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15 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 8, 2023
arctic monkeys songs

The Arctic Monkeys have been a popular rock band since mid-2002, and they have released many songs that have become widely known and loved.

This article looks at 15 of the best Arctic Monkeys songs of all time.

It examines the band’s music and provides a comprehensive analysis of each song, from the lyrics to the musical composition.

By looking at these songs and the musical elements they contain, this article will provide an in-depth look at the band’s musical style and achievements.

1. “Do I Wanna Know?”

The 2013 single, “Do I Wanna Know?” from the Arctic Monkeys’ album, AM, has become widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

With its catchy guitar licks and hypnotic drum beat, the song offers an interesting mix of melodic indie rock and psychedelic blues.

Lyrically, the song’s vivid imagery and self-reflective themes provide an insight into the band’s creative process.

With its catchy hook and clever instrumentation, “Do I Wanna Know?” stands out as one of the Arctic Monkeys’ most beloved and enduring songs.

2. “R U Mine?”

Released in 2013, “R U Mine?” is a high-energy anthem renowned for its captivating beat and powerful lyrics.

With its driving rhythm and catchy melody, the single is a fan favorite and a prime example of Arctic Monkeys’ signature style.

The song’s lyrics explore a range of emotions, from love and longing to possessiveness and insecurity.

This allows listeners to gain an insight into the band’s unique musical world, making it one of the most popular Arctic Monkeys songs of all time.

3. “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

Exploring themes of alienation and disconnection, Arctic Monkeys’ hit single “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” is a melancholic yet catchy anthem.

The track is built upon a driving bass line and a sing-a-long chorus that reflects the apathy of its protagonist.

The song’s lyrics explore the emptiness of a relationship built upon a lack of communication and unfulfilled expectations.

The vocal delivery is understated and subdued, providing a stark contrast to the upbeat instrumentation.

A powerful statement, the track is emblematic of the band’s signature sound.

4. “Arabella”

A popular single from Arctic Monkeys’ 2013 album AM, “Arabella” is a vibrant and energetic track.

Lead singer Alex Turner’s lyrics tell the story of a beautiful and mysterious woman, with a chorus that is catchy and memorable.

Musically, the song is upbeat and joyous, with a driving rhythm section and a prominent guitar hook.

Turner’s vocal performance is passionate and engaging, and the song features a signature breakdown section that further enhances the chorus.

The song is an example of the band’s ability to combine traditional rock elements with modern production techniques and provide a memorable and enjoyable listening experience.

5. “Snap Out Of It”

“Snap Out Of It” is a pulsating and thought-provoking track from Arctic Monkeys’ 2013 album AM, showcasing the band’s ability to blend alternative rock with electronica.

The song opens with a driving drum beat and catchy guitar riff, transitioning to an energetic chorus with Alex Turner’s signature vocals.

Lyrically, the song contains a message of self-reflection and determination, with Turner urging the listener to take control of their life and make positive changes.

The song’s production is characterized by layered synths and echoes, creating a dream-like atmosphere that captures the emotion of the lyrics.

Overall, the song is an impressive example of Arctic Monkeys’ unique blend of genres and their ability to create a powerful listening experience.

6. “Four Out Of Five”

The track “Four Out Of Five” from Arctic Monkeys’ 2018 album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino provides an intriguing blend of rock and electronica elements.

The song opens with a distorted guitar riff that is soon joined by synths and a steady drumbeat.

Alex Turner‘s vocal delivery is more subdued than in his previous works, and his lyrics explore themes of modern fame and escapism.

The song builds to a crescendo, in which Turner’s vocals are layered over a driving beat and swirling synths.

The result is an uplifting and powerful track that is sure to stay in listeners’ minds.

7. “When The Sun Goes Down”

Drawing on classic rock ‘n’ roll influences, “When The Sun Goes Down” is an anthemic track from Arctic Monkeys’ 2006 album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

It showcases the band’s signature blend of melody and energy, with a driving beat that propels the song forward.

The lyrics are cleverly written and full of clever wordplay, and the chorus is memorable and catchy.

The song is also notable for its use of subtle harmonies and varied instrumentation, which gives it a unique texture and depth.

Overall, “When The Sun Goes Down” is a classic Arctic Monkeys song that is sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.

8. “One For The Road”

Building upon the energy of “When The Sun Goes Down”, “One For The Road” is an upbeat rocker from Arctic Monkeys’ 2013 album AM.

The track features a driving, hard-hitting beat and Alex Turner’s signature lyrical wit.

The song is heavily reliant on its infectious guitar riffs, which drive the song forward and propel its singalong chorus.

Turner’s lyrics serve as a commentary on the emotional rollercoaster of his early twenties and the pressures of living up to societal expectations.

Ultimately, “One For The Road” is a perfect example of the Arctic Monkeys’ ability to craft energetic and emotionally powerful songs.

9. “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You”

Relying heavily on its infectious guitar riffs and singalong chorus, Arctic Monkeys’ “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You” is a perfect example of the band’s ability to craft dynamic and emotionally powerful songs.

The track, released in 2013, is a fan favorite, containing a catchy melody and straightforward, yet impactful lyrics.

Its structure is a classic verse-chorus-verse format, which is accentuated by the well-executed and driving guitar riffs.

Alongside the upbeat instrumentals, the song also features a dynamic vocal performance from lead singer Alex Turner, which further adds to its energy and charm.

Overall, this track is one of Arctic Monkeys’ best, offering a compelling mix of upbeat music and meaningful lyrics.

10. “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”

This song was part of the band’s studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, released in 2018.

This album is considered by many fans to be a major shift in style for the band, taking on a more experimental and psychedelic rock sound.

It has been praised for its imaginative lyrics and its exploration of themes such as technology, space, and nostalgia.

It is one of the band’s most popular albums to date.

11. “Black Treacle”

Released in 2011, “Black Treacle” is a single from the Arctic Monkeys’ studio album, Suck It and See.

The track is a classic example of the band’s signature indie rock sound, featuring an upbeat tempo and Alex Turner’s distinct vocal style.

Lyrically, the song focuses on the theme of nostalgia, with Turner reflecting on lost love and the past.

Musically, the song is driven by electric guitars and a solid rhythm section, with a focus on creating an energetic and memorable chorus.

The song has been praised for its catchy hooks and clever lyrics, becoming a fan favorite and a staple of the Arctic Monkeys’ live performances.

12. “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball”

A fan favorite and staple of the Arctic Monkeys’ live performances, “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” is an up-tempo track from the band’s album, The Car.

It is an upbeat, guitar-driven song characterized by its catchy chorus and Alex Turner’s distinct vocals.

Its lyrics are focused on enjoying life’s pleasures and not taking life too seriously.

It is an example of the band’s unique blend of rock and indie genres.

Musically, it is an amalgamation of interesting guitar riffs and percussion that creates a compelling atmosphere.

The lyrics are clever and thoughtful and reflect the band’s understanding of life and its complexities.

The song is a perfect example of Arctic Monkeys’ ability to create enjoyable, yet thought-provoking music.

13. “You’re So Dark”

Characterized by its dark, brooding atmosphere, “You’re So Dark” is an intense track from the Arctic Monkeys’ album, One For The Road.

It features a minimalist arrangement consisting of a repetitive guitar riff that builds tension, a powerful drum beat, and a hauntingly melancholic vocal delivery.

The lyrics explore the idea of being lost in a relationship and evoke a sense of impending doom.

The song’s instrumentation and lyrics come together to create an immersive experience, with the track’s minimalist production amplifying the mood.

The track stands out among the Arctic Monkeys’ greatest hits as an example of their ability to create an intense atmosphere with just a few elements.

14. “Star Treatment”

“Star Treatment”, the opening track from the Arctic Monkeys’ album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, is a captivating song that is sure to captivate any listener.

The track’s unique blend of rock, funk, and psychedelia creates a catchy, danceable song.

The track features a memorable, powerful chorus with an infectious beat, along with a driving rhythm section.

Alex Turner’s vocals and lyrics are powerfully emotive, yet remain mysterious and intriguing.

The song also features some impressive guitar work, which is both melodic and ferocious.

Overall, “Star Treatment” is an impressive, memorable track that deserves its place among the Arctic Monkeys’ greatest hits.

15. “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair”

“Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” is an up-tempo, rock-infused song that features a driving rhythm and catchy chorus.

It is a track on the Arctic Monkeys’ 2011 album Suck It and See.

The song follows a standard verse-chorus-verse structure, with a memorable riff and a powerful vocal delivery.

Instrumentally, the song features distorted guitars, a syncopated rhythm, and a rolling bassline.

The lyrics, meanwhile, are filled with wit and dark humor, making it a unique entry in the Arctic Monkeys’ extensive catalog.

Best Arctic Monkeys Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

Arctic Monkeys are a British rock band formed in 2002 in Sheffield, England.

Their catalog of work has consistently pushed boundaries, garnering critical acclaim and commercial success.

These songs showcase the band’s ability to craft powerful music that speaks to a wide range of people.

Arctic Monkeys have created a lasting impression on the music industry, and their greatest hits will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

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