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13 Best Vince Gill Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

December 14, 2023
vince gill songs

I’ve curated a collection of the best Vince Gill songs of all time, showcasing the unparalleled artistry and heartfelt storytelling that have made him a country music legend.

This article is a journey through Gill’s most memorable and beloved tracks, each echoing the depth of his musical talent.

Top Vince Gill songs of all time

  • “Go Rest High On That Mountain”
  • “I Still Believe In You”
  • “Whenever You Come Around”
  • “Tryin’ To Get Over You”
  • “Worlds Apart”
  • “When I Call Your Name”
  • “I Will Always Love You”
  • “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away”
  • “Look At Us”
  • “One More Last Chance”

1. “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain” is an iconic song that has resonated with listeners for decades.

Its lyrics and melody paint a beautiful picture of solace and peace – perfect for those looking to escape from everyday life.

And the sentiment of Gill’s voice as he sings this heartfelt tune is enough to bring a tear to even the most stoic among us.

This timeless classic from one of country music’s most beloved icons is an absolute must-have in any greatest hits collection.

It’s sure to provide comfort, inspiration, and a gentle reminder that sometimes it pays to take a step back and just enjoy the view.

2. “I Still Believe In You”

Vince Gill’s 1992 hit song “I Still Believe in You” is an anthem for anyone who has ever had their faith tested and restored.

This heart-wrenching track is a mix of raw emotion and passionate vocals, delivering a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the power of love.

With its soulful lyrics and moving melody, it’s no wonder why this song remains a fan favorite decades later.

Its ability to inspire listeners to believe in themselves, even when all else fails, is timeless.

So grab your guitar and belt out this classic tune – it’ll lift your spirit and renew your faith!

3. “Whenever You Come Around”

“Whenever You Come Around” is one of the most moving and powerful songs ever written by Vince Gill.

It’s a song about love, longing, and acceptance that cuts deep into the soul.

The lyrics are simple yet meaningful, with a steady rhythm that helps to convey its emotion.

Musically, it’s an uplifting track that leaves listeners feeling hopeful and inspired.

Every time you hear this song, it fills you with happiness and joy as if you were being embraced by someone special.

There’s something so pure and honest about this timeless classic that truly touches the heart.

It’s no wonder why “Whenever You Come Around” is one of Vince Gill’s greatest hits – it has a lasting impact on all who listen to it.

4. “Tryin’ To Get Over You”

Vince Gill’s 1994 hit, “Whenever You Come Around,” is a classic that still resonates with fans today.

Its heartfelt lyrics and catchy melody make it a timeless tune.

But as amazing as this song is, Vince Gill’s next single, “Tryin’ to Get Over You,” maybe even better.

This heartbreaking ballad dives deep into the emotions of heartache and longing while offering listeners the hope of moving on with their lives.

The slow tempo and soaring vocals make it an emotionally charged track that will have you feeling every word.

It’s no wonder why so many people consider this to be one of Vince Gill’s best songs of all time.

With its gentle yet powerful message, “Tryin’ to Get Over You” is sure to become a timeless favorite in the years ahead.

5. “Worlds Apart”

Vince Gill’s “Worlds Apart” is a classic that hearkens back to the days of traditional country music.

With its twangy guitars, simple lyrics, and Gill’s unmistakable voice, it’s the perfect track for listeners looking to take a trip down memory lane.

The song is all about two people who are in love, but feel like they’re worlds apart; while they may not be able to bridge the gap between them, their love remains strong.

The melody has a catchy hook that will stay in your head long after you’ve heard it.

It’s one of those timeless songs that never gets old and can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

From its heartwarming lyrics to its foot-tapping beat, this track is sure to become a favorite with anyone who hears it.

6. “When I Call Your Name”

The transition between “Worlds Apart” and “When I Call Your Name” is seamless.

This classic Vince Gill song, released in 1990, is a beautiful tribute to love and relationships that stand the test of time.

With its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, it’s no surprise that this track has become one of Gill’s most beloved hits.

It’s a timeless piece of music that resonates with fans from all walks of life, from those just starting out in their relationships to those who have been together for decades.

The emotion he puts into the song is undeniable and truly captures what it means to be in love with someone for eternity.

“When I Call Your Name” is a must-listen for any fan of country music – it will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful about finding your own special someone.

7. “I Will Always Love You”

Vince Gill’s iconic song, “I Will Always Love You,” is an amazing piece of music that has stood the test of time.

This country ballad, originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton in 1974, was re-recorded by Vince Gill in 1995 as a duet with Alison Krauss.

The result is simply breathtaking with its soaring notes and heartfelt lyrics.

It’s a timeless classic that will never grow old, and it continues to touch the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Whether you need a pick-me-up or just want to be reminded of the power of love, this soulful tune is sure to do the trick.

8. “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away”

Vince Gill’s timeless track, “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away,” is a powerful reminder of the strength of relationships when both parties make an effort to preserve them.

It’s a song that encourages couples to never take their love for granted and always strive to work through tough times.

With its simple melody blended with Gill’s heart-wrenching lyrics and soothing vocals, this beautiful country ballad touches listeners in a way that few other songs can.

It’s no surprise then why it has become one of the most beloved Vince Gill songs of all time.

And it serves as a reminder that true love is worth fighting for and should be cherished every day.

9. “Look At Us”

After the heartfelt and stirring lyrics of “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away”, Vince Gill takes us on another emotional journey with “Look At Us”.

It’s a powerful ballad that features Gill’s signature vocal performance – his unique voice conveying a strong sense of longing and yearning.

The song is an ode to the beauty and joy of young love, but it also contains a message about not taking each other for granted.

With its simple yet deeply meaningful lyrics, “Look At Us” encourages listeners to cherish their relationships and never forget how special they truly are.

From the tender piano accompaniment to the yearning vocals, this song reminds us why we all fell in love with Vince Gill in the first place.

10. “One More Last Chance”

“One More Last Chance” by Vince Gill is a classic country ballad, one of the most beloved songs in his discography.

This heartfelt song speaks to anyone who’s ever been in love and had to make the hard decision to let go.

The lyrics are vivid and full of emotion, perfectly capturing the pain of moving on and giving someone one more last chance.

With its tear-jerking chorus, this song has become an anthem for those going through tough times.

As always with Vince Gill’s music, “One More Last Chance” is an uplifting story about resilience and hope that resonates with listeners everywhere.

So if you’re ever feeling down and need a reminder that things will eventually get better, give this song a listen – it’ll be sure to put your heart at ease.

11. “Take Your Memory With You”

After a jolly song of “One More Last Chance”, Vince Gill commands the room with the upbeat country classic “Take Your Memory With You”.

This toe-tapping track transports us to a simpler time when life was all about having a good time and rolling with the punches.

Its catchy chorus and sing-along lyrics get everyone in the spirit to raise their glasses and let loose.

The way Vince belts out that final note is nothing short of exhilarating, giving listeners an uplifting reminder to never forget where they came from.

So, if you’re feeling nostalgic or need a pick-me-up, this song is just what you need.

12. “Which Bridge To Cross (Which Bridge To Burn)”

Vince Gill’s song “Which Bridge To Cross (Which Bridge To Burn)” is an emotive, thoughtful piece of musical gold.

It’s a timeless classic that speaks to all of us in our own lives and struggles.

The lyrics are full of wisdom as they urge us to think carefully about the choices we make and how to prioritize our goals.

Every single line is a reminder that life isn’t always easy, but we can persevere if we focus on what truly matters.

This tune is an essential part of Vince Gill’s greatest hits collection because it encapsulates his ability to connect with listeners through meaningful songwriting.

There’s something special about this track – it will move you and stay with you for many years to come.

13. “Pocket Full Of Gold”

Vince Gill’s “Pocket Full of Gold” is an absolute classic and an absolute must-have in any fan’s greatest hits collection.

With its catchy melody and subtly powerful lyrics, it has the power to make you feel instantly uplifted.

The song tells the story of someone who has found success, despite the struggles they have faced, and the message is one of hope and resilience.

It speaks of having faith in yourself and your ability to succeed no matter what life throws at you – a truly inspiring anthem for anyone facing hard times.

Its message of strength and determination will never go out of style, making it one of Vince Gill’s finest songs – a timeless classic that will continue to bring joy to new generations for years to come.

Best Vince Gill Songs – Final Thoughts

I think it’s safe to say that Vince Gill is one of the most talented and beloved artists in country music history.

His honest, heartfelt lyrics and incredible vocal range make his songs some of the best ever written.

From “Go Rest High on That Mountain” to “Pocket Full of Gold,” these 13 songs are some of Vince Gill’s greatest hits that will never get old.

With such a vast catalog of music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what kind of mood you’re in.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Vince Gill is one of my favorite artists, and these 13 songs are some of the best he has ever released.

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