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30 Best Songs About Sunday of All Time

June 7, 2023
songs about sunday

Get ready to chill with the best songs about Sunday. 

Often considered the most relaxing day of the week, the calm before Monday’s storm.

Sunday conjures a vibe of its own, the stores are closed, the pace slows and less is expected of you. 

Perhaps it is the religious connotation that makes us feel like it’s okay to take a breather. 

If the Lord himself rested on the seventh day then you sure as heck can!

Some of the best songs about Sunday encompass the tranquillity of a peaceful day without the pressures of life weighing you down.

Of course, Sunday is a day to spend with your family and friends doing something you enjoy.

If you live a solitary life Sunday can be the loneliest of days.

So we have a mixed bag of songs about Sundays as a result.

Let’s take a look and listen to the 30 best songs about Sunday.

1. “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” by The Commodores

First up, Lionel Ritchie’s crossover hit.

A song about Sunday that took The Commodores from a strict funk group into the realms of easy listening.

The words for this one are a little heartbreaking, but there is something we can all relate to in the refrain.

“That’s why I’m easy (yeah)

I’m easy like Sunday morning, yeah

That’s why I’m easy

I’m easy like Sunday morning”.

A Sunday morning is usually pretty easy with the to-do list of the week done with.

Lyrically he compares his attitude to the vibe of a child Sunday Morning.

2. “Sunday Girl” by Blondie

This next song that mentions Sunday was never released as a single but still managed to make it to number one in the charts.

“Hurry up, hurry up, and wait

I say awake all week and still I wait

I got the blues, please come see

What your loving means to me”.

An infectiously catchy tune with some sentimental lyrics made it a hit for Debbie Harry.

The song was penned while she was on tour and upset that her cat had gone missing.

The Cat’s name was Sunday Man, Blondie guitarist Chris Stein wrote it to cheer Debbie up unaware of how popular the track would become.

3. “Sunday” by David Bowie

This was the first track on Bowies’ 2002 album Heathen.

The entire album was considered to be a pretty spiritual one from start to finish.

“Sunday” was a piece of music that Bowie said he never intended to write, it was “pulled out of him” as was the title track “Heathen”.

The layering of sounds and the return to working with his old producer Tony Visconti give it ethereal vibes. 

It is an emotionally complex piece that changes completely around the 4-minute mark leading the listener into the soundscape of the following track.

4. “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5

So Lionel already cemented a Sunday morning as an easy thing.

Maroon 5 takes it further with their upbeat but nevertheless chilled track.

In the narrative, they are reminiscing about those Sunday mornings they had with someone special.

Doing nothing special.

“Sunday morning, rain is falling

Steal some covers, share some skin

Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable

You twist to fit the mold that I am in”.

Until that person is missing from your life and suddenly those moments are bigger than they seemed at the time.

5. “Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground

We have a few tracks with the same title for you; this one by The Velvet Underground was genuinely written on a Sunday morning.

Lou Reed wrote it after Andy Warhol suggested they compose a song about coming down after a wild night before.

“Sunday morning

Brings the dawn in

It’s just a restless feeling

By my side

Early dawning

Sunday morning

It’s just the wasted years

So close behind”

The track has a xylophone melody that gives it a nursery-like quality that makes you feel a little nauseous. 

Lou encapsulates the sentiments in a vague enough manner that it can apply to anyone. 

Sometimes when you have had a heavy weekend of partying that Sunday morning vibe spoken of in other songs, is a humbling morning of regret wrapped up in self-realization.

6. “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt

Next up, another Sunday morning realization from No Doubt.

Stefani writes candidly, from the heart, about her break up with bassist Kanal. 

She remembered looking at herself in the mirror and her reflection hitting like an unexpected smack in the face.

“Sappy pathetic little me

That was the girl I used to be

You had me on my knees

I’d trade you places any day

I’d never thought you could be that way

But you looked like me on Sunday”.

This hit from the group’s 1995 Tragic Kingdom album was thought to have minimal commercial ability due to the personal nature of the lyrics.

Some saw it as a big step away from the band’s typically upbeat ska-punk vibe.

But along with the honesty of “Don’t Speak” it was critically received.

7. “Lazy Sunday” by The Small Faces

“A wouldn’t it be nice

To get on with me neighbors

But they make it very clear

They’ve got no room for ravers”

This one is a chipper song from the late 60s that describes the calmness of Sunday afternoon with nothing to do.

As the intro insinuates, these rocking ravers live it up on a Friday/Saturday night and crash on a Sunday.

“Lazy Sunday afternoon

I’ve got no mind to worry

Close my eyes and drift away”.

Something we all enjoy doing with or without recreational supplements!

8. “Sunday Rain” by Foo Fighters

This is one of those Foo Fighters tracks that gets overlooked in the sea of songs the group has under its belts.

“Sunday Rain” was penned by the group’s late drummer Taylor Hawkins, who also sang the beauty.

This makes it a Foo Fighters track that has a distinctly different vibe.

You might think Grohl drummed if Hawkins was singing, but you’d be mistaken!

That was left to Sir Paul McCartney.

If you haven’t heard it before give it a listen it’s a song about Sundays you might not have been familiar with.

9. “Young Girl Sunday Blues” by Jefferson Airplane

This next one like the track above is different from the group’s usual sound.

It was the first release that was written by Paul Kantner rather than Marty Balin. 

“Today is made up of yesterday,

And tomorrow;

Young girl Sunday blues,

And all her sorrow;

Let yourself wander free and easy”.

With a cheery soulful musical canvas behind Slick’s vocals, it is again another underrated track.

10. “Pleasant Valley Sunday” by The Monkees

This one was originally written by and released by Carole King with the help of her Husband Geoff Goffin.

The title was inspired by a street name in New Jersey.

The lyrics center around the dissatisfaction Geoff had living in the suburbs.

Inspired by real life after the two earned enough royalties to move there.

“Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Charcoal burnin’ everywhere

Rows of houses that are all the same

And no one seems to care”.

It points out several trivialities like mowing your lawn and pruning your roses to keep up appearances with the neighbors.

11. “Everyday Is Like Sunday” by Morrissey

How about a track from Morrisey’s 1988 Viva Hate album?

Morrissey sings in his dependably apathetic style about a forgotten seaside town. 

“How I dearly wish I was not here

In the seaside town

That they forgot to bomb

Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

Everyday is like Sunday

Everyday is silent and grey”

Out of season, these kinds of towns can be pretty empty and dreary.

Morrissey is as dramatic as ever wishing armageddon on the village!

12. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2

This was the third single from the U2 album War.

Though Bono introduces this one live by stating “This song is not a rebel song” there is a political theme.

He shows no bias either way but the title of the song refers to two Bloody Sundays in Irish history.

Initially, he wrote lyrics that condemned the IRA militant group but then changed the lyrics to be more general.

They make a blunt message about the atrocities of war.

“I can’t believe the news today

Oh, I can’t close my eyes

And make it go away”.

13. “Sunday Morning Call” by Oasis

Inspired by real people in his life, who he leaves unnamed Noel penned this piece and sang lead.

It was the first time he had sung since “Don’t Look Back In Anger”.

He has said in interviews it is about people who would knock on the door at an ungodly hour struggling with their addictions.

Rich people throw money at rehabilitating from a drug habit.

“When you’re lonely and you start to hear

The little voices in your head at night

You will only sniff away the tears

So you can dance until the morning light

At what price?”

Many speculate the person the narrative is directed at is Kate Moss.

14. “Sunday Sunday” by Blur

The best songs about Sunday are the ones that are about exactly that! Now for the Brits out there this one is going to be a nostalgic blast from the past.

Chock-full of traditional British Sunday activities, most of them menial it will conjure memories.

“Sunday, Sunday, here again in tidy attire

You read the color supplement, the TV guide

You dream of protein on a plate

Regret you left it quite so late

To gather the family round the table to eat enough to sleep”

It was the final single on their Life Is Rubbish album released in 1993.

15. “Why Are Sundays So Depressing?” by The Strokes

This stripped-back track from The Strokes isn’t necessarily a song about Sundays.

The title makes a direct reference to the weekday but the lyrical content doesn’t align.

Perhaps it is a witty personal statement, or maybe Casablancas wrote it on a Sunday who knows?

The song is a love song of sorts.

“I kinda miss the nine-to-five, yeah

Do those things that you can’t hide

I scramble, fight just like a child”.

Julian sings to someone who is not there and whom he clearly cares about as he nostalgically reflects on his former self and pitfalls along the way. 

16. “Sunday” by Sonic Youth

A soothing late-nineties rock track from Sonic Youth.

It was their only single release from the album A Thousand Leaves.

“Sunday comes alone again

A perfect day for a quiet friend

And you – you will set it free

I see new morning round your face”

This one was a gem among the rougher tracks of the well-received album.

The accompanying video featured Macaulay Culkin and his then-to-be future wife.

The track itself goes nowhere musically diverse in keeping with that slow Sunday pace.

17. “Sunday” by The Cranberries

Next up is another song with Sunday in the title that isn’t about Sunday directly.

In this case, it is the entire title.

Dolores sings beautifully in confusion as to why her lover is leaving her over a miserable mid-tempo alternative rock track.

”Oh, when you walk into the room

It happened all so soon

I didn’t want to know

‘Cause you really have to go

You mystify me”.

This one is a lesser-known track.

Although it featured on their debut album it never charted. 

Something for anyone rediscovering The Cranberries.

18. “Loving You Sunday Morning” by Scorpions

An epic five-minute heavy metal long-distance love serenade from Scorpions.

With ostinato crunching chords beneath the driven riffs and harmonic vocals, it is everything we have come to expect from the German heavy metal group.

“Love I know that you’re feelin’ blue

Lonely deep inside

‘Cause I know how it feels to be alone

Loving you Sunday morning

You were on my mind love everyday

Loving you Sunday morning

Your love makes me fly so far away”

The story is simple, it talks of loneliness and being apart during the week to hook up at the weekends.

The solo section peaking gloriously alongside the narrative.

19. “My Sunday Feeling” by Jethro Tull

We revisit the theme of weekend realizations following a period of partying with this Jethro Tull song about Sunday.

“Won’t somebody tell me where I laid my head last night?

I really don’t remember,

But with one more cigarette and I think I might”.

This track was featured on the group’s This Was album.

The music opens with a giddy rhythm that perfectly accentuates the lyrics’ sentiment.

“My Sunday feeling is coming on over me,

Now that the night is over.

Got to clear my head so I can see”.

The bluesy structure pitted against the wild flute playing is sublime.

20. “Blue Sunday” by The Doors

A track from The Doors that Jim decided to croon over.

Musically it is somewhat less complex than a lot of the group’s songs which also adds to the vulnerable vocals.

“I found my own true love was

On a blue Sunday

She looked at me

And told me

I was the only

One in the world

Now I have found my girl”.

“Blue Sunday” is a short and sweet love song (probably to Pam) that featured after “Peace Frog” on their Morrison Hotel album.

The two were so contrastingly different, one upbeat, jaunty, and hectic and the other so mellow and haunting.

21. “Lazing on A Sunday Afternoon” by Queen

A musical theatre-esque piece by Queen from the group’s A Night at the Opera album.

An overlooked track due to it being a super-short and sweet piece running at just over the one-minute mark.

It lists a few weekly activities that reference other Queen tracks such as bicycling and honeymoons. 

We’ll let you guess which songs they are from!

But on Sunday the protagonist lazes.

“I’ll be back again before it’s time for sunny-down

I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon”.

Albeit a short interlude, Mercury commented that he loved the track and its vaudevillian aspects. 

He viewed it as an honest insight into what he was truly like as a songwriter.

He went where the mood took him!

22. “Another Sunday in the South” by Miranda Lambert

A full-length track now, from Miranda Lambert.

This country track describes Sundays in the South to a T.

Lambert threw a shout-out to Shenandoah in the pre-chorus section who had a track with the same title. 

“Just another Sunday in the South

Wanna put on some Shenandoah and crank it loud

You and I go fishin’ in the dark

Killin’ time with Restless Heart”.

Former Shenandoah frontman Marty Raybon provides some guest backing vocals too, happy to have inspired Miranda’s track.

She speaks of getting away from the hustle and bustle to spend the weekend away from it all!

It sets up some beautiful imagery in the lyrics with a swing on the front porch mentioned.

23. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash

We are sticking with country songs about Sundays for a beat as we discuss Johnny Cash’s cover of “Sunday Morning Coming Down”.

Let’s not beat about the bush, it is a song about a hangover. 

About having to pull yourself together, put on your Sunday best and walk to church!

“Well, I woke up Sunday morning

With no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt

And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad

So I had one more for dessert”.

Originally written by Kris Kristofferson it was recorded by him early on and another version was released by Ray Stevens.

But Cash made it his own and it became a hit.

24. “Sunday Best” by Surfaces

Speaking of putting on your Sunday best, here’s a track entitled with the term.

We all know the concept of wearing our Sunday best, whether we are religious or not.

Forrest Frank uses it to encompass feeling at your best and being your best in this feel-good track.

The recent (2019) song was picked up for a Superbowl sync that propelled it into the limelight. 

It is a song about picking yourself back up when you fall down and doing your best.

“Hey, feeling good, like I should

I went and took a walk around the neighborhood

Feeling blessed, never stressed

Got that sunshine on my Sunday best”

It might be the most positive song about Sunday on our list.

25. “Closed On Sunday” by Kanye West ft. Yeezy

“Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A

Hold the selfies, put the ‘Gram away

Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray

When you got daughters, always keep ’em safe

Watch out for vipers, don’t let them indoctrinate”.

This is a spiritually-edged warning from Kanye to make sure you protect your family.

Chick-fil-A is known for closing on Sunday, the day of the week when Christians formally practice their faith. 

Kanye uses the brand as a term of endearment.

He has spoken out about this one being a tough one to write as he firmly believes that our kids are being indoctrinated.

26. “Sunday” by Ben Rector ft. Snoop Dogg

We are following one song about Sunday that mentions Chick-fil-A with another…

“You make me feel like I’m in all my best clothes

So good that I don’t care that Chick-Fil-A’s closed”.

Snoop makes a cameo on this upbeat 2022 release.

Sunday by Ben Rector compares the woman he loves with Sunday.

The feelings that the end of the week conjures up. 

Sunday completes the week and she completes him.

“You got me feelin’ like it’s Sunday

You got me sayin’, “Hallelujah”, singin’ praise

You got me feelin’ like the night is gone

And the sun is here to stay, whoa

You got me feelin’ like the weekend

You give me somethin’ to believe in

When I’m swimmin’ in the deep end”.

Some have faith in God, he has faith in her! 

27. “A Sunday Kind Of Love” by Etta James

This romantic jazz standard was first released by Claude Thornhill and his Orchestra in 1946.

“Someone to enfold

To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold

Love for all my life, to have and to hold

Oh, and I want a Sunday kind of love

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah”.

Ella Fitzgerald. Hank Jones, Dinah Washington, The Four Seasons, Reba McEntire, and just about everyone else have had their pop at singing this song about Sunday.

But none more impressive than the soulful rendition by Etta James.

28. “I Met Him On a Sunday” by The Shirelles

This song about Sunday is the one that kickstarted everything for The Shirelles.

The girl group auditioned for Florence Greenberg of Tiara Records after some encouragement from a teacher.

The four recorded this track in 1966, originally under their former name The Poquellos.

Seeing promise in them the name was changed and the rest is history.

It is a fun song with simple lyrics about a short-lived romance and the four-part harmonies make it glow.

“Well, I met him on a Sunday (Ooo) And I missed him on Monday (Ooo)

Well, I found him on a Tuesday (Ooo)And I dated him on a Wednesday(Ooo)

Well, I kissed him on a Thursday (Ooo) And he didn’t come Friday (Ooo)

When he showed up Saturday (Ooo) I said, “Bye, bye baby”.

29. “Sunny Sunday” by Joni Mitchell

This one was the shortest song that Joni ever wrote and recorded.

Though many have asked, she insists it is not autobiographical but partly inspired by a real person.

The short but enigmatic storyline speaks of a woman who tries to shoot out streetlamps at night but always misses.

“She pulls the shade, it’s just another

Sunny Sunday

She dodges the light like Blanche DuBois

Bright colors fade away on such a sunny Sunday

She waits for the night to fall

Then she points a pistol through the door”.

The character in the story tells herself the day that she hits it will be the day she leaves her mundane life. Knowing she probably never will.

30. “Tell Me on a Sunday” (From the Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Marty Webb)

We are ending with one not everyone will know, it’s the title track from the one-woman musical with the same name.

The lyrics were written by Don Black.

In the story, the protagonist has been cheated on time and again.

Heartbroken, she tells us tenderly how they would ideally like to be broken up with.

She doesn’t want a song and dance, no deep conversation with sad faces.

“Don’t write a letter

when you want to leave

Don’t call me at 3 a.m.

from a friend’s apartment

I’d like to choose how I hear the news

Take me to a park that’s covered with trees

Tell me on a Sunday please”.

Her suggestions are chipper for the sad circumstances and accompanying music and heart-wrenching melody line. She favors a trip to the zoo or a circus with a flying trapeze.

Best Songs About Sunday – Final Thoughts

So, that was our list of the best songs about Sunday.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a well-mixed bag, each picked for a different reason.

Some of them are literal songs about Sunday that surmise the weekday and encapsulate the way we can feel about it and all that it brings.

Others were far more metaphorical.

The end of the week can bring with it many different emotions.

As it draws to a close, there is a certain kind of finality to it.

For some, that means a relaxing afternoon before you start all over again.

For others, it is the bluest day of all.

So we get happy and sad entries when it comes to Sunday songs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the highs and lows while reading today’s article.

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