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20 Best New Country Songs in 2023

December 19, 2023
new country songs

I’ve selected the best new country songs of 2023, a playlist that captures the evolving sound and spirit of modern country music.

This article is your guide to the freshest and most compelling tracks that are defining the country genre this year.

Top new country songs in 2023

  • “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen
  • “5 Leaf Clover” by Luke Combs
  • “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me” by Morgan Wallen
  • “Stars Like Confetti” by Dustin Lynch
  • “All I Need Is You” by Chris Janson
  • “Memory Lane” by Old Dominion
  • “To Be Here” by Erin Duvall
  • “Fires Don’t Start Themselves” by Darius Rucker
  • “Light On In the Kitchen” by Ashley McBryde
  • “Next Thing You Know” by Jordan Davis

1. “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen

This is the third song from Morgan Wallen’s album One Thing at a Time

Morgan Wallen’s new country song peaked at number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs in February of this year. 

It reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in March and cemented its place as one of the best new country songs of 2023.

Wallen’s song was the first country song to top the chart since Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” in 2021. 

Last Night” is about a couple’s last night together before they break up and separate.

Lyrically, Wallen’s flow and description paint a very clear image of the story. 

While the singer hopes to reconnect with his partner, the latter thinks they’re doomed to fail as a couple.

2. “5 Leaf Clover” by Luke Combs

Not featuring Luke Combs on this list of best new country songs of the year would be a travesty.

Combs’ songs always have narration-style singing.

He is talented at weaving heart-rending stories that touch people’s hearts.

The country singer expresses gratitude for the simple pleasures in life in this new country song. 

He sings about enjoying his job, coming home to his angel-like partner, and having a barn with a fridge full of cold beer. 

And, while Combs considers himself fortunate, he can’t stop wondering how he got so lucky.

The track’s chorus has Combs’ trademark vocals and a waltz tune with dancing fiddles and gorgeous harmonies.

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3. “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me” by Morgan Wallen

Don’t be surprised by seeing Morgan Wallen on this list again.

If you’re going to talk about new country songs, Morgan Wallen will most likely show up in conversation.

Blending different sounds while producing catchy songs is what makes Wallen so great. 

Along with that, he sings about heartbreak and how he drinks away his pain as if it were his life’s work.

“Thinkin’ Bout Me,” his most recent hit, is no exception. 

This song is one of 36 on Wallen’s new album One Thing At A Time

It focuses on an ex who, in Wallen’s opinion, is still struggling to move on from their relationship.

In “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me,” Wallen imagines his ex-girlfriend is thinking of him while she’s with someone new.

(“When you’re up in his bed / Am I up in your head?”) 

Before the album’s release, this new country song circulated on TikTok, immediately attracting listeners.

4. “Stars Like Confetti” by Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch usually writes upbeat party songs, moving ballads, and honest depictions of rural life, 

He has won praise from critics, admiration from his audience, and respect from the music industry for his talent.

“Stars Like Confetti” has a strong element of live energy, and the tune will get stuck in your head after just one listen.

The new country song describes a romantic evening spent under the stars with someone you love.

The lyrics of “Stars Like Confetti” depict our emotions when Cupid hits us with his arrow.

Lynch’s vocals are spot-on and wonderfully mesh with the song’s musical atmosphere. 

This guarantees the song to become a radio success. 

5. “All I Need Is You” by Chris Janson

Chris Janson’s music embodies the shared human need for simplicity in everything.

Although most people want material possessions, we mostly long to feel accepted and loved.

If you navigate life alone, even the nicest boat and truck in the world will feel like scrap metal. 

Even though the story is old, it is still worth telling.

Janson’s new country song, “All I Need Is You,” separates wants from desires and makes a grand romantic gesture.

The chorus focuses on what really counts while the verses discuss human ambitions.

The song is straightforward, but that’s what makes it special. 

Janson understands our heart’s desire, so he doesn’t need to shock or awe us to elicit a response. 

6. “Memory Lane” by Old Dominion

Old Dominion, a quartet, has long had a place in the hearts of country fans everywhere. 

Their new country song feels like a walk down “Memory Lane.”

(See what we did there?)

Ramsey’s lines will resonate with lots of listeners. 

“If I could buy a house on memory lane / I’d put my money down and I’d sign my name / On that little corner lot, where it doesn’t ever rain.” 

This song is perfect for people who want to go someplace where they’ve created lots of memories.

Old Dominion’s new country song, like the majority of their tracks, has a laid-back vibe. 

“Memory Lane” feels natural and immediately distinguishes the band from others.

7. “To Be Here” by Erin Duvall

“To Be Here” is a lovely ode to parenthood, emphasizing the value of devoted moms in particular. 

Duvall’s new country song explores the problematic aspects of parenting. 

The writing in “To Be Here” is of the highest caliber, making it stand out. 

Duvall engages listeners with great storytelling and witty words to deliver a complex point. 

The song shows the unwavering devotion and irresistible charm of taking care of and loving children.

The song “To Be Here” is incredibly moving and enjoyable to listen to. 

Duvall lets her Texan heritage shine through with a native country accent and a distinctive nuanced viewpoint.

8. “Fires Don’t Start Themselves” by Darius Rucker

Spending quality time with your loved ones and expressing how much they mean to you are the themes of this new country song. 

The song has a sensuous yet bluesy atmosphere, with a radio-friendly melody to make it stand out for a wide variety of country music fans. 

This tune offers a toe-tapping beat and the intimate effects of a romantic love ballad.  

Rucker’s superb vocal performance always delivers with his signature arrogance and gruff confidence.

9. “Light On In the Kitchen” by Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde sings about the simple pleasures of going home to see your loved ones in her new country song, “Light On In the Kitchen.” 

Because what’s more country than talking about your family?

McBryde remembers her mother giving her life lessons that we, as listeners, can relate to as well.

Over softly strummed guitar chords, McBryde exquisitely delivers all the messages she’s received over the years. 

“Light on in the Kitchen” is her fifth album’s lead single. 

She expresses gratitude to those who protected her and promises to return the favor. 

Generational mentoring, caring for relatives, and the idea that someone is looking out for them are the foundations of love and connection.

This new country song aims to provide a secure place where you can find abundant hard-won wisdom. 

It’s a beautiful song with soft, brushed drumming and mandolin shadings. 

10. “Next Thing You Know” by Jordan Davis

Even the most heartless person will cry after listening to Jordan Davis sum up life, love, family, and death in his new country song.

Anyone with children will feel a little out of breath and misty-eyed by the time this song ends. 

Within three minutes, Davis peels off the years from the calendar, lamenting how time passes. 

One moment he’s meeting a girl at a bar, thinking it’s casual, but then he’s in love with her and asking her to move in with him.

Then suddenly, he’s asking her to marry her, they’re having children, and the children are taking their first steps. 

And then, he realizes his children are now all grown up and with families of their own. 

It’s an emotional new country song that deserves more hype, especially around this Mother’s Day weekend.

11. “Life Goes On” by Ed Sheeran

On May 5, Ed Sheeran released his fifth studio album, (called Subtract), to mixed reviews. 

One of his most exposed tracks to date is the sorrowful “Life Goes On” a ballad from Subtract

Through the medium of music, the song explores loss, anxiety, and despair. 

“Life Goes On” showcases Sheeran’s extraordinary songwriting ability. 

The new country song has a softer tone than his other tracks, like “Thinking Out Loud” and “Shape of You,” yet it still tells a great story.

One of the more potent lyrics is “Easy come, hard go / Then life goes on.” 

12. “Hurricane” by Parker McCollum

Do you feel as if you recognize this country song’s intro even though you haven’t heard the actual lyrics? 

Yes, this new country song does have similar guitar riffs as the Friends theme song. 

Like the Friends theme, the intro to “Hurricane” does a wonderful job of creating a sense of anticipation.

McCollum sings about the way a woman enters and exits his life so dramatically that one day they’ll name a hurricane after her. 

McCollum always does his best to showcase his talent while also being true to himself. 

13. “Saint Ferdinand” by Lauren Daigle

“Saint Ferdinand” is a delightful folksy new country song featuring Natalie Hemby and Jon Batiste. 

You might recognize Batiste as The Late Show Stephen Colbert’s musical right-hand man. 

The trio provides a campfire feel in the ode to a street in Batiste and Daigle’s hometown of New Orleans. 

Batiste’s soulful mellotron and Hemby’s harmonies elevate this geographical ballad to new heights.

14. “Mama’s Eyes” by Tenille Arts

This is a new country song that is perfect for Mother’s Day or any other day of the year.

Tenille Arts sings about seeing the similarities between her and her mother. 

She longingly laments that she doesn’t have the one thing about her mother she’s always wanted: her mother’s eyes. 

Her mother has always been able to see the silver lining and overcome any problem in her path. 

Arts wishes she had that ability too. 

“Mama’s Eyes” is a heartwarming song about relying on your mother (or mother figure) to guide you down the right path.

15. “Forget About You” by Bailey Zimmerman

“Forget About You” is a cinematic new country song that includes imagery of bare feet and dark pine trees. 

You can hear the singer’s unresolved sadness and heartbreak towards the song’s subject. 

Zimmerman’s strong vocals on the chorus do an excellent job of capturing that feeling.

Bailey Zimmerman entered the country music industry through TikTok.

He then became popular with his tracks “Fall In Love” and “Rock And A Hard Place.” 

He later received a nomination for New Male Country Artist of the Year at the ACM Awards.

16. “Women In My Life” by Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt dedicated his new country song to all the women in his life who taught him valuable life lessons. 

His voice is rough as he reminisces on the experiences he’s had, including going on dates, summer flings, and relationship troubles.

The song is perfect for appreciating any woman in your life.

17. “Love You Anyway” by Luke Combs

Luke Combs is an established superstar in the country music industry. 

Combs released “Love You Anyway,” a raw country/love ballad, right before Valentine’s Day. 

Although the song has got a pleasant tune, its superb composition makes it stand out.

This new country song expresses a love that is so strong that it can withstand even heartbreak. 

The ballad sounds more like poetry than country music in a sea of love songs on country radio. 

Still, it serves as a breath of fresh air for Combs’ fans.

Combs flawlessly blends modern vocal delivery with organic production components on this great new country song.

18. “Tennessee Orange” by Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney added the color ‘orange’ to her love ballad to refer to the University of Georgia vs. the University of Tennessee football rivalry. 

The main concept of this new country song is that Moroney’s romantic partner supports UT, whereas her family supports Georgia. 

Megan’s song may seem superficial to some as she sings about college football angst. 

But the song is mainly about deeper feelings for families, and love, and how challenging balancing those may be at times.

You might not understand why college football rivalry is so popular if you’re not a sports fan or romance novel addict. 

Yet, you can still appreciate Megan Moroney’s raspy twang when you listen to this.

This new country song gives an intriguing perspective on the South’s deep-seated devotion and allegiance to college football.

19. “Tough Crowd” by Jason Aldean

To honor the fans he sees when he’s on stage every night, Jason Aldean tips his cowboy hat in their direction as a sign of gratitude in this song. 

This new country song makes us think of going to a concert through the use of crowd noise and splicing guitars.

Aldean then uses each of the verses in a list-like fashion to highlight the variety of fans who stand in front of the stage and support him every night. 

20. “Can She Have This Dance?” by Drew Baldridge

This wonderful song came out before the Mother’s Day weekend.

Drew Baldridge, who recently got married, wrote this new country song for his mother-son dance. 

And of course, it was very well-received by his mother, wife, and fans everywhere. 

It’s an emotional, heartfelt song in which Baldridge asks his wife if his mother can steal him away for the next song. 

This song is perfect for weddings, Mother’s Day celebrations, and heartwarming nostalgia.

Best New Country Songs – Final Thoughts

That’s it, folks – the best new country songs released this year!

As the music industry grows each day, the statistics for these songs will change for better or for worse.

Every week, fans wait with bated breath for new country songs. 

Fans are quick to change their mind, but the most loyal ones stick with their favorites through thick and thin.

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