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25 Best Milwaukee Rappers (Most Famous)

December 6, 2023
milwaukee rappers

I’ve compiled a list of the best Milwaukee rappers, showcasing the unique talent and gritty, authentic sounds emerging from this vibrant city.

This article delves into the artists who are putting Milwaukee on the map in the hip-hop world with their innovative and powerful music.

Best Milwaukee rappers

  • DC the Don
  • Destinee Lynn
  • K Camp
  • YBN Kenny
  • Coo Coo Cal
  • Solowke
  • Lakeyah
  • 54 Baby Trey
  • MT Twins
  • K’moni

1. DC the Don

DC the Don is one of the finest Milwaukee rappers, known for his prolific songwriting and success in the Midwestern rap scene. 

At eight years old, he wrote his first songs before releasing an official single, “Everything 1K,” in 2017.

DC loved basketball and represented the Amateur Athletic Union in his teenage years. 

Today, he’s had a successful music career, ranking among the best Milwaukee rappers. 

2. Destinee Lynn

Destinee Lynn is another rapper doing everything to put Milwaukee on the global map.

From a young age, Destinee has always focused on the target, lighting up the Midwestern city with empowering anthems that never go unnoticed.

Some of her best songs include “Play’n Wit Me,” “Who Is Dat,” and “What Could Have Been,” all of which have put her among the best Milwaukee rappers.

If Destinee’s magical voice doesn’t catch your attention, her emotion-packed stage performances certainly will, making her one of the best performers in the Milwaukee entertainment industry and one of the best female rappers

3. K Camp

Kristopher Thomas Campbell, or K Camp, is a Milwaukee rapper who went viral with the 2019 “Lottery (Renegade)” hit single.

The American rapper was born in Milwaukee in 1990 and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. 

His tough background pushed him into music, perfecting his craft in high school before releasing his first EP, In Due Time, in 2014.

K Camp has mentioned rappers Andre 3000, The Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac Shakur as his biggest influences. 

4. YBN Kenny

Milwaukee rapper YBN Kenny was destined for the top before tragic incidents almost brought his career to an abrupt end. 

He was one of the fastest-rising rappers in the Milwaukee rap scene before he was severely shot in 2019 at the Summer Jam concert.

YBN Kenny might be paralyzed after the shooting incident but won’t give up his dreams of flying Brew City’s flag worldwide. 

5. Coo Coo Cal

The legendary American rapper Calvin Bellamy, also known as Coo Coo Cal, is one of the greatest names from Milwaukee.

He’s been active in the music industry since the mid-1990s with his 2001 hit single, “My Projects,” topping the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. 

Coo Coo Cal released his debut album, Walkin’ Dead, in 1999 before following it up with a second album, Disturbed, in 2001.

There’s no doubt Coo Coo Cal would have been one of the biggest names in the Milwaukee rap scene today.

But his shocking fall from grace has always left many unanswered questions. 

Some argue his drug addiction might have caused his downfall.

Others also claim his bad decisions and indiscipline sabotaged his music career.

Whatever he’s up to these days, there’s no denying Coo Coo Cal was one of the most influential names in Milwaukee’s rap scene at the height of his career.

6. Solowke

Solowke proudly represents Milwaukee with his tattoos and music.

He’s been involved in everything good happening in the Midwestern city since he completed his 26-month prison sentence in 2021. 

His influence goes beyond music, constantly mentoring young people to lead meaningful lives while using their talent to bring the change they wish to see. 

7. Lakeyah

Lakeyah is an upcoming Milwaukee rapper taking significant strides in the city’s rap scene. 

She only started her career in 2020 but is already getting attention with her Time’s Up debut album and the hit single “Female Goat”.

Lakeyah has also worked with Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty as its brand ambassador, further cementing her popularity in the modern entertainment industry.

If there’s one Milwaukee artist with massive potential to rule the music charts for years, it has to be the massively talented female rapper.

8. 54 Baby Trey

If you’ve been following the Milwaukee rap scene, you may already know 54 Baby Trey, the man with an unmistakable voice that’s becoming more and more popular amongst the city’s hip-hop faithful.

Despite being around for only a short time, 54 Baby Trey is already building a solid following in Milwaukee, with successful hit singles like “Let Me Fall,” “Put My City On,” and “BD or Be Dead”.

He brags about his rapping skills in most songs and is a must-have name on your playlist.

9. MT Twins

You can never go wrong with MT Twins when looking for Milwaukee’s most naturally talented hip-hop duo.

MT Twins is a brotherly duo (Dexxx and Donno Sanders) that ruled the Milwaukee rap scene until 2020 when they took a hiatus.

They distinguished themselves with uncompromising lyrics and memorable stage performances, becoming widely popular throughout the American city. 

Some of the duo’s best songs include “Tell Me,” “Hood Superstars,” and “223”.

10. K’moni

K’moni is a celebrated Milwaukee rapper who rose to fame in 2015 with the hit singles “Dey Don’t Know” and “YIFWU”. 

The multitalented rapper has also excelled as a record engineer, model, and actress, making a name for herself in the city’s entertainment industry. 

K’moni has found a way to connect with contemporary rap music lovers by becoming more melodic in recent years. 

11. Lil Chicken (Chicken P)

If you follow Milwaukee’s music, you will know Lil Chicken, the city’s trendsetter enjoying massive YouTube video views since announcing his arrival to the city’s rap scene a few years ago. 

He’s released some of the best rap songs in Milwaukee, including “Fast Cash Babies,” which has garnered over 2 million YouTube views.

Anyone following Milwaukee rap music won’t be surprised by Lil Chicken’s recent successes considering his dedication, insane flow, and incredible dance moves. 

12. Mari Boy Mula Mar

We would have labeled Mari Boy Mula Mar the most radical Milwaukee rapper right now, but we want to be as objective as possible in our analysis. 

So, we will let you decide where he fits in the city’s rap scene.

But make no mistake. 

Mari Boy is one of the most talented rappers from Milwaukee, with a soft, rhythmic style that sets him apart from his peers. 

He’s just as melodic as some of the greatest rappers in the world. 

And when he combines that with his funny bars, you realize why he’s one of Milwaukee’s most precious gifts. 

Get immersed into Mari’s music in songs like “Owls,” “Tony Snell,” and “Compliments”. 

13. SME Taxfree

SME Taxfree is one of the best upcoming Milwaukee rappers right now. 

He launched his rap career in 2018 and is already building a loyal fan base throughout the Midwest with hits such as “2 am In L.A.,” “Still On Tour,” and “Stop Hustlin”.

Everybody’s excited to see what the future holds for this talented hip-hop artist from Cream City. 

14. IshDARR

IshDARR is a naturally talented artist you should listen to his songs if you love hip-hop music. 

Born Ishmael Ali, the Wisconsin native started writing lyrics, freestyling, and making music at a young age, perfecting his craft in high school before becoming a rapper through the iLL Collective. 

He took his music career seriously in 2015, a year after graduating from Messmer High School. 

The Milwaukee rapper has released three mix tapes, two EPs, and several hit singles throughout a promising career that can only get better in the future.

15. Mike Mike

Mike Mike cites fellow Milwaukee rappers Gwapo Chapo and Lowend Zelly as his biggest influences.

He also mentions Loon Babie as another popular artist who significantly impacted his life, pushing him to pursue his musical aspirations.

Today, Mike Mike ranks among the best Milwaukee rappers, a name he’s built through years of hard work and a crisp rapping style. 

16. Cap Drive Montana

It’s interesting to see how far Milwaukee rap has come. 

And one of the names often cited as the pioneer of the city’s contemporary rap music is Cap Drive Montana.

Starting his career in 2017, Cap knew what he wanted after releasing a successful debut single, “Extortion,” to capture the fans’ attention. 

In recent years, the Milwaukee rapper has managed to revive his career after spending time behind bars,  

18. Zed Kenzo

Zed Kenzo’s seamless blend of rap and trap music has made her one of the best Milwaukee rappers to listen to in 2023.

She deviates from the typical regional sounds for a more personal expression that resonates with many listeners.   

Her style may divide opinions, but true hip-hop lovers know that Zed Kenzo is one of the most promising names in the Milwaukee rap scene.

After a short hiatus, her 2022 EP, Zechariah, solidified her name in the rap scene, showcasing her limitless potential and ability to combine different styles and elements without losing the message. 

Unlike many rappers, Zed isn’t obsessed with fame and status.

She prioritizes self-fulfillment and happiness, making her one of the best Milwaukee rappers in 2023. 

19. Spidey Mayweather

Spidey Mayweather is another well-known Milwaukee rapper who made a name for himself with the “Goat” hit single.

He accused fellow Milwaukee rapper Lakeyah of stealing the same song but has continued entertaining his fans with new hit singles. 

20. MarijuanaXO

There’s nothing impossible in Milwaukee.

And if anybody ever doubted the growth of the city’s rap scene over the years, they should listen to MarijuanaXO’s “Sport Mode”.

The dance-ready banger became one of the city’s best songs of 2022, putting MarijuanaXO in the spotlight as one of the best performers from the region.

You can listen to the rapper’s passionate lyricism in his other hit singles, “Shake Back,” “Fire Brings Ice,” and “My Brother”.

21. Looney Babie

Looney Babie is another popular rapper who has proven that the great American city has much more going on than the typical breweries.  

The Milwaukee rapper has showcased his versatility in most of his solo projects and collaborations, delivering new singles such as “Drill,” “My Baby,” and “Look at Me Now”.

Over the years, the Wisconsin rapper has put his troubled life away to build an inspiring career.

22. Jaja P

Jaja P is another honorable mention among the best Milwaukee rappers in 2023.

He solidified his name in the city’s rap scene with the “Celine” hit single, a song about his personal life.

Jaja P’s other popular hits include “Ride Wit Me,” “Keep Grinding,” and “Out On Bond”.

23. Gwapo Chapo

Gwapo Chapo has collaborated with Looney Babie on many projects and is known for his hard-hitting street rap that often keeps local hip-hop lovers entertained. 

Some have nicknamed him the “King of Milwaukee,” and he is best known for the hit singles “All Racks,” “Sound Good,” “and “32 Bars”.

You can find Gwapo’s songs on SoundCloud, Spotify, or YouTube. 

24. Big WAN

Dawan Turner, commonly known as Big WAN, was a fast-rising Milwaukee rapper tragically shot and killed in 2021 at only 19.

Up to the time of his death, Turner had a promising career and looked set to dominate the city’s rap scene for years after releasing the hit singles “Fast Lane Lifestyle,” “Egg Shells,” and “8ight Blocks”.

25. Lil Axion

The last name on our list is an upcoming Milwaukee artist doing everything right to be among the city’s best rappers.

Lil Axion might not be the most popular name in Milwaukee’s rap scene, but he’ll surely get there.

He’s young, talented, hardworking, and with all the essential tools to rise to the top of the music charts. 

He’s slowly building his audience, with over 60,000 YouTube video views as of 2023 and many fans rapping to some of his best songs. 

Best Milwaukee Rappers – Final Thoughts

Milwaukee’s rap scene relies on massively talented artists, a wave of upcoming rappers, and hard-hitting lyrics. 

Of course, Milwaukee still has a long way to go to match its close neighbors Chicago and Detroit.

But it’s on the right path, considering the recent wave of upcoming artists proudly flying the city’s flag on the biggest stage.

We hope our list of the 25 best Milwaukee rappers has provided helpful insight into the city’s rap scene and helped you know the best artists from the Midwestern city to listen to their songs right now. 

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