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45 Best Songs About Thunder & Lightning (Ranked List)

May 10, 2023
songs about thunder

Rain is as beautiful as nature’s little miracle, and there is more to it than just the coming down of water that fascinates a lot of people. 

The sparkly lines of lightning marking the clouds as the water comes down from them have captivated both the young and the old, leaving behind a certain kind of euphoria. 

Thunder rocks the entire earth and announces its presence with great prowess, getting everyone’s attention; you always get geared up at the sound of thunder. 

Do you want to spark your song’s playlist with songs about thunder and lightning? 

Here are some eccentric thunder and lightning songs that would fascinate you like nature’s lightning and thunder would.

Table of Contents

1. “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

Lightning comes before thunder when it rains and Daniel Reynolds, who is part of the music group, explains a line with these words during a talk. 

His dreams as a kid represented the Lighting, while the success he now experiences is the Thunder. 

This song about lightning and thunder was a hit back in 2017 when it was released, and it currently has over 1 billion views on YouTube. 

2. “God Of Thunder” by Kiss

A song of the rock and roll genre can leave you satisfied and ready to party, but this piece by Kiss is one of those songs that leaves a crowd thundering with cheers. 

Like thunder sounds send chills down your spine, the band strikes the guitar chords to this song to let you catch a crazy vibe that rocks every part of your body. 

3. “Thunder Kiss ’65” by White Zombie

You would love the energy etched in the melody of this song because its energetic sound earned the White Zombie their very first Grammy nomination. 

The song, with its deep thunderous tune, talks about going ahead to have fun regardless of whether lightning or thunder comes trying to ruin your plans. 

4. “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen 

Thunder Road” is a song from the Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run” album released in 1975 and can be a part of your rock and roll song list. 

Thunder sounds rocks the whole earth as they break when it rains; get a similar rock and roll feel with this piece. 

The lyrics of the song are relatable and are about a couple on a journey of new beginnings that is rough initially but is towards a better life.

5. “Thunder In My Heart” by Leo Sayer

The rocking effects of thunder can be strong; now imagine the thunderous emotions felt by Leo Sayer as he met a woman he knew he loved. 

Leo’s heart had a thunder that overpowered a voice in his head that was warning him against falling for her, and this shows just how powerful thunder can be. 

You may not like thunder naturally, but how he describes it as something that helped him silence his doubts can make you love thunder, after all. 

6. “Ride the Lightning (717 Tapes)” by Warren Zeiders

Ever seen lightning and felt like you wanted to touch it because of how attractive it looked, striking through the white clouds? 

Warren Zeiders sings this fascinating country song putting his all into it with an intention to make anyone who listen, fall in love with country music. 

Released during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a song that wants you to see the best in everything around you. 

7. “Thunder And Lightning Polka” by Johann Strauss II

Here is a thunderous and lightning-filled song that perfectly mirrors the power of nature through its rumbling bass drums and the crashing sound of cymbals. 

Johann Strauss II was a popular waltz musician who paved a name for himself in the heart of waltz lovers; even with no lyrics, the sound remains captivating.  

8. “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks

Thunder sounds can be scary for some people, and if you were sleeping while it rocked, you could wake up trying to understand where the sound came from.

Garth Brooks experiences exactly this as he wrote the song trying to comprehend certain difficulties in marriage. 

The woman who was the song’s focus raged like Thunder when she found out about her husband’s infidelity; all these were recorded in a country genre. 

9. “Thunder Underground” by Ozzy Osbourne 

“Thunder Underground” is one song that we can say Ozzy Osbourne outdid himself on even for a comeback four years after his retirement. 

This song may not explicitly talk about lightning and thunder, but the energy it oozes is sure to remind you of these wonderful weather elements. 

Ozzy wrote this song with deep meaning; a listen would get you thinking of the words hidden behind the lyrics. 

10. “Thunderpeel” by Beck

This song by Beck was done with a country music tune yet still feels like one that gets you rocking; that’s some amazing masterpiece. 

If you are coming up with songs in your song’s playlist for stormy weather that keeps you indoors, here’s one that deserves a trial. 

The song has made an effort to be one that has been around for a while and has left thunderous effects on its listeners.  

11. “Thunder Island” by Jay Ferguson 

Jay Ferguson is a creative pop rock singer that knows his craft well enough to earn himself the success he has over the years. 

In this song, he sings about lovers having a getaway time on “Thunder Island,” sharing hours that seem to be without a number. 

Jay was with his woman through the change of the weather from summer to storm, backed by thunder and lightning. 

12. “Thunder and Lightning” by Chi Coltrane 

Chi Coltrane wanted to get your attention like thunder at the first hearing when she placed this song as the first track of her first self-titled album. 

She was a pianist from Wisconsin who had a dream that eventually came true, singing about a love she could not get away from like thunder and lightning.  

The song is one of the best songs with thunder and lightning in the lyrics that is enjoyable; it is a song of the rock genre played on a piano. 

13. “Lightning Crashes” by Live

Here is a song said to be written while the band lead singer played an acoustic guitar when he moved into his new apartment.  

The song features so many events like birth and death, and each one is said to feel like lightning crashing. 

It has a soft tune that is enough to pull you in and take you away from the environment.  

14. “Thunder and Lightning” by Giant

Many songs with thunder in the title aren’t based on the weather; some have lovely lyrics that tell a story of love and affection. 

This could be because of the captivating effects that nature’s lightning and thunder give, and the best way to explain how they feel is by likening it to this nature’s event. 

The Giant tells us how much passion is shared between the couple, who is the song’s main focus.

15. “Lightning Strikes” by Ozzy Osbourne 

The metal sound industry always wants us to feel lightning and thunder with their energetic and soul-striking songs. 

Ozzy Osbourne, who has been labeled the “Godfather of Metal,” wonders how he strikes the chords to this electrifying melody. 

Catch a crazy dance vibe that can resonate through your spirit like the after-effects of lightning strikes through the stormy clouds. 

16. “Thunder in the Rain” by Kane Brown

Here is a song with enough emotions to change your mood; it is a blessing to everyone who loves country music. 

The song calmly pictures the rush of emotions shared between two lovers because each time their hearts collide, Kane Brown says they’re like “Thunder In The Rain.”  

Knowing how energetic and resounding thunder is in the rain helps you understand the flow of emotions the singer intends to paint. 

17. “The Shock Of The Lightning” by Oasis

“The Shock Of The Lightning” is a single off The Oasis’ fourth album, “Dig Out Your Soul”; they meant every word on the album with the songs. 

The feeling of shock experienced at the unannounced presence of lightning is something the band wants you to relive as you move with the melody of the rock song

Energetic, speedy, and easily addictive piece by the British Band

18. “Crying Lightning” by Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys gives us this strong indie rock genre song about a guy and a girl. 

They got quite creative by naming a game they played, “Crying Lightning,” which is one major thing our singer loved about his girl. 

Just like the rain couldn’t stop them from having a great time together, let no thunder and lightning in stormy weather steal your love moments away. 

19. “The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)” by Snow Patrol 

Written by Gary Lightbody and recorded by Snow Patrol, this song is one track sure to send chills as it would real lightning. 

It is one of those with lightning in the lyrics that leave you with an indescribable yet fascinating feeling. 

The song has the strength to pull you into a beautiful rhythm that could be compared to none; fill up your mind with this song on your music playlist.  

20. “Thunder and Lightning” by Meredith Brooks

If you’re from LA, you should pay attention to how naturally beautiful the sky looks when it rains and the sky gets grey. 

Our songwriter is not mesmerized by a good LA sky, even in the rain; his heart is struck as he looks at the woman who makes his inside thunder. 

The singer leaves no details behind and likens quite a lot of their moments to thunder and lightning; this could be related to how mind-blowing they are. 

21. “Summer and Lightning” by Electric Light Orchestra 

Maniple has taken lightning as a sign of bad luck, especially when they have planned an event for the day or are about to make a critical decision. 

The music group led by Jeff Lynne sang about a man who sees the lightning in the sky as he thinks of his woman as a sign of bad luck. 

Summer to him, however, symbolizes how happy he is whenever he thinks about the lady; it’s a song about emotions 

22. “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

Many songs about thunder have won over people’s hearts, like this song by the Australian Rock Band AC/DC; they are passionate about their musical work of art. 

When thunder strikes, most people rock in fear of the earth-splitting sound that comes with it; this song playfully captures this response by most humans. 

23. “Saw Lightning” by Beck

Some songs can lighten you up as you listen to their captivating melody; this lightning song by Beck is one to do that effortlessly. 

Beck sang various weather elements in this song, catching each relatable meaning. 

Lightning, as a natural element, feels quite supernatural, and the singer says seeing lightning means he was awakened from encountering something supernatural.  

24. “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” by Richard Thompson 

How about folk music that passes a message about lightning in a calm and peaceful way?

Richard Thompson tries his all to keep folk music alive and does a great job on this song about lightning. 

Lightning tells us that a sound of thunder is coming; the man in this song knows his end is coming and gives his lover his Vincent 52′. 

25. “Thunderstruck” by Owl City

Getting thunderstruck makes you glued to a certain position due to the power of commanding attention that thunder possesses. 

The song is a poetic one that speaks about a woman falling in love with a ghost; the feeling conveyed in the song feels right, regardless of how impossible it is.  

26. “Living in Lightning” by City and Colour

When it rains at night, and all seems dark and gloomy, the sparkling of lightning strikes makes a lot of difference. 

The effects of lightning can be a sign of hope for someone weighed down by the gloominess of the night. 

This is one of the best lightning songs out there; it speaks about your appreciation of how different each person is because, well, you never know what they are going through. 

27. “Heavy Metal Thunder” by Saxon

Heavy metal bands have graced the earth, but none have had huge success as much as this band; they have set the bar for others to follow. 

The sound of thunder in the atmosphere gears one alive and keeps one on alert; this song is one to give you such experiences. 

Its evocative tune makes you feel like you’re going in for a battle like a roman soldier, riding a horse as you charge ahead. 

28. “Lightning Strikes The Postman” by The Flaming Lips

The ideology of being struck by lightning can be funny, and here is a song that paints this picture with a sense of humor. 

The Flaming Lips sing about a postman who gets struck by lightning each time he goes to deliver letters, which they did with a lovely tune. 

The song speaks about two lovers trying to communicate with each other with letters, but their postman keeps getting struck by lightning, thus creating a distance between them. 

29. “Silver Thunderbird” by Marc Cohn 

Ever stared out your window on a dark rainy night as lightning strikes paint its art and thunderstorms rock the clouds, and you long for a loved one?

Marc Cohn wrote this song while thinking of his father and admiring his sacrifices for him. 

This is not just a song that you get carried away with its melody; it takes your attention and prevents you from doing anything else but listening.  

30. “Thunder On The Mountain” by Bob Dylan

Does the sound of thunder scare you, and do you need music to help you escape the world for the moments the storms rage on?

“Thunder On The Mountain” by Bob Dylan is one of those songs with thunder in the title with a catchy tune that can surely help you escape the thundering reality around you. 

Bob said the inspiration for the song came from watching Alicia Keys’ performance at the Grammys in 2002. 

31. “Thunder” by Jessie J

This song was produced from the collaboration of many talents; Jessie J, Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, Claude Kelly, Benjamin Levin, and Tor Erik Hermansen came together to give us this lovely melody. 

Jessie J, with her energy, sings about how much of an effect thunder can have on someone; this she did with lots of emotions. 

32. “Twilight of the Thunder God” by Amon Amarth 

If you’ve seen a movie like Thor, the power of thunder and lightning must not be a new thing due to the way the character portrayed it. 

This song can be recommended during your workout session; work on your energy like Thor. 

The song has a strong metallic tune and is one of the best you can get when looking for songs with thunder in the lyrics. 

33. “Lightning Bolt” by Pearl Jam

The view of lightning in the sky during those dark cloudy, and rainy nights can leave you mesmerized, and Pearl Jam paints the same picture for us with what he experienced with a girl he was smitten for. 

The song’s momentum can strongly carry you with its sweet lines about a love someone craves but can’t have because he has to let it go. 

34. “Ride The Lightning” by Metallica 

The sound of lightning and thunder can send chills down your spine and get the hairs on your skin standing; this track does the same thing to you. 

The rhythm and flow of this song go so well together that you can get goosebumps while you listen. 

The song narrates a scene from a novel about a man that was to face death by electrocution; this manner of death is what the writer describes as “Ride The Lightning.” 

35. “Thunder” by Boys Like Girls

Harmony is sometimes experienced when thunder and lightning strike, and this piece will surely have you awed by the harmonization of the voices. 

The resonating voices aside, this song can take you on a walk down memory lane and make your heart swell with affection. 

36. “Thunder And Lightning” by Thin Lizzy

Rock the atmosphere during thunderstorms and lightning striking while walking down memory lane with this piece. 

The singer would make you embrace the excitement of thunder and lightning that can, in reality, hit you like a hammer.

The little blend of romance in the song can make you feel great love, even if it’s pouring down upon your roof with resounding thunder. 

37. “Distant Thunder” by Richard Clapton 

Richard Clapton signed with Sony Music/Columbia Records in 1993 after changing managers for about four hours; this change, however, brought up his career. 

The sound of thunder from a distance is often just heard lightly and is more of a reference to the one who hears it; this song covers a reference to the Gulf War of 1991. 

38. “Thunder & Lightning” by AZEDIA

This soulful song from the album “Life Goes On,” is full of emotions of a person’s deepest desires to change situations. 

Thunder and lightning may be frightening, but here is a woman who is strong and brave and would do everything to be with her lover, even if it means changing the weather. 

39. “Some Loud Thunder” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is a band known for their lively and fast-tempo songs; you could say they wanted to live up to their name. 

Have your hearts captured like the resonating sounds of thunder on your roof with this strong yet slow-tempo song about thunder. 

The song “Some Loud Thunder” gets you thinking with lines rich in the ambiguity of the message it passes across. 

40. “Storms” by Fleetwood Mac

Here is another soft alternative pop with a touch of folk and country sound that resonates through the core of your soul. 

This is a heartbreaking song, and the writer referred to herself as a storm as she bids her lover goodbye. 

41. “Lightnin’ Strikes Again” by Dokken 

The metal and rock song genre strikes on again as they take up another spot in the songs for thunder and lightning list. 

The song is energetic and ultimately wants you to lose control when you listen to it and forget the ear-splitting sounds of thunder that seem to have taken the lights down. 

42. “Johnny Thunder” by The Kinks

Sang on cool guitar strings, this song should be a top spot taker on your thunder songs list with its captivating melody and sweet lyrics. 

The song speaks about Johnny, who moves like lightning, and although everyone in town has certain difficulties, Johnny will strive to get the best and not be like the rest. 

The Kinks want you making thunderous steps as you wiggle to the sound of this masterpiece by them. 

43. “Thunder & Lightning” by Major Lazer ft. Gent & Jawns

Major Lazer is known for their vast mastery of electricity pop; the sensational feel of this beautiful piece stands out on their lists of released songs. 

Songs with thunder and lightning in the lyrics are quite addictive, and this is no exception.

Major Lazer talks about Babylon in this song, its walls being shaken by lightning, thunder, and earthquake. 

44. “Thunder and Lightning / Lanterns” by Passenger

Not all songs about thunder and lightning have to be fast, energetic, and loud; how about a soft tune that kills off the sound of the storm? 

The Passenger wants you dancing in the rain with your woman, accompanied by thunder and lightning if she would not mind. 

Holding on to your love may seem impossible, but the Passenger wants you to believe in the power of holding on.

45. “Lightning Strikes Twice” by Iron Maiden

This song is particular about what effect thunder and lightning have on you; does it scare you or hold you in fear? 

The singer narrates his experience of being alone and reliving several childhood memories as the storm nears and the sky glows with lightning. 

The singer says only God knows if the sky is glowing because “Lightning Strikes Twice”. 

Songs About Thunder – Final Thoughts

You may not like the sounds of thunder and lightning during storms and rain, but songs with thunder and lightning in the title or lyrics would make you feel otherwise. 

The songs, although with thunder and lightning in their content, can pass different messages, from love to longing to a full-out energetic vibe.

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