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LimeWire releases new AI music creation platform, dubbed the AI Music Studio

December 13, 2023
Limewire AI

Key Takeaways

  • LimeWire, the ex-P2P file-sharing platform, has made a comeback in the field of generative AI.
  • They’ve released the “AI Music Studio,” an AI platform for creating music from text or images.
  • It enables users to publish and monetize music via the platform’s cryptocurrency token.

LimeWire, a name once synonymous with peer-to-peer file sharing and notorious for its legal battles over copyright infringement, has made a comeback.

From its roots in file sharing, being the primary administrator of the now-vintage meme ‘Rickrolls’ (90s people, we see you), LimeWire has reinvented itself as a platform dedicated to AI-powered music creation.  

The AI Music Studio is the world’s first AI and blockchain-integrated platform, designed to democratize music creation and enable users to own and monetize their work.

Paul Zehetmayr, co-CEO of LimeWire, said of the launch: “The launch of LimeWire AI Music Studio represents a groundbreaking technological milestone, symbolizing not only a stride forward in our pursuit of innovation but a profound commitment to fostering creativity within the dynamic landscape of modern content creation.”

This marks yet another milestone in generative AI’s impact on the music industry. We’ve seen virtual festivals, voice cloning, and controversies relating to copyright and intellectual property. 

How LimeWire AI Music Studio works

LimeWire AI Music Studio enables users to generate full-length music tracks using text prompts or images. So, you can upload a photo and use that to create music – which is pretty unique.

After receiving the inputs, the AI uses its generative tools to create music based on the provided descriptions or images. This process utilizes advanced AI algorithms, likely drawing on a large dataset of music styles and elements to generate a track that aligns with the request.

Currently, you can enter a text description for a 30-second clip or select a mood, genre, or activity and generate a track of up to 10 minutes.

LimeWire releases new AI music creation platform, dubbed the AI Music Studio 1
The AI Music Studio interface

Once the AI has generated a music track, users can review and publish it on the LimeWire platform. 

You can then earn a share of the ad revenue generated when their shared content on the site is accessed by others from LimeWire’s $LMWR token via the Algorand and Polygon blockchains. 

Strategic partnerships

LimeWire has strategically aligned with various tech giants and music industry players, including Universal Music Group. They say this will enable creators to monetize and distribute their music, claiming ownership by minting their work on the blockchain. 

It’s unclear what AI models LimeWire uses to generate the audio and whether it is their own proprietary AI model.

Our platform is designed to break down barriers, allowing aspiring musicians and creators to unleash their potential with the power of AI

Julian Zehetmayr, LimeWire​.

LimeWire’s roadmap for the future includes the development of a comprehensive AI-enabled audio workstation set for launch in 2024. The expanded workstation is expected to offer more advanced features for editing tracks. 

LimeWire’s controversial history

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) estimated in 2011 that LimeWire was responsible for a staggering $72 trillion in damages due to its role in music file-sharing. 

They’ve tried to detach from this image, with Marcus Feistl, LimeWire’s Chief Operating Officer, stating that the company is now more cautious and meticulous, especially regarding content licensing and sourcing training data for its AI model. 

Feistl emphasized that LimeWire exclusively uses licensed music for its AI training dataset, though precisely how they achieved this remains unknown.

LimeWire’s AI platform is in its own category, but that probably won’t last long as generative AI continues to shape the future of art and music.

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