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30 Best Songs About Not Being Good Enough

December 5, 2023
songs about not being good enough

I’ve gathered a touching collection of songs about not being good enough, offering solace and understanding to those grappling with feelings of inadequacy.

This article provides a musical companion for moments of self-doubt, reminding us we’re not alone in our struggles.

Top songs about not being good enough

  • “Chasing Pavements” by Adele
  • “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt
  • “Coast to Coast” by Elliott Smith
  • “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette
  • Every Little Thing” by Dishwalla
  • “Lonely Stranger” by Eric Clapton
  • “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bon Iver
  • “Why Don’t You Love Me” by Beyonce
  • “I’ll Jump” by Scott Burkell & Paul Loesel
  • “Good Enough” by Little Mix

1. “Chasing Pavements” by Adele

Chasing Pavements” is a song about not being loved that gained popularity in 2008 because of Adele’s portrayal of honesty in the lyrics.

In this song, Adele is torn between two decisions; she doesn’t know if she should give up on the love or keep chasing him until he falls in love with her.

The latter option is quite risky; however, it is up to you to make a decision based on how you feel.

2. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt

In “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Bonnie Raitt sings her truth about being unappreciated in her relationship.

In this song, the singer uses her empathic voice to tell her story of being in a relationship with a drunk man that abuses her love.

In listening to this song, you will learn that you can’t make anybody love you no matter how you try to be what they want you to be.

3. “Coast to Coast” by Elliott Smith

Being in a relationship that requires you to be perfect can be very draining, and Elliott Smith sings about his experience in “Coast To Coast.”

This song contains powerful lyrics that describe a relationship where one party is toxic and holds unrealistic expectations for their partners.

Elliott Smith sings, “But anything that I could do, would never be good enough for you,” to show that he’s tried to live up to her expectation and failed.

4. “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette

Do you ever hear of parents that want to live their lives vicariously through their children? “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette is a song about such parents.

This song is about not being good enough for your parents because they want you to be perfect. 

Alanis used lyrics like “Don’t forget to win first place; Don’t forget to keep that smile on your face” to depict her parents’ expectations.

5. Every Little Thing” by Dishwalla

“Every Little Thing” is a 2002 pop song about not being good enough for him, and Dishwalla uses their powerful voices and deviant lyrics to pass the message.

In this song, the band sings about someone being head over heels with a toxic lover and how it almost reduced their self-esteem to zero because they were never enough.

If you ever find yourself in such a relationship, sum up courage, pack your bags, and leave before it drains you.

6. “Lonely Stranger” by Eric Clapton

If you are someone that has constantly felt alone in this world, this song is for you.

Lonely Stranger” by Eric Clapton is a song about not being good enough for anyone.

In the song, Eric urges people to listen to whatever gossipers had to say about him because they were probably true, and he doesn’t care to clear his name.

7. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bon Iver

Bon Iver is an alternative pop musician, and he delivers beautifully in his song about not feeling loved titled, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

It doesn’t matter how perfect the relationship or friendship was at the beginning, anyone can fall out of love, and it is okay.

You cannot make anybody love you and you might embarrass yourself by trying so hard to get their attention.

8. “Why Don’t You Love Me” by Beyonce

In “Why Don’t You Love Me,” Beyonce sings passionately about not being enough for a man she loves.

In this song, Beyonce mentions that she has everything her lover wants in a woman, including beauty, class, and a pretty face, but she’s still not good enough.

This is another proof that you can never be enough for someone that doesn’t love you no matter how hard you try.

9. “I’ll Jump” by Scott Burkell & Paul Loesel 

If you have ever felt inferior or below your peers, “I’ll Jump” by Scott Burkell and Paul Loesel is dedicated to you.

In this song, the artists sing about their childhood and how they were wallflowers until they started believing in themselves.

Jumping in this context is a metaphor for growth; if you have ever been told you can’t do it, Jump!

10. “Good Enough” by Little Mix

Little Mix is a pop girl group, and “Good Enough” is the 10th song on their sophomore studio album.

In this pop ballad, each group member sings a verse that describes being looked down on by someone they love.

Finally, they set boundaries, limit the person’s condescension in their lives, and let go, which is the best solution in such situations.

11. “Perfect” by Simple Plan

Parents expect their children to be perfect and start grooming them from a young age to be so, but what happens when the child doesn’t meet their expectations?

In “Perfect,” Simple Plan captures the travails of children in such a situation described above.

The singer goes on about finding himself as an adult and how he is a different person from what his parents envisaged him to be.

12. “You Say” by Lauren Daigle

“You Say” is a motivational gospel ballad by Lauren Daigle about not being good enough.

In the song, Lauren tells the story of how she was suffering from imposter syndrome until Jesus came along and helped her through it by constantly reassuring her of her abilities.

In the song, Lauren reiterates that the only truths she believes about herself are the ones Jesus says about her and not the negative thoughts in her head.

13. “Unpretty” by TLC

As the title suggests, “Unpretty” is an r&b song about not being pretty enough because of the absence of makeup and other artificial adornments.

In this song, TLC urges women around the world to stop seeking male validation when it comes to their beauty standards.

Rather, search for your beauty within yourself and ignore any negative comments.

14. “The Last Loser in the Universe” by Drew Gasparini

“With tremendous power, comes a social curse; to be the last loser in the universe.”

If you doubt your abilities, listen to “The Last Loser In The Universe” by Drew Gasparini and draw some inspiration.

In this song, the singer sings about disappointing all who thought he would fail and how he will silence their laughter with his big reveal.

15. “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson was inspired by a friend of the singer that was deeply in love with a woman that doesn’t love him.

This is a song about not being loved despite all the efforts you might employ to catch the person’s attention.

However, Jackson’s friend is ready to sit, wait, and wish until the lady looks his way and accepts his love.

16. “Creep” by Radiohead

This song was written and performed by the lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke.

This is a song about not being perfect, especially in terms of appearance.

The lyrics of the song shine on how less pretty people feel intimidated by very pretty people, like the lyrics “There are the beautiful people, and then there’s the rest of us.”

17. “Nothing” by Ed Kleban & Marvin Hamlisch

Has anyone ever told you that you wouldn’t be able to achieve your dreams? How did you respond?

“Nothing” by Ed Kleban And Marvin Hamlisch is an interesting song about being told you are not good enough and how it takes a toll on your mental health.

We wish that words like “not good enough” never get to your head and you continue to thrive to become the best version of yourself.

18. “Get Outta My Way” by Kylie Minogue

If you want to feel empowered this weekend, listen to “Get Outta My Way” by Kylie Minogue.

In this song, Kylie encourages her listeners to stop seeking public validation and focus on themselves.

The song tells the story of a woman’s rebuttal to her toxic lover that sleeps with her best friend and abuses her.

19. “Good Enough” by Jussie Smollett

“Good Enough” is one of the soundtracks from the Empire movie series, and Jussie Smollett recorded it.

This is a song about not being good enough for your parents no matter how you try to meet up with their expectations.

In listening to this song, you will realize that you are good enough and care less about your parents’ requirements.

20. “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce

“Pretty Hurts” is not like other songs on this list because it is an inspirational song about how the search for perfection can be quite dangerous.

In this song, Beyonce sings passionately about society’s expectations of women and the need for a perfect body or face.

She calls perfection “the disease of the nation” and urges everyone to shun such expectations.

21. “Big Girls Cry” by Sia

“Big Girls Cry” is a song about not feeling okay by Sia that quickly became an anthem for women around the world to embrace their emotions.

In this song, Sia is saying that it is okay to cry about things that tear us down even though it ruins your makeup and makes you look less pretty.

22. “Hot Knife” by Fiona Apple

“Hot Knife” is a song by Fiona Apple where she compares herself and her lover to butter and hot knife, respectively.

In the song, she sings about doing everything in her power to keep her lover even though she knows she might never be enough.

23. “jealousy, jealousy” by Olivia Rodrigo

The effects of social media on our daily lives cannot be overemphasized, and Olivia Rodrigo pokes at the issue in her hit song “jealousy, jealousy.”

In this song, she sings about societal standards and how it affects everybody, especially women.

Olivia threatens to throw her phone across the room because she’s tired of seeing girls with perfect bodies and shiny teeth.

24. “If I’m Unworthy” by Blake Mills

“If I’m Unworthy” is a song about not being able to love by the pop artist Blake Mills.

In the song, the singer continuously asks if he is worthy of the love that is being shown to him because he is undeserving.

25. “The Music Or The Misery” by Fall Out Boy

“I went to sleep a poet, and I woke up a fraud”

The lyrics quoted above clearly indicate imposter syndrome, where you constantly doubt yourself even though you know you are good.

In “The Music Or The Misery” by Fall Out Boy, the band chronicles grieving together and how the experience has affected their lives.

26. “Get It Right” by Glee Cast 

“Get It Right” is a song about not being enough performed by Michelle in the glee cast.

In the song, the singer narrates how she always tries to give her best in everything she does but still comes out with poor results.

“What can you do when your good is not good enough?” was asked by Michelle as she sang, and the answer is to keep giving your best.

27. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Adele 

Again, it is important that we reiterate that the idea that you can make anyone love you is a farce, and Adele proves it in her song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

This song is about deserving better and moving on when you discover that you can’t make anybody love you.

You deserve better, and someone that will appreciate your love will come along soon.

28. “Good Enough” by Lifehouse 

“Good Enough” by Lifehouse is a song about never being good enough no matter how hard you try to impress the person.

In this song, the singer narrates, trying to impress someone he loves so much that he lets the feelings consume him.

29. “Not Pretty Enough” by Kasey Chambers

As the title suggests, this is a song about not being pretty enough.

“Not Pretty Enough” is a song by Kasey Chambers about how your physical appearance can affect your self-esteem.

This song was recorded in response to media outlets refusing to play “Kasey Chambers” music because she didn’t fit society’s standard of beauty.

30. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” by Pink

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” by Pink is a deviant song about feeling like you are not good enough and eventually feeling self-hate.

In this song, Pink sings about her earlier life as a girl growing up amongst other girls that were more feminine.

At one point, Pink hated herself for being different but later discovered that difference is not bad and accepted herself.

Songs About Not Being Good Enough – Final Thoughts 

The songs in this article were carefully selected to help you overcome the feelings of not being enough.

You can add them to a playlist and listen in your spare time so that you would know that you are not alone.

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