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35 Best Country Duets of All Time 

January 10, 2023
Best country duets

If you’re a country music lover looking for some great throwbacks, you’ve come to the right place.

For today’s article, we made a selection of the best country duets of all time.

From timeless country classics to the world’s top country duets, we made sure to bring you the best country music.

Keep reading to see how many of the songs you’re familiar with!

Table of Contents

1. “There’s A Tear In My Bear” by Hank Williams and Hank Williams Jr.

In 1989, Hank Williams Jr. decided to make a duet with his late father by recording this special country song.

Hank Williams was a real country star, but he passed away too early.

Nevertheless, his son continued to represent his name.

And with “There’s A Tear In My Bear”, he certainly created one of the most iconic country duets in history.

2. “Islands In The Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers 

When it comes to popular country duets, it doesn’t get more iconic than “Islands In The Stream.” 

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were at the top of their game when the song came out.

And they made sure this country hit remains popular and relevant to this day.

It’s ultimately a song about love, and that’s probably what makes it so timeless and universal.

3. “Golden Ring” by Tammy Wynette and George Jones

“Golden Ring” also talks about love, but in a slightly different way.

Tammy Wynette and George Jones told a story of love, from the beginning to the end.

That being said, “Golden Ring” is a song about love as well as heartbreak.

And Tammy and George knew what they’re talking about – their turbulent marriage inspired many of their songs. 

4. “It’s Your Love” by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

“It’s Your Love” came out in 1997, and it became a big hit among country music lovers.

In fact, the song became McGraw’s and Hill’s first top-ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

It talks about the power of love, so it’s no wonder that it became a popular wedding song.

Besides, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a famous couple, and they released this romantic country duet shortly after they got married.

5. “Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

On the other hand, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson decided to make a rather unique duet.

First recorded by Ed Bruce in 1976, this song is a warning for mothers and women in general – the cowboy life is very tough, as you can learn from the lyrics. 

With their unforgettable rendition, Nelson and Jennings certainly helped “Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” become a classic country song.  

6. “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn 

“Neon Moon” was released in 1991, and it remains one of the best country duet songs.

Brooks & Dunn really poured their heart out in this love ballad.

And it seems like many people find it relatable.

After all, the song is basically about a neon sign you can see in every bar, and thinking about your lost love while sitting underneath it.

7. “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

Without a doubt, Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty are the most beloved country duo of the 1970s.

They came together for several songs, and one of them is this lovely country duet love song.

To be more precise, it’s a song about love that might be forbidden.

8. “Love Can Build A Bridge” by The Judds 

Nevertheless, love can sometimes overcome all the obstacles – and it can build a bridge.

And The Judds certainly found a way to turn this phrase into a sentimental country ballad.

It’s a song about acceptance and tolerance, and even the music video shows all the emotions.

In other words, “Love Can Build A Bridge” is a celebration of differences. 

9. “A Bad Goodbye” by Clint Black and Wynnona Judd

But love sometimes doesn’t last forever.

And goodbyes often aren’t easy, especially if you truly care about someone – and Clint Black and Wynnona Judd obviously know how that feels like. 

Their 90’s country duet “A Bad Goodbye” is a heart wrenching song about a failed relationship. 

10. “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias

The message of “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” is pretty clear.

Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias joined forces to create an ode to past lovers.

And they managed to do it in such a charming way, creating one of the most beloved male country duets.

11. “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain and Bryan White

Shania Twain and Bryan White are another unforgettable country duo.

They came together to make a sentimental, sweet song about love.

So we don’t have to explain why “From This Moment On” is a popular country wedding song – you just have to look at the lyrics. 

From this moment, life has begun

From this moment, you are the one

Right beside you is where I belong

From this moment on.

12. “The Heart Won’t Lie” by Reba McEntire and Vince Gill

Here comes another country love duet song from the 90s.

Reba McEntire and Vince Gill released “The Heart Won’t Lie” in 1993 and achieved great success.

In essence, it’s a song about feelings towards another person – feeling you cannot hide.

13. “After The Fire Is Gone” by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

As we’ve already mentioned, Loretta Lynn and Conway Titty are one of the favorite country duos.

And their magical country duet “After The Fire Is Gone” deserves a spot on this list.

However, it’s not a typical song about endless love – it’s a rather realistic take on the moment when you realize it might be time to go separate ways.

14. “Over And Over” by Nelly and Tim McGraw

You probably didn’t expect to see Nelly on this list.

However, hip hop star Nelly and country singer Tim McGraw make a surprisingly good duo – “Over And Over” is definitely a memorable crossover song.

Lyrically, it’s about regrets and facing certain situations in your personal life.

15. “Tell Me About It” by Tanya Tucker and Delbert McClinton

“Tell Me About It” was released in 1992, and it still often appears on country radio stations.

Tanya Tucker And Delbert McClinton certainly make a great country duo.

Lyrically, “Tell Me About It” is based on having an honest conversation about a breakup – while secretly hoping you might replace the ex.

16. “This One’s Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time)” by Marty Stuart and Travis Triff

It seems like many popular country duet songs revolve around certain points of a romantic relationship.

And Marty Stuart and Travis Triff’s song is no different – it’s about conflict and wishing to make things better. 

Nevertheless, the song is rather uplifting and catchy, and it would make a great karaoke country duet.

17. “Jackson” by June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is one of the greatest country singers of all time, and he was also known for his collaborations.

And one of his most common singing partners was his wife, June Carter Cash.

Jackson” is without a doubt one of the best things they recorded together, and arguably one of the most famous male-female country duets. 

The song was released in 1967, a year before June and Johnny got married.

18. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

“Who Says You Can’t Go Home” is what happens when you mix rock and country.

Originally, the song was supposed to feature Keith Urban, but Jon Bon Jovi concluded that his voice is too similar to his own.

He ended up doing a duet with Jennifer Nettles, and it turned out so well.

The song is upbeat and catchy, and we hope it’s not their last duet. 

19. “‘Til All The Lonely’s Gone” by Pam Tillis and Mel Tillis

Speaking of upbeat and catchy country songs, “‘Til All The Lonely’s Gone” certainly deserves to be mentioned.

Mel Tillis was a legendary country singer, and he recorded this classic country duet with his daughter, Pam Tillis.

Essentially, it’s a sentimental song about dealing with loneliness.

20. “Let’s Make Love” by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

A country couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw recorded this sentimental country ballad in 1999.

The message of “Let’s Make Love” is pretty straightforward, and the famous duo conveyed very honest and raw emotions.

The song won them a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2001.

21. “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” by Barbara Mandrell and George Jones

If you’re looking for 80s country hits, this one’s for you.

“I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” has an appropriate song title as it came out when country music started to be popular.

But more importantly, it’s memorable and uplifting, so it comes as no surprise that it’s often on the top country duets lists. 

22. “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss

“Whiskey Lullaby” is a gentle yet powerful country song.

Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss’ voices fit together perfectly, and together they managed to convey complex emotions in a very simple way.

The song tells a tragic love story, and you can feel the pain and raw emotion in their delivery.

23. “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett

Well, it’s true – it’s definitely five o’ clock somewhere.

It seems like Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett had a lot of fun recording this song.

And that’s what it’s all about – fun and laid-back vibes. 

24. “Not Too Much To Ask” by Mary Chapin Carpenter and Joe Diffie

“Not Too Much To Ask” is another famous country duet from the 90s.

The song earned Carpenter and Diffie a Grammy nomination, but it didn’t receive as much popularity as it was expected from this collaboration.

Nevertheless, we believe it deserves a spot on this list – it’s not too much to ask.

25. “It Ain’t Me, Babe” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

“It Ain’t Me, Babe” was originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan.

But the year after its release, Johnny Cash decided to sing it as a duet with his future wife, June.

And the result is this beautiful, nostalgic rendition that became a country classic.

26. “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” by Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart

It seems like Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart both experienced some kind of crossroads in their life when they decided to record this song.

“The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” is a fun country song, but it’s also a bit of a warning – wasting your weekends in a bar won’t get you very far.

27. “If You See Him, If You See Her” by Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn

On the other hand, “If You See Him, If You See Her” is a slow-paced country song about getting over someone.

After its release in 1998, the song quickly climbed the charts.

It’s one of Reba McEntire’s most successful collaborations, for sure.

28. “Rockin’ Years” by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton

Dolly Parton is one of the best country singers of all time.

She has worked with many artists over the course of her career, but her duet with Ricky Van Shelton is arguably one of her most memorable collaborations.

“Rockin’ Years” is sentimental and romantic – it’s a promise that you’ll love someone even when you’re old and sitting in rocking chairs together.

29. “Mama He’s Crazy” by The Judds 

“Mama He’s Crazy” is a well-known country female duet.

The lyrics are based on a mother-daughter conversation, and they involve the daughter’s romantic relationship the mother might not be very happy about. 

The Judds certainly managed to portray this family dynamic very nicely. 

30. “Does He Love You” by Reba McEntire and Linda Davis

Reba McEntire recorded many great duets, and “Does He Love You” definitely stands out.

In short, it’s a song about a love triangle.

And in 2022, a duet version with the singer Dolly Parton was released.

All things considered, “Does He Love You” is certainly one of the most famous female country duets of all time.

31. “Helping Me Get Over You” by Lari White and Travis Tritt

And “Helping Me Get Over You” talks about moving on and healing after a breakup.

Lari White And Travis Tritt made sure people remember their duet.

The song was first released in the 90s, and it’s still a country favorite.

32. “Walkaway Joe” Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley

In 1992, Trisha Yearwood recorded a duet with the famous Eagles member Don Henley.

Moreover, the music video for “Walkaway Joe” features a 23-year old Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey was just starting out as an actor when he was cast for the video.

33. “When I Say I Do” by Lisa Hartman Black and Clint Black

Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartmand Black recorded this country duet song in 1999.

It was their way of showing off their love – the song is a promise that will be devoted to each other forever.

Even when the world changes, some things will always remain the same.

34. “In Another’s Eyes” by Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks

It’s time for another memorable Trisha Yearwood collaboration.

And who else would she make a duet with than with her own husband?

Yearwood has been married to a country star Garth Brooks since 2005, and this romantic duet song was a way to express their emotions.

35. “Brotherly Love” by Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley

As the song’s title suggests, “Brotherly Love” tells a story of two brothers.

The song is heartwarming and honest, and it earned Whitley and Conley a Grammy nomination.

They recorded it in 1987, which makes “Brotherly Love” one of the old country duets.

Nevertheless, the song still sounds great – after all, it sends a universal message of love. 

Best Country Duets – Final Thoughts 

And that’s it for our best country duets of all time!

Hopefully, this list reminded you of some beloved country classics and also showed you some hidden country gems.

Either way, if you’re a country music lover, all of these duets are a must-listen. 

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