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45 Best Spanish Songs of All Time (Most Popular)

November 6, 2023
best spanish songs

I’ve compiled Spanish songs from a variety of genres and decades.

This definitive list of classics showcases the best of Latin music.

Dive into catchy rhythms and fascinating lyrics with these top Spanish tunes.

Table of Contents

Top picks of the best Spanish songs

  • “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee
  • “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi
  • “Obsesión” by Aventura
  • “Ciega, Sordomuda” by Shakira
  • “Malamente” by Rosalia
  • “Camisa Negra” by Juanes
  • “Macarena” by Los Del Rio
  • “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony
  • “Bon, Bon” by Pitbull
  • “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias

1. “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee 

Let’s start with one of the most popular Spanish songs ever.

“Gasolina” was released in 2004, and it has been ruling the radio stations (and clubs) ever since.

So in a way, Daddy Yankee’s smashing Spanish hit had a huge impact on the Latin music scene.

“Gasolina” was also the first song to be nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

And the global popularity of the song is understandable – the song is incredibly catchy, uplifting, and danceable.

2. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi 

Speaking of catchy Spanish songs, you probably still can’t get “Despacito” out of your head.

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi helped popularize Spanish-language pop music again, and he certainly made a life-changing hit.

“Despacito” has been ranked one of the best Latin songs by many publications.

The song became even more popular after Justin Bieber’s remix in 2017.

Either way, “Despacito” is arguably one of the most famous Spanish songs, and one of the proofs is the fact that the music video broke several records – it was the most-viewed Youtube video.

3. “Obsesión” by Aventura

“Obsesión” was a huge hit when it came out in 2002 – it was one of the songs all the kids and teenagers had on their phones. 

And the song still has its charm – it’s catchy, passionate, and mesmerizing.

Lyrically, it’s about a man who is in love and who would do anything for her girl.

There’s also an English version of “Obsesión”, but nothing beats the original. 

4. “Ciega, Sordomuda” by Shakira

It’s hard to pick one Shakira’s song in Spanish – she recorded many good Spanish songs throughout her career.

But some of her best Spanish songs were released on her early albums in the late 90s and early 2000s.

She released “Ciega, Sordomuda” on her fourth studio album “Dónde Están los Ladrones?” in 1998.

It’s a very positive and uplifting song that will cheer you up in a minute.

5. “Malamente” by Rosalia 

After finding her spot on the music scene in Catalonia, Rosalia became universally popular after releasing “Malamente” in 2018.

“Malamente” was nominated for five Latin Grammy Awards and received numerous positive reviews.

The song is a blend of pop, flamenco, R&B, and reggaeton.

It’s a great song, and Rosalia is hands down one of the most prominent contemporary Spanish artists.

6. “Camisa Negra” by Juanes 

When thinking about the best Spanish songs of all time, “Camisa Negra” is one of the songs that comes to mind.

It’s taken from Juanes’ album “Mi Sangre” released in 2004.

The song is very catchy and danceable, but there’s also a mysterious tone to it.

The black shirt (‘camisa negra’) represents a way of mourning the loss of his love – so lyrically, it’s a sad love song about a past (or failed) relationship.

7. “Macarena” by Los Del Rio 

It doesn’t get more iconic than “Macarena” – this is arguably one of the greatest Spanish hits of all time.

It was originally written and recorded in 1992 by Spanish pop duo Los del Rio and it eventually became a global dance hit.

The song remains the group’s biggest hit so many refer to it as a one-hit wonder.

Nevertheless, the song and its signature dance will most likely be familiar to many generations to come.

8. “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony

Another popular Spanish song is “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony.

The is one of Marc Anthony’s biggest hits, and its release marked the singer’s return to the salsa genre. 

The meaning of the song is pretty straightforward – it’s a celebration of life.

As Marc Anthony described it, “Vivir Mi Vida” is a song about life, living happily and forgetting sadness.

9. “Bon, Bon” by Pitbull 

Pitbull is one of the most successful Latin American artists, so we have to include one of his songs in our list.

After all, he has sold over 100 million singles worldwide, many of which were chart-topping hits.

He released “Bon, Bon” on his fifth studio album “Armando” in 2010, and the song found its spot among top Latin songs.

Essentially, it’s a catchy, upbeat song about meeting a girl in the club – so, it’s a typical Pitbull song. 

10. “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias 

Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias is also one of the popular Spanish party songs.

It was released in 2014, and it has been an essential part of every Latin party list ever since.

And that comes as no surprise – the song is very simple, catchy, and energetic.

Plus, Enrique Iglesias is one of Spain’s most beloved singers, and he always puts all his energy and emotion into his music.

11. “Besame Mucho” by Consuelo Velázquez

It’s time for a Spanish classic.

“Besame Mucho” is a bolero song from 1940, written by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez.

The song became one of the most important songs of Latin music history, and it has been covered by countless artists.

Some of the most famous versions of “Besame Mucho” include renditions by Trio Los Panchos, Dalida, Andrea Bocelli, and Cesaria Evora.

12. “Cancion del Mariachi” by Los Lobos

Another iconic Spanish song is “La Cancion Del Mariachi”, performed in the movie ‘Desperado’ with Antonio Banderas.

The song was originally written by César Rosas (Los Lobos) and released in 1995 as a part of the film soundtrack.

Many musicians made their own cover of the song over the years, but there’s something about the original that makes it one of the top Spanish songs ever.

It’s raw, passionate, and authentic – and it will make you want to learn Spanish right away.

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13. “Hoy” by Gloria Estefan

“Hoy” is a Spanish-language hit released in 2003.

Gloria Estefan has been a star for a long time, and “Hoy” helped her make a long-lasting impact on Latin music history.

The song was a success both in Spanish and English versions.

14. “El Condor Pasa” by Simon & Garfunkel 

Originally, “El Condor Pasa” is a Peruvian folk song by Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles.

The song was written in the early 20th century, but it rose to fame after the popular duo Simon & Garfunkel released their cover version.

The duo contributed to the 1960s folk revival by releasing the song on their iconic studio album “The Sound Of Silence” in 1965.

15. “Amor Prohibido” by Selena 

“Amor Prohibido” is a famous Spanish song released in 1994.

It was performed by Selena, a  Mexican-American Tejano pop singer and a Latina superstar.

It’s a song about forbidden love (that’s the title of the song) – more precisely, it’s about Selena’s grandparents falling in love despite being in different social classes.

So, it’s a Spanish Romeo and Juliet story.

16. “Oye Como Va” by Santana 

“Oye Como Va” is a Spanish classic.

It’s a 70s song performed by Santana, a Mexican-born music legend.

However, the song was originally written by an American musician and songwriter of Puerto Rican descent.

Either way, Santana’s version of “Oye Como Va” is a well-known song in Spanish characterized by smooth guitar playing and Latin-inspired groove.

17. “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee 

Besides “Gasolina”, Daddy Yankee released other smashing hits.

He recorded “Limbo” in 2012, and the reggaeton track  quickly became a big Latin hit and a zumba fitness favorite.

The music video was filmed in a beautiful location at the Centro Ceremonial Otomí in Temoaya, Mexico. 

18. “Bamboleo” by Gypsy Kings

First of all, Gypsy Kings are a group from Southern France.

However, they perform mostly in Catalan as well as Spanish and French dialects.

Their music is a fusion of flamenco, pop, and salsa, and “Bamboleo” is a perfect example.

They released the song in 1987, and it eventually became a worldwide hit and one of the most famous songs in Spanish language of all time.

19. “Un Buen Perdedor” by Franco De Vita 

“Un Buen Perdedor” translates to ‘A Good Loser.’

It’s a heartbreaking song about losing someone you love because they’re interested in someone else.

The song was released in 1984, and it has a typical 80s ballad vibe. 

It was recorded by Franco De Vita, a Venezuelan Latin Grammy Award winner who rose to fame in the 80’s.

20. “Mariposa Traicionera” by Maná 

“Mariposa Traicionera” is a tender, slow-paced song in Spanish performed by Maná, one of the most successful Latin American bands of all time.

The english version of the song’s title could be ‘treacherous’ or ‘dangerous butterfly’, probably referring to a woman who goes from lover to lover.

Nevertheless, the song became a global hit when it came out, and it’s one of the group’s biggest hits.

21. “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar and Lucenzo

“Danza Kuduro” was a huge hit when it came out – it was everywhere!

The song is an adaptation of Lucenzo’s “Vem Dançar Kuduro”, a Portuguese/English song. 

The lyrics are mostly in Spanish, except from Lucenzo’s verse in European Portuguese.

That being said, “Danza Kuduro” deserves a spot on the list of the most popular Spanish-language songs.

22. “Querida” by Juan Gabriel 

“Querida” is a Spanish 80s hit song.

It’s a pop ballad about love and devotion, and the song’s title is the singer addressing his lover.

However, there’s also something melancholic about this song’s melody, and Juan Gabriel probably wrote it about a past love.

He is overwhelmed with loneliness, and he wants his lover to come back to him.

23. “Livin’ La Vida Loca (Spanish Version)” by Ricky Martin 

If you’re looking for a Spanish song to cheer you up, this one’s for you.

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” sounds even more energetic in Spanish, and you can feel Ricky Martin’s Puerto Rican passion.

The song became a universal hit, and it was listed among the Best Latin Songs of All Time by Billboard.

24. “Y Como Es El” by José Luis Perales 

And if you’re searching for old Spanish songs, you’ll probably like our next suggestion.

José Luis Perales’ 1982 song is an ode to some other music eras.

It’s a lovely film-like ballad with heart-wrenching lyrics and pure emotion.

25. “La Tortura” by Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz 

“La Tortura” is one of Shakira’s signature songs and an ultimate Latin pop hit.

The song topped at #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in 2005, and it’s still popular across the globe.

It’s fair to say that Shakira recorded some of the best work in the early and mid-2000s.

Her album “Fijación Oral, Vol. 1” received many positive reviews and it topped the charts in multiple countries.

26. “Sin Pijama” by Becky G, Natti Natasha

“Sin Pijama” is a catchy reggaeton song released in 2018.

It reached #1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile.

So if you’re looking for good Spanish songs for your Latin-inspired party playlist, you can’t go wrong with this one.

27. “La Cumparsita” by Sexteto Mayor 

“La Cumparsita” is one of the Spanish classics.

The original version was a tune with no lyrics written in the early 20th century.

There have been many performances and renditions of the song throughout the years.

All in all, “La Cumparsita” is one of the most prominent Spanish compositions, and it’s often referred to as an anthem of tango music.

28. “Amor Eterno” by Rocío Dúrcal

When it comes to romantic Spanish songs, it doesn’t get more iconic than “Amor Eterno.”

This lovely song was first recorded in the 1970s, but it has been covered many times since its debut.

But nothing really beats the original version and Rocío Dúrcal’s pure emotion and talent.

29. “Mambo No.5” by Pérez Prado

If “Mambo No.2” sounds familiar, that’s probably because of Lou Bega’s 1999 hit.

But yes, the original version was composed by Pérez Prado in the 40s.

Pérez Prado was a Cuban composer, bandleader, and pianist who popularized mambo in the 50s.

And his song “Mambo No.5” is an absolute gem, especially if you like the popular cover version.

30. “Simples Corazones” by Fonseca

“Simples Corazones” is a sentimental salsa song with romantic lyrics.

It was released by Fonseca, a Colombian singer and songwriter known for making Latin pop music with traditional influences.

He won seven Latin Grammy Awards and received many other recognitions throughout his career.

31. “Qué Hiciste” by Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most influential Latin artists. 

She began her career in the 1990s and eventually became the highest-paid Hispanic actress in Hollywood.

But she also made a huge impact on the music scene with her smashing pop hits.

“Qué Hiciste” is one of her best songs in Spanish – it’s passionate and emotionally intense. 

The English translation of the song’s title is ‘What Do You Want’, and the lyrics revolve around a failed relationship. 

32. “Échame La Culpa” by Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato 

“Échame La Culpa” is a catchy Spanish song released in 2017.

Fonsi co-wrote the song with Alejandro Rengifo, and the song quickly became a universal hit – it reached number one in 17 countries.

Moreover, it was featured in several TV shows such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

All in all, if you’re making a Spanish club songs playlist, you can’t skip  “Échame La Culpa.” 

33. “Vente Pa’ Ca” by Ricky Martin ft. Maluma

“Vente Pa’ Ca” (‘Come Here’) was recorded by Ricky Martin, and the appearance of Maluma only made it a bigger hit.

The two made a catchy, upbeat tune ideal for Latin parties or events – after all, it’s a mix of pop, reggaeton, and bachata.

“Vente Pa’ Ca” was ranked as one of the best Latin songs of the year by various publications – including The Guardian.

34. “El Día Que Me Quieras” by Luis Miguel 

Luis Miguel a Mexican singer of Spanish and Italian descent who sang in various music genres and styles.

He was a best-selling Latin artist in the 1990s, although he recorded most of his songs in Spanish.

Nevertheless, he managed to achieve global success, and “El Día Que Me Quieras” is just one of his memorable Spanish ballads.

35. “De Música Ligera” by Soda Stereo 

Soda Stereo is an Argentine rock band formed in the 1980s.

And “De Musica Ligera” is their successful Spanish hit song.

The song’s title actually means ‘easy-listening music’, but this Spanish rock track definitely isn’t gentle or slow – especially in the live performance.

This was the last song performed at their farewell concert in 1997, so there’s also a nostalgic note to it.

36. “El Cantante” by Héctor Lavoe

If you’re looking for songs for your salsa dance lessons, this one’s for you.

You can’t go wrong with Héctor Lavoe – he is regarded as one of the most important singers in salsa history.

And his song “El Cantante” reflects his artistic expression and sound perfectly.

There’s also a 2006 biographical movie of the same name based on Héctor Lavoe’s life, featuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. 

37. “Calypso” by Luis Fonsi 

Puerto Rican star Luis Fonsi released another top 10 Spanish song in 2018.

To be more precise, the song reached number one in Argentina and Chile, and  the top 10 in Bolivia, Panama and Spain.

Essentially, it’s an upbeat song about enjoying your life and having fun with your friends.

So if you’re looking for fun music to help you relax, Luis Fonsi’s “Calypso” is a nice option. 

38. “El Perdón” by Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias 

“El Perdón” (eng. ‘Forgiveness’) was initially a solo track by Nicky Jam.

However, he released another version with Enrique Iglesias, and the song quickly became a huge success.

It topped the charts in multiple countries and even won a Latin Grammy Award.

So it’s no wonder that “El Perdón” is a part of every essential Spanish party hits list.

39. “Somos Novios” by Andrea Bocelli 

Andrea Bocelli is a world-renowned tenor who sings in a variety of languages, including Spanish.

And his rendition of this Spanish 60s classic is remarkable.

“Somos Novios” was first recorded by Mexican songwriter Armando Manzanero in 1968, and it has witnessed many cover versions throughout the years.

This cover version by Andrea Bocelli also features Christina Aguilera  – and their voices fit together perfectly.

40. “Guajira Guantanamera” by Joseíto Fernández

“Guajira Guantanamera” is hands down one of the most famous Cuban songs.

It’s Cuba’s most-noted and beloved patriotic song – and the lyrics based on José Martí’s poem make the song even more special.

Although it’s not known when the first record occurred, the writing credits belong to Joseíto Fernández, a Cuban singer who first popularized the song on the radio.

Either way, “Guajira Guantanamera” is one of those joyful songs that will undoubtedly brighten your day.

41. “El Beso Del Final” by Christina Aguilera 

Christina Aguilera is one of the pop superstars proud of her Latin roots.

As a daughter of an Ecuadorian immigrant, she is well-familiar with the language, so she recorded several albums in Spanish.

“El Beso Del Final” is one of her best-known Spanish songs.

Lyrically, it’s a song about love and uncertainty.

42. “Manos Al Aire” by Nelly Furtado 

Nelly Furtado was born in Canada, but both of her parents are Portuguese.

However, she has been speaking Spanish since she was 14, and she made several records in Spanish.

She released “Manos Al Aire” on her first Spanish-language album “Mi Plan” in 2009.

The album was well-received both by the critics and her fans. 

43. “No Tengo Nada” by Alejandro Sanz 

Although many people know him because of his collaboration with Shakira, Alejandro Sanz is a big star in Spain.

He released his debut album when he was only 19, and he has made many notable albums and projects since then.

Although his songs are mostly based on Latin pop genres, he also experimented with rock, funk, R&B, and jazz.

44. “Hijo De La Luna” by Mecano 

“Hijo De La Luna” (eng. ‘Son Of The Moon’) was the song that helped Mecano achieve international success. 

It’s a well-known Spanish song with enchanting melodies and Ana Torroja’s mesmerizing vocals.

The lyrics of the song are based on a tragic story – a legend about a Roma woman who asks the Moon to give her a man, but he is asked to give her child in exchange.

45. “Estoy Aqui” by Shakira

Many agree that “Estoy Aqui” is Shakira’s best Spanish song.

Shakira wrote and produced the song, and released it on her third studio album “Pies Descalzos”, which is also her first major label studio album.  

So it was a life-changing album for a talented Colombian artist who recorded many iconic Spanish songs throughout her career. 

Best Spanish Songs – Final Thoughts 

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Spanish songs of all time!

Making this selection wasn’t easy though – there are so many great songs in Spanish, and it’s easy to get lost. 

But all of the songs we mentioned today are timeless classics or chart-topping hits that should be a part of every ultimate Spanish music playlist. 

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