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Warner’s ADA Partners with Boomy for AI-powered music distribution

December 1, 2023

Key takeaways

  • Warner’s ADA distribution arm partners with Boomy for AI-powered music distribution.
  • Boomy is an AI platform where people can rapidly produce their own unique tracks.
  • This will help Boomy users circulate their work with independent record labels.

Boomy, a generative AI music startup, has entered a global distribution deal with ADA Worldwide, an indie label distributor owned by Warner Music Group. 

Before delving into the details of this partnership, it’s crucial to understand what Boomy is. 

Founded in 2019, Boomy is an innovative AI-powered music generator. It empowers users to create original, generative music across various genres, including electronic dance (EDM), rap, and Lo-Fi,

As of 2023, artists on Boomy’s platform have already created a phenomenal 18.1 million tracks.

Boomy’s platform is designed to be accessible to everyone, allowing even those with no prior experience in music creation to produce original songs quickly. Some have applauded it for democratizing music production, whereas others have criticized whether it constitutes genuine, authentic artistic work.

Users can create music and submit their songs to streaming platforms like Spotify, joining a global community of artists engaged in generative music. 

The deal

ADA, serving as Warner Music Group’s independent distribution and label services arm, is renowned for distributing music for numerous indie labels. 

Now, it’s expanded its portfolio by including music created on Boomy’s AI platform.

Under the terms of the deal, Boomy’s A&R team will select top artists and exclusively curate music from Boomy’s roster for distribution by ADA. This integrates AI into the end-to-end process of how music is sourced and promoted.

Boomy Co-Founders Alex Mitchell and Matthew Santorelli stated of the deal, “This partnership will lead to incredible opportunities for Boomy artists to reach new audiences and help amplify how they make and share their music.”

The collaboration between Boomy and ADA represents Warner Music Group’s vested interest in exploring new creative possibilities with AI while safeguarding artists’ rights, which is a tricky balancing act.

Boomy-Spotify controversy

In early 2023, Boomy found itself at the center of a controversy involving Spotify. After Universal Music Group flagged suspicious streaming activities on their tracks, Spotify removed tens of thousands of Boomy’s songs, approximately 7% of its tracks.

The primary concern was artificial streaming, where online bots posed as human listeners to inflate audience numbers for certain songs​​.

Boomy categorically denied any involvement in manipulation or artificial streaming. 

The incident with Boomy sparked a broader conversation in the music industry about the role of AI-generated content.

Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, expressed concerns about the challenges AI-produced music could pose to ‘legitimate’ rightsholders and emphasized the need for a balanced approach that fosters innovation while protecting creators​​.

Considering Boomy has now partnered with one of Warner’s companies, it’s a bit of a U-turn and perhaps a smart move for Warner Music to tap into the AI-generated music market.

Either way, as the music industry continues grappling with AI and technology’s implications in creation and distribution, partnerships like this will likely become more prevalent.

Sam Jeans

Writer and digital artist who has been covering the latest AI-related news, including generative AI and its influence on the creative industries. Sam plays drums and has been writing for tech and music sites since 2016.

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