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55 Best Songs About Winter & Cold Weather

January 3, 2024
songs about winter

I’ve gathered the best songs about winter and cold weather, a collection that captures the serene beauty and introspective mood of the season.

This playlist offers a diverse range of tracks that embody the essence of winter, from the quiet hush of snowfall to the cozy warmth of a fireside, providing the perfect backdrop for chilly days and frosty nights.

Table of Contents

Top songs about winter & cold weather

  • “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
  • “Valley Winter Song” by Fountains of Wayne
  • “Wintertime Love” by The Doors
  • “Winter Things” by Ariana Grande
  • “Coldest Winter” by Kanye West
  • “A Long December” by Counting Crows
  • “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” by Frank Sinatra
  • “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood
  • “If We Make It Through December” by Merle Haggard
  • “Wintertime” by Norah Jones

1. “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Our #1 song is a holiday staple.  

Sara Bareilles “Winter Song” recreates the winter mood, perfectly capturing the cold feeling. 

The mention of things growing beneath the winter snow metaphorically represents the power of love.  

2. “Valley Winter Song” by Fountains of Wayne

“Valley Winter Song” is a tribute to those individuals whose mood changes during the winter. 

Of all the memorable moments it creates, the winter season can also be depressing. 

And the girl in this song can’t stop fantasizing about the sunny weather.

So, the narrator writes her a reassuring song that things will be better when the summer comes.

3. “Wintertime Love” by The Doors

Someone said winter is the perfect time to fall in love.

And it seems the American rock band agrees. 

It is one of the sweetest folk ballads, creating a winter illusion in the listeners’ minds. 

4. “Winter Things” by Ariana Grande

A Florida native wouldn’t expect frosty weather at any time of the year. 

Let alone during the winter season.

And that’s why Ariana Grande is relishing the Christmastime fantasy in her folky ukulele ballad.

She wants to spend the winter doing the things she loves.

Like going ice skating with her sweetheart.

5. “Coldest Winter” by Kanye West

The winter season can be chilling.

And it gets even colder if you lose someone you love. 

“Coldest Winter” is Kanye West’s remake of ‘Memories Fade’ by Tears of Fears.

The song is packed with emotions as Kanye bids farewell to two influential women he ever knew. 

That’s his mother, Donda West, and ex-lover Alexis Phifer.

The song was released as a graveside eulogy and will surely evoke emotions when you include it in your winter playlist. 

6. “A Long December” by Counting Crows

Remembering the past helps you know how far you’ve come. 

And Counting Crows’ “A Long December” reminisces about the memories. 

Adam Duritz, the lead singer, has stated that this song was “about looking back on your life and seeing changes happening.”

And slowly by slowly, you begin to change your mindset, probably thinking that brighter days couldn’t be closer. 

7. “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” by Frank Sinatra

You don’t have to worry about a cold winter while wrapped up in your lover’s arms. 

And that’s what Frank Sinatra tells us in his 1961 hit. 

Many artists have covered the song.

But Frank Sinatra’s magical voice gives it a new style, oozing love and energy to help you get through a cold winter. 

8. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

The winter season can be disheartening. 

And while not all seasons are characterized by snowy weather, the cold rain means you need a loved one to keep you warm. 

“Sweater Weather” is one of those winter songs with a beautiful rhythm to match youthful energy. 

The young man in this song is madly in love and wants to keep her lover warm during the cold winter.

9. “If We Make It Through December” by Merle Haggard

“If We Make It Through December” is a 1973 country song considered a Christmas staple. 

It is a classic winter song describing a man hoping for a better future after getting fired.

He hopes the summer will be kind to them if they make it through December.

10. “Wintertime” by Norah Jones

This song expresses the theme of winter depression. 

The singer compares the winter and summer emotions, noting that loneliness creeps in at the onset of the cold weather. 

She hopes she can count on her lover to give her a shoulder to lean on. 

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11. “20 Years Of Snow” by Regina Spektor

We now know why Regina Spektor never explains the meaning of her songs to the listeners. 

Because everybody interprets them differently. 

That’s the same with her 2006 pop song. 

The song describes the challenges many people go through in their lives. 

While the lyrics are just as vague, the song captures the winter mood perfectly. 

12. “Colder Weather” by Zac Brown Band

There’s nothing sadder than staying away from your loved one during a cold winter. 

But sometimes, the only option is to let go and move on. 

The narrator in this beautiful 2010 country song mentions the winter weather as one of the reasons for their failing relationship. 

He is stuck in cold weather and thinks it’s time to let go. 

Whether he means it is another story. 

13. “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel 

“Let It Go” by Idina Menzel gives hope to the hopeless.

It is the self-acceptance track synonymous with life’s challenges.  

When the winter season gets rough, you need uplifting lyrics to assure you everything will be fine. 

And this catchy tune from the ever-popular ‘Frozen’ movie fits the bill. 

Children and adults have sung the memorable chorus. 

And you have all the reasons to include it in your winter playlist. 

14. “While I Shovel The Snow” by The Walkmen

Snow is beautiful. 

But it can also alter your routine, bringing everything to an abrupt stop.

That’s what happens to the narrator upon the arrival of the winter season. 

His winning streak comes to an abrupt end. 

But he isn’t complaining, seeing the winter is just as exciting as the game. 

15. “A Winter’s Tale” by Queen

“A Winter’s Tale” is Queen’s 1995 song released after Freddie Mercury’s passing. 

It was written by Freddie right when he was close to dying to give a positive outlook on life 

16. “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Frank Sinatra 

“Let It Snow” is a classic holiday song that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It brings out the winter theme and has been sung by just about anybody who loves the cold weather. 

Before Frank Sinatra entered the studio in 1950, Vaughn Monroe had already recorded the song in 1945. 

Still, Frank’s version remains the most popular, widely recognized as a Christmas staple. 

17. “Back To December” by Taylor Swift

Many people will probably know Taylor Swift as the usual victim in most of her songs. 

But she’s finally apologizing to an ex-lover in her 2010 country pop song. 

She remembers how deeply they were in love in the summer before breaking up in the winter.

This is probably the first time we see a remorseful Taylor Swift acknowledging that she made a mistake. 

But there’s little certainty they will ever get back together again. 

18. “My December” by Linkin Park

“My December” is a metaphoric song symbolizing Linkin Park’s loneliness.

It expresses a feeling of desperation, with the singer willing to be with anybody to cure his loneliness.

The somber mood grows as the song continues, almost recreating a scene from one of those movies for the hopeless romantics. 

19. “Colder Than Winter” by Sarah Brightman 

Sarah Brightman wasn’t left behind in comparing the cold winter with lost love. 

Her song is about a heartbroken lover after his partner leaves him. 

He doesn’t have much to thank the winter season for, with his heart just as frozen as the cold snow outside. 

20. “My Love Is Winter” by The Smashing Pumpkins

The upbeat song compares love to the depressing cold fog in the winter.

It is easy to sing along to and fun to dance to.

And while the lyrics reference a cold winter, it should be high up your winter playlist. 

21. “A Hazy Shade Of Winter” by Simon & Garfunkel 

This song takes a negative stance on winter, with leaves falling off trees and the sky showing a hazy shade.

The singer is referring to his tough experiences in life. 

But that doesn’t take away the song’s upbeat nature, giving the listeners a positive energy. 

22. “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran

The woman in Ed Sheeran’s 2015 folk ballad is a homeless prostitute. 

She’s also addicted to crack cocaine, and her life is fast spiraling down. 

Tonight, she’s unwilling to go into the cold weather outside, where she might even die from a cocaine overdose. 

Ed Sheeran was inspired to write this song after a visit to a homeless shelter.

One of the people she met there was a girl named Angel. 

23. “Ice Cold” by Lil Tjay

Some winter memories can be painful. 

And Lil Tjay gives us a glimpse of his life, singing about his cold world growing up.  

The song is plainly written about violence, police harassment, and lost friends. 

24. “Angel In The Snow” by Elliott Smith 

Many love stories revolve around the winter season. 

And the tales of love and winter go back as long as Elliot Smith’s 2000 indie pop song. 

25. “Winter” by The Rolling Stones 

The Rolling Stones’ winter song was part of the band’s 1973 ‘Goats Head Soup’ album and summed up the winter emotions. 

The track describes the many negatives of the winter season. 

But it is still one of the best tunes ever sung by the Rolling Stones. 

26. “The Winter Is Cold” by Wendy & Bonnies 

The winter season can be cold for many reasons. 

And for Wendy and Bonnies, it gets even colder when they lose a loved one. 

The sad song is about losing a special someone, with the pain only worsening during the cold winter. 

Larry Carlton’s excellent guitar work in this song is impossible to ignore. 

27. “November” by Tyler, the Creator 

Tyler, The Creator’s song captures the post-holiday moments.

The singer’s rap voice is all you want to hear when you want to relive winter memories. 

28. “California Dreamin'” by The Mamas & The Papas

The Mamas and Papas released this song in 1965. 

And the pleasant lyrics have made it a sensational hit with a lasting impression on music lovers. 

The lyrics are about a man longing for the warm weather in Los Angeles. 

You can call it the official anthem of nostalgia.

Even in the most beautiful winter holidays, someone somewhere is always longing for a sunny day. 

29. “Winter’s Ballad” by CUCO

Like many songs about cold weather, “Winter’s Ballad” presents winter as a gloomy season after the narrator loses a loved one. 

The song is filled with feelings of loneliness and sadness. 

If winter doesn’t make you lonely. 

Losing a loved one certainly will. 

30. “Looks Like a Cold, Cold Winter” by Ingrid Michaelson 

The cold winter is better spent with someone you love. 

And Ingrid Michaelson had to revive Bring Crosby’s 1950 song to reassure her darling that their love would keep them warm throughout the cold winter. 

It is one of the best songs with cold in the title.

31. “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

“White Winter Hymnal” has been a holiday staple for as long as we can remember. 

While there’s no mention of winter, the song fits the category. 

And it has been covered by many artists, including the famous A cappella group, Pentatonix. 

32. “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This Red Hot Chili Peppers song is exactly what you need to relive winter memories. 

It talks about the general winter mood, with snow covering every place.

According to the lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, the track is about a fresh start after making a mess of just about everything. 

Whatever you think of the lyrics, don’t forget to include the song in your winter playlist.

33. “Coffee” by Sylvan Esso 

Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee” is a nostalgic song about relishing memories. 

The winter season can be excellent when paired with a warm drink. 

And the singer recalls warm coffee and how it would be great for the occasion. 

The lyrics alone would probably make the winter season a little warmer. 

34. “The Hounds Of Winter” by Sting 

Winter songs are incomplete without the mention of winter depression. 

And in this 1996 pop song, the narrator has a cold dark holiday away from his lover. 

Loneliness is slowly creeping in, and the singer can’t stop lamenting his joyless winter. 

The lyrics perfectly capture the heavy emotions. 

And when the song is over, you will value your loved ones even more. 

35. “A Winter’s Tale” by The Moody Blues 

Another winter song about love. 

This song compares cold weather to lost love. 

The narrator wishes he could trace his lover.

But he can’t do it because of the snow. 

Winter can be the source of your heartache if you are lonely and sad. 

36. “Winter” by Khalid 

Love grows stronger in the winter.

But for some people, like Khalid, it only grows colder in the winter. 

In the midst of the cold weather and the snow, there’s still time for heartbreak.

As Khalid recounts in the 4-minute song. 

“I lost my heart in the nighttime/She left me out in the cold/She left me broken and weary.” 

37. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by AI Hirt & Ann Margaret 

Many artists, including AI Hirt and Ann Margaret, have covered the playful exchange in this song.

The man in the song doesn’t want the lady to leave because it’s cold outside. 

If you need one of those winter specials for your lover, this could be the one. 

And while at it, you may want to check out other versions by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble to express extreme winter emotions. 

38. “Early Winter” by Gwen Stefani

Early winter symbolizes a breakup. 

The cold winter comes faster when you break up with someone you love. 

Gwen Stefani can’t stop lamenting about her broken relationship. 

She’s more upset with the manner of the breakup, with emotions slowly getting the better of her. 

Stuck in a dark place, she can’t stop comparing the moment to a cold, brutal, early winter.

39. “The Ice of Boston” by The Dismemberment Plan

The Dismemberment Plan song is about getting stuck in a cold, lonely, alien city on New Year’s Eve. 

It’s distressing for obvious reasons.

And the lyrics bring out the theme of rejection. 

The winter season can be lonely if you are unlucky to find love throughout the year. 

40. “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons 

This winter song is about falling in love out of loneliness.

The singer is slowly falling in love with the girl but is unsure if he has genuine feelings for her. 

Winters can make you do strange things. 

41. “Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

Songs about cold weather don’t get any sadder than Nick Cave’s 2001 alternative rock.  

The song is about the friends he’s lost to drugs.

But for quite obvious reasons, it fits the category of the best cold weather songs. 

It’s about desperation, isolation, and hopelessness associated with the winter season. 

42. “Winter” by Tori Amos 

Tori Amos’ piano ballad takes her back to her winter youth. 

She talks about her failed aspirations and the struggles of many teenagers. 

Going back down memory lane during a cold winter can be refreshing. 

43. “Footprints In The Snow” by Bill Monroe 

Bill Monroe is thankful for the winter because it helped him track his lover’s footprints.

While the lyrics are a little sad, they are pretty refreshing because the singer has great memories of the cold winter.

“But give me the wintertime when the snow is on the ground/For I found her when the snow on the ground.” 

44. “Roses in the Snow” by Emmylou Harris 

Losing a loved one is painful. 

But we all have beautiful memories to hold onto when they are gone. 

Emmylou Harris finds herself in that situation, reminiscing about their pure love.

Even though her darling is gone, she will cherish the memories.  

45. “It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring)” by Barry White 

True love makes you forget everything. 

It makes your life sweeter.

And the narrator isn’t bothered by the cold winter because of the love in his heart.

It’s the perfect winter song for your loved one. 

46. “Winter Now” by Broadcast 

“Snow lies all around/There’s no sense of doubt/You are the only one/To keep me sane when all is wrong.” 

The narrator sings about that one person who makes her world complete. 

Her heart waits for him even though distance separates them. 

47. “December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)” by The Four Seasons 

There’s something about December that makes it a special month.  

And the nostalgic love song by The Four Seasons is just what you need for the winter.

Surely nobody forgets the details of their first love. 

48. “Winter Sounds” by Of Monsters And Men 

“Winter Sounds” has a mental health message based on the narrator’s troubles. 

Of all the beautiful memories it brings, the winter season also leaves a few fellows depressed. 

And that’s the message in this powerful song from the Icelandic folk band. 

49. “When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die” by Moby

The singer isn’t willing to fight anymore.

The metaphoric song finds the narrator complaining to her lover, who left her lonely in the cold. 

The lyrics are sad. 

And the singer is unwilling to swim the ocean or fight the tide, indicating she’s giving up. 

“Where were you when I was lonesome? /Locked away with freezing cold/Someone flying only stolen.” 

50. “Trapped Under Ice” by Metallica 

The title of this song is metaphoric, symbolizing a challenging situation. 

The lyrics echo the narrator’s pain and suffering, probably referencing the feelings of loneliness and desperation. 

It is yet another winter song with a theme of seasonal depression.

51. “Winter Song” by Chris Rea 

Chris Rea’s “Winter Song” deserves a place in your winter playlist for the pleasant lyrics alone. 

It fits the mood of the winter season as a superb ballad with romantic lyrics. 

52. “Forever Winter” by Taylor Swift

The winter season is sometimes associated with loneliness, desperation, and sadness. 

And Taylor Swift’s 2021 song is about a troubled relationship because of mental health issues. 

In the song, Swift associates these emotions with the winter season, and the melancholic tempo is sure to evoke emotions. 

53. “February Stars” by Foo Fighters 

“February Stars” describe the dark mood accompanying the winter season. 

The feelings of loneliness, despair, and desperation dominate the song. 

It is as if the narrator is desperately trying to hold onto something while on the verge of giving up. 

54. “Winter” by U2

The American rock band wrote this song for the 2009 war film, ‘Brothers.’ 

They are merely contrasting the winter and summer emotions. 

The acoustic tune lived up to the hype, and it’s such a shame the band chose to drop it from their 2009 ‘No Line on the Horizon’ album. 

55. “January Hymn” by The Decemberists 

It’s not easy to enjoy the winter as a heartbroken, lonely adult trying to come to terms with your broken relationship. 

It’s probably too late to bring back the girlfriend. 

And the singer distracts himself by clearing away the snow on a winter Sunday. 

If you are creating a winter playlist, this indie pop rock deserves a special place in it. 

Best Songs About Winter – Final Thoughts 

There’s no shortage of the best songs to sum up your winter mood

You can find a tune that resonates with any complex emotion, no matter how bad you feel. 

With our mixture of songs about winter love and cold moments, we hope you will create the perfect playlist to capture every moment. 

It’s time to make those memories with the best winter themed songs.

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