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30 Best Country Songs About Dogs of All Time

December 28, 2023
Country songs about dogs

I’ve carefully selected the best country songs about dogs of all time, a heartwarming playlist that celebrates the special bond between humans and their canine companions.

This collection not only resonates with dog lovers but also encapsulates the soulful essence of country music, making it a perfect blend of emotion and melody.

Top country songs about dogs of all time

  • “Move It On Over” by George Thorogood And The Destroyers
  • “Can’t Be Replaced” by Dierks Bentley
  • “It’s Just a Dog” by Mo Pitney
  • “Cracker Jack” by Dolly Parton
  • “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog” by Johnny Cash
  • “Maggie’s Song” by Chris Stapleton
  • “Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton
  • “Little Boys Grow Up And Dogs Get Old” by Luke Bryan
  • “Feed Jake” by Pirates Of The Mississippi
  • “Tennessee Hound Dog” by The Osborne Brothers

1. “Move It On Over” by George Thorogood And The Destroyers

The second album by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Move It On Over, included this song and was released by Rounder Records in 1978.

It is an upbeat song that humorously explores the bond between a dog and a human.

The singer begs the dog to move aside after he is asked to leave the house following an argument with his girlfriend because he is literally in the dog house.

2. “Can’t Be Replaced” by Dierks Bentley

This is one of the best country songs about dogs.

It is one of those songs about having a dog as a companion for a long time and the pain that results from their passing.

The dog is only referenced in this song’s final verse as a 15-year friend who cannot be replaced.

Dierks Bentley introduces the topic of the dog before citing a variety of other examples of items and feelings that cannot be replaced.

3. “It’s Just a Dog” by Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney’s song “It’s Just a Dog” beautifully shows how dogs can unexpectedly enter our lives and turn everything upside-down for the better.

Pitney sings a song about coming across a dog on the side of the road.

She causes him trouble, yet she is always there for him when he faces difficulties.

Pitney’s opinion is evolving for the better over time, as seen by the refrain in the song’s title.

4. “Cracker Jack” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s “Cracker Jack” is one of the best songs about dogs.

The song “Cracker Jack” is about a best friend from childhood.

A skinny, scraggly-looking dog was found and taken in by Parton.

Every day they played, and Cracker Jack always showed her love, care, and genuine friendship.

This song is much more enjoyable and lively, even if it has a plot that is identical to Pitney’s homage.

It’s equally beautiful but less likely to cause you to cry.

5. “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog” by Johnny Cash

Jack Clement wrote the song “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog,” which Johnny Cash first recorded on his 1966 novelty album Everybody Loves a Nut on Columbia Records.

Need a different kind of country song about a dog to lift your spirits after hearing so many emotional songs about good boys?

A short song by Johnny Cash tells the story of a dog who won’t stop stealing eggs and killing chickens as part of his mischievous behavior.

6. “Maggie’s Song” by Chris Stapleton

Here’s another nostalgic and sad song about a dog who was a great family pet.

The night Maggie, his beloved dog, passed away, Chris Stapleton wrote this song for her.

The themes are the same as those in the songs by Dolly Parton on this list, although Stapleton delves a little further into the pain of losing Maggie.

7. “Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton

Ol’ Red is a song that is filled with intrigue and romance, and it has a few plot twists that will surprise new listeners.

Before Blake Shelton, Kenny Rogers and George Jones recorded this song.

The most well-known and well-liked rendition of this bluesy country epic is, however, Shelton’s modern-day version.

The song relates the tale of a husband who discovered his wife’s infidelity.

He allegedly murdered either or both of them and was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

The narrator is given the responsibility of caring for a dog by the name of Ol’ Red after winning the warden’s favor.

8. “Little Boys Grow Up And Dogs Get Old” by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan provides us with a poignant and thought-provoking song.

Many people who have experienced the lives and events he sings about will probably be able to relate to this song, which may be one of the reasons it is so popular.

The song is about a young boy who spends his formative years with a black lab named Bandit.

From sleeping and taking the bus together to fishing and growing with time, they do everything together.

The dog eventually grows too old to keep up with the adventures, just as the boy eventually grows into a man.

The dog stays behind when the boy one day departs from his parents’ house.

It finishes on this depressing note, with the narrator glibly lamenting the loss of childhood innocence.

9. “Feed Jake” by Pirates Of The Mississippi

One of the Pirates of the Mississippi’s most commercially successful songs, “Feed Jake,”  was released in 1991.

There is a genuine reference to a dog named Jake in the song, which also serves as a metaphor for the possessions the narrator is leaving behind.

The narrator sings about leaving his friends and dog behind to pursue his dreams and the spotlight.

The chorus repeatedly encourages anyone he left behind to feed Jake—who is a wonderful dog—while the narrator is pursuing his ambitions, even though most of the lyrics are laments about the state of the world and how hard it is.

10. “Tennessee Hound Dog” by The Osborne Brothers

“Tennessee Hound Dog” is rated as one of the best songs about dogs.

A tribute to the Tennessee hound dog is made in this cheerful, twangy bluegrass tune.

It describes the dog as ugly and draws a picture of the hound dog using other less desirable characteristics, but concludes that the dog is a Romeo.

11. “My Dog & Me” by John Hiatt

A simple song by John Hiatt about the joy of exploring nature with your dog is one of the many country songs about dogs.

The narrator describes how free he feels while camping and trekking in the woods with just his dog.

This piece also has an emotional tone about friendship.

The singer claims that the dog would risk everything—even being shot—to defend him.

Thankfully, there isn’t any sort of sad ending.

Instead, the dog in question spends the days chasing rabbits and the evenings curled up beside the narrator by the campfire.

12. “The More Boys I Meet” by Carrie Underwood

This Carrie Underwood song isn’t as much about a dog as some of the other songs on the list.

Instead, the song repeatedly compares a dog to boys whom the singer meets and, presumably, dates, saying that the dog is more lovable.

If you read between the lines, the message is that her pet is a better and more reliable friend than the guys she is currently meeting.

13. “Like My Dog” by Billy Currington

“Like My Dog” by Billy Currington is one of the top songs with a dog in the lyrics.

Many people try to compare potential partners to loyal dogs, not only Carrie Underwood.

In this song, the narrator compares the attitude of his dog with the way a woman complains and treats him.

This song’s refrain, “I want you to love me as my dog does, baby,” appears repeatedly.

14. “Move it on Over” by Hank Williams

Hank Williams, an American country music singer-songwriter, wrote and released the song “Move It On Over” in 1947.

Hank Williams ironically sings about having a disagreement with his partner.

He sleeps with the dog after being evicted by her because of his behaviour.

Although this song emphasizes many positive dog traits, it is more about a romantic relationship than canine companionship.

Even when we don’t necessarily deserve it, they never pass judgment on us and always show us love.

15. “Old Shep” by Red Foley (covered by Johnny Cash)

“Old Shep” was written by Red Foley and Arthur Willis in 1933, but it wasn’t released publicly until 1941.

Since then, the song has been covered by other artists, notably Johnny Cash, who produced the more well-known version.

This song is about saying farewell to a devoted friend and partner.

The singer’s entire life was saved by Old Shep, both literally and metaphorically.

While Foley’s song is more of a cheery fondness, Cash delivers a melancholy and sorrowful ballad.

16. “I Love My Dog” by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens wrote the song “I Love My Dog,” which was his first single (together with “Portobello Road”) and was released the following year on his debut album, Matthew and Son.

This is a simple song about the unending affection for dogs.

Throughout our lives, people may come and go, but our dogs will always be there for us.

We can always rely on them, and they offer us a sense of purpose and make life much more enjoyable.

17. “Old Grey Dog” by Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott’s “Old Grey Dog” is a sad country song about a dog.

Two things make “Old Grey Dog” so sad: a good boy is aging, and his family doesn’t take care of him properly.

As an observer from the outside, Scott is moved by the dog’s affection for his family, which only makes him love the dog more.

I cry more than anything else when I think about a dog who isn’t being taken care of.

But it also encourages me to value my dog even more.

18. “Old Blue” by The Byrds

The old folk song “Old Blue” (sometimes written “Old Dog Blue”) is believed to have been inspired by minstrel shows from the late 19th century.

Many artists have covered this song since its initial recording, but The Byrds’ version is the most well-known.

Although “Old Blue” doesn’t have the most intricate lyrics, we don’t mind.

It’s incredibly catchy and simple to sing along to.

It describes the strength and ferocity of a dog by the name of “Old Blue.”

He was so ardent in all he did that when he passed away, the ground actually shook. What a dog!

19. “Old King” by Neil Young

“Old King” is one of the best country songs about dogs.

Everyone who sings about their dog seems to believe they have the best dog to ever exist.

I would have to agree that they are all correct on that. Every dog is the best dog that has ever existed.

A hound dog named “Old King” was an exceptional tracker and hunter as well as a wonderful companion.

In this song, King has already passed away, so Young is honoring his best qualities.

Despite the circumstances, Young is pretty happy as he recalls the hours he spent with his friend with gratitude and affection.

20. “Every Dog Has Its Day” by Toby Keith

“Every dog has its day,” as used in Keith’s song, is its source of inspiration.

Dog puns appear in his songs, which also list many breeds of dogs.

That serves as a helpful reminder that dogs come in a variety of sizes and forms, and we should value them all.

It’s wonderful to hear a song that doesn’t take itself too seriously after hearing some others that reflect grief.

21. “Love Someone” by Brett Eldredge

You might be confused as to the inclusion of this song if you have only heard it and not seen the music video.

Although it doesn’t sound like one, it is a classic country love song.

Eldredge is singing to his dog, Edgar, as a way of showing him how much he cares.

The lyrics are further taken into context (and made sweeter) by the video, which is filled with images of Edgar as a puppy.

It’s a win-win because it’s another upbeat tune that’s simple to sing along to.

22. “Blue” by Peter, Paul & Mary

This song combines elements of folk and country.

The spoken bits in between the songs make it entertaining and hilarious.

The main character is a devoted and nice dog by the name of Blue.

However, the song’s style and even the lyrics’ main focus change as the song’s phrase progresses.

23. “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” by Jane Siberry

“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” by Jane Siberry is one of the most exciting and happy songs about dogs.

This song, in my opinion, has a show-tune-like energy that makes it upbeat and contagious.

Given how frequently the singer compares various aspects of her life to her dog, the song’s lyrics might make you think it is a love song.

The good news is that she can actually see her dog in everyone and everything, so it’s not entirely bad.

She believes that she will get along with anyone who has similar characteristics to her pet.

24. “Good Dogs” Jameson Rodgers

Jameson Rodgers provides us with yet another sad song about losing a beloved furry friend.

As pet owners, we must face mortality; however, it never gets any easier.

Saying goodbye, whether it’s anticipated or not, is difficult.

Even though we don’t have a common language, we can still try to communicate through love.

According to Rodgers, there is never enough time to spend with our dogs, but if you take good care of things like people and cars, they will remain in your life for a very long time.

25. “I’ve Got a Dog” by Dwight Yoakam

Even though this song is more intended for kids, it is nonetheless a fantastic country song about dogs.

It’s quite catchy and simple to sing along with.

Yoakam claims that despite his dog’s unattractive appearance and poor listening skills, he still loves him.

Even though the dog won’t amount to much, he is still valuable.

Kids should learn that lesson; it’s a good one.

26. “Old Rattler” by Grandpa Jones

“Old Rattler” is a story about a farm dog who is old and blind.

He is a kind-hearted dog who makes an effort, especially when it comes to clearing the table of food.

When he chooses to stroll alongside a raccoon rather than assist in its capture, his amiable nature is wonderfully portrayed.

Grandpa Jones adores him even though he has flaws.

This song is among the top songs for your dog.

27. “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” by Lobo

The first single released by Lobo was “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” in 1971.

It featured on the Introducing Lobo album and was written by Lobo, who goes by Kent LaVoie.

Traveling and feeling free are the main themes of this song.

It’s difficult to turn back once you’ve had a taste of it.

Life is, after all, about the journey, not the destination, and a dog named Boo makes the ride more enjoyable.

This pleasant and easygoing song celebrates the good things in life and how our dogs can make them better.

28. “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Dog” by Duke Robillard

Another song that compares dogs to people is this one by Duke Robillard.

It goes on to list every negative action a loving partner takes that a dog would never take.

Although the lyrics are largely about complaining about the partner, they remind us how fortunate we are to have dogs.

They never condemn us, judge us, or hurt our feelings.

They simply accept us for who we are.

Compared to many others on this list, it has a little bluesier tone, yet it stays faithful to its country roots.

29. “The Puppy Song” by Harry Nilsson

“The Puppy Song” is a song written and recorded by Harry Nilsson.

It was released on his 1970 album, The Point!

The song is about a person who wants a puppy but whose parents won’t let them have one.

The lyrics describe the joy and happiness that a puppy brings and how much the person wants one.

The song has a cheerful, upbeat melody and is a popular choice for children’s music.

30. “I’ll Name The Dogs” by Blake Shelton

“I’ll Name the Dogs” is a song written by Ben Hayslip, Rhett Akins, and Ashley Gorley and recorded by American country music artist Blake Shelton.

It was released in September 2017 as the lead single from Shelton’s album, Texoma Shore.

The song is about a man who is ready to settle down and start a family, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

He sings about the joys of domestic life and the simple pleasures of home and family, declaring that he will “name the dogs” and do all the other tasks that come with being a committed partner.

Country Songs About Dogs – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 30 best country songs about dogs showcase the special bond and love that exists between humans and their canine companions.

These songs capture the joy, loyalty, and unconditional love that dogs bring to our lives, and they demonstrate the important role that dogs play in the lives of many people.

From playful and upbeat tunes to heartfelt and emotional ballads, these songs celebrate the enduring bond between dogs and their owners and showcase the unique and irreplaceable place that dogs hold in our hearts.

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