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20 Best Beatles Love Songs of All Time (Ranked List)

December 11, 2023
best Beatles love songs

I’ve selected the best Beatles love songs of all time, a collection that showcases the timeless romantic appeal of one of the world’s most beloved bands.

This article is a journey through the melodies and lyrics that have made The Beatles synonymous with the universal language of love.

Top Beatles love songs of all time

  • “All You Need Is Love”
  • “Something”
  • “I’ve Just Seen A Face”
  • “If I Fell”
  • “And I Love Her”
  • “Love Me Do”
  • “Here, There And Everywhere”
  • “I Will”
  • “Sexy Sadie”
  • “Eight Days A Week”

1. “All You Need Is Love”

“All You Need Is Love” is arguably one of the group’s most popular songs.

It’s simple, heartwarming and catchy, and it sends a universal message of love.

So it’s not really a romantic song but rather a tune that encourages love towards the world and people around you.

“All You Need Is Love” was Britain’s contribution to Our World, the first live global TV show – and that explains the song’s simplicity and message.

The program was seen by over 400 million people in over 25 countries.

2. “Something”

“Something” is one of the Beatles greatest hits that was life-changing for the group.

It was written by George Harrison who was inspired by his first wife, Pattie Boyd.

So it’s definitely a love song, although there are different interpretations of the lyrics.

Some even claim that it might be about realizing that there’s something wrong in the relationship.

Either way, “Something” is certainly one of the best Beatles love songs.

McCartney once called it the best song Harrison has ever written.

3. “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

“I’ve Just Seen A Face” is not one of The Beatles most popular songs, but it’s great.

It’s uplifting and catchy, and it portrays the excitement of falling in love perfectly.

Lyrically, it’s a song about love at first sight.

And if you don’t believe in it, this track might change your mind.

4. “If I Fell”

“If I Fell” is taken from the group’s album “A Hard Day’s Night”, and it’s one of the best Beatles songs about love.

It’s not a typically romantic song, but rather a thoughtful yet simple song about complex emotions.

The lyrics say that love is more than just holding hands, and that it’s sometimes very risky.

The man in the song seeks reassurance that the woman he likes won’t let him down.

But he is already devoted to someone else so he’s not sure what to do. 

5. “And I Love Her” 

“And I Love Her” is arguably the most famous Beatles love song.

It’s one of the slow Beatles songs with a sentimental and dreamy vibe.

And it’s quite romantic – both lyrically and musically.

It was written primarily by Paul McCartney, and he wrote the lyrics from the perspective of someone who is sure the love will last.

A love like ours

Could never die

As long as I

Have you near me.

6. “Love Me Do” 

On the other hand, “Love Me Do” is lively and danceable.

It was released in 1963 as their official debut single and became a Beatles classic.

The song was written by McCartney and Lennon, and it’s clearly a love song.

Although the lyrics are pretty simple, they probably talk about someone who is willing to commit to a mature, honest relationship.

7. “Here, There And Everywhere” 

This beloved Beatles love song was released in 1966.

“Here, There and Everywhere” is rather sentimental and soft, and it features back vocals that make it kind of dreamy.

One thing is for sure: it’s one of the most romantic songs by The Beatles.

In essence, it’s about believing in true love.

8. “I Will” 

“I Will” is a sweet song about lasting love.

It’s relatively short, but that only adds to its charm.

In fact, the song manages to express deep emotions in such a simple and genuine way.

Love you forever and forever

Love you with all my heart

Love you whenever we’re together

Love you when we’re apart.

9. “Sexy Sadie” 

Another song from the group’s famous ‘white album’ worth mentioning is “Sexy Sadie.” 

It’s seemingly a song about love and infatuation.

But it was actually inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles’ Indian guru. 

John Lennon wrote it during their stay in India.

The group went there to study Transcendental Meditation but they soon became suspicious about the guru and that’s how this song was born.

The song was first called “Maharishi,” but Lennon changed the title to “Sexy Sadie” in the end.

10. “Eight Days A Week” 

Without a doubt, “Eight Days A Week” is one of the most romantic Beatles songs.

It’s cheerful and catchy, and it has a straightforward message.

If you tell someone you love them eight times a week, you can be sure it’s true love.

Also, a fun fact – “Eight Days A Week” opens with a fade-in, and that was the first time that technique was used in a pop recording.

11. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” 

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” is a sweet, genuine song about falling in love.

It was the group’s first American number-one hit, and it was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Lyrically, it’s about longing and desire, and the wish to be romantically involved with someone you’re falling in love with.

And holding hands might seem like a simple gesture, but it can mean so much.

The gesture is also a symbol of getting closer to someone and expressing your emotions.

12. “Real Love” 

It’s quite clear that this is a classic Beatles love song.

It was written by John Lennon, so we can assume it was his love letter to Yoko Ono.

Lennon recorded six demos in the late 70s, but the song was posthumously released for the documentary soundtrack ‘Imagine: John Lennon.’

“Real Love” was released as a Beatles single in 1996. 

13. “P.S. I Love You” 

“P.S. I Love You” is short, sweet, and straight to the point.

If you’re looking for a song to send to someone you love, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The letter was written by Paul McCartney, and he managed to capture the simplicity of love.

The thing is, pure love doesn’t have to be complicated – and this song proves it.

14. “All My Loving” 

If you’re searching for popular Beatles love songs, this one’s for you.

Although “All My Loving” wasn’t released as a single in the UK and the US, the song drew considerable radio airplay.

But it was released in Canada, where it became a number 1 hit.

The song is fast-paced and uplifting but also rather sentimental and romantic.

Lyrically, it’s about two lovers who are apart.

15. “When I’m Sixty Four” 

 “When I’m Sixty Four” is a beautiful song about growing old together.

It points out the longevity of true love in such a sweet and simple way.

McCartney claims that he wrote it when he was 16 and didn’t remember it until his father turned 64.

Nevertheless, he is a master of nostalgic love lyrics, and “When I’m Sixty Four” is one of the proofs.

16. “It’s Only Love” 

“It’s Only Love” is a Beatles love song taken from the group’s album “Help!” released in the UK in 1965.

It’s credited as a McCartney-Lennon collaboration.

John Lennon’s working title for the song was “That’s a Nice Hat”, but he changed it later.

Lennon was very critical of this song, but many people regard it as one of the Beatles best love songs.

17. “In My Life” 

“In My Life” is taken from the group’s 1965 album “Rubber Soul.”

It was written by Lennon and McCartney, and it turned out to be one of their greatest hits. 

This was also the first time Lennon wrote very personal lyrics.

It’s about remembering past lovers and reminiscing over some different times.

18. “Any Time At All” 

“Any Time At All” is dedicated to a lover.

And one of the best times to let someone know you care about them is to be there for them – at any time at all.

But this is now one of their soft, slow songs. 

It’s a rather lively rock and roll tune, but the message it conveys is pretty clear (and romantic.)

19. “Words Of Love” 

“Words Of Love” is also regarded as one of the Beatles top love songs.

However, the song was originally written and recorded by Buddy Holly.

And The Beatles recorded a cover version in 1964.

Either way, the song is sweet and charming, and it almost sounds like it’s coming from a Lennon-McCartney partnership.

20. “Don’t Let Me Down”

Some critics described “Don’t Let Me Down” as one of the Beatles most powerful love songs.

And we definitely agree; there is something very captivating and passionate about this tune.

It was recorded in 1969 during the Let It Be sessions, and it became one of the group’s most influential songs.

Many believe “Don’t Let Me Down” is supposed to be John Lennon’s letter to Yoko Ono.

Either way, the song will always be remembered as one of their most romantic, heart-wrenching songs.

Best Beatles Love Songs – Final Thoughts

As you can see, The Beatles have so many memorable love-themed songs.

And with today’s list, we only scratched the surface.

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Beatles love songs.

These tunes certainly reminded us once again of how timeless The Beatles truly are. 

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