10 Best Online Harmonica Lessons That Actually Work 2021

best online harmonica lessons

The harmonica is a very fun, convenient, and versatile instrument to play.

Also, the harmonica is easy to learn, so online lessons are more than enough for you to master the basics. That also makes it a great instrument for beginners.

We’ve found the 10 best online harmonica lessons and reviewed and summarized their features and benefits.

All of them are engaging, interactive, and efficient. When you add the affordable price to the mix, you’ll realize that online music courses are a great way to learn harmonica.

Our list includes free harmonica lessons for beginners, advanced classes with famous musicians, and fun virtual academies.

And once you complete your online course, the endless jamming sessions and playing your favorite melodies await you.

So, explore our list of best online harmonica lessons and find the perfect one for you!

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Best Online Harmonica Lessons in 2021

1. ArtistWorks – Howard Levy Harmonica Lessons

The ArtistWorks website is an excellent source of online music lessons.

It’s also home to one of the best harmonica lessons online – the harmonica course with Howard Levy.

Features and Benefits

Howard Levy is a Grammy award-winning harmonica player. Throughout his long career, he explored multiple genres including Jazz, Classical, Latin, and World Music.

If you want a chance to learn from this virtuoso harmonica player, you can purchase the course and receive unlimited access to hundreds of his video lessons.

Besides pre-recorded lessons, you’ll get useful PDFs, audio files, and a great opportunity to submit a video to your teacher and receive personalized feedback. The video exchange library is also available to members.

ArtistWorks harmonica lessons are divided by level and by style. They cover basics such as tongue blocking, hand position, and note names, but also virtuoso content featuring more complex melodies and techniques.

Styles are also versatile – you’ll learn blues, jazz, Indian, folk, Latin, pop/rock, and classical songs.

Who is ArtistWorks For?

The ArtistWorks harmonica course is for people of all skill levels who are looking for a well-structured online course taught by a renowned harmonica player.

It’s also for anyone who wants to expand their repertoire with various styles.

2. Udemy

Udemy is an online education website offering music courses for all levels and styles.

You can also find a variety of online harmonica lessons taught by different instructors.

Udemy online harmonica lessons

Features and Benefits

Udemy is a great e-learning website because you can choose and purchase the course that suits you best.

Each course has a description with all the important info, as well as rating in stars. When you click the course, you’ll see the teacher’s bio and other learners’ reviews. Comments are very helpful in deciding whether this course is for you.

There are many great harmonica lessons for beginners. One of the most popular harmonica courses on Udemy will teach you the basics and help you progress towards scales, vibratos, and tremolos. It’s like an online harmonica academy with a step-by-step curriculum.

Apart from video lessons taught by professionals, Udemy courses often include articles and downloadable resources.

Other Udemy harmonica courses can help you learn the harmonica in one month, master the scales, or learn the “Dirty Old Town” tune. There are many song tutorials and lessons focused on specific styles or techniques.

Who is Udemy For?

Udemy offers online harmonica lessons for all skill levels. It’s the best source for people who know what they’re searching for.

The website has great courses for beginners, as well as targeted lessons for intermediate players.

3. David Gages Harmonica Lessons

This online learning website offers harmonica video lessons and live classes.

It’s created by David Gages, a longtime professional harmonica teacher.

Online harmonica lessons with David Gage

Features and Benefits

Before becoming a paid member, you can browse through free harmonica video lessons and samples to get an idea of how the website works.

And when you’re ready to subscribe, you can choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual membership. Each plan includes 45+ hours of video lessons and a possibility of live online classes.

In his course, David teaches how to jam and play blues harmonica and explains in-depth techniques such as hand effects, bending, and breathing.

When you become a member, you’ll get discounted rates on private online lessons with David. It’s a great chance to ask questions and receive valuable feedback that will help you improve your playing.

You’ll also learn a bunch of diatonic harmonica songs as well as chromatic harmonica songs/scales. You can find the extensive song list on the website.

Who is David Gages Harmonica Lessons For?

These online harmonica lessons are best for beginners as they offer a step-by-step course that will help you build core harmonica skills.

Intermediate players will also benefit from the course as there is also more advanced content and plenty of song tutorials.

4. Learn the Harmonica Online

This e-learning website offers both paid and free online harmonica lessons.

And as the name promises: it’s a great way to learn the harmonica online.

Online harmonica lessons and tabs for all levels

Features and Benefits

The platform is created by Liam Ward, a harmonica player enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with students around the world. He provides a lot of free content and harmonica tutorials on his YouTube channel.

On Liam’s website, you can find hundreds of free harmonica lessons arranged by category. He posts new lessons every week, so you’ll always have fresh material to learn from.

Although most of his videos are home-produced, he demonstrates and explains the material in a very comprehensible and engaging way. He also sometimes uses visual aids to help you understand.

Some of the categories on the website are beginner, blues, kids, play-along, and artists like The Beatles and Bob Dylan. He also posts live Q&A sessions, theoretical articles, and buying guides. You can also download a free tab for most of the lessons.

If you become a member, you’ll get access to premium step-by-step courses, exclusive songs and solos studies, and backing tracks. The website also offers a free 30-day trial.

Learning modules are suitable for all levels and ages, and they will help you improve your harmonica skills and overall sense of music.

Who is Learn the Harmonica Online For?

This online harmonica program includes detailed and easy-to-follow online lessons for all levels and age groups.

It’s also great for people who are searching for reliable free online harmonica lessons.

5. Harmonica Academy

Harmonica Academy offers free online harmonica lessons and a structured curriculum for its members.

The platform is created by Tony Eyers, a talented harmonica player eager to teach students how to jam and improve their musical skills.

Harmonica Academy website with online harmonica courses for beginners

Features and Benefits

Free courses on the Harmonica Academy website cover the fundamentals of the blues harmonica and intermediate blues harmonica lessons. You can also get a free 5-part guide “How to Succeed with Harmonica”.

Most lessons include texts and audio files. There’s also a free and extensive harmonica library featuring the terminology and theoretical information about playing the harmonica.

And if you become a member, you’ll get access to a complete well-organized program that will take your playing to another level.

The course is divided into “four” years, just like the real academy. The difference is that each lesson here contains 20 lessons, so you’ll be able to make quick progress. It’s ideal to practice 30 minutes each day.

The Freshmen Year is for complete beginners, and the following years are advancing with each lesson. So, whatever level you’re at, you’ll find an appropriate starting point.

There are 81 lessons in total, divided into tunes and blues. You can follow the blues path only, although along with the tunes, you’ll have a well-rounded knowledge in the end.

When you reach your Senior Year, you’ll be ready for advanced content and complex melodies.

Who is Harmonica Academy For?

Harmonica Academy is a great learning program for beginners who want to engage in a fun virtual academy and gain basic musical skills.

It’s also for experienced harmonica players who want to expand their knowledge.

6. Harmonica.com

This website offers quality step-by-step lessons for beginners.

Courses are short, easy to follow, and taught by experienced harmonica instructors.

Harmonica.com platform with online harmonica courses

Features and Benefits

The Beginner to Boss Course is tailored for people who are just starting to get to know the harmonica. It consists of bite-sized video lessons that will easily teach you how to play tunes and jam.

Before starting the course, you’ll need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C. After that, you can choose between a 3-month, 6-month, and a 6-month plan. There’s also an option to get 3 free beginner starter lessons.

You’ll be learning from talented musicians JP Allen, Luke Clebsch, and Alex Paclin. They explain concepts and techniques in a very friendly and comprehensible way.

Their teaching method is based on the principles of the so-called deliberate practice – the idea is that it takes 1 to 3 practice sessions to master a certain skill.

The play-along method and visual aids in the videos will help you to progress more quickly.

So, after you purchase the course, you’ll get effective and interactive videos, a booklet, and song tutorials.

Genre-wise, you’ll get to play blues, folk, rock, pop, soul, funk, gospel, jazz, and country.

Who is Harmonica.com For?

This online course is for everyone who wants to learn harmonica through a well-structured and fun program while learning at their own pace.

It’s also great for harmonica players interested in different styles.

7. Harmonica Breeze

The Harmonica Breeze website is equipped with useful learning resources such as e-books, harmonica tutorials, and songs.

The website is easy to navigate and suitable for computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Harmonica Breeze online classes

Features and Benefits

A teacher and musician Ami Luz founded the Harmonica Breeze platform with the idea of creating a virtual school and community of music lovers.

Members can, besides learning how to play harmonica in an easy and affordable way, exchange ideas and tips with fellow learners and set up jam sessions.

With the Harmonica Breeze program, you’ll learn to read notes and how to produce different sounds while playing a variety of international songs. Lessons are based on texts and animated videos where you can follow notes while listening to the music.

Although video lessons could use a little refreshment, they deliver informative and engaging material with the help of visual aids such as on-screen notation. The website also offers other learning resources like PDFs and audio files.

You can go through lessons at your own speed, but the instructors suggest playing and practicing each day for at least 20 minutes.

Who is Harmonica Breeze For?

Harmonica Breeze is for people who want to learn harmonica online in an easy and affordable way.

8. Play Harmonica

Play Harmonica offers free online harmonica lessons, membership packages, and live events.

It’s a convenient way to learn harmonica online.

Play Harmonica platform with harmonica classes, live content, and membership packages

Features and Benefits

Most of the Play Harmonica lessons are taught by Ben Hewlett, a qualified harmonica teacher.

After a free trial, you can access lessons and all features by choosing one of the membership plans. The VIP and Box-set membership also include live lessons and a chance to communicate with the instructor.

If you’re not a VIP member, you can purchase live classes one at a time. There are also frequent live Q&A and Impro classes.

You can also buy individual course bundles. They are affordable and usually contain targeted classes either for beginners or experienced players.

Some of the courses are The 30 Day Challenge, Blues Harmonica Level 1, Harmonica Hooks & Hits, and many more. You can watch a promo video of each course to get a sneak peek.

Virtual Open Mic Sessions are a nice way of meeting fellow harmonica players and you can enroll for free.

Who is Play Harmonica For?

Play Harmonica is a good learning tool for beginners and intermediate players who have a specific style or skill they want to work on.

9. Tomlin Harmonica School

Tomlin Harmonica School offers a well-structured curriculum and professional guidance.

It’s a great source for anyone wanting to learn harmonica online in a productive but laid-back environment.

Harmonica School online lessons with Tomlin Leckie

Features and Benefits

The program is created by a talented musician Tomlin Leckie. With a calm and friendly approach and tested teaching methods, he inspires and helps students around the world to improve their musical skills.

As Tomlin’s student, you’ll get video and audio lessons, tabs, a backing track library, and in-depth practice guides that will take you to advanced levels.

You’ll also get to participate in weekly live Q&A sessions. He even hosts guest tutors such as Adam Gussow, Ronnie Shellist, David Barrett, and Joe Filisko.

Guest teachers also have live seminars on specific topics.

Moreover, you’ll receive weekly personalized feedback on your playing in a private, student-only Forum. It’s an excellent opportunity to get useful tips and suggestions.

With Tomlin’s clear guidance and all these interactive features, learning harmonica online will be a fun and smooth process.

Who is Harmonica School For?

Harmonica School is perfect for beginners who seek clear guidance and the possibility to get personalized feedback.

10. Harmonica Jamz

Harmonica Jamz is a popular website created to teach students how to play the harmonica and jam.

The program uses an interactive method to help you master the basics in a fun and quick way.

Harmonica Jamz online classes for jamming

Features and Benefits

When you become a member, you’ll get access to well-organized quality video lessons.

You can get a full package with an affordable single payment that includes core lessons, lessons on how to jam and improvise, live video backing tracks, and video jam tracks in different styles.

You’ll be learning from Alon Cooper, a young and talented harmonica player dedicated to sharing his knowledge online.

All lessons are divided into a studio lesson and a jam session part. In the first part of the lesson, you’ll be shortly introduced to a new, practical concept, and then be able to try out what you’ve learned through recorded video jam tracks.

Jam tracks include full band instrumentalization, on-screen texts with important points, and a Corner Window with Cooper showing you real harmonica examples of the new material.

Courses cover different music genres such as rock, country, jazz, and blues.

Who is Harmonica Jamz For?

Harmonica Jamz is an online harmonica school offering simple, interactive videos suitable for beginners.

It’s also for anyone who wants to practice jamming and improvisation.

How to Choose the Best Online Harmonica Lessons

There are many great harmonica classes on the Internet, and as long as you know what your goals are, it won’t be a problem to choose the best one for you.

For example, some programs are focused on jam sessions and improvisation, and some will teach you in-depth music theory. Besides the level that classes are for, you need to check the content and what that specific course will bring you.

Song tutorials and styles are also something that varies a lot. Find a course that will teach you songs and music genres you like – it will be an extra motivation to keep going.

And maintaining regular practice is crucial if you want online lessons to be effective. So, if your self-discipline and time management skills are still something you need to improve, pick a course that has well-structured, linear lessons.

Structure and clear guidance are especially important for beginners. Having a proper start is essential if you don’t want to stumble upon problems when things get more challenging.

Furthermore, if the course is video-based, the quality of the production also matters. If you can’t see the teacher clearly or up close, it will be harder for you to repeat what he or she is doing.

Additional features like downloadable resources or a possibility to get direct feedback are also very helpful.

What Are the Benefits of Online Harmonica Lessons?

One of the greatest benefits of online music lessons is the freedom to choose the time and place of your practice. With the harmonica that’s extremely easy – you can carry it wherever you want!

So, as long as you have an Internet connection and your little instrument, you can learn new tunes. Online harmonica lessons offer a fun and simple way of mastering whatever technique or style you want.

As the harmonica is not one of the difficult instruments to master, with regular practice, you’ll be jamming with your friends in no time.

And jamming is precisely one of the many benefits of playing the harmonica. It’s the instrument that can be played in any key which makes jamming so much easier.

On top of that, playing the harmonica also has many health and mental benefits. It has a positive impact on your breathing and lung capacity, and also reduces stress.

So, with all these benefits, there’s no doubt that learning with online harmonica lessons will be worthwhile.

Harmonica player on stage.

Final Thoughts

The harmonica is a truly easy and gratifying instrument to learn.

Once you master the basics, you’ll be able to jam, improvise, and play all kinds of styles.

And with online courses, you’ll get to that point through a fun and engaging process. All the best online harmonica lessons have useful features and modern learning tools.

You’ll also have a chance to learn from talented and enthusiastic musicians who are eager to help you out regardless of your skill level.

We hope this article motivated you to experience how fun and creative learning the harmonica can be!


Are harmonicas easy to learn?

Yes, harmonicas are relatively easy to learn, especially compared to other wind instruments. You can learn how to play simple tunes quickly, but gaining intricate skills takes a lot of time and practice.

How long does it take to learn the harmonica?

It doesn’t take long to master the basics of playing the harmonica. You can learn your first songs in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the quality of your practice.

More complex techniques like bending notes will take you longer to master.

Can you teach yourself harmonica?

Yes, with a proper online learning program, you can learn harmonica by yourself. There are many options to learn harmonica online, so with enough practice, you can easily gain core harmonica skills.