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46 Best Country Love Songs Of All Time

September 29, 2023
Best country love songs

Looking for the most romantic, swoon-worthy best country love songs?

This list of the best country love songs of all time has everything from sweet, sentimental ballads to upbeat, fun hits that capture the joy of falling in love.

With popular picks from stars like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and more, these are the country love songs you need on your playlist.

1. “Tennessee Whiskey” – Chris Stapleton

“Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton is a country classic where the narrator compares his lover to his favorite drink.

However, the true meaning beyond the metaphorical aspect is that the singer is happy to have finally found his better half after an agonizingly lonely life.

2. “Together Again” – Buck Owens

Buck Owens gave us a classic ballad that became an all-timer.

The beautiful lyrics, expressed in the typical Owens voice will blow you away. And the guitar-melody combination is simply impeccable.

3. “Why Don’t We Just Dance” – Josh Turner

Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” became his signature track, portraying a couple dancing their troubles away.

It is a pleasant-sounding tune that will leave you craving for more, not least because of the awesome lyrics.

4. “You Are Still The One” – Shania Twain

In this track, Shania Twain sets the mood with a smooth intro before singing the tender lyrics that will make you fall in love again.

You can feel it when Twain sings, “And the first time you touched me, I felt love.” 

5. “I Cross My Heart” – George Strait

George Strait’s “I Cross My Heart” expresses unconditional love.

The song’s powerful lyrics endeared it to many country lovers, confirming Strait as one of the greatest to ever exist.

6. “She’s Everything” – Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley can’t stop declaring his love for his dream girl.

It is the 4th single from Paisley’s “Time Well Wasted” album and topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart soon after release.  

7. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” – Garth Brooks

Whether you need a unique masterpiece for your significant other or a calming track for a friend, this piece by Garth Brooks conveys a strong message of love.

It is the first song written by Garth Brooks and Kent Blazy that contributed to the pair’s whirlwind success.

8. “Lady” – Kenny Rogers

“Lady” is a Kenny Rogers solo hit that stayed on the Billboard Hot Top 100 chart for 25 weeks.

If “The Gambler” tune had already made him famous, this track surely confirms Rogers as one of the greatest country music artists in history.

9. “Rockin’ Years” – Dolly Parton And Ricky Van Shelton

This mid-tempo duet by Dolly Parton and Rick Van Shelton was a masterpiece.

The lyrics in the song are self-explanatory, describing a married couple that’s determined to stand by one another till the ‘rockin’ years.

10. “Tequila” – Dan + Shay

“Tequila” is a magnificent piece that represents nostalgia and regret.

It is a sentimental track about a lost love that’s constantly triggered by a sip of tequila.

11. “Making Memories Of Us” – Keith Urban

This is a Keith Urban ballad song that’s as good as the fantasy.

It talks about the singer’s plans to spice up his love life soon after getting married.

For a song that topped the US Billboard Country Songs Chart for 5 weeks, it’s easy to see why this track melted the hearts of many female country lovers.

12. “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” – Tanya Tucker

This 1992 track affirms that a relationship built on love and mutual respect can withstand any storm.

The narration follows the lives of a young couple from childhood life through to adulthood.

Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” was Tucker’s first single from her iconic album, “Can’t Run From Yourself.”

13. “Remember When” – Alan Jackson

This piece by Alan Jackson reflects love at different stages of life.

It describes the ups and downs of any relationship, covering everything from growing up to making mistakes, maturing, and becoming a better version of yourself.

14. “I Need You” – Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

“I Need You” is another track from the powerful duo, written by Tony Lane and David Lee.

It was the second single from the duo’s iconic album, “Let It Go,” and describes their tender affection for one another.  

15. “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” – Charley Pride

“Kiss An Angel Good Mornin” is a 1971 track written by Ben Peters and performed by Charley Pride.

Like Pride’s other chart-topping hits, this track peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

16. “Heaven” – Kane Brown

“Heaven” is a perfect romance song by Kane Brown.

He proclaims his love for a girl, affirming that his life is probably far much better than what heaven could possibly give, with his beautiful angel sent from the sky.

17. “Amazed” – Lonestar

“Amazed” is arguably one of the greatest love songs ever.

While Lonestar produced many tracks, “Amazed” remains an iconic hit, considered by many as the group’s signature track.

18. “You Decorated My Life” – Kenny Rogers

This Kenny Rogers’ love song is nothing if not exceptional.

The lyrics affirm that every man needs love, and Rogers describes how his life has changed since she met the woman of her dream.

19. “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” – Thompson Square

This is a picture-perfect narration describing a relationship.

It is a musically interesting track that’s playful and romantic at the same time and earned the duo two nominations at the 54th Grammy Awards (Best Country Song and Best Country Duo/Group Performance). 

20. “It’s Your Love” – Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

“It’s Your Love” is a great piece from the magnificent duo that has become a staple in weddings and marriage proposals.

It was one of the greatest duets of the 1990s and summed up the couple’s tender affection for one another.

21. “In Case You Didn’t Know” – Brett Young

Brett Young welcomes us to the era of contemporary country songs with a special love confession.

“In Case You Didn’t Know” illustrates everything you expect from Brett Young’s masterpiece and a magical voice that will blow you away.

22. “Nobody But You” – Blake Shelton

“Nobody But You” summed up the deep affection between the two lovebirds, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

In this track, the duo showcases their love in yet another country classic.

23. “I’m Already There” – Lonestar

Inspired by McDonald’s real-life story, this emotional track describes a man’s experiences away from his family.

He consoles the family that he’s with them in spirit despite being away physically. It stayed at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks for 6 weeks.

24. “I Love You” – Martina McBride

“I Love You” is a 1999 track written by Tammy Hyler, Adrienne Follese, and Keith Follese.

It was recorded by Martina McBride and debuted at #43 on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart before reaching #1 later the same year.

25. “Beautiful Crazy” – Luke Combs

“Beautiful Crazy” helped cement Luke Combs’ status in the country music scene, making him the big-name artist he is today.

The song gained massive fan attention shortly after release, with Luke’s awesome lyrics and exceptional narration the major driving force.

26. “From This Moment On” – Shania Twain

Aren’t weddings more beautiful when spiced up with romantic lyrics?

Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” narrates a romantic affair between two lovebirds, conveying a message of love, contentment, and a fulfilled dream. 

27. “Girl Crush” – Little Big Town

“Girl Crush” is a jealousy ballad falling in the same category as Dolly Patron’s “Jolene.”

While the song received different reactions from country lovers, it was a massive success in the country music scene, taking the number #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for 13 weeks.

28. “Island In The Stream” – Dolly Parton And Kenny Rogers

This is a metaphoric song about two partners who are madly in love and the everyday experiences in their relationship.

The title was inspired by a novel of a similar name, and it peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

29. “Love Story” – Taylor Swift

A heartbroken Taylor Swift wrote “Love Story” at only 17 years old.

It is inspired by the famous Romeo and Juliet story and became an instant hit.

30. “We Got Love” – Don Williams

As the title states, “We Got Love” is Don Williams’ assertion of the beauty of love.

He says, “We got somethin’ everybody else can see,” rejoicing in his newly found love.  

31. “Bless The Broken Road” – Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatt’s version of “Bless The Broken Road” wasn’t the first.

However, it is worth all the attention it got from critics and country lovers.

This track narrates how overcoming the hurdles in a previous relationship can transform your love life.

32. “Forever And Ever, Amen” – Randy Travis

Isn’t it impressive how Randy Travis expresses his feelings using an excerpt from the Lord’s Prayer?

With its lyrical concept and passionate message, it’s little surprise that this song went straight to the top of the US Billboard Hot Country Singles charts, becoming one of Randy’s best-ever pieces.

33. “I Believe In You” – Don Williams

The simple lyrics in Don Williams’ 1981 hit made it quite memorable.

It is an honest song describing Williams’ trust in his lover. The song had massive success, earning deserved recognition on the Us Billboard Country chart.

34. “Little Moments” – Brad Paisley

“Little Moments” is a romantic song that shows how far someone can go to express their love.

Brad Paisley talks about the good and the bad times and how much he’s willing to compromise to show his affection.

35. “The Keeper Of The Stars” – Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd’s “The Keeper Of The Stars” is a tender country love song that’s become a wedding staple.

Like most songs on our list, the lyrics of this song express love, only this time, a Supreme Being is involved.

36. “Breathe” – Faith Hill

Faith Hill describes a romantic moment with her significant other.

It is a melodious track that will make your intimate moments more memorable.

37. “God Gave Me You” – Blake Shelton

“God Gave Me You” is one of the songs that made Blake Shelton popular in the contemporary music scene.

In the song, Blake is not only thanking his wife, Miranda, for being there for him but also for changing his life.

The narration is exquisite, discouraging us from taking those who love us for granted.

38. “To Make You Feel My Love” – Garth Brooks

Many artists have done a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” hit song, but Garth Brooks’ version seemed to outshine them all.

You can tell that it was a huge success from the audience’s response to Brooks’ performance.

39. “Like A Rodeo” – Kane Brown

Kane Brown compares love to a rodeo.

The lyrics express the feelings of love at first sight, with Brown singing, “I picked you up with the cowboy nod/At the hotel bar/It was less than 8 seconds/Girl, you stole my heart.”

40. “Die A Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett oozes emotions as he gives complementary praises to his wife throughout the track.

It is another masterpiece for the romantic moments, and the succinct lyrics make the song more relatable.

41. “Your Man” – Josh Turner

Josh Turner’s “Your Man” is a 2006 single that peaked at #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

The song perfectly depicts Turner’s style, a deep voice with heavy-hitting lyrics.

42. “Feels So Right” – Alabama

“Feels So Right” was written by Randy Owen and released in 1981 as part of Alabama’s album with a similar name.

It went straight to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, becoming the band’s signature track.

43. “Simple” – Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line’s “Simple” song recognizes the little things that make relationships great.

This track is for a simple couple that only wants the best for each other. 

44. “I’ll Still Be Loving You” – Restless Heart

“I’ll Still Be Loving You” is a reassuring, romantic song that topped the Hot Country Songs chart.

It is a timeless tune with romantic lyrics like, “I’ll be yours/Until the sun doesn’t shine/Till time stands still.”

45. “Somewhere With You” – Kenny Chesney

“Somewhere With You” is a country classic for the tortured soul.

It describes the feeling of getting over someone you’ve been with in a relationship till the end.

This country single topped the Hot Country Songs chart for 3 weeks.

46. “I Will Always Love You” – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s tender yet romantic song completes our list of the greatest country love songs of all time.

It is an iconic song that complemented the artist’s illustrious music career, taking the number #1 slot on the charts on two different occasions.

The first time was after the 1974 release before she recorded it again in 1982 for her “The Best Little Whorehouse” movie.  

Wrapping Up Our List of the Best Country Love Songs

We hope you’ve enjoyed our diverse list of the best country love songs ever.

Hopefully, you won’t lack options the next time you’re setting the mood for a romantic moment.

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