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Voice-Swap announces the addition of Robert Owens, Farley Funk & Chuck Roberts

December 4, 2023
Source: Voice-Swap

Key takeaways

  • DJ Fresh co-founded Voice-Swap, an AI-powered vocal transformation platform, and now features Robert Owens, Farley Funk (aka “Jackmaster”), and Chuck Roberts (aka “In the Beginning”) among its artists’ roster.
  • All three of the recently announced artists have collaborated with legendary musicians.

DJ Fresh co-founded Voice-Swap, an AI-powered vocal transformation platform, and now features Robert Owens, Farley Funk (aka “Jackmaster”), and Chuck Roberts (aka “In the Beginning”) among its artists’ roster.

Voice-Swap subscribers will now be the only ones able to use their AI voices. To prevent copyright issues, the platform worked directly with the artists and their teams to create the models, ensuring that all training data was recorded, especially for the project.

All three recently announced artists have collaborated with legendary musicians like Giorgio Moroder, Arthur Baker, Diana Ross, Frankie Knuckles, and Earth, Wind & Fire, among others, helping to define the sound of the house. The recent Beyoncé Renaissance tour honored the beginnings of house music and featured a lot of Chuck Roberts’ voice.

Voice-Swap launched in June

Voice Swap, Dan Stein’s innovation, is an AI software launched in June 2023 to protect artists. The impressive AI software intends to protect artists from copyright infringement issues. It stands high on the cadre as hellbent on safeguarding artists’ rights and ensuring fair compensation every time their voice is employed.

Per a release, Voice-Swap is wittingly captured as an instance of AI that can be deployed ethically and responsibly, proving artists are offered a pro-rata share of the revenue generated from their voice model usage.

As an artist, to be a part of Voice-Swap, you need to upload yourself singing for about 25 minutes. The software can create a digital clone, which subscribers can use and pay for. For the record, Voice-Swap is the first AI software with an artist-payment model as its core—this signals how impressive artificial intelligence might be in the music industry if explored correctly.

A mission to compensate artists “Written Out Of Royalties”

Voice-Swap’s recent addition seeks to compensate artists who were “written out of royalties” with revenue by using their voices. It is working with the new owners of Trax Records for the project, who have shown keen interest in repairing and restoring these artists back to fortune by their statements. 

“We spent a lot of time and worked hard to create uber-realistic models of Robert, Chuck and Farly’s voices and we hope you’ll agree the results are pretty close to having these legendary artists in the studio with you,” says DJ Fresh. “Kudos to the new owners of Trax Records and of course the legends, Robert, Farley and Chuck for collaborating with us on this innovative project. Voice-Swap is AI that works for artists.”

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my voice model for the first time,” Farley “Jackmaster” Funk continues. I believed it had the most incredible potential to continue both my legacy and house music’s future.

“It won’t right the wrongs of the past, but it has the ability to create a new future for legendary artists and gives the next generations the opportunity to perform right alongside those legends. Voice-Swap ensures the continuity of house music for future generations of artists, producers, and DJs while still keeping the original Chicago vocal integrity.”

Tobi’s take

Voice-Swap is a delightful addition of technology to the music industry. What pleases me deeply is the pursuit of continuity, the desire to create opportunities for legendary artists, and the need to preserve these opportunities for future generations of artists. In the growing list of amazing AI software around, Voice-Swap sure has its spot at the very top of the list.

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