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12 Best Doja Cat Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

May 16, 2023
Best doja cat songs

Doja Cat is a genre-bending artist who’s become an international sensation in recent years.

Her unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and electro-pop has propelled her to the forefront of modern music.

Along with these full-length releases, she’s released a handful of singles that have gone on to become fan favorites.

She’s dropped several projects since then, including her critically acclaimed album Hot Pink.

So let’s get started! Doja Cat has been making waves with her infectious beats and playful lyrics.

Enjoy our list of the best Doja Cat songs of all time!

1. “Streets”

Doja Cat has quickly risen to prominence in the music industry, captivating audiences with her distinct style.

Her hit singles, including “Streets”, have catapulted her to success and solidified her position as one of the top artists of her generation.

“Streets” is an irresistible track with an infectious and lively melody that will have you grooving along effortlessly.

Doja Cat’s clever lyricism throughout the song showcases her sharp wit and artistic prowess, leaving a lasting impression.

The production of “Streets” is sleek and polished, allowing the lyrics to take center stage.

Overall, this song is an undeniable standout and a testament to Doja Cat’s immense talent – unquestionably one of her finest works.

2. “Love To Dream”

Doja Cat has made a name for herself with her unique sound and creative lyrics, and her greatest hits are no exception.

Her latest single, “Love To Dream”, is no different – it’s an infectious, upbeat track that will have you singing along in no time.

With its catchy chorus and clever production, this song is sure to be one of Doja Cat’s most memorable hits.

Whether you’re looking for something to dance to or just need a feel-good bop, “Love To Dream” is the perfect choice.

3. “Say So”

“Say So” is one of Doja Cat’s most popular songs and it is easy to see why.

The production is upbeat and catchy, with a blend of hip-hop and R&B elements that makes it stand out from other tracks.

Lyrically, the song speaks of self-empowerment, as Doja Cat encourages listeners to take control of their lives and follow their dreams.

“Say So” has become an anthem for many fans who appreciate its message and infectious beat.

It’s no surprise that this track has become one of Doja Cat’s most beloved singles, as it perfectly encapsulates her unique sound and persona.

4. “Ain’t Shit”

“Ain’t Shit” stands as a timeless gem in Doja Cat’s discography, hailed as one of her most iconic hits.

Doja Cat’s distinctive vocal style infuses the track with an infectious energy that immediately captivates listeners.

The production of this song is impeccable, featuring powerful drum beats and seamless synths that provide an irresistible backdrop for this electrifying anthem.

In summary, “Ain’t Shit” is an undeniable banger that solidifies its well-deserved position among Doja Cat’s greatest hits.

It is a must-listen for any ardent fan of the artist, showcasing her exceptional talent and unique musicality.

5. “You Right”

“You Right” stands as a contemporary masterpiece, showcasing Doja Cat’s remarkable talent in blending hip-hop and R&B.

This track is an absolute bop, characterized by a captivating chorus and an irresistible beat that will have you grooving along.

The production of this song is exceptional, with Doja Cat’s charismatic flow and alluring vocals seamlessly intertwining with the bassline and keys.

Her ingenious wordplay throughout the verses adds an extra layer of enjoyment, leaving listeners craving for more of her musical prowess.

Undoubtedly, “You Right” will etch its place as one of Doja Cat’s greatest hits, destined to be remembered as a modern classic that embodies her artistic brilliance.

6. “Vegas”

“Vegas” is certainly one of Doja Cat’s greatest hits.

A bouncy and upbeat jam, it has all the makings of a chart-topping song.

The production on this track is top-notch and shows off Doja Cat’s ability to craft an infectious beat with just the right amount of sass.

Her carefree attitude shines through the lyrics, which are both provocative and cleverly written.

It’s no wonder that “Vegas” has become such a fan favorite – its catchy chorus, fun verses, and undeniable energy make it an absolute bop.

This song is sure to stick around in Doja Cat’s discography for years to come as one of her all-time classics.

7. “Kiss Me More”

Shifting gears from the energetic bop, “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat ft. SZA presents an alluring slow jam.

With SZA contributing to the chorus, Doja Cat guides us through a voyage of self-love and sensuality, creating an intimate atmosphere.

The mellow drum kicks and delicate synths create a seductive backdrop for Doja Cat’s confident vocal delivery.

In “Kiss Me More”, Doja Cat masterfully captures the essence of being in love yet unable to express it fully.

Her soulful singing elevates the song, solidifying its place as one of her standout tracks to date—a must-have addition to any fan’s collection of greatest hits.

8. “Best Friend”

“Best Friend” by Saweetie ft. Doja Cat perfectly encapsulates Doja Cat’s distinctive style and exemplifies an absolute bop.

With its irresistible chorus and captivating beat, it comes as no surprise that this track has quickly become one of the rapper’s most beloved songs.

Doja Cat’s lyrics in the song revolve around the celebration of genuine friendship, expressing gratitude for those who consistently provide support and reliability.

The verses showcase Doja Cat’s prowess in delivering clever wordplay and witty lines that seamlessly blend with the infectious rhythm.

It’s undeniable why “Best Friend” holds a significant position among Doja Cat’s greatest hits, as it effortlessly captures the essence and importance of true friendship.

9. “Tia Tamera”

Let’s reimagine this song article to delve into the mesmerizing track titled “Tia Tamera” by Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty is a song that undeniably stands as one of the most cherished in Doja Cat’s discography.

Encompassing all the essential elements of catchy hooks, velvety vocals, and an irresistible beat, this composition exudes a timeless allure that captivates listeners.

The song has garnered immense praise for its powerful celebration of female beauty and unwavering resilience, serving as an empowering anthem that encourages embracing one’s true self and defying societal limitations.

With its captivating essence, “Tia Tamera” becomes a compelling ode to self-love and unshakable confidence, luring listeners to wholeheartedly join in the infectious chorus.

Doja Cat has undeniably crafted a gem that transcends time with “Tia Tamera”, solidifying its rightful place among her greatest hits and leaving an indelible mark on her musical journey.

10. “Woman”

Doja Cat has had an impressive career in the music industry, and her songs have been praised for their unique blend of hip-hop and R&B.

She has become a powerhouse in the music world, and her songs are among some of the most popular hits of all time.

Her hit single “Woman” is a celebration of femininity and female empowerment, with its captivating chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

The song is both catchy and anthemic, with Doja’s powerful vocal delivery reminding us why she’s become such an icon in the music industry.

It’s hard not to be moved by this track, and it serves as a reminder of Doja’s immense talent and artistry.

This song is sure to remain one of Doja Cat’s greatest hits for years to come.

11. “Candy”

“Candy” is a prime example of Doja Cat’s creativity and talent.

The track has an infectious beat that will make you want to dance, while Doja Cat’s playful rap verse keeps your attention.

Her unique voice and delivery style shine through the catchy chorus, making this one of the most memorable songs in her catalog.

This song is a must-have for any fan of Doja Cat, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen!

12. “Been Like This”

Revisiting the song article, let’s delve into the exceptional track titled “Been Like This”, which undeniably stands as an absolute classic.

From the funky guitar riffs that permeate the composition to the velvety and soulful vocals delivered by Doja Cat, this song encompasses all the elements of an extraordinary musical experience.

The infectious beat that kicks off the track sets the perfect tone, complemented by Doja Cat’s enchanting voice that effortlessly weaves its magic throughout.

The chorus, in particular, shines with its powerful impact and captivating hook, leaving a lasting impression that will have you joyfully singing along.

“Been Like This” undoubtedly stands as one of Doja Cat’s finest songs to date, making it an essential listen for any devoted fan.

This iconic hit possesses a timeless quality that ensures its relevance and appeal for years to come.

Best Doja Cat Songs – Final Thoughts

The compilation of the best Doja Cat songs showcases the undeniable impact she has made on the music industry.

It is evident that Doja Cat’s influence and presence will continue to resonate and thrive in the years ahead.

Doja Cat has firmly established herself as a significant figure in today’s music scene, thanks to her distinctive fusion of genres, seamlessly blending hip-hop and R&B.

Whether you are a newcomer to Doja Cat’s artistry or a devoted fan, these twelve songs are guaranteed to keep you immersed in their captivating rhythms and melodies, ensuring an enjoyable and groovy experience.

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