Pianoforall Review 2021: Does It Actually Work?

Pianoforall review

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If you are looking for an online tool to teach you how to play the piano, Pianoforall is an ideal platform.

With more than 250,000 students enrolled, the piano teaching platform uses a unique approach that helps you become a piano expert in no time.

Allowing you to “play first and ask later,” it’s the newest, most effective, and efficient chord-based teaching method.

According to Robin Hall, creator of Pianoforall, the e-book tutorial will let you play the piano, improvise, and create your own compositions, in the hope that eventually, you will be able to read piano sheet music effortlessly.

Each lesson is a short course that allows you to learn one step at a time. Once you complete a level, you become equipped with the skill that allows you to learn the next one, and the next.

Many learners who have completed the course shared that you only need to practice for 20 to 30 minutes a day in order to improve your piano playing skills.

If you are interested in taking Pianoforall, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading this comprehensive Pianforall Review to learn everything you need to know about the latest online piano learning platform!

Pianoforall Requirements

Taking the course does not require much, except for a fully-functioning piano or keyboard, of course.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a grand piano for this, even a beginner’s keyboard will do. You can get a 61-key keyboard online for any budget. These keyboards are either unweighted or semi-weighted, meaning they are much lighter than a regular piano.

You can also get a much larger, fuller, 88-key digital piano. It’s totally up to you. These keyboards may be digital, but they will replicate the feel of pressing on actual keys. This will help you develop proper finger strength and technique.

For accessing the e-book, all you need is basically any gadget such as a Windows computer, a Mac, an iPhone or iPad, or any Android device.

If you use a computer or Mac, you have to have Adobe Reader and Flash player to access the tutorial, watch the clips, and listen to the audio.

For iOS, you will need to install the Readdle Documents app.

For Android devices, you will need the EZPDF Reader lite app. This program costs $1.

For more instructions, you can visit the Pianoforall website — it has complete instructions for everything you need in order to access the e-book. Instructions on troubleshooting are also available there.

What Comes With the E-Book

For a one-time fee, you will receive the following:

Nine e-books and a bonus book. These books will teach you different styles of piano music. It will tell you all about chords and tunes and give you exercises to hone your skill. Each lesson will equip you with the knowledge and skill per topic.

The program also comes with a total of 200 video lessons, which are embedded in the e-books. These clips will showcase keyboard demonstrations by Robin Hall himself.

Here’s how the videos work: Robin Hall plays the keyboard on the lower section of the screen, while a section above will show you another keyboard that highlights the keys he is pressing. This will help you understand exactly what notes you should play and which fingers you should use to press them.

Lastly, the program is equipped with 500 audio clips and exercises. These audio clips will help familiarize you with how a certain piece should sound when played correctly.

The E-Books

Each one of the e-books will tell you a specific theory or aspect of piano playing. They are meant to help you learn the skills and techniques and then eventually put it into practice. These books must be read in order, with the exception of book 9, which you can read anytime.

Book One

This book talks about the basics of the program and the keyboard.

It will tell you all about Pianoforall, its teaching style, how it works, and basically, what to expect from the course.

It will also talk about the elements of a keyboard: notes, keys, etc. It will teach you basic three-note chords and musical notation such as rest and basic rhythm.

This book is fast-paced, so you might need to revisit it a few times to help you understand better, especially once you advance into the later books. 

This book will teach you a total of 10 rhythms and 11 basic chords.

These chords will be taught to you under the assumption that you’ll be reading chords from songbooks. So, it will teach you what to do, if say, you come across a seventh chord or other musical symbols.

By the end of the book, the expectation is that you’ll have learned how to play the chords and rhythms of some of the most popular songs today. You’re also expected to be able to perform the classical piece, “Amazing Broken Chord Ballad.”

Book Two

This book will tell you all about blues rhythms and the chords that you can use for this genre of music.

It will encourage you to practice left-handed rhythms more often (especially if you’re right-handed), as that is more challenging than using your dominant hand.

Compared to Book One, Book Two is much shorter, teaching you 5 blues rhythms.

Book Three

Unlike the previous book, this one is a long one. It will teach you each chord in every key, as well as their inversions.

It will also teach you a helpful technique that will allow you to memorize all the information with ease. And, it also comes with tons of practice progressions to let you get used to things.

You will also learn the “cycle of fifths,” which is also known as the “circle of fifths.” This concept will push you to practice playing all the keys and help you understand the relationship among each one.

Pianoforall books 1, 2, and 3.

Book Four

A continuation of Book Three, this chapter will teach you how to play chords and understand chord symbols in songbooks. To help you learn, you will be practicing a piece called “Manilow Mood.”

You will also learn all about chords and cluster chords. As usual, you will be doing a lot of practice progressions to help you master the lesson.

At the end of the book is a lesson about the Beatles style, and you’ll get to learn a bunch of Beatles songs!

Book Five

In this book, you will learn the art of the ballad. This lesson comes with a step-by-step method that allows you to create your own songs, ballad style.

This will also push you to practice more left-hand chord patterns, as well as learn about the pentatonic scale.

In this book, you will also learn how to improvise given the melody. You will have to come up with your own left-hand pattern and chord progressions.

You will then eventually apply all your learnings by performing “Auld Lang Syne.”

Also in this chapter is a sheet music for a bunch of classic ballads that you’ll get to practice playing.

This will be the first book that will give you an in-depth lesson on playing melodies. So this is the first time you will be given full-length pieces to practice.

The book will also share with you the melody lines for famous Christmas carols. But, you will have to be the one to play the left-hand chords.

Book Six

This book is content-heavy as well, but it will definitely help you learn and understand the art of jazz and blues.

It will comprehensively discuss the blues, teaching you the blues scale, chords, as well as other techniques.

You will then be asked to listen to various jazz audio clips, which will allow you to learn the rhythms commonly used by the genre.

This book will also teach the four distinct keys in jazz. It will give you a slew of tips and techniques to help you create and improvise your own jazz music. As usual, you’ll be given a ton of practice progressions as well.

Towards the end of the book, you will learn all about quarrel harmony, as well seventh chords.

Pianoforall books 4, 5, and 6.

Book Seven

This book will teach you advanced chords and right-hand chord riffs to blues rhythms. If you love the blues, this is going to be fun for you! It will also go over other blues concepts, including slides, turnarounds, and tremolo.

Next, it will talk about stride piano, both real and fake. For your application exercise, you will get to practice the song that every new piano player wants to learn, “The Entertainer.”

Book Eight

This book is heavy on sheet music. It will start with a recap of musical notation, and will continue to teach you about key signatures, symbols, and musical language. You will also be given a bunch of practice tips and tricks.

Robin Hall will also train you to read music using the Pianoforall method. This means you will have to watch out for familiar chords and flat and sharp notes.

You will then play a few classical pieces, such as the ones by Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven.

If you want to play more songs and pieces after this course, I highly suggest taking your time on this chapter. Practicing how to read music, as well as mastering pedaling and tone, will significantly help you play with ease in the future.

Book Nine

In this final book, you will learn about scales, triads, and arpeggios.

As you learn these concepts, you will have to incorporate them as you practice and perform musical pieces. This will help improve your performance immensely.

This book will also allow you to practice routines. It will teach you about helpful memory tricks that you can use as you play.

You will then learn about key signatures, triads, seventh chords, and melodic patterns. These concepts are useful as you tackle other lessons.

Pianoforall books 7, 8, and 9.

Bonus Book

This bonus book is not directly related to playing the piano, but it does teach you helpful techniques to make you focus. It teaches about mindfulness and creativity, and how to incorporate them into your everyday routine. These practices are all beneficial whatever instrument or craft you are honing.

Pianoforall Advantages & Disadvantages

A good Pianoforall review wouldn’t be without an advantages and disadvantages section!


  • The course contains both visual and auditory modules. Unlike other teaching methods, Pianoforall understands that learning has to be fun and exciting. That’s why it includes both visual and auditory tutorials to help you grasp the lesson much better. This is beneficial especially for beginners who are not yet familiar with reading music.
  • These audio and video clips are also incredibly easy to access — you can open them whenever you want!
  • The course progresses pretty quickly. There are no hour-long lectures in this course. Instead, you get to play the piano right away! From the very first session, you’ll already make progress.
  • The course makes use of popular songs. This does not only make them easier to perform, but also enjoyable. After all, who on earth wants to play songs they have absolutely never heard of?
  • The course also teaches you musicality. Aside from just learning how to perform pieces, you will also be trained on how to play by ear. You will be encouraged to improvise and create your own melodies – valuable lessons that no other piano tutor will teach you.
  • The course provides thorough lessons. It won’t just dictate things you need to know but will make sure you learn the lesson.
  • The course also focuses on using your left hand, unlike other piano lessons that focus on your right. This will make it much easier for you to master your pieces, especially complex ones. This unique teaching method will prevent you from having what is called a “lazy” left hand.
  • All the information provided in this course is easy to understand. Because the lessons are clear and precise, even beginners will not have a problem taking in all the new knowledge.


While this ebook is highly recommended, not everything is perfect. Here are some of its cons:

  • It won’t focus on your technique. Conventional piano tutors will point out mistakes to their learners in real-time, allowing them to learn proper position and posture. Movements of the wrist, fingers, and body will also be easily corrected. This is why apart from the ebook, we also highly recommend that you do your own research into learning the correct techniques.
  • It won’t help you master reading sheet music. While the books rely on sheet music a lot, all of them provide you the names of the notes. As such, you won’t learn how to read and identify them on your own.
  • It doesn’t talk much about piano terms and notation symbols. Sure, it does teach many terms and symbols throughout the books, but if you want to really master complicated pieces, you will need supplementary education.

Who Should Take This Piano Course?

Pianoforall is meant for beginners. If you have never played the piano before, this course is for you. But, since the teaching style in this course is a lot different from conventional piano education programs, it may also be useful for those who have a classical piano background.

You will definitely learn a lot of new things from this piano course – especially improvising and playing by ear.

Pianoforall will talk a lot about jazz, rock n roll, and blues, as well as other genres of music as well. So, if you’re interested in these genres, this course is for you. However, if you want to learn more about classical music, you may want to consider other courses.

Sure, the eighth book does talk about classical pieces, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to focus on this genre, you will need a different module or teacher.

While the method is unique, Pianoforall’s teaching style is actually adapted from other courses for adult learners. This means that this method is tried and tested!

The difference between kids and adults is that the latter is more determined to learn. They won’t enjoy learning how to play children’s songs and hymns, and the course understands that. That’s why Pianoforall is designed to get you playing popular songs right away.

So, no, don’t expect to play the Alphabet Song or other nursery rhymes in this course. With Pianoforall, you are guaranteed to play songs you will actually appreciate.

Pianoforall Review – Final Thoughts

Pianoforall is an online training platform that will teach beginners to play the piano in a fun and exciting way. It has all the tools you need in order to learn and hone your craft. But, at the end of the day, the hard work must come from you. If you are motivated enough, Pianoforall will be extremely beneficial for you.

While it will not equip you with the skills you need to learn advanced classical music, you will definitely learn a lot. From skill to techniques to tips and tricks, you will learn how to perform in bands and play songs by request!

Plus, these skills are not only helpful for piano players. They are also great fundamentals for other musical instruments. You see, learning about chords, keys, and progression is valuable for any instrument or style of music.

Think of it as learning the alphabet – once you master it, you will be able to write all sorts of sentences!

Pianoforall teaches you the fundamentals and lets you apply your learnings through practice. It won’t only teach you how to play other people’s music, but also create your own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Pianforall review…

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