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13 Best Websites to Sell Beats Online

December 29, 2023
websites to sell beats

Let’s cut to the chase, if you’re looking to make your musical talents lucrative then you’re in luck as we have gathered the best websites to sell beats online.

There are thousands of potential dollars to be made per month if you have the skills and the right outlet.

Of course, there are companies masquerading, with promises too good to be true out there to avoid.

So join us as we take you through the best websites to sell beats and instrumentals on and help you navigate your next steps toward making a solid income as a producer. 

By the time you are through, you’ll know where to sell beats online and kickstart your career.

1. Airbit

Airbit website for selling beats.

A very popular choice to check out is Airbit, a site with over 800K users that has seen over 2 million beat sales.

True, it will be tough to be heard in such a loud crowd and you are competing with some well-known artists.

Eminem, Beyonce, and Wiz Khalifa are among many top-selling artists who have beats available on the platform.

With such big names comes a large customer base, so if your work manages to shine through you can start taking a cut of the $45 million annual revenue that the site generates. 

The platform is easy to use, you upload, and choose your prices and payment method.

Your beats will then be available in the Airbit marketplace for users to discover.

Airbit provides you with an Artist Infinity Store that lets you tell fans about upcoming releases. 

Some great features take away the hard work.

You have beat license templates, contracts, packages, and collaboration tools that make it easy to work out royalty splits.

As the sales roll in, you’ll be paid instantly.

You will receive revenue from YouTube monetization automatically and Airbit doesn’t take a cut of anything.

A free account entitles you to upload 10 beats or you can upgrade to unlimited for just $7.99/month. 

The upgraded “Platinum” account comes with $100 worth of Promo Credit to help you get noticed.

2. BeatStars

BeatStars website

This next site is pretty comparable with Airbit. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the upload process is effortless.

Like Airbit you get 10 free track uploads unless you are willing to part with some cash.

BeatStars has the same notoriety but has sold fewer tracks to date.

The revenue since trading has passed the $100 million mark.

BeatStars also works as a distribution platform.

You can release from BeatStars to other popular streaming and download platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

BeatStars take a 30% commission unless you are a paid subscriber which comes with other premium features, to help sell.

3. AudioJungle

AudioJungle website to sell beats online.

AudioJungle is another popular choice but there is some debate. 

It is a website born from the audio branch of Envato Market, a huge digital market.

This means that like Airbit it has an enormous customer base.

It also means you can also sell any type of audio file as it’s less beat dedicated.

This allows you to broaden your customer base in turn, you can sell, music packs, sound effects, audio tags, logos, etc.

The discoverability is better than Airbit, the platform works well for up-and-coming bet producers.

This eases the marketing requirements outside of the platform making your job easier. 

It has a social media side to it that is built into the platform where you can customize your pages, song packs, and licensing.

For many beatmakers, it is considered the best, but there are a few caveats.

You get less of a cut; non-exclusive authors get just 36% compared to a 50% industry standard.

They also try to blackmail you into selling exclusively through them boosting your cut to 60% which seems coercive.

The audio upload process is a little more complex than on some sites.

 You have to upload an MP3 with AudioJungle’s proprietary audio watermark. 

The MP3 doesn’t suffice alone, you also have to send it with a zip file of the original version.

Another hit-and-miss point is the strict review process.

Your beat or track is subjected to scrutiny if you want to sell in the first place.

This is judged by the current best sellers and some users have accused the system of favoritism. 

That said, it remains one of the most popular options for selling beats and is considered one of the best websites to sell beats online.

Especially if you are a new artist.

4. Bandcamp

Bandcamp website

One that has been around a fair while and is great for artists that have built up a following is Bandcamp.

It functions as an online music store under the guise of a community platform.

The community element means that fans can discover and connect with you directly.

This gives you the space to promote yourself without the outlay.

With Bandcamp, you can set up pre-orders for albums and upload your tracks before they are available to buy.

Giving your fans instant access might tempt them to buy.

This is an easy way to create a buzz and build interest.

So what’s the revenue like?

Bandcamp artists have collectively seen more than $1 billion in payouts.

There are no limits to your earnings, when you set your beat prices you can set a minimum but fans have the option to pay more.

You’ll be surprised how many true fans do!

The direct-to-fan model seems to work, you get 85% of the money and the company has an ethical artists-first attitude.

An upgraded account will cost you $10 per month.

It unlocks batch uploads, buyer information, artist statistics, and targeted messaging.

So you can tailor advertisements and messages to specific demographics.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud music platform.

This one has been in business since 2007!

Although it wasn’t always in a marketplace capacity.

When it comes to independent music creation SoundCloud remains a top choice.

Some artists and producers moved away from SoundCloud but it has seen a few welcome changes that make it a great site to sell your beats online. 

You just have to know how to use it. 

  • Make sure you list your websites and social profiles to generate traffic for sales.
  • Make sure your artwork is high-quality you are in a sea of millions of users.
  • Make sure your beats are tagged and use hashtags.

The longevity and popularity of SoundCloud will go in your favor as far as being discovered as an emerging beat-maker but the audience is mostly listeners rather than buyers. 

That said, in recent years many artists looking for beats are turning to SoundCloud. 

You can message and follow other users, leave comments on tracks, etc. so you can build a network and find a buyer.

You can upload with a free account or treat yourself to a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited membership which comes with creator tools and full analytics.

The revenue you get with this one depends on your fanbase.

The more time people listen to you the more you receive, but you can link all your sites and sell directly off-platform too.

So there is fair earning potential.

6. AudioDraft

AudioDraft website

If you are aiming toward the corporate sector for your beats and instrumentals then AudioDraft is a good idea.

It’s an audio-branding platform with over 20,000 creators, music producers, voice actors, and sound designers.

Rather than aiming for a customer base of music fans, the company is focused on large organizations as its clients, big-tech and multimedia companies.

They work hand in hand to sort their client’s audio branding needs. 

So if you can monetize your instrumentals and beats with them you have big exposure in the corporate world.

Whether it is sound design, co-production or voice acting you will need to get your work verified to secure yourself any of the bigger contracts waiting.

You get a 70% cut of the cash whether you are small or big fry. 

You can set your own prices.

But, if your tracks get hand-picked for the company’s library they will be subject to the company’s fixed pricing for exclusive licensing.

7. Soundee

Soundee music website for selling beats.

You might not recognize the name Soundee, it isn’t as well known as Airbit or BeatStars but it’s another marketplace worth a look at.

It offers a reasonable 70% profits as part of its free package and upgraders get to keep everything.

Something it offers that others don’t is cryptocurrency acceptance which could be a swaying factor for some.

It is easy to use and a relatively big platform despite having less notoriety.

The benefit of fewer users is less competition as a beat seller. 

The market itself is smaller but you will dominate more of the sales as there is less on offer, to begin with.

Soundee assists with co-producer support and email marketing integration too.

8. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat website

PremiumBeat is another of the best websites to sell beats on and like its name suggests you have some big clientele to showcase your portfolio. 

They have sold to Amazon, Billboard, Google, National Geographic, and Vogue to name a few.

So your efforts could be pretty lucrative, you could hear your beats and instrumental go viral with the right exposure.

PremiumBeat comes from the same people who brought you Shutterstock, one of the worlds leading stock image marketplaces. 

They decided to branch out into music and the result is a reputable functioning online music store that is part of a wider network.

This means your music could not only wind up being bought or leased for use, but it could wind up being used in something iconic or viral. 

There are two leasing options to choose from, keeping things straightforward for local or global use.

The downside is that PrmiumBeat is an exclusive marketplace so you can only sell those beats via their platform.

So it is a big trade-off to consider.

9. TrakTrain

TrakTrain beat selling website.

TrakTrain is an invite-only website to sell your beats.

They are a site specifically aimed towards artists and rappers looking for beats and instrumental so you narrow your audience down to serious buyers immediately. 

It is a service set up to connect sellers and buyers directly without any social media nonsense or time-consuming promotion.

There is zero commission on your first 15 uploads and after that, you can expand your library with their tiered membership packages with a 0% fee on producer sales. 

It’s a little more difficult to get your foot in the door because you need a user to invite you or make an invitation request on the site.

But if you get summoned you have over 190,000 monthly visitors and some of the clientele is pretty exclusive, Lil Yachty and Young Thug are rumored to use it regularly.

It is easy to use you can modify individual track prices and have a range of leasing options. They accept stems, mp3s waves, and bundle packages.

It’s pretty flexible.

Once you have a customized profile you can even offer free downloads in exchange for social followers which allows you to build a following in next to no time.

There are email opt-ins and you can make sure everyone has your future release schedule.

The marketing tools are pretty neat.

10. SoundClick

SoundClick website

This one leans heavily on the Hip-Hop and Rap community, but then those are the top genre demographic of artists seeking beats to buy.

If you make beats that are on trend then SoundClick is one of the best modern music marketplaces to sell your work.

It has a huge user base because it’s been around for a couple of decades.

That does mean the competition is fierce with such a huge library, but you have unlimited uploads even as a free user.

Soundclick is a site that seems to care about the producers.

They take a reasonable 15% for single/album sales and 30% from the licensing deals.

If you do want to bump up to a paid account then the package prices are also a pretty good deal. 

The silver is just $8 which gets rid of the ads and gives page layout customization and a larger file size permission.

The gold account eliminates the site fees and set’s you back $15 per month so is worthwhile if you find you are selling plenty. 

11. Soundgine

Soundgine website

Soundgine advertises itself as “The Ultimate Music Platform”.

While it is a less prominent name at the moment, the platform has lots of features that could see it take over as more people catch on and the customer base grows.

Soundgine cares about both the creators and the clients, they boast one of the best music players and it is impressive!

You can embed the player on your website and it looks very professional and runs like a dream.

The marketplace is varied you can sell beats, sound FX, TV & movie scores, songs, and entire albums.

It is a paid membership deal set at $9.99 per month.

Sign-up is simple, you create a beat store and upload setting your own licensing prices and payment gateways.

You can entice buyers with audio previews that can be shared directly on social media platforms.

Another unique feature the platform offers is the ability to sell subscriptions through Soundgine and get a recurrent revenue stream.

12. GoBuyBeats

GoBuyBeats website

GoBuyBeats is considered another of the best sites to sell your beats, but we left it further down the list as we don’t know that it lives up to the hype of the others we have highlighted.

It is undeniably useful as a platform, but that is only if you are prepared to pay. 

Free users get to upload just three beats.

This is stingy in comparison to the ten that the majority offer, and extremely tight compared with the unlimited uploads that some provide.

Some of its better points include easy monetization for YouTube and some good customization control.

You also can share fee tracks and generate a buzz.

Other than that it doesn’t seem to offer anything super appealing.

The audience and customer base are wide and there are sales to be made. 

You aren’t tied into exclusivity with the company, which is something.

You can set your own prices and sign and set-up are easy, but even premium account users still suffer the 20% commission.

13. Create A Personal Website

Create A Personal Website

While many of the above platforms are going to give a headstart with building a fanbase, ultimately one of the best sites to sell your beats online is your own!

Avoiding platform commission and having full control over your content and customization is the better option.

Setting up an online store with your own domain isn’t tricky and you can choose whether or not to use third-party marketplaces.

Financially, cutting out third parties makes the most sense because you take 100% of the profits but third parties can help streamline the process.

A personal website provides you total control, you can set the storefront design and shape a brand for your beats with a higher level of authority.

And the control doesn’t stop at setting your own pricing and payment system structures.

You also get direct contact with your buyers, you can capture their email addresses and retarget them.

You could offer loyalty discounts to entice them back, send complimentary gifts, or upsell.

This is game-changing for beat sales.

A personal website for your beats acts as a central hub, it looks more professional and adds credibility to the producer. 

From your site, you can link every other platform you’re interacting on and make sure your promotional campaigns elsewhere direct people.

You can simplify some of the ins and outs of an online storefront with something like Sellfy. 

Services like Sellfy give you built-in marketing features to help grow your sales.

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14. Pond5


Pond5 started as a royalty-free video marketplace specializing in the leasing and sale of stock video clips and footage.

However, the platform transformed into a versatile marketplace ideal for selling beats, sound effects, and music tracks. 

The platform’s target audience is the corporate sector though, but the marketplaces are suitable for different types of projects.

In fact, there are more than 30 categories that can help buyers find your beats.

Plus, the website is well-designed and very easy to navigate. 

15. Sellfy



Sellfy is an all-in-one e-commerce service designed for creators to sell digital and/or physical products.

However, Sellfy doesn’t have a specific audience or community – you need to promote your beats by yourself.

Nevertheless, if you sell through Sellfy, you’ll get to have total ownership of your beats.

Plus, if you subscribe, there will be no fees and you’ll be able to make up to $50k or $200k in sales per year, depending on your plan. 

Sellfy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the Starter plan starts at $19/month.

Is it Profitable to Sell Beats?

Beat sales make a yearly revenue of around $30 million, so there is money to be made.

Some producers are making more than $30,000 annually but that isn’t to say you should expect to get rich quickly.

The average emerging beat seller will see far less in their first year!

It takes a lot of skill to make a profitable beat and requires donkey work to promote yourself and get the beat heard.

If you are willing to put in the work and have the musicality then you will find no shortage of buyers for what you are selling.

Through licensed sales, you can sell the same beat over and over which ultimately means high profitability.

You can make custom beats to sell with exclusive licenses and charge extra.

The real key to making money beat selling is consistency. 

A one-hit wonder might see a little dough.

But a producer who has earned a dependable reputation for creating great content week in and week out is going to thrive rather than survive.

What Price Should I Sell My Beats For?

Pricing your beats boils down to how you want them sold. 

An exclusive sale means you only get to sell it once usually over a long lease if this is the case you will want a higher one-off price.

A non-exclusive sale allows you to resell with multiple customers having the right to use it. 

You get to set your prices and often the price hike comes with notoriety. 

A well-known beatmaker is going to be able to charge more for their work than someone up-and-coming who might get laughed at with a higher asking price.

The typical exclusive lease sits somewhere between $100 and $500 unless selling on a high-end market, corporately, etc.

Non-exclusive beat licenses sell more among the average artists, those who are looking to build their reputation and break into the industry.

For that reason, it is better to price your beats attainably and increase your sales. 

Somewhere between $25 and $100 is reasonable for a non-exclusive beat until you have a huge following and are sought after for your creation.

Some artists sell different versions of their beats or different packages.

This allows them to cater to low-budget customers and high.

Imagine you have a beat you can sell a lower-quality version cheaply.

Then offer a high-quality version with an alternative stem that complements the beat for a little more cash.

Alongside a shiny deluxe “full-stem” arrangement with extras in a bundle that allow the person to make the track their own.

How Can I Make Beats?

We can’t delve into all of the ins and outs of beat-making, but we can give a brief overview for those wondering how to get in on this cash cow.

To make beats you need software known as a DAW (digital audio workstation).

For beats, you should look for one with plugins and a sampler as well as a good sample library of sounds.

Some come with a library but they are usually minimal and gifted to everybody, to make anything interesting that will stand out you will need to consider sample databases.

Splice is a good suggestion for this but there are countless others.

A MIDI controller will give you much more creative freedom, you can make samples that way and play a range of virtual instruments with the hardware.

Without a MIDI controller, you will be left drawing your beat content which is time-consuming.

You will also need an audio interface if you are serious about music production with a good pair of monitoring headphones.

You can get some good deals on starter production bundles.

Focusrite’s Scarlett 2i2 bundle, for example, gives you an audio interface with headphones a condenser mic, and cables. 

There are even versions of it that can be bought with software license downloads and that takes care of your DAW too!

You can currently get the lite version of Ableton Live with the Focusrite bundle. 

However, if you want to earn money selling beats it is recommendable to buy the full version as Lite is limited.

You will need to know the basics and have some degree of natural musicality and rhythm. 

But you don’t need to be an expert to start making beats with the tools.

A simple way to create a basic beat is with the following steps:

  • Select a genre-fitting tempo.
  • Always start with the drums.
  • Work in small actions (2-8 bars).
  • Add core instrument layers (bass, pads, leads, etc).
  • Set compression, EQ, and effects such as delay or reverb.
  • Work on automation.
  • Export to WAV or AIFF for high-quality.
  • Import to a fresh project file for master, limit, and compress.

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How Do I Market My Beats?

So, let’s talk about music marketing strategies.

You have your beat or beats but how do you go about promoting them?

Well, YouTube is still one of the best strategies.

Remember always link the video to your website or store and make thumbnails and titles eye-catching.

Try networking and getting in contact with up-and-coming rappers and lyricists.

Forums and social media platforms can help with this.

TikTok and Instagram are littered with wannabe stars singing acapella why not offer them a free beat to make content with and grow yourself a following via theirs?

You can run promotions and ads on beat marketplaces if you sign-up for them and take advantage of social media marketing campaigns as well.

Best Websites to Sell Beats – Final Thoughts

So now you have the low down on the best websites to sell your beats online with.

If you want our honest verdict, using your own store with a mix of some of the non-exclusive platforms is probably your best bet for maximum exposure. 

You can use SoundCloud for example with tagged versions of your work and link to your storefront from there.

Having your own site shows that you’re serious about selling your beats and it isn’t hard to do with storefront builders like Sellfy.

Out of today’s contenders for best websites to sell beats and instrumentals we rate Airbit, Audio Jungle, and Bandcamp pretty highly. 

If you have money to invest in a subscription and are looking for lucrative corporate clients then maybe go with AudioDraft or PremiumBeat.

They have better networking opportunities for users.

Whatever the path you choose, we hope this article will have helped in getting you one step closer to selling beats online.

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