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12 Best Music Distribution Services & Companies

December 29, 2023
music distribution services

In this time of digital tools and streaming services, distributing music has never been easier.

However, with the plethora of digital distributors out there, finding the right music distribution platform can be tricky.

Each music distribution service has its own way of releasing music and its own features. 

And of course, everyone is promising to give you the best results.

To help you find the best option for you, we did thorough research and rounded up the best music distribution services and companies you can trust. 

We will tell you all about their main features as well as potential drawbacks so you can make an informed decision and choose the best service for your music.

Best Music Distribution Services & Companies 

Distributing your music to all the large streaming platforms is the most important thing you can do as an aspiring artist.

Luckily, music distribution companies made this process a whole lot easier. You just need to upload your tracks, and they will do the rest. 

The thing is, many important outlets don’t allow individuals to upload their music. Therefore, using a digital distribution platform is sometimes the only option.

And most music distribution companies for newcomers provide two options:

  • Uploading your music for an upfront fee
  • Sharing your royalties 

That said, releasing your music with a company/service also comes with its flaws. Maybe you won’t be able to keep your creative rights or collect your royalties.  

But that’s why we made a list of reliable platforms that offer different conditions – and which one is right for you depends on your experience, budget, preferences, and goals. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best music distribution services in the world right now.

1. Ditto

ditto music distribution

Ditto Music is ideal for musicians looking for a simple way to distribute their music.

It’s very easy to navigate, and it should take you a few minutes to upload your song. 

The way they generally work is very straightforward: for an annual fee, they will release your music to digital stores and platforms, and you’ll keep 100% of your royalties.

They offer three pricing options:

  • Artist – $20/year – release unlimited music for 1 artist
  • Professional – $30/year – release unlimited music for 2 artists 
  • Label – $73/year – release unlimited music for 5 artists

You can also upgrade to Ditto Music Publishing and earn even more money.

Regardless of what you choose, Ditto will release your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, TikTok, Instagram, and other relevant platforms.

And you’ll get music insights and analytic reports and gain access to major label promo tools.

The only thing that some users don’t like about Ditto is that it sometimes takes them weeks to process the release. But if you plan everything upfront, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

All in all, Ditto is a great music distribution service, especially for musicians who want to release music frequently. 


  • Affordable
  • You can keep your royalties
  • Easy to use


  • It can take longer for your release to be processed

2. CD Baby

Popular music distribution service CD Baby.

CD Baby is one of the most popular platforms in music marketing.

It’s focused on music distribution but it also offers other services such as licensing publishing and cover song licensing.

When it comes to music distribution, CD Baby offers digital distribution and streaming as well as physical distribution, which definitely makes it stand out from its competitors.

Moreover, if you release music with CD Baby, you’ll get to keep all your royalties. 

And there are no annual fees.

On the other hand, you’ll have to pay for every track or album you upload. 

Pricing starts at $9.99 per single and album, and they will deliver to all relevant platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. You’ll also get instant verification for Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists.

You can also upgrade your single or album from Standard to Pro for $40. With a higher pricing tier, you’ll get extra features and opportunities.

Besides useful marketing tools, CD Baby provides reporting and analytics tools and all the necessary tools to track your progress and build your audience. 

All in all, CD Baby is one of the most popular music distribution services for a good reason.


  • Multiple services
  • You can keep your royalties
  • 150+ streaming platforms and stores included 
  • Instant verification
  • No annual fees


  • Can be pricey in the beginning (for Pro accounts)

3. Amuse

Amuse, music distribution company.

Amuse is another music distribution company worth checking out. 

What’s great about Amuse is that it also offers free music distribution

They are allowing artists to upload their music for free so it can be available on major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. 

And with an Amuse Boost and Pro account, you can also get access to social media platforms and reach listeners on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Another thing that helps Amuse stand out from its competitors is the fact that they offer artists tailored licensing deals.

So, if your music gets noticed and Amuse likes it, they might offer you a deal. You don’t have to accept it though – you can simply continue using their digital distribution services and basic features.

Amuse Music is also ideal for newcomers because it’s very easy to use. Uploading your music only takes a few minutes, and with their Android and iPhone apps, you’ll get detailed streaming analytics and audience data.


  • Offers free distribution 
  • The possibility of getting a record deal 
  • Easy to use


  • It’s purely app-based


Landr music distribution platform.

LANDR is another great option for distributing music for beginners.

For $12.50 a month, LANDR will allow you to distribute an unlimited number of songs. 

Alternatively, LANDR can distribute your music for $9 per single and $25 per EP or album. 

They will get your music on 150+ streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, and you will keep 100% of your royalties. 

Apart from free music distribution, LANDR is also known as a digital mastering platform. So if you become a member, you’ll get access to music mastering tools, curated plugins, and free sample packs.

They also offer online collaboration tools and other marketing options. 

On top of that, LANDR doesn’t take any royalties from its artists as many distributors do.

But since the company was first focused on mastering, it’s one of the newest on the market when it comes to music distribution.

Nevertheless, it’s a reliable, popular, and well-designed platform worth checking out. 


  • Doesn’t take any royalties
  • You can upload an unlimited number of songs (for a fee)
  • 150+ streaming platforms and stores included 
  • Additional tools available


  • Hefty commission fees 

5. Tunecore

tunecore music distribution platform

Tunecore is one of the first distribution platforms in the market.

Similar to Ditto Music, Tunecore allows you to upload your music for an annual fee while keeping your royalties.

Tunecore pricing starts at $14.99/year. This is the essential distribution plan.

They also offer other plans with advanced features: the Breakout Artist plan for $29.99 per year and the Professional plan for $49.99 per year. 

No matter what you choose, Tunecore will get your music playing in over 150 digital stores and streaming services worldwide, and you’ll also receive comprehensive sales data.

Alternatively, you can pay per release. If you want to release to social media platforms only, you can do it for free, but you get to keep 80% of your revenue. And if you pay, you get to keep 100% of the royalties. 

Moreover, Tunecore provides its users with useful services such as social media promotion and music publishing administration.

So, it’s a good platform for newcomers as well as ambitious musicians who want to invest in their music. 


  • You can keep your royalties
  • Promotion and publishing services
  • Different plans to choose from 


  • Annual fees

6. DistroKid

ditrokid music distribution logo

If you want to release your music as soon as possible, you should check out DistroKid.

This popular online music distributor is known for getting music into stores faster than most platforms.

Generally, the platform allows you to upload an unlimited number of songs for an annual fee. It costs $19.99, which is quite affordable. 

Like many other companies on our list, DistroKid releases music on more than 150 platforms.

But it generally doesn’t offer any additional features or possibilities.

Nevertheless, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to distribute their tracks in a quick and simple way.


  • Distributes music quickly
  • You can keep 100% royalties


  • Annual fees 

7. ReverbNation

ReverbNation music distribution platform

ReverbNation is a popular digital music distributor offering a variety of services. 

With the slogan “Artists First”, they are focused on providing their artists with deals that will ultimately be profitable for them.

They also offer site-building services. You can create a mobile-friendly website and share your content anywhere online with customizable widgets.

Plus, they offer crowdsourced listener reviews, feedback, and even sponsorship under the ReverbNation brand.

If you’re ready to invest some money into the promotion of your music, ReverbNation will provide you with everything you need.

But you can also opt for basic features. They even offer a free plan which allows you to create an artist profile and upload an unlimited number of songs.

So, it all depends on your goals and abilities. A variety of options is definitely one of the ReverbNation platform’s biggest advantages.


  • Many options to choose from
  • A variety of services


  • A plethora of tools and services can be overwhelming 


awal music distribution company

AWAL is a famous distribution company that has a slightly different approach.

AWAL works as an invite-only – therefore, you first need to be accepted by their team. And as a suitable candidate, you already need to have a certain amount of followers. 

So, AWAL is probably not the best option for beginners.

Otherwise, it’s a great platform with many opportunities, and many popular artists decided to go with AWAL, including Jungle, Little Simz, Kim Petras, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and Moby.

Just like many other distribution platforms, AWAL allows users to upload their work for free, but it takes 15% of revenues generated later on. 

But AWAL allows artists to keep ownership of their masters, and there are no upfront fees or annual fees paid.

There are three levels of AWAL: 

  • AWAL Core – this is the lowest tier of entry, and you can try to get there via their submission form, their A&R, or suggestions. 
  • AWAL+ – this tier is “designed for a smaller group of artists they think are on the verge”, so for this level, you have to be even more popular. Besides distribution, AWAL+ artists get a team to promote them, financial support, and other benefits.
  • AWAL Recordings – this tear is as close as it gets to getting a traditional record deal. However, artists will still keep their rights, and that’s why many big names decided to go with this option. 

Either way, if you want to get accepted by AWAL, you’ll need to have a certain level of popularity on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. 


  • No upfront fees
  • You can keep your creative rights
  • Great options for successful artists


  • It’s invite-only (you need to build your audience first)

9. RouteNote

RouteNote music distribution platform

And if you’re looking for a simple free music distribution platform, you should take a look at what RouteNote has to offer.

RouteNote is free to use, but it does take 15% of royalties. 

If you want to keep everything you earn, you can opt for an upfront fee and a subscription fee.

Subscribing to the RouteNote Premium will cost you $10/month and it will give you access to all services, an unlimited number of uploads, and other cool benefits.

They also offer a Custom Pricing option. This includes tailored service, account management, and pitching assistance, so it’s ideal for professional labels.

So, RouteNote is a good option for newcomers as well as more serious musicians and record labels.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


  • They take 15% of royalties (unless you subscribe) 

10. Record Union

Record Union music distribution services

Just like many other music distribution services, Record Union allows you to get your music to Spotify, Amazon, TikTok, Apple Music, and so on.

You’ll just need to sign up for a Record Union account and submit your work. You’ll then get monthly sales reports and daily streaming data. 

However, Record Union is very specific when it comes to streaming services – it all depends on the plan you opt for.

Their Top Dog plan will get your music to five major platforms, and their World Dominion plan includes every global music service they work with.

The price also depends on the number of tracks you want to submit.

They also charge a regular commission of 15% of the money that your music generates.

On the other hand, they do offer some useful services. Their Electronic Press Kit (EPK) will help you introduce yourself to relevant journalists, agents, and bloggers and therefore allow you to effectively promote your music.


  • Useful tools
  • Versatile


  • 15% commission 

11. SpinnUp

SpinnUp music distribution platform logo

Founded in 2013, SpinnUp is a well-established music distribution platform ideal for beginners.

The platform allows you to submit your music for a quick release.

More importantly, it allows you to keep everything you earn.

SpinnUp doesn’t cover hundreds of streaming platforms like some other services on this list, but it will deliver your music to every large platform including Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, and Spotify.

Also, SpinnUp promotes each artist by creating a special artist profile showcased as a mini-site.

And there are no annual fees with SpinnUp, but they do offer different payment plans. 

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll get everything you need to release and promote your music.


  • You keep 100% royalties
  • Easy to use
  • Artist profiles


  • A limited number of stores 

12. ONErpm

ONErpm music distribution company

As they claim on their website, ONErpm “helps artists from all walks of life succeed in today’s digital and interconnected global music market.”

They are indeed very professional and efficient.

Generally, they don’t charge artists to register and distribute their content, so there are no recurring fees and costs. 

However, they do keep 15% of all royalties.

And you can pay for some extra features and possibilities.

Nevertheless, ONErpm is a great option, and their platform offers many useful tools and services – from rights management and music analytics to digital tool kits and publishing administration.

They also offer Direct-To-Fan marketing, Youtube Channel management, and advertising.


  • A variety of options
  • Useful tools
  • No fees


  • They take 15% of royalties 

How to Distribute Music 

As you can see, there are many options for distributing music out there. 

But if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll make the right choice.

If you’re still not sure how to distribute your music and choose the right platform, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • How much music do I want to upload?
  • Do I need promotional tools?
  • Do I need extra tools and services?
  • What is more important: speed or affordability?

If you know the answer to these questions, it will be easier for you to find the right distributor.

And once you register and upload your music, the company will do the rest. 

Of course, if your plan doesn’t include promotional services, you should think about the different steps and ways to promote your music

Take advantage of social media platforms and create hype for your music even before its release. 

Also, regardless of what platform you choose, you should make your music searchable.

When submitting your album or song for digital distribution, pay attention to the title, your name, release date, track titles, genre, and other relevant data.

Smiling woman using a laptop with a headset.

Finally, don’t forget to be patient and persistent.

The hardest part is done – you created a song or an album and you’re done with all the recording, mixing, and mastering.

Now it’s time for that exciting part where anything can happen.

Nevertheless, you should remain active, keep track of your progress, and make sure you take the best out of the platform you use. 

But keep your head up – if you believe in your music and you find a reliable distributor to help you out, you’re on the right track to getting noticed!

Music Distribution Services – Final Thoughts 

As an aspiring artist, the best thing you can do is to distribute your music to all the relevant streaming platforms and stores.

And with a good music distribution service, you can do that in a quick and easy way.

However, each distributor has its own features and conditions, so make sure the company you choose aligns with your abilities and goals.

Either way, all the companies we mentioned today will provide you with everything you need to release your music for everyone to hear. 

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