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10 Best Beginner Electronic Drum Sets

December 29, 2023
best beginner electronic drum sets

Are you just getting into drumming?

Then you might be seeking for the top beginning electronic drum sets available in 2023.

Beginner electronic drum kits are great tools for learning to play the drums without having to spend as much money on an acoustic set.

Before purchasing an acoustic, you should master the fundamentals before working your way up.

All you actually need as a beginner is a simple, enjoyable method of drum practise that keeps you interested.

You can get just that from each of the electronic drum sets on our list, and they are all reasonably priced.

Compared to an acoustic drum, each of these drums is pleasant to play, feels excellent, and typically sounds pretty authentic.

They each come in a compact package that is simple to fit into any environment and is quiet enough so that you won’t disturb your neighbours, friends, or family.

This is what makes for a perfect starter electronic drum set.

Before answering some frequently asked questions about electronic drum sets for beginners, this article will explore the top ten starter electronic drum sets in 2023.

1. Alesis Nitro Mesh

Alesis Nitro Mesh

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is the best beginner electronic drum set when you’re looking for value for your money and versatility.

Priced at just $299, this is a great deal for a beginner drummer.

Its configuration features an eight-inch dual-zone mesh snare, three eight-inch single-zone mesh toms, a ten-inch dual-zone crash (choke-able), two additional single-zoned cymbals (one for hi-hat and one ride cymbal), a hi-hat controller pedal and a four-post drum rack.

It even features a real kick pedal, which is advantageous and gives beginners that realistic experience.

The only downside is that the rack system is a little unstable, but this is still comparable to other electronic drum sets at this price point.

It includes forty kits and a massive three hundred and eighty-five sounds, which is excellent for a kit in this price range.

There are also sixteen slots for user-created kits, so you can piece together the sound you’re looking for.

One of the main reasons that drummers of all abilities love this set is that kit editing is super easy, and the mesh drums feel realistic and comparable to an acoustic set. 

In terms of connectivity options, this drum set contains everything you need.

It has a CD/MP3 aux input, USB/MIDI connection, MIDI in/out, and stereo line/headphone outputs.

This means you can practice in silence, or show off your drumming in performances.

Overall, this is one of the best beginner electronic drum sets for solo practice, recording beats, and rehearsing with others, and it will give you everything you need without breaking the bank.

2. Roland TD-07DMK

Roland TD-07DMK

The Roland TD-07DMK is a compact model that is a great all-rounder. It is known for suiting every need and is a really good starter electronic drum set.

It is a way to obtain V-drums, without compromising price.

Its configuration is simple, with four mesh pads (snare and three toms), one rubber bass drum pad, one integrated hi-hat pedal, two cymbals, and one hi-hat pad.

The mesh and tom snares have a natural feel and sound, giving you that experience that allows you to move onto an acoustic kit when you surpass the beginner skill level.

It comes with fifty kits, one hundred and forty-three sounds, and a range of connectivity options including CD/MP3 aux input, USB/MIDI audio, stereo line/headphone outputs, and Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connectivity is one of the best features that comes with this electronic drum set since it doesn’t come with all of them at this price point.

As a beginner, your main aim is going to be to maintain focus and concentration when practicing for long periods of time.

Bluetooth will help you to do this, by allowing you to practice along to your favorite tunes and lessons.

The compact setup means that you can fit it neatly into your home without it disrupting your space, and the headphone outputs mean you can practice silently.

Priced at just $/£599, the Roland TD-07DMK is an affordable yet sturdy model that is feature-rich and supportive for all beginner drummers as they improve their skills.

If you buy this model, Roland also throws in forty free online interactive lessons.

3. Roland TD-02KV

Roland TD-02KV

One of Roland’s greatest kits, the TD-02KV is completely oriented towards beginners. 

Three PD-4 tom pads, three CY-5 cymbal pads, one FD-1 hi-hat, and one KT-1 bass drum are included.

It also has one PDX-8 mesh snare pad.

Although it is somewhat of a compact  kit, it is ideal for beginners who are just getting to grips with the instrument and how it functions and don’t want to feel overwhelmed or confused.

It may not be suitable for more experienced drummers.

It has four coach modes to assist you as you learn to play along with sixteen preset kits that you may want to test out.

This is an easy to comprehend set considering they are all of great quality and are simple to flip between.

One pad cable loom, a headphone output, a mic input, USB, and Bluetooth via the Boss BT-Dual adapter—all of which are available separately—provide a wealth of connecting choices.

Although this additional expense isn’t ideal, it might be justified given how cheap the kit is on its own.

With a price range between $400 and $475, this comprehensive package is durable, helpful, and responsive for learning.

This kit’s complete beginner-friendly design is evident.

4. Yamaha DTX402K

Yamaha DTX402K

The Yamaha DTX402K is the most intuitive and helpful electronic drum set for beginners, and its excellent sound quality makes it a perfect entry-level kit.

As pictured, it’s quite a basic set with four rubber toms/snares, three cymbals, one Midi bass drum pedal, and one integrated hi-hat controller pedal.

The kick pedal is electronic, which may be easier for beginners to learn on as opposed to a real one.

In terms of connectivity options, it has USB, aux-in, and stereo headphone output.

This means that you can connect your device and play along to your favorite songs and lessons, to keep learning engaging.

If you connect to the free Yamaha app, you can gain access to excellent lessons and training courses that will support beginner drummers.

This set comes with ten kits, as well as two hundred and eighty-seven sounds.

The sounds featured are Yamaha’s acoustic drum sounds, which are known to be of extremely high quality and great realism.

The Yamaha DTX402K is extremely affordable, priced between $/£300-$/£400.

At this price point, you won’t be breaking the bank, but will still receive a hardy, stable model that will support you for years to come.

It’s great for solo practice, learning skills and how to use the kits, and building confidence.

5. Millenium MPS-1000

Millenium MPS-1000

The Millennium MPS-1000 is one of the best beginner electronic drum sets on the market that is under $1000/£1000 with real drum shells.

This is quite rare for this price point, making the kit very attractive.

The full-size kit includes a thirteen by five-inch snare, three Ten by six-inch rack toms, A fourteen by fourteen-inch floor tom (all dual-zone), A twenty by sixteen-inch bass drum (single-zone), and Thirteen inch hi-hats (dual-zone).

It also includes two fifteen-inch crash cymbals (dual-zone), One eighteen-inch ride cymbal (three-zone), a Snare stand, Three cymbal stands, a Hi-hat stand, Tom holders, and a Module stand.

There are over eight hundred sounds, which is pretty impressive.

It also comes with forty user kits and forty preset kits, making for a highly customizable experience. 

On top of the already extensive features, it has Bluetooth, eight direct outputs, user sample import (USB stick), seventy play-along songs, a metronome, and twenty-three FX including compression and EQ per pad.

This impressive kit won’t break the bank, and while it doesn’t necessarily stand up to the sound quality of more expensive kits, it’s feature-heavy and realistic.

It’s a great drum set to learn on as a beginner, and it will support you as you progress onto the intermediate level.

6. Alesis Turbo Mesh

Alesis Turbo Mesh

The Alesis Turbo Mesh is a great electronic drum set for a beginner on a budget!

Priced at just $/£266, you get all of the functions of a drum set at a higher price, including mesh heads, but geared toward beginners.

With an electronic kick pedal and included mesh heads and sticks, this set comes with four mesh toms/snare pads, three symbols, and fifteen built-in kits to help you get used to the feeling of drumming.

This kit is ideal for learning the ropes, gaining confidence, and generally having fun.

It even comes with one hundred and twenty different sounds, which are all of high quality and easy to flip between.

Despite the fact that the kick pedal is electronic, the Alesis Turbo Mesh is still head and shoulders above other drum sets at this price in terms of sound quality and feel.

It even comes with coaching modes, which is perfect for beginners.

7. NUX DM-210

NUX DM-210

The NUX DM-210 is an all mesh electronic drum set for beginners.

Its basic setup features four mesh drum pads, three rubber cymbals, and a kick pad kick pedal.

Since it is all mesh, it feels realistic and comparable to an acoustic.

It also includes fifteen built-in kits, a metronome, coach, reverb, REC, songs, Bluetooth, and USB MIDI.

This is a pretty extensive list of functions for a starter drum set of this price, which is why it’s landed on this list.

When you pair the responsive, natural feel with the Bluetooth connection, you can see why this electronic drum set is so popular.

Bluetooth allows you to play along to your music library and online lessons, which is a great idea for beginners.

This low cost electronic drum set costs less than $/£450, which is why its so many people’s go to.

8. Yamaha DTX6K-X

Yamaha DTX6K-X

From Yamaha’s new mid-range series, the DTX6K-X is the lowest-priced electronic drum set of the bunch.

It is a great investment for beginner drummers who are certain that they want to improve their skills and reach an advanced level.

It’s a fairly simple setup, with one mesh snare pad, three rubber toms, and three rubber three-zone cymbals.

It also comes with forty preset kits and an electronic kick pedal which is easy to use and learn on.

The mesh pads and three-zone cymbals recreate the feel of an acoustic, which is why it’s so perfect for those hoping to transition.

The module features new kit modifier knobs, which are divided up into ambiance, compression, and effect.

This allows you to tweak the kits and sounds into a completely customizable experience, which is what beginners will be looking for when keeping learning fun and engaging.

Cubase A1 is also included in the package, which means you can start creating as a session drummer.

Overall, this is one of Yamaha’s best electronic drum sets for beginners, priced at around $/£800.

9. Alesis Debut

Alesis Debut

This is a bargain starter electronic drum set, aimed squarely at complete beginners and children.

Its simple configuration features four mesh drum pads and three cymbals, with an electronic kick pedal.

It also comes with ten preset kits to play around with, and while this drum set isn’t exactly feature-heavy, it is great for a hobbbyist looking to learn the ropes.

For under $/£300, you will receive a stool, metronome, headphones, and drum sticks, which most electronic drum sets don’t.

The only issue is that this kit could be soon outgrown and you may find yourself needing to upgrade.

It also includes Meloidics learning software in the bundle, which is perfect for those who need quick and easy access to practice tools.

It also has one hundred and twenty sounds and thirty kits to play along to, which is sure to be engaging.

It features smartphone connectivity and MIDI output, so its easy to stream music from your phone and play along to your favorite songs.

In general, the Alesis Debut is a great piece of kit for complete beginners, and offers an intuitive and no-fuss way to learn the drums.

10. TourTech TT12S

TourTech TT12S

The TT12S is TourTech’s most inexpensive beginner electronic drum set, featuring all of the standard features and more sounds than some of the others on our list.

It’s made up of three toms and a snare, three cymbals, and an electronic kick pedal.

The handy numerical display allows you to quickly flick through settings and customise your experience, which is good fun for a beginner.

The extremely compact and lightweight model comes with over two hundred and fifty percussion sounds, which is pretty high for an e-kit of this price.

In terms of connectivity, it features MIDI in/out, and quarter inch stereo outputs.

The TourTech TT12S costs only $/£249, which is a bargain for a starter electronic drum set with so many sounds.

Now that we’ve completed our list of the ten best beginner electronic drum sets in 2023, lets dive into some common questions about e-kits so that you have all of the information.

Is an Electronic Drum Set a Good Option for Beginners?

An Electronic drum set is one of the best places for beginner to start.

They’re essentially a cheaper, easier, and quieter way to play the drums than using an acoustic set.

They still have that realistic feel and sound, espeically if you buy a model with mesh heads instead of rubber.

If you’re just starting out, you probably won’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an acoustic set, especially if you’re not sure how far you’re going to take your drumming. 

Electronic drum sets are also quieter, with silent (ish) practice a possibility with headphones, making them great for children or people with roommates.

They generally take up less room in a house too, and are a little lighter and more portable.

A lot of e-kits also included coaching and learning software, which allows beginner drummers to play along to tracks and listen to tips as they play.

With an acoustic, this support will have to be sourced elsewhere.

E-kits will also included different sounds, sampled either from real acoustic drums or different genres of music, which allows you to mix and record music easily (without having to use a studio thanks to the recording function) and keeps learning engaging.

Essentially, an electronic drum set contains everything a beginner needs to know in one tidy package, at a fraction of the cost.

What Is a Beginner Electronic Drum Set Comprised Of?

A drum module, which is simply a small computer attached to a hardware frame, will be connected by cables to drum and cymbal trigger pads on an electronic drum set.

Electronic drum kits for beginners typically have three toms, a snare, three cymbals—a hi-hat, a crash, and a ride—and a kick drum.

What Else Does a Beginner Electronic Drum Set Come With?

Most sets will come with each of the parts discussed above, complete with a power supply, cables, and a drum key used for tensioning and tightening.

With some models, you may even receive drum sticks and headphones as part of the package.

It’s important to check whether your set comes with pedals, as some may not.

It’s also necessary to have an adjustable drum throne, as if your stool is not the right height you welcome back pain and uncomfortable playing.

Are Beginner Electronic Drum Sets easy to Set Up?

Generally speaking, yes.

They often come as flat pack parcels with a guide or instruction manual, but if you’re unsure there are plenty of videos and guides online to help you.

Is It Easy To Learn to Drum on an Electronci Drum Set?

Although the touch may not be quite as intuitive as a real acoustic dum set, an e-kit can be an excellent tool when learning the drums.

Not only do they usually include lots of sounds and maybe even Bluetooth, they also often feature coaching and lessons that are easily accessed.

It’s also a cheaper way to get into the instrument, without having to spring for a pricey and noisy acoustic.

Of course, many drummers like to progress onto this eventually, but for a beginner just dipping their toes into the water, an electronic drum set is a great way to go.

Best Beginner Electronic Drum Sets of 2023 – Final Thoughts

As the market for them expands, electronic drum kits are becoming more and more well-liked, and purchasing one has numerous advantages over choosing an acoustic.

They are reasonably priced, simple to learn on, and have a tonne of entertaining features and effects to keep learning interesting.

This is the reason why e-kits are so fantastic for beginners and why so many people prefer them to acoustic instruments for learning.

We hope our list of the top ten electronic drum kits for beginners in 2023 was useful to you and that our FAQs were able to answer some of your questions.

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