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40 Best Songs About Spring of All Time (Springtime Hits)

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40 Best Songs About Spring of All Time (Springtime Hits)

Springtime has given life, calmness, more sunlight, and fresh blooms that make birds and every living thing rejoice, while winter days keep people indoors and make them susceptible to sickness.

In addition, springtime is a beneficial moment for all musicians; It is a time for an unstoppable flow of creative ideas.

Listed below are the 40 best springtime songs you have to listen to for a nice walk in the spring.

Enjoy our picks of the best songs about spring! 

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1.“I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash 

This song was inspired by Johnny Nash’s experience while he was recovering from painful surgery.

Just as the weather changes from the unfavorable winter to spring, Johnny sings cheerfully of his hope for positive changes.

The song was released in 1972, and it became number one in Canada.

2. “Can’t Stop The Spring” by The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips rightly spelled out the essence of springtime in a melodious song titled “Can’t Stop The Springs.” 

The lyrics “You can crush the flowers but you can’t stop the spring, no matter what you say” demonstrates that there are ups and downs in life but that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

3. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

Springtime is when the sun comes to melt the ice and bring good tidings to everyone, and this is why The Beatles and the United States citizens anticipate the season. 

The song’s release in 1969 was to bring hope to the hopeless, reminding them of a new start with the promised sunshine during springtime. 

Many people can relate to this song because they want a fresh start at different points in their lives; everyone needs a taste of this song on their playlist.

4. “Lullaby Of Spring” by Donovan

“Lullaby Of Spring ” is a song targeted at the happiness that comes when springtime is near; this song helps you imagine the beautiful things attached to springtime. 

The “Lullaby Of Spring” shows the importance of springtime to Donovan. 

5. “When It’s Springtime In Alaska” by Johnny Horton

This song is the sixth release of Johnny Horton; he wrote and sang it during springtime in Alaska as a caution because of what he experienced. 

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Johnny Horton went to a local bathing saloon where he met a lady and spent the evening dancing together, not knowing she had a fiancé. 

He outrightly sang about his trouble in the springtime because the lady’s fiancé saw them and threw a knife at him.

6. “Come In With The Rain” by Taylor Swift

“Come In With The Rain” by Taylor swift explains her desire in songs.

She creates the image of how she is tired of putting in all the effort and how she has waited for the man she wanted without a positive response. 

“Come In With The Rain,” explicitly tells us how we don’t cherish good things even if we have them. 

7. “Spring Affair” by Donna Summer

“Spring Affair” is a complete love song to educate people about the possible love story they could have during springtime. 

Donna Summer likened human love feelings to the flowers that grow during springtime and how they blossom during this period. 

8. “A Father’s First Spring” by The Avett Brothers

“A Father’s First Spring” by Avett Brother was a love story of two couples.

The song spoke about how the man will miss his woman and daughter while he is far away.

He describes his departure as the “sweetest surrender of winter” because he will not be with his lover during springtime. 

This is the right song to listen to when you miss someone dear to you, but distance is a barrier. 

9. “Up With The Birds” by Coldplay

“Up With The Birds” speaks of the benefit attached to springtime, which is hope for the coming of good things.

The lyrics were expressed using springtime images like blue skies, birds, and rain; he also sang about the beauty that comes during springtime.  

10. “April in Paris” by Ella Fitzgerald ft. Louis Armstrong

They sang “April in Paris” after her first springtime experience, which was more than a calendar routine for Ella.

“April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees, baby, April in Paris, this is the feeling, no one can ever reprise.”

It is a fantastic experience, and you should try visiting Paris in April. 

11. “Blackbird” by The Beatles

The Beatles used the “Blackbird” tag because that’s the first sign that springtime is coming, and it carries a weightier and richer meaning. 

They used that phrase to explain the high discrimination against black Americans and how a day was coming when they would be able to fly away from it. 

12. “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield sang this song to compare the power of springtime to her love life; she said since the sun, butterflies, and rivers cannot be controlled, her lover cannot control her. 

She said springtime reminds us to stay positive because better things are coming, just like the sun. 

13. “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff said in his song that bad times would come, just like the stormy days, but the cloudy days later transition to sunshine and blue skies, and so are the typical bad days. 

“I Can See Now” is a song for uplifting the soul and bringing comfort; though some days might be cloudy, which would impair your seeing clearly, remember that the sun Is coming to your life to brighten.

14. “Spring Breakdown” by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan used the “Spring Breakdown” song to describe his emotions; how he won’t be available for the spring parties and be away from his springtime partners.

The song spelt out how he would miss the atmosphere of springtime and the relationships he had created with his fans during that period. 

Luke Bryan sang about romance and how he ended his fling in “Spring Break-Up”; the song emphasizes how springtime relationships have a high percentage of a breakup because springtime is for having fun and not building something lasting. 

15. “Butterfly” by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz sang “Butterflies” to portray the definition of nature, which is one of the signs that springtime is here!!! 

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“Butterfly” mean a new thing, a new life, and transformation; this is why Jason compared his lover to a butterfly which portrays how he wants a better life for himself and his lover. 

16. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

The Rainbow, as it were, symbolizes beauty and ambiance, and it comes after a storm. 

He portrays that even when things are rough, there is a beautiful life after the horror of the circumstance.

This is one of the classic songs of our time that expresses the imagery of springtime, that dream come true. 

17. “Takin’ Care Of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

“Takin’ Care Of Business” by Bachman is the typical way we feel when we’ve overcome winter and see springtime approach. 

The feeling brings life to our day-to-day activities and calls for more productivity.

Springtime is a living thing that dispenses life back to humanity; that is why you should listen to this song. 

18. “Roses” by Outkast

“Roses” by Outkast is a must-have on your playlist; it is a typical feel-good song when you are faced with impossibility. 

All you need to do is to plug in your earphones and experience the transformation. 

19. “Lotus Flower” by Radiohead

The “Lotus Flower” signifies rebirth; like springtime, you will find a lotus flower growing even in the dirtiest places and still blossoms beautifully. 

He uses this metaphorically to explain that the relationship between people gradually becomes something of worth, and this will require your time and patience. 

20. “Flowers In Your Hair” by The Lumineers

Like the weather changes from winter to spring, our actions also change as we grow. 

The Lumineers explained how they were childish, crushing on a lady with flowers in her hair when they were younger.

The “Flowers In Your Hair” lyrics is a beautiful recommendation for those who would love to know more about how growth and change occur.

21. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison

Do you think your situation is too sad? Take a four-minute read on rose and see for yourself.  

“Every Rose Has Its Thorns” speaks of how beautiful things can turn ugly in the twinkle of an eye which symbolizes the ups and downs of life. 

Springtime is a restoration time, after the winter batters the rose.

22. “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” by Bette Midler

Springtime is known for the positive side of life and not just rainbows and songbirds. 

However, Bette Midler made us realize in her song that our expectations don’t get accomplished often, and the outcome of things may sometimes let us down. 

All you need to do is put your gaze on the possibilities that come with springtime. 

23. “Beautiful Day” by U2

“See the world in green and blue, see China right in front of you, see the canyons broken by clouds, see the tuna fleets clearing the sea out.”

U2 did justice with this song and gave us a relatable scenario in the lyrics.

Just as we picture springtime and the freshness that comes alongside it, listen to this song, and it will change your mindset on how to deal with dark times. 

24. “Spring Vacation” by The Beach Boys

This song should be a must-have on your playlist because it explains how spring brings nothing more than happiness. 

The Beach Boys compared the springtime to their time of reunion; how they had an awesome vibe and calm weather with lots of joy. 

25. “Spring (Among The Living)” by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket explained in this song how it’s not just flowers, sun, and trees that come back to life during springtime, but Animals and other living things. 

“Spring (Among the Living)” explains that springtime brings life and pushes you to achieve what you’ve left on hold during winter days. 

26. “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae did great work with the lyrics of this song because listening to this song will make you forget your worries. 

It is a song that uplifts your spirit and brings to your remembrance that everyone is not perfect; imperfect people are a work in progress that needs more time and patience. 

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No matter how bad the winter is, it takes patience and waiting to get into the spring season. 

27. “Happy” by Pharell Williams

“Happy” is the perfect song for your playlist on sunny spring days; it has positive lyrics and an addictive rhythm that gets you dancing and clapping along.

Prioritize your happiness by listening to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

28. “Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves

The excitement that comes when springtime is around the corner is what Kacey Musgraves likened to “Butterflies.” 

This song was written and released in springtime, and the mushy feelings she got when she met her husband inspired the fantastic lyrics.

Anytime you see yourself falling into the well of love, plug in and listen to this song.

29. “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty

Tom Petty got inspiration from the springtime splendor while sitting in his quarantine room.

“Wildflowers” are seen during springtime because that is when it has the liberty to shine bright without the disturbance of rain.

Tom Petty used this scenario to compare two lovers who now have the liberty to be in each other’s arms as long as they want. 

30. “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake 

The springtime brings a pleasing atmosphere that makes everyone pumped for a more fruitful activity, and this song describes the feeling that overwhelms you when you are pleased.

This song was nominated for an Oscar and enjoyed a Golden Globe; it also received a Grammy award that broke the download chart record to date. 

The Melody of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” brings pure joy to life and makes you wiggle your body.

31. “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer

“Keep Your Head Up” is one of Andy Grammer’s hit songs that earned him recognition on the top pop and R&B list; It explains how everything will turn out fine, just like the winter to Springtime.

“The glow that the sun gets, right around sunset, helps me realize that this is just a journey, drop your worries; you are gonna turn out fine.”

This song has soul-lifting lyrics; add it to your playlist. 

32. “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra 

Blue skies are seen during springtime, and this is a relief to living things after the last stormy days. 

“Mr. Blue Sky” is a jam that states the possibility of a new beginning; it captures the positive experience everyone has on a spring day.

33. “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by The Rascals

The Rascals use “It’s a Beautiful Morning” to remind listeners that there is room for change every day, time, and season. 

This song was released to bring hope to everyone about the possibilities of experiencing a new turn; springtime has often brought us this experience.

34. “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

“Centerfield” narrates John’s hopes in playing baseball; it speaks of how he wants to show his worth by being part of the team. 

John Fogerty likens human nature to springtime because just as the flower blooms during springtime, it is normal for humans to want to show what they have and come into the limelight. 

35. “April Come She Will” by Simon & Garfunkel

Paul Simon, in this song, compared the change in the affection of a little girl he once loved to that of the fickleness of the springtime season.

“April, come she will, when streams are ripe and swelled with rain, may, she will stay, resting in my arms again.”

36. “Spring Again” by Biz Markie

“It’s spring again, everybody know it’s spring again, to the girls and boys and people above, this is the time to fall in love.”

Biz Markie brought renewal which is the nature of springtime, and compared it to someone just falling in love. 

37. “It Might As Well Be Spring” by Frank Sinatra

This song is recommended if you are longing for something or someone new in your life. 

“I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I’m as jumpy as a puppet on a string, I’d say that I  had spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring.”

It explains the story of someone full of happiness and hope without an actual reason; the same feeling we have when it’s almost springtime.

38. “Cranes in the Sky” by Solange

This song focuses on the anger and sadness we feel when we hide our emotions, which can be likened to a situation where winter has yet to give way to spring.

“But it’s like cranes in the sky, sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds, yeah, it’s like cranes in the sky.”

This 2018 Solange “Cranes In The Sky” doesn’t follow the trend of most spring songs; instead, it speaks on the difficulty she experienced as regards her partnership with Beyonce.

39. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield

“Unwritten” did justice in reminiscing about the outcome of our life that we don’t see coming and how it still happens anyway. 

Beddingfield speaks of the spring rain that comes to clean us and reminds us that our feelings and experiences are at our mercy because we write the story of our lives and the ones yet to come. 

Songs About Spring – Final Thoughts

Springtime!! Happiness time!!

However, without the right music, springtime is not complete, and it serves as a rejuvenation time for everyone to loosen up. 

And one way to get lost in the springtime moment is by enjoying the scenery and listening to the 40 springtime songs listed above while taking a walk or exercising. 

They would serve as inspiration when you are neck-deep in confusion; endeavor to add them to your playlist and listen to them.

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