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35 Best Songs About Trust, Honesty & Integrity

December 21, 2023
songs about trust

I’ve handpicked the best songs about trust, honesty, and integrity, tracks that beautifully convey the importance and complexity of these virtues.

This article is a thoughtful exploration of songs that resonate with themes of sincerity, moral strength, and the value of being true in relationships and life.

Top songs about trust, honesty & integrity

  • “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” by John Mayer
  • “Trust In Me” by Mildred Bailey
  • “Trust Nobody” by The D4
  • “I Put My Trust In You” by John Lee Hooker
  • “I Trust You To Kill Me” by Rocco DeLuca ft. The Burden
  • “Be Still” by The Fray
  • “Who Is She 2 U?” by Brandy
  • “Trust” by Brent Faiyaz
  • “Love And Trust” by Ben Harper ft. Charlie Musselwhite
  • “Trust Fall” By Bebe Rexha

1. “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” by John Mayer

“I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” is a song about trust by John Mayer that might sound toxic, but it’s just a warning.

In this song, John Mayer warns his lover that he doesn’t trust himself to love her because he has changed since they first met.

2. “Trust In Me” by Mildred Bailey 

“Trust in me in all you do; have the faith I have in you.”

The importance of trust in building a solid romantic relationship cannot be overemphasized.

In “Trust In Me,” Mildred Bailey reiterates the importance of trust in relationships as she urges her partner to trust her, have faith, and that love that will always see them through.

3. “Trust Nobody” by The D4

“Don’t put your trust in nobody; you can’t trust nobody but yourself.”

Broken trusts can deeply hurt people, which usually results in them having trust issues, as D4 narrates in their hit rock song about not trusting anyone.

In this song, the band sings about not trusting anyone because people are dishonest and undependable.

4. “I Put My Trust In You” by John Lee Hooker

“I just couldn’t believe, I couldn’t believe you would let me down.”

“I Put My Trust In You” is one of the most popular blues songs about broken trust in relationships, recorded by John Lee Hooker.

In this song, the singer narrates how he loved a woman despite being warned by his friend not to trust her and how she eventually broke his trust and hurt him.

5. “I Trust You To Kill Me” by Rocco DeLuca ft. The Burden

People have trust issues for diverse reasons, as you will discover by listening to “I Trust You To Kill Me” by Rocco DeLuca and The Burden.

This song is about not trusting anyone as the singers question the essence of trust because they have been betrayed several times.

6. “Be Still” by The Fray

“Be still and know that I’m with you.”

“Be Still” is an upbeat song about the importance of trust in friendship recorded by The Fray.

In the song, the narrator describes a relationship between friends where one is asking the other to trust him even in bad situations.

7. “Who Is She 2 U?” by Brandy

“Who Is She 2 U” is an R&B song about trust issues in relationships recorded by famous vocalist Brandy.

In this song, Brandy sings from the perspective of a woman that is suspicious of her partner because she feels he is in love with another woman.

8. “Trust” by Brent Faiyaz

In this song, Brent Faiyaz uses his sultry voice to describe a man that needs a trustworthy relationship.

At the beginning of the song, Brent reminds his friend that he told him that he could trust him, and he wants him to keep to his promise.

9. “Love And Trust” by Ben Harper ft. Charlie Musselwhite

“Love And Trust” is one of the best songs about trust, recorded by Ben Harper ft. Charlie Musselwhite.

In this song, the singers emphasize the need for love and trust in life, even though everyone is different.

10. “Trust Fall” By Bebe Rexha

Experiencing betrayals from people that claim to love you can have a detrimental effect on your psyche, preventing you from trusting people.

In “Trust Fall,” Bebe Rexha sings about being in a similar situation as described above.

The song describes a woman that has continuously put her trust in people and has had it broken several times, so much so that she is afraid to trust again.

11. “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars

“You can count on me like one, two, three, I’ll be there.”

This list wouldn’t be complete without Bruno Mars’ trust-inspired song, “Count On Me.”

In this song, Bruno Mars promises his friends that he will always be there for them, and he is sure they will reciprocate his kind gesture when he needs it.

This is a song about loyalty and trust in friendships, which is why it has become a friendship anthem for so many around the world.

12. “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel

“A Matter Of Trust” is a song about trust issues in relationships, one of Billy Joel’s most popular songs.

In this song, Billy tells the story of a man that has been constantly betrayed by his past lovers and how that has destroyed his trust in love.

13. “Truth and Honesty” by Aretha Franklin

“Truth And Honesty” might have been released in the early 80s, but its message still holds to this day.

In this song about honesty and trust, Aretha Franklin uses her melodious voice to advise her listeners that relationships would be better if everyone tried to be honest and tell the truth.

Honesty is the backbone of trust; hence, trust can be easily developed if you are honest about things.

14. “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys

“God Only Knows” is a famous rock song about trust in relationships by The Beach Boys, released in the late 60s.

In this heartfelt song, the singer promises to love his girlfriend as long as there are stars above her because he doesn’t know what he would be without her.

The singer also emphasizes that trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of relationships, without which the foundation would be shaky.

15. “Marchin On” by OneRepublic

Even when you get trust broken several times, you must keep marching on, and that is a message from OneRepublic to you in their hit song, “Marchin On.”

This is one of the most famous songs about trust that encourages its listeners to get back on their feet and keep believing even when love has become distasteful.

16. “Apologize” by Timbaland ft. OneRepublic

In “Apologize,” Timbaland and OneRepublic sing about broken trust in relationships.

The song chronicles a bad relationship and how the narrator is fed up with putting up with the lies of their partners.

In the song, the narrator’s ex comes back apologizing, but the reply is quite simple, “It’s too late to apologize.”

17. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar

The only time bad blood is formed is when someone’s trust is irreparably broken, and that is what Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar sing about in her hit song “Bad Blood.”

The song is about the pain someone feels after having their trust broken by someone they trusted.

Taylor expresses her rage about the broken trust in explicit terms and visuals, as seen in the music video.

18. “Here I Am” by Leona Lewis

Having friends you trust to always show up for you is one of the greatest feelings in the world because it is quite rare.

In Leona Lewis’ hit song about trust, “Here I Am,” the singer sings about being there for her friend because her friend is trustworthy.

19. “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake

Many pop genre lovers fell in love with Justin Timberlake after he released his hit song, “Cry Me A River.”

This is a ballad about trust and mistrusts in a relationship as Justin sings about being in love with a cheating partner.

20. “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

“Say My Name” is a dramatic pop song by the popular girl group Destiny’s Child about trust issues in a relationship.

This song tells the story of a woman who doesn’t trust her lover, so much so that she calls him one day and asks him to say her name because she feels he is in the room with another woman.

21. “Trust” by Megadeth

In 1997, “Trust” by Megadeth bagged a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance, making it one of their most popular songs.

This is a song about trust issues in a relationship, as the singer describes being in a relationship that has been riddled with lies.

In this relationship, both parties are guilty of telling each other lies so much that they no longer trust anything.

22. “Trust” By Jonas Brothers

“I don’t trust myself when I’m around you.”

Have you ever left a relationship that wasn’t good for you but knew that if the ex came back, you would happily accept them?

This song describes such a situation as the Jonas Brothers sing about someone who doesn’t trust himself to make smart decisions around his ex. 

23. “Trust In Me” by Etta James

“Trust In Me” is the first song in Etta James’ 1960 album “At Last!”

This song gained popularity in the early sixties because of its notable jazz tunes.

In this song about trust, Etta James urges her partner to trust in her just like she trusts in him.

She wants him to trust her with all his issues and even sings, “Come to me when things go wrong, cling to me, daddy.”

24. “Honest” by Kodaline

In listening to this song, you will understand that being in a relationship with an honest person is a special gift from God.

“Honest” is a pop song about honesty by Kodaline, where he begs his lover to be honest with him about issues concerning the relationship.

He even asks her, “is it in you to be honest?” indicating that his lover has been feeding him with lies, and he is fed up.

25. “The Myth Of Trust” by Billy Bragg

“I woke up this morning to find that we have outlived the myth of trust.”

“The Myth Of Trust” is a rock song about trust by Billy Bragg, released in 1984.

In the song, Billy sings about having trust being a myth in relationships after his wife cheated on him. 

He makes references to the book of genesis in the bible, where he compares adultery to the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

26. “Trust Issues” by Drake

If there is one thing Drake knows how to do, it is express himself wholeheartedly with sentimental lyrics as he did in “Trust Issues.”

As the name suggests, this song is about trust issues and how Drake doesn’t trust the girls around him.

This might be due to his past trust being mishandled, which is enough to make anyone have trust issues.

27. “Without Me” by Halsey

“Without Me” is one of Halsey’s most popular songs, as it bagged several awards and nominations.

In this song, the singer bares herself as she sings about being in a one-sided relationship and having her trust shattered even after she invested herself wholly.

28. “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé

“Irreplaceable” is a song about trust and mistrust by famous pop artist Beyoncé that fast became a break-up anthem for women around the world.

This song tells the story of how the singer found out about her cheating partner, whom she used to trust so much.

In the song, Beyoncé lets her lying partner know he messed with the wrong girl because she will move on from him quickly.

29. “Trust” by Keyshia Cole ft. Monica

Keyshia Cole and Monica delivered an R&B song about trust with their hit song “Trust,” which bagged a Soul Train Nomination for Best Collaboration in 2007.

In this song, the singers detail being in a relationship with someone with trust issues because of their past.

Keyshia and Monica promise to love their partners despite their past if only they can trust them.

30. “Not My Ex” by Jessie J

There are relationships that can easily make us doubt the essence of love and lose trust in the premise, which can affect the prospects of future relationships.

In “Not My Ex,” Jessie J sings about not letting the history with her ex affect her new relationships.

In this song, Jessie J learns to trust her new partner as she reassures herself that a bad past relationship should not affect her current relationship.

31. “Trust In You” By Lauren Daigle

“Trust In You” is a gospel song about trust by Lauren Daigle that received several awards and nominations, including the Billboard Music Award for Top Christian song.

In this song, Lauren sings wholeheartedly about putting all her trust in God because she trusts that he is always going to show up for her.

32. “Trust” by Buju Banton

If you love Reggae, you definitely want to listen to this reggae song about trust issues by Buju Banton.

In this song, Buju sings about the trust issues he has with phones and social media because he feels like they are monitoring his every move.

He uses Jamaican lingo to express his utmost dislike for modern technology in the lyrics, “Mi nuh trust phone, mi nuh own, mi nu like it, pictures a guh round, seh Simone, a mi wifie.”

33. “Trust” by Justin Bieber

“Trust” is one of the bonus tracks in Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album, “Purpose.”

As the title suggests, the song is about trust in love relationships, and it should be the most important component in relationships.

In this song, Justin is seen telling a girl that he believes in trust, and he wants the girl to believe in it, too, so that their relationship can work.

34. “Trust” by Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s album “Head or Heart” is filled with songs about relationships and their woes, and “Trust” is the first song.

In this song, Christina lays herself bare as she sings about how trusting someone other than herself have made her stop trusting in love.

35. “Trust My Lonely” by Alessia Cara

In “Trust My Lonely,” Alessia Cara sings about finally walking away from a toxic relationship that she would usually crawl back to.

In the song, she sings that her ex is so bad and that she’s better off alone because she trusts herself more when she’s alone.

This song is about trusting yourself to walk away from toxic relationships, even though it might be hard because you know that you will find comfort in yourself.

Songs About Trust – Final Thoughts 

The songs in this list were carefully selected because they captured the essence of trust and its importance in relationships.

If you have ever had your trust broken or are on your way to mending the trust you broke, there are songs here that fit every trust situation.

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