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35 Best Songs About Saturday (“Saturday” in the Title)

April 28, 2023
songs about saturday

There are a lot of thrills that come with the weekend; to some, it is a day to take time off work, while others see it as a time to unwind and get their bodies moving to different beats. 

Saturday can be that day where you take a step back and review your whole week. 

A little music with a Saturday vibe can be all you need to get yourself set into whichever Saturday feel you desire.

Having a Saturday songs list to help you get in the weekend mood is what we’ve done, this article carefully selects the best songs about Saturday. 

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1. “Saturday Night” by Bay City Rollers

Choosing upbeat music has never gone wrong; it always has a way of putting a smile on your face and making you feel the song’s energy. 

This song wants you to focus on enjoying your Saturday; it is a happy song to bring you the needed happy vibe for the weekend. 

Bay City Rollers wants you to let off all the weekday stress while you have a much anticipated great time on Saturday night. 

2. “Saturday” by Rebecca Black & Dave Days

“Saturday” by Rebecca Black is one to get you all excited about the weekend, and it has become one of the best songs about Saturday. 

The singer had done a song previously about “Friday” that didn’t get a lot of commendation or acceptance from music lovers, which is popularly called the parody. 

This song is way better than the previous song, as the singer gave her best to give you a piece ready to get you having a fun-filled Saturday. 

3. “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago

You may want to get nostalgic as you relive the weekday memories while making a playlist for your Saturday songs. 

This song makes a significant part of Saturday’s songs list that makes you grateful for simple and happy times with your loved ones. 

Chicago wrote this song picturing bonding time with friends and family on Saturday in a park. 

4. “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” by Elton John

Want to get into that party vibe on your Saturday night alone or with a group of friends for a Saturday night chill? 

This Saturday night song by Elton John is a party-going song to get you, and your guests pumped up for the best Saturday night party. 

The song was rocked on a piano, with its lyrics giving off an old-school backyard boys’ fight vibe as it wants you to get a little action in. 

5. “Another Saturday Night” by Sam Cooke

Feeling lonely does not stop you from getting an excellent Saturday-themed song on your Saturday songs to listen to every weekend. 

Sam Cooke wrote this piece to give his listeners a song to find solace in; lament your loneliness in the deep lyrics of “Another Saturday Night.”

6. “Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)” by Frank Sinatra

What about a Saturday song that conveys all the feelings of spending a Saturday night alone; this song is relatable and can help you with your feelings. 

Sinatra poured his feelings into this song because his voice has the power to draw you in and make you feel the loneliness of your Saturday night. 

He sang this song, reminiscing how his Saturday nights are the loneliest nights of the week, and this could also be you. 

7. “Saturday Sun” by Vance Joy

Folk music has to be one of the best music genres you can choose from when you are looking for songs to keep you at ease. 

This song has so much to say about the feelings of cherishing time; Vance found the lady he treasures on Saturday, and you could too. 

Saturday Sun” brings you a mellow and soft vibe, sung on an acoustic music instrument to make you love your Saturdays even more than you already do. 

8. “God Bless Saturday” by Kid Rock

If you desire to have a Saturday song that explains how much of a relief Saturday can be after a long work week, this is one for you. 

Everyone deserves a break from the week, and it feels good enjoying the weekend and all the fun that comes with it. 

Get pumped with this Saturday song with party energy, cherishing the blessedness of a day like Saturday. 

9. “Louisiana Saturday Night” by Mel McDaniel 

Get in the mood by singing about some good old times spent on a Saturday Night in Louisiana; the song is an oldie but definitely a goodie. 

Mel McDaniel gives us a song with a country beat, perfect for your desired Saturday night song in Louisiana with your woman by your side. 

10. “Saturday Love” by Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle

With little or no time to spend with your lover during the week, your Saturday could be one to look forward to because you can spend it with them. 

Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal wrote this song to create a connection for you, making you cherish your time spent together on the weekend. 

The song can get you in your feelings because it sweetly paints the picture of couples spending their Saturday together. 

11. “It Always Rains On Saturday” by Reba McEntire 

Not all Saturdays are spent with a happy or party vibe, and some may choose to spend their Saturday thinking about life experiences. 

Reba McEntire didn’t write the song as an inspirational piece, nor did she plan to give a party vibe with its soulful sound. 

The song is full of longing; the writer already believes it will rain on her Saturday because her best days experiencing the sun is on the weekdays. 

12. “Saturday Night” by The Misfits

Your Saturday songs list deserves a touch of fun and color; TheMisfits did a great job with this interesting Saturday night song piece that gets your Saturday fun-filled. 

The alternative rock sound of the song has enough energy to ease you off the weekday stress and get you moving. 

13. “One More Saturday Night” by Grateful Dead

Guitars are the absolute best instruments to get that rock and roll vibe, and we’ve got one of the most famous rock bands over the years on this song. 

The band has unbeatable popularity with guitar jams; their songs do not leave your mind so quickly because of the captivating lyrics.

You would love to have this song on your list for another Saturday after the first time you play it with its thrilling sound and lyrics. 

14. “Saturday Nights” by Khalid

If getting groovy is how you want to spend your Saturday night, here’s a great fun song to add to your Saturday songs list.  

Khalid wants you to go out Saturday night all by yourself and enjoy the very best of the night, loving the gift of Saturday. 

It gets you moving to its lively lyrics and can make you feel perfect about enjoying yourself on a Saturday Night after the week’s stress. 

15. “Saturdays” by Chevelle

We know a lot of Saturday songs that can get you groovy and stick with you for a long time, even carrying you through the bubble of the following weekdays. 

Chevelle wants you to listen to this song and get drawn into it completely; the music is addictive and is one you would not easily forget. 

It is not a song whose effects slowly set in; the first seconds of the song are enough for you to fall right in love with your Saturdays.

16. “Saturday Sun” by Crowded House

This song by Crowded House wants you to think of nothing but perfection as you spend your Saturday with someone you love. 

There are several songs with Saturday in the lyrics that still give that romantic feeling and pass a message about love and bond. 

This song depicts a picture of fine weather with sunlight that is just right for you and your love; enjoy its acoustic melody and let it guide your Saturday night.  

17. “Drive-In Saturday” by David Bowie

There have been songs about the past and the present, but how about one about the future yet still so relatable and thought awakening? 

The song speaks about a new set of people in a future world where everyone has no emotions and are meant to learn to love all over again. 

The voice of the singer and the lyrics etched in the song can take you on a journey of what driving in on a Saturday feels like. 

18. “Saturday Night Special” by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Lynyrd Skynyrd is a southern band that has maintained its popularity over the years and has easily told a story behind every one of its lyrics. 

This particular Saturday night song gives off a dark and catchy feel most listeners can easily relate to, even its rock and rock tempo. 

The focus of the song’s lyrics centers on a gun used for a crime on a Saturday night; this may seem somewhat unusual for a song about Saturday night, but it is one to listen to. 

19. “Juke Box Saturday Night” by Glenn Miller 

Saturdays aren’t a new thing in human life, and it has always been a part of the week, with lots of people having different experiences and feelings about the day of the week. 

This song about Saturday night may have been released several years ago, but it still hasn’t lost its touch of connecting to its listeners. 

20. “LA On A Saturday Night” by Hearts & Colors 

A night in LA is one with a unique vibe and can get many people pumped, but a Saturday night in Los Angeles is irresistible. 

If you want to hear something interesting in songs with Saturday night lyrics, this song by Hearts & Colors is one to look out for.

The song captures the experience of people having fun in Los Angeles, the thrills, and all that comes with living in the city.

21. “When Saturday Comes” by Def Leppard 

This song by the famous rock band Def Leppard can quickly get anyone listening ready for a nice Saturday night party. 

The song can smoothly get you moving with its relatable lyrics and upbeat rock sound needed for your Saturday excitement. 

If you need a Saturday night song in your playlist as you hang out with your friends and family on Saturday, this is one for you. 

22. “Saturday” by Carpenters 

This song about Saturday was a sweet ballad, a part of the Carpenters’ album named after the band way back in 1971. 

The song may not have received as much recognition by listeners as other songs by the band, but it sure is one to be added to your Saturday night song list. 

23. “Saturday Night at the Movies” by The Drifters 

This Saturday song by The Drifters was released in 1965 and peaked at number 3 across charts in the UK. 

This RnB song is one to set you in that groovy mood as you plan your night out with your baby on Saturday Night. 

The Drifters sing of a thoroughly planned night out at the movies, setting up the excitement you need for your Saturday night. 

24. “Saturday” by Sam Fender

Another song about Saturday night that effortlessly and beautifully lets you appreciate the gift of a day like Saturday is this beautiful piece by Sam Fender. 

Working tirelessly through the weekdays may often leave you drained by Friday; sleeping all through Saturday may be your way of relaxing. 

This song understands your desire for rest and captures your weekday struggles in a sweet melody.

25. “Saturday Nite” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Disco could be your way to enjoy your Saturday night; the popular funk band Earth, Wind & Fire has one that is just right for you. 

Straight from the album “Spirit,” the band wants you to get pumped as you enjoy your Saturday night listening to a funky tune. 

26. “Another Saturday Night” by Cat Stevens

Saturdays come and go as each week rolls in and out; here is another song about Saturday that tells you that another weekend is here again. 

Cat Stevens captures the life of a man who spends his Saturday night alone after working all through the week and having his pay from the week’s work. 

27. “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night” by Bon Jovi

Saturday night comes with a lot of feelings; peace, rest, ambiance, and maybe fun, and here is a man singing about making his lover feel these moments that come with Saturday. 

If you wish to make Saturday night a moment to be cherished by your special someone, get this song on your list and set the mood. 

28. “American Saturday Night” by Brad Paisley

Americans love to party every Saturday night, and Brad Paisley sings a song that beautifully paints that to us. 

Feel good being an American that loves to party because there is a Saturday night song that quickly gets you in the Saturday party mood. 

This is a country song, one that sets itself apart as a unique song that talks about Saturday night parties. 

29. “The Saturday Boy” by Billy Bragg

Working in a factory comes with its peaks; here is a song that fully captures that scenario in a relatable way. 

Most people who work all through the week often look forward to their weekends; the other part of their lives aside from work only seem to surface at that time of the week. 

Billy Bragg sings about a boy in love who cherishes the moment spent with his woman. 

30. “Almost Saturday Night” by Dave Edmunds 

Rock into the weekend with this upbeat music because Saturday is almost here; that day of the week when you say bye to all the stress that may have accompanied you all week. 

Let the tune of this song about Saturday by Dave Edmunds have its way and fill your atmosphere, rejoice because Saturday night is almost here. 

31. “Saturday” by Basshunter

Fill your Saturday with that pop and dance vibe with this song by Basshunter that kills off every form of tiredness and stress. 

Basshunter wants you to get out of control because it’s Saturday night, and he wants you to have all the fun you can. 

Move as you love to on the dance floor or in your bedroom with this upbeat music as your guide. 

32. “Saturday (The Wedding Song)” by Sammy Wilk 

Sammy Wilk is intentional about making every day of his woman’s life feel like a Saturday, and who’s not to love that? 

Saturday is full of bliss and peace; he sure knew what he meant when he poured his love thoughts for his baby in this song. 

Spend your Saturday night with your baby with this song and enjoy a romantic atmosphere after the stretch of the weekdays. 

33. “Single Saturday Night” by Cole Swindell 

Cole Swindell is a country singer who knows how to get you into the flow of his songs with his lyrics. 

Single Saturday Night” is about how his Saturdays changed after meeting his woman out of the blue.

He sings about how he went from spending his Saturday nights with just the guys to having his lady by his side, which makes all the difference. 

34. “Saturday’s Kids” by The Jam

The Jam writes us a song about the lives of boys and girls and how they spend their Saturdays with a rock and roll vibe. 

Underneath the playful tune of the song is a message about the relatable lives of people and their Saturdays. 

This is not part of your regular songs with Saturday lyrics, but it fits into your playlist perfectly. 

35. “Saturday Morning” by Harry Chapin

This list of best Saturday songs seems to end with folk music by Harry Chapin that has maintained its relevance through the years. 

Harry Chapin sings this song passionately as a man who yearns for time for his love; it is a song to help you relive memories. 

Songs About Saturday – Final Thoughts 

There are many songs across several genres that you can find with Saturday in the titles; they could be soft, slow, upbeat, country, and so much more. 

This is a long list of songs you can choose from; know that there is a song out there that gets you and Saturday. 

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