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15 Best Stone Temple Pilots Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 8, 2023
stone temple pilots songs

The Stone Temple Pilots have been one of the most influential alternative rock bands of the 90s.

With an expansive discography, they have delivered a number of classic songs.

This article identifies and discusses the 15 best Stone Temple Pilots songs of all time according to public opinion and critical acclaim.

Each song is uniquely crafted and is accompanied by a distinct sound that has resonated with fans and music critics alike.

Through this article, readers will gain a better understanding of the impact that the Stone Temple Pilots have had on the alternative rock genre.

1. “Interstate Love”

Through its melodic guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics, “Interstate Love” is widely regarded as a classic amongst Stone Temple Pilot’s greatest hits.

The song’s timelessness lies in its ability to capture the struggles of growing up and transitioning from carefree youth into adulthood.

Vocalist Scott Weiland’s raw emotion and distinct vocal style coupled with the powerful lead guitar allows the listener to connect with the song’s themes of loss and longing.

The song’s structure and instrumentation add to its universality, creating a timeless classic that resonates with fans from all walks of life.

2. “Plush”

The 1992 hit single “Plush” is a staple of the alternative rock genre, paying testament to the legacy of Stone Temple Pilots.

Featuring an unforgettable guitar riff, Scott Weiland’s signature melodramatic vocals, and a powerful chorus, it is one of the band’s most enduring songs.

Its lyrics are difficult to interpret, with dual meanings that may refer to a tormented relationship or the search for inner strength.

It was the band’s first major hit, propelling them to fame and instant recognition.

“Plush” remains an anthem of the alternative rock era.

3. “Creep”

Debuting in 1992, Stone Temple Pilots’ “Creep” is a powerful hard rock ballad that has become an iconic song of the 90s.

The track evokes strong emotion with its passionate vocals, melancholic guitar solo, and intense drums.

Lyrically, the song tackles themes of loneliness and isolation, with a chorus that is both heartrending and anthemic.

It has become a fan favourite, with its powerful melodies and universal message resonating with listeners.

“Creep” is undoubtedly one of the band’s most renowned songs and a timeless classic of the genre.

4. “Sour Girl”

An anthem of regret and disappointment, “Sour Girl “is a track by Stone Temple Pilots that lyrically delves into the complex emotions of a broken relationship.

Through its melancholic melodies and raw lyrics, the song paints a picture of a failed love, exploring the feelings of guilt and sadness that come with it.

The narrator’s inner turmoil is further accentuated by the powerful vocals of Scott Weiland, allowing the listener to experience the pain of the situation.

“Sour Girl” is a powerful and poignant track that speaks to the struggles of letting go.

5. “Vasoline”

“Vasoline”, a track from Stone Temple Pilots’ 1994 album, Purple, is an energetic rock song that captures the feeling of freedom and optimism.

Its lyrics are upbeat and the instrumentation is fast and loud, creating a sense of euphoria.

The guitar solo in the middle of the song is particularly notable, showing the band’s ability to create complex and dynamic compositions.

The chorus is memorable and catchy, making it a great choice for a greatest hits compilation.

It is clear why this song is often cited as one of the band’s best works.

6. “Between the Lines”

“Between the Lines” is a mid-tempo rock song that showcases Stone Temple Pilots’ melodic sensibilities.

Featuring a catchy chorus and verses driven by an acoustic guitar and strings, the song has an optimistic energy that is further enhanced by Scott Weiland’s dreamy vocal performance.

Lyrically, the song provides an introspective look into the challenges of life and the necessity of maintaining self-belief.

The song’s simple yet effective message resonates with listeners, making it a fan favourite.

7. “Wicked Garden”

“Wicked Garden” is a hard-hitting rock track that demonstrates Stone Temple Pilots’ penchant for dynamic songwriting.

Its complex guitar riffs and lyrics, delivered with vocalist Scott Weiland’s signature style, capture the band’s unique amalgamation of grunge and psychedelia.

The song is driven by a powerful rhythm section and features a prominent bass line.

The classic grunge sound is exemplified by the distorted guitars and the intensity of the drums.

This is a song that will remain memorable for years to come.

8. “Big Bang Baby”

The heavy rock track “Big Bang Baby“, from the band Stone Temple Pilots’ album Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop, is an electrifying example of their signature sound.

It combines grunge and alternative rock with a classic hard rock approach, creating a unique sonic experience.

The lyrics are characteristically cryptic and evocative, hinting at a deeper meaning.

Guitars are driven throughout the song, with a memorable chorus and an intense bridge.

Both the rhythm and lead guitars add to the overall soundscape, creating a powerful finish.

It is a perfect example of STP’s ability to create songs that are both complex and accessible.

9. “Sex Type Thing”

A powerful and hard-hitting single, “Sex Type Thing” from Stone Temple Pilots’ album Core is an energetic and unforgettable track.

It features an aggressive vocal delivery from Scott Weiland, punctuated by a tight and powerful rhythm section.

The song’s lyrics explore the issue of sexual objectification and its impact on society and relationships.

Its message resonates with listeners, making the song both an enduring classic and a powerful statement on sexual politics.

The song also highlights the band’s ability to craft anthemic rock songs that both entertain and make a statement.

10. “Lady Picture Show”

Continuing with the exploration of Stone Temple Pilots’ greatest hits, another popular song of theirs is “Lady Picture Show”.

This song is indicative of the band’s signature sound, which is a combination of grunge and alternative rock.

It has a heavy, driving guitar riff and a catchy chorus that is both memorable and enjoyable.

Lyrically, the song is about a woman who is a source of inspiration for the singer.

The song is a reflection of the band’s ability to create music that is both powerful and thought-provoking.

11. “Down”

Another song by Stone Temple Pilots that captures their signature sound is “Down”, a hard rock track with a heavy guitar riff and a memorable chorus.

Its sound is a combination of the band’s grunge, hard rock, and alternative influences.

Musically, the riff is simple, but its power lies in the repetition and the underlying guitar chords.

The chorus is anthemic and catchy, with a hypnotic vocal melody.

The song’s emotional lyrics explore themes of loss and regret.

“Down” is an example of Stone Temple Pilots’ ability to craft a powerful and memorable track.

12. “Meadow”

“Meadow” is a melodic mid-tempo rock track that showcases Stone Temple Pilots‘ signature sound and emotive lyrics.

Vocalist Scott Weiland’s delivery is passionate, creating an atmosphere of solemn reflection.

The instrumentation builds gradually from the start of the song, growing in intensity until the climax.

The guitar riff is memorable and evocative, providing a solid foundation for the structure of the song.

The lyrics also capture the listener, delivering a message of hope and perseverance.

All these elements combine to make “Meadow” a memorable and emotionally powerful song.

13. “Days of the Week”

Stone Temple Pilots’ song “Days of the Week” is a reflection on the monotony and cyclical nature of day-to-day life.

The lyrics explore the idea of living in a world with no surprises and never-ending repetition.

The song focuses on the feeling of being stuck in a mundane routine, and the singer’s longing for something different.

The melody is simple yet catchy, and the thoughtful lyrics are a reminder to appreciate the small moments in life.

14. “Fare Thee Well”

“Fare Thee Well” is a song by Stone Temple Pilots from their greatest hits album, exploring themes of mortality and the passing of time.

The lyrics reflect the impermanence of life, with phrases such as ‘someday soon, will all be gone’.

Musically, the song is melancholic, with a slow tempo and minor key, combining acoustic and electric guitars with a subtle string accompaniment.

The message of the song is powerful and thought-provoking, reflecting the tragedy of the inevitability of death and the importance of making the most of life.

15. “Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart”

“Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart” is a song from Stone Temple Pilots’ greatest hits album that poignantly examines the complexity of relationships.

It is a rock ballad with lyrics that seek to capture the feeling of being stuck between hope and despair.

The power of the song lies in its ability to evoke strong emotions of longing and uncertainty.

Musically, it is characterized by its slow tempo and the use of reverberating guitar effects that create a sense of disorientation.

The song is a powerful ode to the struggles of love and its resulting heartache.

Best Stone Temple Pilots Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Stone Temple Pilots have produced an impressive catalogue of songs that are truly timeless.

From the heavy riffs of “Interstate Love” to the mellow and melancholic “Fare Thee Well”, the band has crafted a wide range of sounds and styles that appeal to a variety of listeners.

Their songs remain an integral part of the rock genre, and will likely continue to inspire generations of musicians to come.

The band’s musical influence has been undeniable, and their greatest hits serve as a testament to their talent and accomplishments.

It is clear that Stone Temple Pilots have created some of the best songs of all time.

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