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25 Best Baltimore Rappers (Most Famous)

December 14, 2023
baltimore rappers

I’ve put together a list of the best Baltimore rappers, showcasing the talented artists emerging from this city’s unique and vibrant hip-hop scene.

This article is a deep dive into the voices and stories that represent Baltimore’s contribution to the ever-evolving world of rap.

Top Baltimore rappers

  • Young Moose
  • 4kMicheal
  • Miss Kam
  • Shordie Shordie
  • Baby Kahlo
  • Butch Dawson
  • YG Teck
  • YTK
  • Chris Cassius
  • King Los

1. Young Moose

The “Dumb Dumb” hitmaker kickstarts our list of the best Baltimore rappers in 2023.

Kevron Evans, commonly known as Young Moose, is a prolific Baltimore rapper who’s been active in the city’s rap scene for the past few years.

His relatable lyrics focus on the environment and personal experiences, making a lasting impression on local audiences.

2. 4kMicheal

4kMicheal has been one of the most influential figures in the Baltimore City alternative rap scene over the past few years. 

He gives the listeners something unique with a fusion of pop, punk, and rap elements.

The most interesting thing about the Nigerian-born American rapper is that he connects with his audiences personally, writing lyrics that many people can easily relate to. 

4kMicheal could be the next big thing in Baltimore’s hip-hop industry if his recent projects are anything to go by.

3. Miss Kam

Miss Kam is easily West Baltimore’s finest female rapper right now.

She’s unapologetically the queen of Charm City’s rap scene, known for her hard-hitting, honest lyrics and confident attitude.

Miss Kam started her career with the Birthday Pack EP, showcasing her quality and ability to spit hard-hitting lyrics effortlessly while keeping her fans entertained. 

Some of her best songs include “Let It Simmer,” “FTCU,” and “No Bluffin’”.

4. Shordie Shordie

Shordie Shordie is a Baltimore rapper who rose to fame with the Pesa Da Mafia rap trio before starting his solo career a few years later.

One of his best projects was a 2018 mix tape, Captain Hook, where he raps about his street life and relationship struggles.

Shordie has a unique style that blends singing and rapping and has achieved success with many projects, including the Memory Lane album featuring Murda Beatz. 

He’s also remembered for the hit singles “Betchua (Bitchuary),” “Lonely,” and “Holidays”.

5. Baby Kahlo

Baby Kahlo is an exceptional West Baltimore rapper who deserves more attention from hip-hop music lovers.

She switched from visual art to hip-hop music and has been one of Baltimore’s best performers in recent years. 

She might be too talkative sometimes, but Baby’s pure talent in rapping and singing is there for everyone to see. 

Her brilliant fashion sense complements her music and strikes many as the colorful American rapper ready to take on her counterparts from East Baltimore when called upon. 

Kahlo’s stage performances are all about pulsating energy and good vibes, constantly sharing infectious lyrics in songs like “Talk My $hit” and “Multiply”. 

6. Butch Dawson

Butch Dawson is another rapper from West Baltimore, making a name for himself as an experimental artist from Charm City. 

He takes a lot of inspiration from melodic jazz and heavy bass, producing a unique sound that hip-hop music lovers find irresistible. 

Butch’s 2018 Swamp Boy mix tape became one of the year’s best projects, with 8 tracks to earn him a legion of followers in Baltimore. 

7. YG Teck

YG Teck is a fast-rising West Baltimore rapper who faced a difficult childhood.

The dangerous West Baltimore neighborhood prepared the young rapper for the troubles of the rap industry, always showing it in most of his songs. 

YG has experienced it all at a young age, from violence to corruption and drug dealing. 

He shares his experiences with the Baltimore youth, encouraging them to find their purpose in life.

That has made YG Teck one of the best Baltimore rappers in 2023. 

8. YTK

YTK is among the new rappers taking over the Baltimore rap scene with alternative rap music.

He hails from northeast Baltimore and distinguishes himself with his poetic lyricism that often leaves fans craving more.

YTK is as lyrical as most of his peers, combining his smooth vocals with perfect piano strokes to give the local fans a unique style. 

The Baltimore rapper rose to prominence with his 2021 hit, “Let It Off,” inspired by Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off”. 

And it wasn’t long before the local audience recognized his immense talent, instantly connecting with fans from other regions.

Today, YTK lives partially in Los Angeles, working tirelessly to cement his name among the greatest Baltimore rappers of all time. 

9. Chris Cassius

Chris Cassius is another up-and-coming rapper making his presence felt in the city’s rap scene with his Merry 6mas mix tape.

He’s featured on several local blogs, magazines, and publications, besides working with celebrated Baltimore rappers such as Deetranda Heymisskam. 

He’s a versatile rapper who tells true stories in most of his songs, with local fans falling in love with his music every day. 

10. King Los

Carlos Coleman, better known as King Los, is another Baltimore native who began his career in 2005 with the Bad Boy Records record label.

He crafted his rapping skills as an 18-year-old student, centering his early compositions on his father’s tragic murder.

His discography includes several mix tapes, 2 EPs, and countless singles that quickly established him among the best Baltimore rappers. 

11. Bossman

The next Baltimore rapper on our list is Travis Holifield, also known as Jimmy Hash or Bossman.

He was born in Maryland and debuted through DJ Kayslay’s mix tapes before cementing his name with the N.E.K. rap crew.

Bossman’s debut album, Law & Order, came out in 2004, and he’s since recorded 5 more albums, including The Re-Up (2010), Law & Order II (2017), The Gift (2019), Power (2019), and Target Practice (2020). 

He’s also released several mix tapes and hit singles to become one of the most successful Baltimore rappers. 


Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, commonly known as JPEGMAFIA, has been active in the Baltimore rap scene for over a decade, writing songs from his time in the military.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1989 and relocated to Alabama at 13 to escape racism in his native town.

At 18, he joined the US Air Force while living in Louisiana, serving a tour of duty in Kuwait, Iraq, North Africa, Japan, and Germany. 

Hendricks was discharged from the military a few years later and relocated to Baltimore to focus on his music career.

He adopted the JPEGMAFIA stage name during this period and released the Communist Slow Jams mix tape in 2015. 

He achieved critical success with a 2018 album, Veteran, before following up with All My Heroes Are Cornballs a year later.

JPEGMAFIA has established himself among the best Baltimore rappers, best known for the singles “Hazard Duty Pay,” “Rebound,” and “Tired, Nervous & Broke”.

13. Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks is another massive name in the Baltimore rap scene, who rose to fame with 50 Cent’s East Coast rap group, G-Unit. 

The Baltimore native released his debut solo album, The Hunger for More, in 2004, featuring the successful hit singles “Rotten Apple” and “On Fire”.

He boasts African American and Puerto Rican roots and is rated among the most influential Baltimore rappers of his time. 

Besides his successful music career, Lloyd has been featured in films and TV shows, including Before I Self Destruct, Morning Glory, and Sleepless. 

14. Blaqstarr

Blaqstarr is a jack of all trades in Baltimore’s entertainment industry.

He’s a rapper, DJ, singer, and producer best remembered for his projects with British singer, M.I.A.

He enjoyed mainstream success in the early 2000s with the “Jiggle It,” “Ryda Girl,” and “Get My Gun” hit singles, and has been a prominent figure in Charm City’s rap scene. 

15. K-Swift

The late Khia Danielle Edgerton, known as K-Swift, was one of Baltimore’s best DJs until her sudden demise in 2008.

She thrived in the city’s entertainment industry with her much loved The Jumpoff mix tape series, ultimately leaving her mark in the rap scene.

Apart from her music career, the Baltimore native also owned a Graphics Company, putting her at the center of all the good things in the city at the time.

Sadly, K-Swift lost her life on July 21, 2008, in a swimming pool incident after a night of entertaining her fans. 

16. Bandhunta Izzy

Bandhunta Izzy is a Baltimore rapper best known for the hit singles “I Got It,” “Rumors,” and “BBB”.

The Maryland-born rapper faced a difficult childhood marred with poverty and violence before putting himself among the city’s best rappers many years later.

He got his breakthrough in 2017 with the Code Blue album before cementing his name in the Baltimore rap scene with 4 more studio albums; That’s Pretty Gangsta, Invite Only, 24 Hours, and Life Goes On. 

17. K.A.A.N.

K.A.A.N distinguishes himself from most Baltimore rappers with his fast-paced rhyming and cynical lyrics that often tackle serious issues such as mental health, politics, religion, and abuse. 

He was born in Maryland in 1991 and got his inspiration from Tupac Shakur, Mac Miller, and Wiz Khalifa, releasing his first song in 2014.

He rose to fame with a music video for his “KAANCEPTS” song before releasing more hit singles, mix tapes, and EPs.

While K.A.A.N. currently lives in Los Angeles, he’s been one of the biggest names from the Baltimore rap scene over the past few years. 

18. Deetranada

No doubt one of the most gifted female Baltimore rappers right now.

The young American rapper stuns her fans with the unmistakable Charm City accent, bringing fresh energy into Baltimore’s rap scene while singing about her struggles to reach the top.

She started her music career as a teenage artist, recording and sharing her videos on YouTube.

And in a short span, curious fans had recognized her massive talent and powerful lyrics in songs such as “Attitude,” “Stepback,” and “Know Me”.

19. Roddy Rackzz

Roddy Rackzz is commonly associated with his successful albums Realest Richest Youngin, The One, and They Wanna Hear.

While some assume he’s from Los Angeles, Roddy was born in Baltimore and quickly became popular with his melodic rap songs packed with true stories of street life. 

A quick look at the Baltimore native’s discography shows a promising rapper spitting hard-hitting lyrics and slick rhymes with a bright future ahead.

20. NOE

Duane Stacy Bridgeford, sometimes called NOE, is best known for his time with the ByrdGang hip-hop group.

Like most Baltimore rappers, NOE had a troubled childhood and teenage life, getting arrested twice for alleged drug dealing and gun violation.

Despite his troubled early life, NOE built his music career through rapper Jim Jones.

He’s released several mix tapes and 2 studio albums throughout an illustrious career that’s likely to extend beyond 2023 despite the lengthy silence. 

21. Rye Rye

Rye Rye is one of the best female Baltimore rappers in 2023.

She started performing at 16 before meeting fellow Baltimore rapper, Blaqstarr for her first projects.

The two collaborated on “Shake It To The Ground” in 2006, putting the female rapper in the spotlight as the future of Baltimore music.

In early 2009, Rye Rye was among the top up-and-coming young singers thanks to the singles “Hardcore Girls” and “Bang”

She started acting in 2012 with an appearance in the 21 Jump Street film.

22. Rome Cee

Rome Cee became one of the most promising talents in Baltimore’s rap scene in 2010 when he released a collaborative record alongside Justin Ambush. 

He increased his popularity after signing for the Under Sound Music record label, releasing a new album, The Extra Mile, with Sean Price.

Today, the Baltimore rapper has released 4 studio albums, one mix tape, and 2 featured hit singles. 

23. Ill Conscious 

Lavar Clark, also known as III Conscious, is a Baltimore rapper signed to the Street Legal Entertainment record label.

He launched his music career in 2005 and has released 4 mix tapes, 2 studio albums, and several hit singles. 

24. Tate Kobang

Tate Kobang is one of the most popular names from Baltimore, with a career extending beyond a decade.

He rose to fame in 2015 with a remixed version of the “Bank Rolls” hit single and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Tate was raised in Northeast Baltimore before relocating to Pennsylvania in his teenage years. 

He dropped out of school to pursue his music career, and a sudden turn of events in 2013 meant he had to provide for his 8 siblings at only 21.

This prompted him to push beyond the limits, becoming one of the best Baltimore rappers in 2023. 

25. YBS Skola

YBS Skola is a young American rapper proudly representing Baltimore City.

He started his career with the late Lor Scoota’s YBS group, releasing club-friendly bangers that appealed to local audiences.  

YBS Skola grew up in Edmondson and started his career at a young age, thanks to the encouragement from his supportive family and fellow YBS group members.

He shares messages of hope in most of his songs while reflecting on street life.

Inspired by Meek Mill and Lil Durk, YBS Skola might be the next big thing in the Baltimore rap scene. 

Best Baltimore Rappers – Final Thoughts

Anybody visiting Baltimore appreciates the city’s crab cakes and its storied history. 

But like many US cities, Baltimore offers much more than just the delicious fishcake. 

It is home to unmatched museums with a thriving arts culture and successful sports teams. 

Most importantly, Baltimore has many talented rappers thriving on the biggest stage.

Check out these 25 best Baltimore rappers and their best songs for a taste of East Coast hip hop.

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