5 Best Online Fiddle Lessons That Actually Work 2021

best online fiddle lessons

Do you have a wish to learn how to play the fiddle?

Or, do you wonder – well, isn’t that just the same as the violin?

In fact, there’s no physical difference between a violin and a fiddle. The primary distinction comes from the style they’re usually being used for.

Fiddle is often played in ‘folk-like’ musical styles such as bluegrass, cajun, country, and Irish music. On the other hand, the term violin is mostly used for Western classical music.

Another difference is in how you play the instrument. Besides a slightly different technique, playing the fiddle implies more improvisation and playing by ear.

So, if you like the sound of the violin in lively folk songs, you’re actually drawn to the fiddle! But it all comes down to the fact that it’s the same instrument, and no matter how you call it, you can use it for whatever style you want.

However, there are online courses focused on fiddle techniques and associated styles. To help you with your search, we’ve found the 5 best online fiddle lessons.

They are fun, interactive, and easy to follow – you just need to find the best one for you!

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Best Online Fiddle Lessons In 2021

1. ArtistWorks – Fiddle Lessons With Darol Anger

ArtistWorks is always an excellent choice when thinking about online music lessons.

It offers quality, in-depth courses with acclaimed musicians, including fiddle lessons with the great Darol Anger.

Features and Benefits

With 40 years of experience, Darol Anger is a noted composer and a well-known name in the world of music. He has played on many important scores and founded numerous ensembles such as The David Grisman Quintet.

Besides affecting the progress of contemporary string bands, Darol has a lot of teaching experience. He was named Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music, and now he shares his knowledge and passion for music on the ArtistWorks platform with students around the world.

If you want to learn from Darol, you can simply purchase the course on the ArtistWorks website, get unlimited access to the whole program, and start with your lessons!

The course includes hundreds of pre-recorded video lessons for all skill levels. Videos have useful looping and slow-motion features.

You’ll also get a chance to submit videos to your teacher and receive valuable feedback.

In the Beginner Fiddle lessons, Darol will tell you all about tuning the fiddle, names of notes, practicing for pitch, left-hand position, and right-hand bow hold. Once you grasp these basics, you’ll start playing simple tunes.

The Intermediate Fiddle section is the next step (or the first one if you have some experience) – it contains lessons on shuffles, bow circles, scales, arpeggios, and double stops. You’ll learn many tunes including blues and bluegrass songs.

Advanced lessons are focused on more complex melodies and techniques. You’ll also learn the basics of improvising. Improvisation is an important part of playing the fiddle, and it will generally boost your creativity (besides being a lot of fun!).

There’s also a jazz and blues category for those interested in trying out these creative genres.

Who is ArtistWorks For?

ArtistWorks is an excellent learning source for beginners who want to learn the fiddle and progress to advanced levels.

It’s a well-structured, detailed course on all important aspects of playing the fiddle.

2. Udemy Beginner Fiddle Lessons

Udemy is a popular e-learning website with a variety of affordable music lessons.

It’s also a great place to learn to play the fiddle for beginners.

Udemy online fiddle lessons for beginners

Features and Benefits

On the Udemy platform, each course can be purchased individually.

So, when you buy the Beginner Fiddle Course, you’ll get lessons specifically designed for beginners.

It’s an excellent course if you’re starting from scratch. It’s taught by violinist Chuck Millar.

You’ll master fiddle basics such as tuning the instrument, terminology, scale exercises and bowing techniques. You’ll also learn different keys so you can play fiddle to any song.

Structured, step-by-step lessons are a great way of learning how to play the fiddle. After you complete this course, you’ll have a solid musical foundation to build on.

Another course worth checking out if you’re a beginner is Daisy’s Play Violin and Fiddle for Beginners. It’s a comprehensive fiddle instruction that will help you learn your first tunes in a few simple steps.

You’ll begin with learning how to hold the fiddle and tune its strings, and how to make simple bowing movements. With the newly learned techniques, you will soon learn how to play three simple traditional tunes.

Video lessons are guided by professional musician Daisy Hart and they are suitable for all ages.

Udemy online fiddle lessons with Daisy Hart

Who is Udemy Beginner Lessons For?

These online fiddle lessons are ideal for beginners who need clear guidance in their first steps of playing the fiddle.

3. LessonFace

LessonFace is an online learning platform offering a large number of music lessons.

It also has a variety of fiddle classes taught by different teachers.

LessonFace platform with private online fiddle lessons

Features and Benefits

Regardless of your skill level and age, you’ll find what you need on LessonFace.

The website is very easy to navigate, so finding the right teacher won’t be hard. You can read all about them in their profile and get important info about their experience, rates, and topics they teach.

You can also read other students’ reviews for a more detailed portrait of their teaching.

Once you pick a tutor, you can start with your live online lessons. One-on-one lessons are really the best way to learn the fiddle online, especially for beginners. With personal guidance, direct feedback, and clear communication, you’ll see the results very quickly.

With a private online tutor, you’ll be able to improve your weak spots but also focus on the material you prefer. Many online tutors are willing to help you achieve your personal goals.

LessonFace has some other great features. For example, they sometimes provide free online fiddle lessons as a part of live online group classes. Keep an eye on their website to catch fun and helpful live events like these.

Who is LessonFace For?

LessonFace is best for people who are searching for reliable online private fiddle lessons.

It’s an excellent way to learn the fiddle online for beginners but also seasoned players who want to improve their technique.

4. FiddleVideo

FiddleVIdeo is a website rich with fiddle courses and tutorials for all levels taught by professional fiddlers.

It provides free fiddle lessons, membership plans, and private online fiddle lessons.

FiddleVideo website with free fiddle classes and memberships for online fiddle classes

Features and Benefits

FiddleVideo is a great place to look for free fiddle tutorials. They cover a variety of topics, from simple basics to specific techniques and advanced songs.

The website is full of content, but you can easily browse through free lessons and search them by difficulty, song type, or a teacher. There’s also a tab with technique videos containing lessons on fiddle chopping, Scottish grooves, and Irish fiddling techniques.

All videos are guided by educated and talented musicians and recorded with high-quality production.

And if you want to learn from more structured and detailed lesson modules, there are several membership packages to choose from. When you sign up, you’ll get unlimited access to over 300 modules.

These modules include performance videos, melody tutorials, sheet music, MP3 downloads, and features like video looping and speed controls.

There’s also a possibility to have one-on-one virtual lessons. Simply reach out to one of the instructors and arrange a lesson via Skype or Zoom.

Who is FiddleVideo For?

FiddleVideo is perfect for anyone looking for a trustworthy platform full of fiddle tutorials.

Besides learning from free fiddle lessons on the website, you can become a member or have individual online lessons.

5. Online Academy of Irish Music

Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM) is an online community of Irish music lovers.

As the fiddle is an important part of Irish tradition, the platform also offers online fiddle lessons.

Online Academy of Irish Music with online fiddle classes and tutorials

Features and Benefits

If you enroll in OAIM, you’ll be learning from leading musicians through the combination of videos, audio files, and texts.

Lessons are divided into categories, so you can start with the Fiddle Basics course. It’s taught by a talented Niamh Dunne.

These fundamental lessons will teach you how to play the fiddle through various Irish tunes. They are focused on tempo, rhythm and tone, so you’ll get a well-rounded knowledge of both music theory and songs.

Animated fiddle graphics will help you to learn more efficiently. Lessons are also self-paced and linear, which is a great benefit for all beginners.

The OAIM website also has a Jam Session tab, so you can access hundreds of tracks.

All things considered, OAIM made sure to combine all the modern learning tools with the knowledge of experienced teachers to help you gain core fiddle skills and develop your musicality.

Who is OAIM For?

If you’re fond of Irish tunes, you’ll surely find the Online Academy of Irish Music very interesting.

It’s a fun and efficient way of learning the fiddle online, and there’s no doubt you’ll benefit from the course.

How to Choose the Best Online Fiddle Lessons 

Before committing to online fiddle lessons, make sure they offer what you’re looking for.

Some courses are more extensive and some can teach you easy steps very quickly, so it all depends on the time you’re ready to invest.

To really understand the basics is important when it comes to playing the fiddle, so look for a course with thorough fundamental lessons. It takes time to master fast melodies, and having a strong foundation will help you learn them more easily.

Furthermore, look for a trustworthy, flexible teacher who knows how to explain complex techniques in an easy way. Many programs offer sample videos or free trials so you can get a glimpse at their teaching style.

How to Choose Best Online Fiddle Lessons

What Are the Benefits of Online Fiddle Lessons?

If you decide to learn how to play the fiddle online, you already have a great start because you’re in a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment. It’s more easy to learn and focus that way.

You’ll also have the freedom to choose the material and songs you want to learn. That’s especially the case with private online lessons.

And when it comes to the instrument itself, playing the fiddle can be extremely fun. Once you grasp the basics and move to lively tunes, you’ll only feel more motivated to keep going. There’s always space to grow, and with the variety of online fiddle lessons, you’ll have plenty of new things to learn.

Moreover, playing the fiddle also bring numerous other benefits – it improves memory, coordination, and boosts creativity and confidence.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a way to learn the fiddle, online lessons are a great choice. They are easy-going, affordable, and very convenient.

Many online fiddle courses are taught by successful musicians who can teach you as well as inspire you. Some offer structured learning programs, and some will meet you on Skype.

Choose whatever suits your learning style and you won’t be disappointed.

After all, learning a musical instrument is fun, creative, and joyful, so if you had any doubts, we hope this article managed to leave them aside.

Once you learn the basics of playing the fiddle, new possibilities will open and you’ll realize there’s so much to explore.

So, pick an online course that sparked your interest and start with your journey to becoming a fiddler!


Can I learn fiddle online?

Yes, with a good online learning program, you can learn how to play the fiddle online. If you follow the suggested curriculum and practice regularly, you can gain basic fiddle skills.

Can I teach myself to play the fiddle?

You can learn the fiddle by yourself if you take online fiddle lessons and practice regularly. Online music lessons are effective if you apply yourself and listen to the instructor’s suggestions.

Is it easy to learn the fiddle?

It’s not very hard to learn the fiddle, but it requires a lot of practice to master it. Styles associated with the fiddle often entail fast melodies and tricky techniques which can be challenging for beginners.