanistic Approach: Sensitivity in covering delicate subjects, avoiding unnecessary harm
  • Accountability: Responsibility for correcting factual errors, with an open channel for reader corrections
  • Privacy: Respect for personal privacy, careful use of anonymous sources, and consent for personal information

Coverage priorities

MIDDER’s content is impartial and transparent. We focus on stories that intersect technology and music, avoiding bias or conflicts of interest.

Author bylines

To establish trust, each article includes the author’s byline with biography links and, where applicable, social media links.

Corrections policy

MIDDER takes responsibility for any inaccuracies in our reports. Our editorial team promptly amends mistakes, and we encourage readers to report errors through our designated channels.


MIDDER has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. Any violation results in immediate action and review of the writer’s role in our organization.


We maintain high accuracy standards through:

  • Mandatory source crediting by writers
  • Evaluating source credibility, especially for sensitive topics
  • Encouraging writers to report within their fields of expertise
  • Clear distinction between factual reports and opinion pieces
  • Judicious use of anonymous sources, prioritizing credited information
  • Rigorous editorial review to ensure adherence to our standards

Founding vision

Since its inception, MIDDER has been at the forefront of covering the symbiosis of music and technology, providing insightful, reliable journalism in this niche.

Contact information

Readers can reach out to us through various channels, including email, our contact form, and physical correspondence to our office address.

Visit our Contact Us page.