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40 Best Spanish Singers of All Time (Most Popular)

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40 Best Spanish Singers of All Time (Most Popular)

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Spanish singers have dominated global music charts for many years with their charming voices and unique compositions. 

From releasing soulful love confessions to popularizing new dance moves, these singers have risen to international stardom.

While the list is long and challenging to compile, below are the 40 best Spanish singers of all time. 

We’ve done our best to include some of the greatest artists you’d expect to see and a few surprising names that tend to go under the radar.

Let’s explore it together. 

1. Julio Iglesias

No doubt one of the most famous names in the history of Spanish music.

Julio Iglesias started his music career in the 1960s after an unfortunate incident ended his dreams of becoming a footballer. 

He has had an inspiring career, becoming one of the most celebrated artists from the European country and one of the most successful singers of all time

During his career, Julio has won 2 Grammy Awards, an ALMA Award, and a Country Music Association Award. 

One of Julio’s most outstanding attributes is that he’s sung in several other languages, including French, Italian, and Portuguese. 

2. Ricky Martin

Enrique Martin Morales, commonly known as Ricky Martin, was nicknamed the “Latin Pop God” and the “King Of Latin Pop” for his contributions to the music genre

Ricky is one of the many Spanish singers with Puerto Rican roots and has established himself among the best-selling artists of all time. 

He developed a strong interest in music at a young age, joining Puerto Rico’s Menudo boy band when he was 12.

He launched a solo career in the early 1990s and had gained international fame by the turn of the decade with hits like “Private Emotion,” “She Bangs,” and “Nobody Wants to be Lonely.”

Ricky is notable for his versatility, with an expansive discography that goes beyond Latin pop music.

3. Plácido Domingo

José Plácido Domingo is another celebrated artist who’s built a reputation as one of the greatest multi-lingual opera singers of all time, with hit songs from the 1960s. 

Domingo has recorded over 100 operas throughout his career, showcasing his musical versatility by performing in Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages. 

Apart from his enviable 14 Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, Placido’s songs have become certified gold, silver, platinum, and multi-platinum. 

Some of his most recognizable songs include “Un Uomo tra la Folla,” “Eternally,” and “Plaisir d’amour.”

4. Enrique Iglesias

Like father, like son, really. 

Enrique Iglesias has followed in his father’s footsteps to establish himself among the best Spanish singers of all time. 

The King of Latin Pop deserves recognition for laying the foundation for contemporary singers like Luis Fonsi. 

Enrique has quietly built his empire over two decades, attracting a massive following as one of the most talented singers during that period. 

He’s proven time and time again that you don’t need endless controversy to become a top artist.

And if his global album sales are anything to go by, we can safely assume that Enrique is among the best-selling Latin singers of all time. 

With a career that has delivered club bangers, pop-rock songs, and multiple chart-topping singles, Enrique is considered one of the most influential Spanish singers ever. 

5. Lola Flores

Lola Flores’ story is one of the most inspiring in the corners of Spanish music.

At 15 years, she knew singing would be her only way out of poverty, and joining a traveling-singing group at the time, she embarked on public shows to make a living.

Ultimately, the hard work paid off, with the Spanish singer establishing herself among the best female singers of her time. 

Sadly, Lola died in 1995 from cancer, plunging Madrid City and Spain into mourning. 

With her story of resilience, hard work, and determination, Lola has influenced a generation of upcoming singers.

Her legacy is respected in Spanish culture, with many admiring her strength, passion, and talent. 

6. Alvaro Soler

Nothing can go wrong when you combine talent, creativity, and passion.

That’s Alvaro Soler’s story, an exceptional German-Spanish singer who’s become a mainstay name in modern culture.

While Alvaro only rose to fame in 2015 with his “El Mismo Sol” hit single, he quickly became a popular name throughout Europe and Latin America.

He’s also released other popular songs, including “Sofia,” which received chart success in Europe. 

Alvaro’s accolades include a Los Premios 40 Principales award, a European Border Breakers Award, a Swiss Music Award, and a LOS40 Music Award. 

7. Edurne

Edurne Garcia Almagro, commonly known as Edurne, is a Madrid-born actress, singer, and TV presenter.

She came into the limelight in the mid-2000s after featuring in the Operación Triunfo reality TV talent show.

In 2015, she represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest with the “Amanecer” hit single, coming at a distant 21st.

Her musical career began with Sony BMG Spain, releasing an eponymous debut album with many hit singles, including the successful “Despierta.”

In 2007, she released her 2nd studio album, Ilusion, with two singles, including “Ven Por Mi,” a top 20 hit on the Spanish Dance iTunes Chart.

Edurne has released five more studio albums ever since, securing her place among the greatest Spanish singers.

8. Alfredo Kraus

Alfredo Kraus is considered one of the most influential lyric tenors of the 20 century, having entertained audiences throughout a storied 4-decade career.

He inspired many with his consistency and longevity, always showcasing it in his youthful delivery.

Despite developing a strong interest in music at a young age, Kraus had never considered a professional career until close friends and family challenged him.

After completing his vocal studies, he quickly won an award at the Geneva Competition before debuting at the Cairo Opera.

He followed it up with other successful appearances in Barcelona, Turin, and Venice.

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Decades later, Alfredo Kraus’s legacy is intact as one of the best Spanish tenors of all time, with several albums and hit singles. 

9. José Carreras

José Carreras is a Barcelona-born operatic tenor who found fame with the Verdi, Puccini, and Donizetti operas.

He gained a massive following as one of the Three Tenors, alongside Luciano Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo.

Carreras was loved for his rich tenor voice and passionate delivery that put him above his peers.

10. Carlos Marin

Carlos Marin was a Spanish baritone who rose to fame as part of the II Divo vocal group.

He was born in West Germany, grew up in Spain, and started his music career in the Netherlands.

When he was only eight years old, Marin recorded his first album, The Little Caruso, featuring the songs “Granada” and “O Sole Mio.” 

At ten years old, he recorded his second album, Mijn Lieve Mama, before studying piano to continue his musical aspirations. 

By 1996, Carlos had built a reputation as one of the best performers, combining different musical genres to satisfy people’s cravings. 

He took it a notch higher through musical contests, ultimately distinguishing himself as one of the most popular entertainers. 

Sadly, Marin passed on at a Manchester hospital after contracting COVID-19 in 2021. 

11. Montserrat Caballe

Montserrat Caballe was one of the greatest Spanish sopranos from the 20th century. 

Born in Barcelona, the female Spanish singer rose from humble beginnings to the top of Latin charts throughout a 6-decade career.

She mastered her singing skills at the Liceu Conservatory before moving to Basel, where she began her career as an opera singer. 

Caballe got her international breakthrough in 1965 after replacing Marilyn Horne during a New York stage performance. 

Her performances at the event caught everyone’s attention, earning her a standing ovation from the crowd.

Caballe passed on in 2018, leaving a legacy as one of the best female Latin singers of all time. 

12. Adelina Patti

Adelina Patti was an Italian opera singer from the 19th century. 

She was born in Madrid, Spain, in the 1840s to a musical family of tenor Salvatore Patti and soprano Caterina Barilli.

Adelina debuted at 16 at New York’s Academy of Music.

She became one of the most successful singers at the height of her career, building a loyal following throughout Europe and America. 

Ultimately, Adelina etched her name in history books as one of the most influential sopranos from the 19th century, attracting attention with the purity of her voice and her distinctive bel canto technique. 

13. Camilo Sesto

Camilo Sesto was another famous Spanish singer from Madrid.

He built an enviable career as a singer and composer, writing songs for legendary Latin artists such as Jose Jose, Miguel Bose, and Lucia Mendez.

He pioneered Spanish pop-rock music, inspiring many upcoming singers throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Sesto released several albums between the 70s and 90s, including Algo De Mi, Camilo, Amor Libre, and Camilo Superstar. 

14. Sara Montiel

Sara Montiel is a famous Spanish singer and actress who rose to stardom with a soundtrack for the El último cuplé musical drama. 

She started her career in the 1940s, working diligently to become one of the most successful entertainers in the 1960s.

She released over 500 songs in different languages and featured in over 50 films, including Don Quixote (1947), Madness of Love (1948), and Vera Cruz (1954).

Despite her blossoming career, Sara’s personal life often attracted attention in many Spanish-speaking countries.

And her four marriages and two adopted children didn’t help the situation, attracting endless controversy in the mainstream market. 

Her legacy lives on beyond the corridors of the entertainment industry, thanks to the Sara Montiel Museum that honors her life.  

15. Manu Chao

Manu Chao is a French-Spanish singer specializing in Latin alternative, reggae, ska, and worldbeat music. 

He sings in Greek, French, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, and several other languages. 

Manu began his professional career in Paris, getting initial fame with the Los Carayos and Hot Pants musical groups.

He established the Mano Negra band in 1987, achieving significant success before launching a solo career in 1995. 

Chao’s relatable lyrics endeared him to music lovers, often tackling issues such as ghetto life, immigration, and drugs. 

The Spanish singer’s most recognizable songs include “Me Gustas Tu,” “Bongo Bong,” and “Mentira.”

16. Alejandro Sanz

Here’s a talented, charismatic, and romantic Spanish singer to make you fall in love again.

It doesn’t matter how long Alejandro Sanz has been around, he’s the specialist in soulful ballads and romantic songs. 

Sanz rose to fame in 1991 with his Viviendo de Prisa debut album and has only become bigger and better.

Today, he’s among the most commercially successful Latin singers, with over 25 million album sales worldwide. 

Sanz’s discography includes 14 studio albums and countless hit singles, making him one of the best Spanish singers from the 1990s.  

17. David Bisbal

David Bisbal is a Latin artist whose style is widely influenced by jota, zarzuela, and the Spanish flamenco elements. 

He came into the limelight via the Operación Triunfo reality TV show, becoming a mainstay name in the Spanish music scene with hit songs from the 2000s.

Besides releasing multiple studio albums, Bisbal has toured extensively, pushing Latin music to different audiences.

18. Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz has risen quickly to become one of the best Spanish singers since debuting in the 2010s.

From a young age, his love for music pushed him to play different instruments, such as classical guitar, piano, and flamenco guitar. 

Pablo composed his first ever songs at 12, including “Amor de Barrio” and “Desencuentro,” which would appear on his first album.

Throughout his storied career, the talented artist has released 2 live albums, 5 studio albums, and several collaborations, ranking among the best Spanish singers ever. 

19. Enrique Bunbury

The next Spanish singer on the list is a Zaragoza native who’s had success with hard rock, Latin rock, and indie rock.

Enrique Bunbury has been in the entertainment scene since the 1980s as part of the Apocalipsis high school band. 

He joined Zumo de Vidrio in 1984 to increase his popularity, adopting the Bunbury stage name around the same time.

The Spanish singer formed Heroes del Silencio, a Spanish rock band that enjoyed moderate success in the local music scene before disbanding in 1996.

This forced Enrique to pursue a solo career, releasing an electro-rock album, Radical Sonora.

As one of the best singers of Spanish rock, Banbury often moved audiences with his “tessitura” style, securing his place among the best Latin artists of all time. 

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20. Victoria de los Ángeles

Victoria de los Ángeles was a Spanish opera singer who enjoyed massive success after World War II.

She was born in Barcelona and, like most early singers, started her career at the Liceu before making her professional debut in 1954 via The Marriage of Figaro.

As one of the best operatic lyric sopranos of her time, Victoria is considered one of the greatest Spanish singers ever.

21. Paco de Lucía

Paco de Lucía is always recognized as one of the 20th-century pioneers of the new flamenco style, and rightly so.

He got off to a perfect start with his musical background, thanks to his father’s early influences as a flamenco guitar player.

Paco ventured into the commercial side of music at a young age, entertaining audiences with his guitar-playing skills at a fee.

At 14, he composed his first record.

By the 1960s, he was an established singer, releasing hit singles such as “Cepa Andaluza” and “Entre Dos Aguas.”

The Spanish singer died of a heart attack in 2014, leaving a matchless legacy with his brilliant guitar-playing skills and distinct style. 

22. Concha Buika

Many call her the queen of flamenco.

But Concha Buika’s songs have much more to them than that.

Her style is influenced by Spanish copla, soul, jazz, and African polyrhythm elements.

Concha started her career playing drums and bass before trying her hand at singing and gaining fame in the local nightclubs in the 1990s.

Her distinctive and adorable singing style has earned her endless comparisons to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, and Edith Piaf.

Buika has worked with reputable artists, including Nelly Furtado, Chick Corea, Mariza, and Luz Casal. 

23. Camarón de la Isla

If you are going to mention the most influential Spanish singers of all time, you have to start with Camarón de la Isla

He was an influential flamenco singer who received love and criticism in equal measure.

His innovativeness rejuvenated 1970s Spanish music, even though some traditionalists didn’t always agree with his compositions.

One of his most significant contributions to Spanish music was the introduction of electric bass to his songs, giving birth to the Nuevo Flamenco of the 1980s.

Camarón is still remembered for his collaborations with Tomatito and Paco de Lucia throughout an inspiring 2-decade career. 

24. Dani Martín

Daniel Martín García rose to fame with the El Canto Del Loco pop-punk band. 

He began a solo career in 2010, releasing 7 albums to lay a claim among the best Spanish singers.

He’s one of the best contemporary Spanish pop singers, recognizable from the hit singles “Mira La Vida,” “Mi Lamento,” and “Caminar.”

25. Joan Manuel Serrat

Joan Manuel Serrat has proudly celebrated the Catalan culture throughout his career.

He’s one of the most influential figures in contemporary music with a lyrical style inspired by the legendary singers Rafael Alberti, Federico Garcia, and Pablo Neruda.

Serrat started his musical journey as a teenager, composing “Una guitarra” as one of his earliest songs after acquiring his first guitar at 17.

One of Joan’s best-ever songs, “Mediterraneo,” secured his place among the best Spanish pop icons. 

26. Joaquín Sabina 

Joaquín Sabina found the perfect balance between poetry and music, establishing himself as one of the best Spanish singers of all time. 

He’s one of the most celebrated singers, with projects that have inspired a generation of upcoming artists.

As an accomplished singer, Joaquín distinguished himself with powerful compositions that often covered relatable themes such as heartbreak, love, and societal issues.  

With 14 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 3 compilation albums, there’s no doubt about his place among the best male Spanish singers of all time. 

Some of Joaquín’s best-ever songs include “Calle Melancolía,” “Quien me ha robado el mes de Abril,” and “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid.”

27. Isabel Pantoja

Isabel Pantoja was a multi-platinum certified Spanish singer with over a dozen albums throughout her career.

She grew up in a musical family in Seville and started performing at 7 years.

Pantoja helped revive copla, a traditional artistic genre that was dying at the time, releasing “El Pájaro Verde,” “El Senorito,” and “Garlochi” as her first songs.

She released her debut pop album (Cambiar por ti) in 1983, featuring the popular hit singles “Nada” and “En la Niebla.”

Unfortunately, Pantoja’s glittering career was tarnished by a prison sentence in 2014 after her ex-boyfriend was accused of several offenses, including money laundering and bribery. 

28. Concha Velasco

Concha Velasco is a Spanish singer who doubles as an actress and TV presenter.

She has received several awards throughout her 6-decade filming career, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Honorary Goya Award, and 2 National Theatre Awards. 

As a singer, Velasco has released several hit singles, including “Los Tres Loritos,” “Chica Ye-Ye,” and “Con Nada Se Puede Ser Feliz.” 

29. Rosalia

Flamenco singer Rosalia is the true definition of bold and beautiful. 

She’s loved for her powerful vocals and natural ability to blend different styles, from hip-hop to pop and flamenco.

Rosalia is the name behind the popular Spanish hit “Con Altura,” released alongside J Balvin and El Guincho. 

She’s also remembered for the Grammy Award-winning hit “Malamente.”

By combining different musical styles, Rosalia has influenced contemporary singers such as Christina Aguilera, Kacey Musgraves, and Marina as the “atypical pop star.”

Her list of accolades includes 8 Latin Grammy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, and 4 MTV Video Music Awards.

30. Najwa Nimri

Najwa Nimri is a Spanish actress and singer who excels in alternative rock, downtempo, and trip-hop music.

She was born in Pamplona, Navarre, to a Jordanian father and a Spanish mother and got her first major acting role via Salto al vacio.

Her singing career began with small groups in her native Pamplona home before forming the Najwajean band alongside Carlos Jean.

While her music career deserves as much praise, Najwa has had more success in acting, featuring in several films, including Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Lucía y el sexo, and Money Heist (La casa de papel).

Her most recognizable songs include “Feed Us,” “What,” and “Timeless.”

31. Rosario Flores

Rosario Flores is a Spanish singer who rose to fame with her 1995 hit song, “Estoy Aqui.”

While she’s one of the most celebrated female Spanish singers of all time, Rosario began her career as a talented actress.

And when she finally started singing, everybody fell in love with her emotionally expressive voice, instantly gaining popularity with R&B, pop, rock, and Nuevo Flamenco styles.

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Rosario is notable for electrifying stage performances, often dazzling crowds with her pulsating energy and limitless creativity that have pushed her to the pinnacle of Spanish music. 

The Spanish singer has released many successful albums, including Muchas Flores (2001), which placed multiple singles on the music charts. 

The Grammy Award winner is known for several hit singles, including “Mi Gato,” “El Beso,” and “Los tangos de mi abuela.”

32. Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia has built a reputation as a popular ring announcer, best remembered for her role at WWE.

But she’s also showcased her singing talent since her early days in Madrid.

Lilian participated in several singing contests at a young age, representing a local band in South Carolina during her teenage years. 

With her performances at WrestleMania 2000, WrestleMania 2001, and WrestleMania XXVII, she joined a list of reputable entertainers to achieve the same feat, including Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, and Gladys Knight.  

33. Teresa Berganza

Teresa Berganza distinguished herself as a talented mezzo-soprano from Madrid, building a successful career as one of the best Spanish singers of all time. 

Like many early singers, Teresa developed a passion for music at a young age, releasing her debut album in 1995.

She was admired for her versatility, musical intelligence, and alluring stage presence, becoming an influential figure in the Spanish music scene in the 1970s.

Berganza received several awards and honors throughout her career, including a Prince of Asturias Award, a Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, and a Premio Nacional de Musica award. 

34. Nino Bravo

Luis Manuel Ferri Llopis, commonly known as Nino Bravo, was a ballad and baroque pop singer from Valencia, Spain.

He loved rock and roll and acquired musical skills from a young age, eventually forming the Los Hispancos band with his childhood friends. 

Bravo rose to global fame in the 1970s through his “Te quiero, te quiero” single from his first solo album. 

His third album, Libre (Free), released in 1972, was a huge commercial success and made him popular in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. 

Unfortunately, Bravo’s journey was cut short by a fatal car crash in Madrid in 1973.

35. Jeanette

Jeanette came into the limelight with Pic-Nic, a 1960s Spanish sunshine pop and folk-pop band behind the successful hit single “Callate, nina.” 

She launched a solo career in the early 1970s with “Soy rebelde,” which put her among the best romantic balladists. 

Jeanette’s other popular song, “Porque te vas,” pushed her to international fame, becoming one of the most popular Spanish pop songs of all time. 

After an extended stay in Germany and France, the artist returned to Spain in 1981 with a new album, Corazon de poeta, to massive acclaim. 

She capitalized on the positive reception to release 2 more albums; Reluz (1983) and Ojos en el sol (1984). 

Jeanette is considered one of her generation’s most influential Spanish singers, with a career that has inspired many artists.

36. Aitana

Aitana is a Spanish singer and actress who rose to prominence in 2017 after featuring in Operación Triunfo.

She released the “Lo Malo” song around the same time, becoming a #1 hit in Spain for weeks.

Aitana signed with the 360° record label shortly after the competition, releasing her first solo single, “Telefono.”

Again, this became a commercial success, breaking streaming records throughout Spain as one of the year’s most popular songs.

Aitana continued her fame in 2019 with a debut studio album, Spoiler, earning her a first-ever Latin Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. 

As of 2023, the “Spanish Princess of Pop” has released 3 studio albums and won several awards, including a Cosmo Award, an Elle Style Award, a Kid’s Choice Award, and 4 LOS40 Music Awards. 

37. Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé is a Spanish actor and pop singer born in Panama to a Spanish father and an Italian mother.

He began acting in 1971, quickly gaining fame for his looks.

In 1975, he branched into singing and recorded his first singles with Camilo Sesto’s support.

Miguel signed his first contract in 1977, working with CBS Records until the mid-1980s. 

He became a popular figure around the same time, gaining fame in Spain, Southern Europe, and Latin America, as a teen idol.

He released the Papito album in 2007, featuring the remakes of his earlier songs such as “Nena,” “Morena Mia,” and “Como un lobo.”

Miguel has released over 10 studio albums, 4 live albums, 2 collaboration albums, and 2 compilation albums, ranking among the best Spanish singers of all time. 

38. Natalia Lacunza

Natalia Lacunza might be one of the youngest singers on this list, but she’s already making her mark on the Spanish music scene. 

Born in 1999 in Pamplona, Spain, the young entertainer has been singing for almost half her life.

She rose to prominence in 2018 after coming third in the Operación Triunfo talent competition.

In 2019, Natalia released her first EP, Otras Alas, after signing with the Universal Music Spain record label.

Her 2nd EP came in 2020, peaking at #1 on the Spanish Albums chart.

Some of Natalia’s best songs as of 2023 include “Olivia,” Cuando te fuiste,” and “a otro lado.”

39. Abraham Mateo 

Abraham Mateo was destined to become a successful artist from his childhood days. 

He was already winning prizes in the entertainment industry at 7 years old.

And at 9, he won the Revelation Prize at the national music contest.

He built on his earlier successes to become one of the best Spanish singers in 2023, finding success with Latin pop, reggaeton, Latin soul, Latin trap, and Latin dance music.

Abraham is loved for his soulful, danceable music, often making a lasting impression on audiences.

Besides his singing career, the Cádiz native is an outstanding producer, having worked with reputable artists such as Belinda, Samo, Jennifer Lopez, and Becky G.

Some of his most recognizable songs include “Vuelve conmigo,” “When You Love Somebody,” and “Bom Bom.”

40. Marta Sánchez

Marta Sánchez is another beloved pop singer, composer, and songwriter from Madrid, Spain.

She’s been in the Spanish music industry for nearly two decades, establishing herself as one of the best entertainers during that time.

Marta released her platinum-certified debut album in 1998, giving her her first taste of success.

She followed it up with two more albums, both of which became gold certified.

She’s worked with reputable Spanish singers such as Alejandro Sanz, Malu, and Juan Magan.

Throughout her music career, Marta has won 2 Latin Grammy Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, and an Ondas Award.

As one of the best Spanish singers of all time, Marta has secured her legacy with catchy and powerful lyrics that have received massive praise from Spanish music lovers.

She’s sold over 2 million albums worldwide, becoming one of her generation’s most successful Spanish singers.

Best Spanish Singers of All Time – Final Thoughts

Spanish music has spread to different parts of the world thanks to the efforts of celebrated pop icons like Ricky Martin.

Without some of these artists, we’d probably never have known the beauty of unique art forms like flamenco.

Our guide to the 40 best Spanish singers of all time has everything you need, from compelling lyrics to powerful messages and delightful vocals.

Make sure you check out the best songs from some of these artists to enjoy the beauty of Spanish music.

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