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Swedish House Mafia announces an interactive virtual concert on Roblox

November 28, 2023
Swedish House Mafia announces an interactive virtual concert on Roblox
Axwell, Steve Angello y Sebastian Ingrosso, members of Swedish House Mafia, at the MTV Video Music Awards 2021. Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Key takeaways

  • Swedish House Mafia is hosting a virtual concert on Roblox that mixes music and games, giving fans a new and interactive experience.
  • After Covid-19, virtual concerts became really popular. Big artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande are using platforms like Roblox and Fortnite to reach fans all over the world.
  • Virtual concerts are changing the music world. They combine music with virtual reality and new tech, giving artists new ways to create and fans new ways to enjoy music.

Swedish House Mafia, the iconic electronic music trio, is set to redefine music experiences with an interactive virtual concert on Roblox, scheduled for December 1st at 6 pm EST.

This exciting event will combine music and gaming, giving fans a new way to enjoy their favorite band.

From participating in mini-games to meeting other fans and flexing with some cool virtual merchandise, it promises to be an unforgettable experience. 

Roblox isn’t just a game, it’s a virtual universe packed with imaginative gameplay and social interaction. Here, music meets technology in a uniquely immersive setting. 

Swedish House Mafia’s choice of Roblox as their stage is a testament to the platform’s versatility and its appeal to a global audience.

If you haven’t attended a virtual concert yet, expect to dance, jump, and engage with the band and other fans through your personalized avatar.

The boom of virtual concerts

Virtual concerts have become much more popular in recent years, especially after Covid-19. They are an exciting new option compared to regular live events and can reach fans all over the world.

DJ Marshmello was the first artist to perform in a virtual world. He had his first show in the Metaverse in Fortnite, another popular game and virtual world where many artists now hold their online concerts.

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That first live experience allowed the music industry to realize this could be a new, exciting, and profitable way to get to the fans.

Since then, numerous artists have hosted virtual concerts, greatly enhancing the quality and experience. Stars like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Lizzo, Foo Fighters, and Post Malone have brought these virtual events to millions of fans worldwide.

These artists have achieved this through various platforms, with Roblox and Fortnite being the most popular. Roblox attracts 250 million and Fortnite 70 million users on average each month.

However, Roblox and Fortnite aren’t the only platforms providing interactive music experiences and concerts. Meta’s Horizon World streamed Foo Fighters’ first live VR concert, and Decentraland, a completely decentralized metaverse, has hosted large festivals featuring major artists like Björk and Ozzy Osborne alongside rising stars.

There is even a platform dedicated to virtual music events, Wave, that has hosted concerts featuring stars like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and John Legend, among others.

The benefits of metaverse music experiences

Live concerts have always been popular, and after Covid-19, they became even more important to many people. While virtual concerts are on the rise, live events are definitely here to stay and are actually increasing. Live Nation reported hosting 11,000 concerts for over 44 million fans in almost 50 countries in Q3 of 2022, marking their highest quarterly attendance ever.

However, despite Live Nation’s impressive numbers, many people find it harder to attend live shows. Rising ticket prices and economic challenges mean a lot of fans can’t afford these events. Additionally, some can’t go because their favorite artists don’t perform in their cities.

Many musicians earn most of their income from touring and selling tickets for their live shows at venues, music festivals, and private events.

Virtual concerts in the metaverse enable artists to connect with a worldwide audience, free from the constraints of physical locations. This allows them to make their music accessible to more fans, including those who can’t attend live events due to cost or location.

Artists can also create new revenue streams and grow their fan base, while boosting engagement with audiences during their performances.

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These virtual events also provide artists with new ways to make money, like selling virtual merchandise. This helps them earn beyond just music sales and live shows. And they can interact with fans in fresh ways, like through virtual meet-and-greets and fan quests, building stronger connections with their audience.

The benefits of virtual concerts are significant. Even though virtual worlds are still developing and not everyone is ready to embrace them, they are constantly improving. Younger generations are particularly open to these experiences, which is excellent for artists looking to grow their fanbase.

Virtual concerts changing the future of live music

Virtual concerts are changing the music industry in a big way. They’re more than just a short-term trend; they show how music experiences are changing because of technology.

As we move forward, music, virtual reality, and interactive platforms will blend together even better. This means fans all over the world will have even more exciting and real-feeling experiences.

For artists, this change brings lots of new chances to be creative, connect with fans, and make money. The future of music isn’t just about live shows anymore; it’s about being virtual, interactive, and really creative. As we enter this new time, one thing is sure: the way we enjoy music is going to change a lot.

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