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12 Best Santana Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

April 26, 2023
santana songs

It’s no secret that Carlos Santana has created some of the most iconic and timeless music in the history of rock.

From his classic albums to his legendary live performances, Santana has established himself as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

His guitar licks have been sampled by countless artists and his influence can still be heard today.

But what are some of Santana’s greatest hits?

This article will take a look at 12 of his best songs, providing a much-needed dose of liberation for fans everywhere.

From hard-hitting funk to smooth jazz, Santana has always had a knack for blending different genres into something truly unique and special.

Whether it’s an epic jam session or a heartfelt ballad, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So get ready to unleash your inner groove and experience some of the best music that Carlos Santana has ever created!

Enjoy our list of the best Santana songs!

1. “Oye Coma Va”

Santana’s legendary hit “Oye Coma Va” is an unparalleled classic and one of the most recognizable songs of all time.

With infectious Latin rhythms and a passionate, soulful vocal performance, this track continues to be an anthem of liberation for listeners around the world.

It’s no surprise that it has been covered by countless other artists over the years; it simply has the power to move people in a way few other songs can.

The song serves as a reminder that music can transcend language barriers, cultural boundaries, and political differences to bring us together in celebration of our shared humanity.

A timeless masterpiece, “Oye Coma Va” is undoubtedly one of Santana’s greatest hits –– and one that will never be forgotten.

2. “Black Magic Woman”

Continuing the Santana journey, we move to the iconic 1970 classic “Black Magic Woman.”

It’s a song that celebrates the power of a woman’s love, and it is truly timeless.

With its bluesy guitar riffs and hypnotic rhythms, this track is a musical experience like no other.

It’s an infectious piece of music that speaks to our inner desire for liberation and freedom.

What’s more, it still sounds as fresh today as it did fifty years ago – a testament to the enduring legacy of Carlos Santana.

The perfect way to end an incredible night on the dance floor!

3. “Evil Ways”

It’s hard to think of Santana without thinking of “Evil Ways,” the first single from their 1969 self-titled debut.

It’s a song that reflects their unique blend of Latin rock and blues, a combination that made them one of the world’s most successful bands in the early 1970s.

The song is an infectious groove driven by Carlos Santana’s signature guitar riffs and percussion.

The lyrics are full of vibrant imagery and evocative imagery.

There’s no denying it: “Evil Ways” is Santana at its finest, a timeless classic that will continue to captivate listeners for years to come.

4. “Blues For Salvador”

Carrying on from “Evil Ways”, Santana’s “Blues for Salvador” is a masterful ode to his musical heritage.

It begins with a sweet melody of acoustic guitar and progresses through Santana’s own unique blend of blues and Latin rhythms.

The song builds in intensity as it goes on, culminating in a powerful and passionate guitar solo that is sure to leave listeners feeling inspired.

This track showcases Santana’s ability to take traditional genres and make them his own, creating something truly unique and captivating.

With its vibrant melodies, groovy rhythms, and emotional solos, “Blues for Salvador” stands as one of the great highlights of Santana’s legendary discography.

5. “Maria Maria”

One of the most iconic tunes in Santana’s repertoire is “Maria Maria“, and it’s easy to see why.

This song has a groove like no other, with its infectious rhythm and catchy hook that will keep your feet tapping for days.

The Latin-fusion sound is unique and captivating, as Carlos Santana masterfully combines elements from reggae, hip-hop, and rock into one epic jam.

Lyrically, the song speaks to themes of liberation with its celebration of freedom, determination, and resilience.

It’s an inspiring message that will stay with you long after the music stops.

Truly a timeless classic that simply must be included on any list of greatest hits by the legendary Carlos Santana.

6. “Soul Sacrifice”

If you’re looking for a classic Santana track that epitomizes the band’s iconic sound and style, then look no further than “Soul Sacrifice”.

As soon as you hear it, you can immediately recognize its unmistakable groove, Carlos’ virtuosic guitar playing, and passionate lyrics.

It captures the essence of the band in all its glory – from Carlos’ signature Latin-infused rock to Michael Carabello’s infectious percussion and Gregg Rolie’s amazing organ solos.

It’s a track that will take you on a journey of liberation, making it an essential part of Santana’s greatest hits collection.

7. “Put Your Lights On”

“Put Your Lights On” is an undeniable Santana classic, with a catchy hook and uplifting lyrics that just make you want to dance.

The collaboration between Carlos Santana and Everlast perfectly captures the spirit of liberation, making it an anthem for those seeking freedom from whatever holds them down.

It’s not just a great Santana song – it’s an essential feel-good track that everyone should have in their playlist.

With its infectious groove and inspiring message, “Put Your Lights On” is sure to bring joy to any listener.

Whether you’re feeling down or in need of some motivation, this song will light up your day!

8. “Winning”

Having just discussed the upbeat, inspiring nature of Santana’s track “Put Your Lights On,” let’s now turn our attention to the classic anthem of success, “Winning.”

This Grammy-winning hit is a classic that resonates with all who hear it.

From its iconic guitar riffs and powerful lyrics to its catchy chorus, this song is an uplifting reminder that victory is within reach if we just keep on pushing forward.

It’s no surprise why this single has become a fan favorite, continuously played in stadiums around the world from sports teams to festivals.

There’s something about this song that speaks to those seeking liberation and success – you can almost feel the energy when it plays.

So throw on your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate life with “Winning”!

9. “No One To Depend On”

When you hear “No One To Depend On”, it’s a song that instantly brings you to a place of liberation.

A place where it’s just you, your thoughts, and your emotions – nothing else matters.

The combination of Carlos Santana’s signature guitar riffs with Gregg Rolie’s soulful vocals creates an atmosphere that can only be described as pure magic.

It’s a classic power ballad that will never grow old; the perfect blend of rock, blues, and jazz elements are sure to fill you with joy and make even the most stoic person move their feet.

This timeless track from 1972 is without a doubt one of Santana’s best songs ever and deserves its spot amongst the greatest hits.

10. “She’s Not There”

The iconic guitar riff of Santana’s “She’s Not There” is enough to make any music fan feel a sense of freedom and liberation.

This classic hit captures the essence of longing and desire, as Carlos Santana’s incredible guitar solo intertwines with the haunting lyrics sung by Gregg Rolie.

The song stands out for its creative mixing of Latin rhythms and blues, creating a unique sound that immediately transports the listener to another place.

As soon as the track begins, it’s impossible not to find yourself tapping your feet in time to the beat.

In short, “She’s Not There” is an absolute must-have for any greatest hits list – an unforgettable classic that will never go out of style.

11. “Into The Night”

Moving on from the smooth, soulful vibes of “She’s Not There”, we’re taken into the night with another Santana classic.

“Into the Night” is an upbeat Latin-inspired track featuring Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame.

With its lively guitar riffs and catchy chorus, it’s no surprise that this song has become a fan favorite.

The lyrics talk about feeling free and liberated to do whatever you want in life – something that resonates with many people all over the world.

Listening to this track will make anyone feel like they can take on anything and everything that comes their way.

It’s a great way to get energized and ready for whatever life throws at you!

12. “All I Ever Wanted”

Santana’s classic “All I Ever Wanted” is a song that speaks to the soul, an emotional anthem of liberation.

With its iconic vocal melody, soaring guitar riffs, and driving beat, it takes listeners on a journey of freedom as they are enveloped in a wall of sound.

The lyrics paint a picture of hope for those struggling to find their way out of darkness and oppression.

It’s a timeless track that celebrates the power of music to help us find our own courage and strength in the face of adversity.

There’s no denying the impact this song has had on generations around the world, and its message continues to resonate even today.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just need something to lift your spirits, “All I Ever Wanted” is sure to deliver.

Best Santana Songs – Final Thoughts

I think it’s safe to say that these 12 songs make up Santana’s greatest hits.

There are some amazing tracks on this list that everyone should know and love.

“Oye Coma Va” is a classic and an absolute must-have for any fan, while the iconic “Black Magic Woman” never fails to get people moving.

You can also find plenty of smooth gems like “Smooth” or “Into the Night,” as well as more upbeat tunes like “Evil Ways.'”

If you’re looking for some of Santana’s best work, you can’t go wrong with this list.

All I ever wanted was to share these great songs with you, and now that I have, I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do!

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