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15 Easy Beatles Songs On Guitar (Learn to Play in Minutes)

January 25, 2023
The Beatles have a some of the most iconic songs of all time. Even better, most are simple to learn on guitar. Here’s our list of easy Beatles songs on guitar.

Needless to say, The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands of all time.

Their songs are an essential part of music history. 

Therefore, many guitar players want to have Beatles classics in their repertoire.

If you’re a beginner learning how to play guitar, these easy Beatles songs on guitar would be a great place to start! 

1. “Let It Be” 

When thinking about the best Beatles songs of all time, “Let It Be” immediately comes to mind.

The song is a tribute to Paul McCartney’s mother, and it eventually became the group’s signature song.

It’s also one of the easiest Beatles songs to play on guitar.

The only challenging chord is the F major, but if you’ve been taking guitar lessons, you’re probably familiar with it.

2. “Yellow Submarine” 

If you’re looking for some simple Beatles guitar chords, you can also learn “Yellow Submarine.” 

It’s a catchy and uplifting song with easy melodies.

Playing “Yellow Submarine” on guitar requires using 5 chords, but all of them are very common.

The song also has a simple chorus and lyrics, so if you have someone to join you in a sing along, even better!

3. “All You Need Is Love” 

Speaking of catchy and simple Beatles songs, we can’t skip “All You Need Is Love.” 

This Beatles classic is an ultimate feel-good anthem.

And you can learn it on guitar in no time, even if you’re a beginner.

The track is somewhat repetitive, and the chords are relatively easy to memorize.

It’s also a good guitar song  to learn or practice fingerpicking patterns.

4. “Norwegian Wood” 

The Beatles released “Norwegian Wood” on their 1965 album “Rubber Soul.”

It’s also one of the easiest Beatles songs to play on guitar because it revolves around the same four chords.

So, once you learn the chords, you’re ready to perform the song.

That being said, if you have basic guitar skills, you’ll master this popular Beatles tune within hours.

5. “I Saw Her Standing There” 

Another four-chord Beatles song you can learn is “I Saw Her Standing There”, a danceable rock tune recorded in 1963.

The only challenging thing about this song is an upbeat tempo.

But learning this song is also a great way to improve your rhythm.

The chords are not too difficult, so you won’t have any issues in that area.

6. “Don’t Let Me Down” 

“Don’t Let Me Down” was recorded in 1969 during the Let It Be sessions.

It’s widely regarded as one of the Beatles best love songs.

It also features some easy Beatles guitar chords: D major, E-minor 7, and A7. 

This is an easier version, since the song is originally in E.

So it all depends on your previous experience and skills.

7. “Eight Days A Week” 

“Eight Days A Week” is another great Beatles song for guitar beginners. 

The song starts with a fade-in, and that’s the first time this technique had been used on a pop studio recording. 

Nonetheless, the song has an easy strumming pattern and only three chords in the verse.

It also has a faster tempo, so you’ll be able to work on your rhythm.

This type of song is also very fun to learn. 

8. “Can’t Buy Me Love” 

Paul McCartney said “Can’t Buy Me Love” was his attempt to write a bluesy mode.

Well, he certainly created one of the Beatles’ unforgettable hits.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” is also one of the easy Beatles songs for guitar because it has a few chords.

It has a faster tempo, but once you master the chords, that shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you know the song by heart.

9. “A Hard Day’s Night” 

Another fast-paced song that will allow you to work on your rhythm is “A Hard Day’s Night.” 

It’s a beloved Beatles tune released in the film soundtrack of the same name in 1964.

The song topped the charts both in the US and the UK when it came out.

And although it has an upbeat tempo, it’s relatively easy to learn on guitar.

10. “Love Me Do” 

Without a doubt, “Love Me Do” is one of the easiest Beatles songs to play on guitar.

It has only three chords, and a simple, catchy chorus.

“Love Me Do” is also one of The Beatles’ first hits.

It’s taken from the group’s debut studio album “Please Please Me” in 1963.

Therefore, adding this rock classic to your guitar repertoire is a must. 

11. “Come Together”

“Come Together” has a unique, captivating vibe.

So it comes as no surprise that it was covered by many other artists, including Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. 

Although it may seem like a demanding song to learn on guitar, it’s actually suitable for beginners.

And once you grasp the basics, you can experiment with different styles of playing this song.

It’s a great tune to show off your creativity and skills.

12. “Eleanor Rigby”

“Eleanor Rigby” is hands down one of the best Beatles songs.

It’s mysterious, haunting, and beautifully composed.

And with this easy guitar tutorial, you can learn it without hassle.

The song has a simple strumming pattern, and it uses the chords C major and E minor.

And when you feel comfortable with the basics of the song, you can add chord embellishments etc. 

13. “Twist And Shout”

“Twist And Shout” is one of the most popular Beatles songs.

It’s fast and fun, but it’s also not hard to master on guitar.

Playing this timeless Beatles classic requires learning only three chords.

Therefore, you’ll be able to pick it up very quickly.

And if you add vocal lines, you’ll be ready for showtime.

14. “I Should Have Known Better”

“I Should Have Known Better” is a catchy Beatles tune released in 1964.

The song was written and recorded specifically for the Beatles’ movie “A Hard Day’s Night.” 

And it’s a great guitar song for beginners.

The chord progression is very easy.

However, as the tempo is a little faster, you’ll have to take it slowly first and then progress towards the full speed.

15. “All Together Now”

“All Together Now” is a great guitar song for all ages.

It’s cheerful and fast-paced, so learning this song on acoustic guitar will be a fun ride.

You don’t have to worry about memorizing guitar chords and mastering the song’s strumming pattern.

If you have basic guitar skills, it should come to you pretty easily.

Besides, the pattern you’ll use in “All Together Now” can be applied to many other songs, so maybe you’ve already encountered it.

Either way, “All Together Now” is one of the fun, easy Beatles songs you can add to your repertoire. 

Easy Beatles Songs On Guitar – Final Thoughts 

If you want to learn how to play the greatest Beatles hits on guitar, this list is a great starting point.

All of the songs we mentioned today are popular, fun, and easy to learn.

So, take your guitar, pick a tutorial, and start practicing! 

Want an easier way to learn guitar songs? Check out our complete list and reviews of online guitar lessons that work.

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