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35 Best Songs About Gratitude & Being Thankful

December 19, 2023
Songs about gratitude

I’ve selected the best songs about gratitude and being thankful, a playlist that resonates with the spirit of appreciation and recognition of life’s blessings.

This article is a musical homage to thankfulness, offering tracks that inspire and remind us to cherish the good in our lives.

Top songs about gratitude & being thankful

  • “Thank God I Found You” by Mariah Carey, Joe, and 98 Degrees
  • “Gratitude” by Earth, Wind & Fire
  • “Thank You” by Boyz II Men
  • “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Thank You Song” by FKA Twigs
  • “In My Life” by The Beatles
  • “Grateful” by Rita Ora
  • “Kind And Generous” by Natalie Merchant
  • “Thank You” by Kehlani
  • “Thank You” by Dido

1. “Thank God I Found You” by Mariah Carey, Joe, and 98 Degrees

The best thing is finding the type of love that consumes you so much that you write a song appreciating him for his love, as we can see in Mariah Carey’s “Thank God I Found You.”

In this song, Mariah writes an appreciation letter to her boyfriend, telling him she is grateful for how he loves her.

By sending this song to your loved ones, you can easily appreciate their good doings in your life. 

2. “Gratitude” by Earth, Wind & Fire

Gratitude” by Earth, Wind & Fire is the perfect song about gratitude as the song lyrics are riddled with the artist singing “Wanna Thank You.”

In this song, fans are unsure who the band is thanking as it mentions “Holy Sound,” which might be referencing God.

If you don’t have the words to appreciate a person, send them this song and ask them to listen attentively to the lyrics.

3. “Thank You” by Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men are known for singing about love and heartbreak; however, they diversify their lyrics in their hit song about gratefulness, “Thank You.”

In this acapella thankful song, the bands appreciate the people in their lives that never turned their back on them even when things got rough.

4. “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson

“Thankful” is a hit song about being grateful, it was recorded by Kelly Clarkson as the 9th song for her debut studio album of the same title.

In this song, Kelly thanks her lover for being with her despite all her life’s troubles.

She appreciates him for her strength and for allowing her to lean on him during her struggles.

5. “Thank You Song” by FKA Twigs

Have you ever been in your lowest of lows, and you took comfort in the arms of your lover?

FKA Twigs appreciates her lover in this “Thank You Song” by singing in the chorus, “Thank you, Thank you, I’m okay.”

In the song, she paints a vivid picture of how his love kept her going when she was depressed.

6. “In My Life” by The Beatles       

“In My Life” is the perfect appreciation song for a loved one who is dead, as it was written for John Lennon’s funeral.

In the song, the remaining Beatles members sing fondly about John Lennon and how they will never find someone like him.

This song is not as sad as you might think, but it evokes emotions that would make you want to appreciate everyone in your life.

7. “Grateful” by Rita Ora

A heart of gratefulness is the best thing anyone can have cause it will make you see the best in everything.

In “Grateful,” Rita Ora sings about being grateful to God for everything in her life, including the sun and her pains.

Rita sings that she can never regret anything that has happened to her because they made her have a grateful heart.

8. “Kind And Generous” by Natalie Merchant

This appreciation song is perfect for thanking the kind and generous people in your life.

In “Kind And Dangerous,” Natalie Merchant sings about the kindness of her friend, and how he keeps giving even when he’s in bad situations. 

She even said she is indebted to her friend because of all the good things he has done.

9. “Thank You” by Kehlani

Fans are an essential component in a musician’s career, and that is why Kehlani expresses gratitude for her fans in her hit song “Thank You.”

In this song, Kehlani sings beautifully about her love for her supportive fan because they have helped her through the darkest times of her life.

10. “Thank You” by Dido

“Thank You” by Dido is the 21st-century appreciation anthem for lovers or family members, and several artists, including Eminem, have sampled it.

In this song, Dido thanks her lover for giving her the best days of her life, seeing that her life is not interesting without him.

11. “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” by Sly & The Family Stone

The title of this song, “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin),” is a funky way of saying, “Thank you for letting me be myself.”

This song about gratitude by Sly & The Family Stone set a precedent that changed the funky music genre.

In the song, the narrator thanks everyone that has supported him through the different phases of his life.

12. “Thank God For Hometowns” by Carrie Underwood

Do you ever want to thank God for your community? If the answer is yes, you can sing along to Carrie Underwood’s song, “Thank God For Hometowns.”

In this song, Carrie expresses profound gratitude for her hometown and everything that makes it home, including the church pews and country line.

This is because her hometown was the only place that accepted her when she got lost in this crazy world.

13. “Thank God For You” by Sawyer Brown

“Thank God For You” by Sawyer Brown is a country song about appreciation and thanking your friends and family for being themselves.

In this song, Sawyer Brown expresses gratitude for everything that shaped his life, including his father’s whooping, his mom’s cooking, the bank, and his lover.

14. “Blessings” by Chance The Rapper

“Are you ready for your blessings?”

As the title suggests, “Blessings” is a song about being blessed by Chance The Rapper.

In this cool rap song, the rapper counts his blessings by listing some of God’s creations, and he namedrops Kanye West and appreciates his impact on his career.

In the song, the rapper urges everyone to be ready for their blessings from God because a miracle is on the way. 

15. “Thank You” by Keith Urban

Keith Urban is a guitarist, writer, singer, and husband to popular Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

In his song about gratitude, “Thank You,” Keith appreciates his wife for marrying him and loving him.

At the start of the song, the singer tells a story of how his wife made his life so much better by constantly being his ray of sunshine.

16. “Toast” by Koffee

Koffee is a Grammy Award-winning reggae artist that uses Jamaican reggae colloquialism to express appreciation in her hit song about being thankful titled “Toast.”

In this reggae song, Koffee expresses the importance of gratitude in her lyrics, “gratitude is a must,” and she didn’t lie.

By thanking God and all the good people in your life, you open up opportunities for more blessings.

17. “All Things” by Citizen Way

“All Things” is a gospel song by Citizen Way that emphasizes the importance of thanking God for always attending to our needs, even before we ask.

The band narrates meeting a woman and how the woman has gone through life and experienced both ups and down but has never relented because she knows God cares for her.

18. “Song For My Father” by Sarah McLachlan

If you have been looking for the perfect thank you song for parents, especially your father, then “Song For My Father” by Sarah McLachlan is the song for you.

In this song, the singer lists all the good things her father did for her before his death and appreciates him for always being there.

19. “I Want To Thank You” by Otis Redding

Have you ever considered appreciating your boyfriend or girlfriend for their unwavering love? 

“I Want To Thank You” by Otis Redding is the best song about gratitude that captures such emotions.

In this song, the singer narrates how he met the love of his life and how she is the sweetest girl he has ever met.

He went on to appreciate her niceness and everything she represents.

20. “The Heart of Life” by John Mayer

Life is not all about ice cream and sunshine and happy days, life is also filled with sad days, but we must always show gratitude.

In “The Heart Of Life,” John Mayer sings about the ups and downs of life and how having love and hope can help you endure life travails.

21. “Family Business” by Kanye West

“Family Business” is the 20th song on Kanye West’s first studio album, College Dropout.

In this classic 2000s hip hop song, Kanye raps about how much he appreciates and adores his family despite all their flaws.

This is the best song about gratitude to send to your family group to tell them how you feel about them without saying too much.

22. “Gracias” by Ozuna

Ozuna’s “Gracias” is the perfect Spanish song about gratitude for our Spanish readers.

In the song, Ozuna uses Spanish lyrics to express the importance of saying thank you and appreciating the little things in life.

Gracias is a Spanish term that means “thank you” in English.

23. “Larger Than Life” by Backstreet Boys

The lyrics of “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys don’t quite spell out appreciation, but it infers it.

In the song, the group appreciates their fans for their love and how their passion for the band is what keeps them going.

The band refers to their fan love as something larger than life.

24. “You’ve Been So Good” by Martha Munizzi

The importance of appreciating God in Christianity cannot be overemphasized, and Martha Munizzi proves it in “You’ve Been So Good.”

In this Christian worship song about thanking God, the singer appreciates the presence of God in her life by singing, “You’ve been so good, and I really want to thank you, Jesus.”

If God has been so good to you, this is the best song to sing in appreciation.

25. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler

“Wind Beneath My Wings” is an r&b 80s song about appreciation recorded by Bette Midler.

In the song, Bette lists all the nice things her lover has been doing for her and shows her appreciation by referring to him as her hero.

26. “Thank You” by HELLYEAH

HELLYEAH is a heavy metal band, and “Thank You” is the third single in their debut studio album, HELLYEAH.

In the song, the lead singer screams his appreciation for a friend that has passed by, reiterating, “I just wanna say thank you.”

27. “Thank You For Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

Some people come into your life and make everything better just by loving you; these kinds of people motivated Bon Jovi’s hit song “Thank You For Loving Me.”

In this song, the lead singer narrates how his lover’s love makes him a better person, and he appreciates her for her love.

28. “Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold

A little bit of advice, send this song “Thank You For Being A Friend,” to all your friends on national friends day.

Andrew Gold captures the essence of appreciating the good friends in our life for having a genuine heart and being a confidant.

29. “Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion

“I’m everything I am because you loved me.”

There are people in our lives that have become our strength by always loving us, and this song is for them.

In “Because You Loved Me,” Celine Dion sings about her lover that lifted her and encouraged her to become a better person.

She said her world is a better place because he’s in it, making this song the perfect song to send your lover to reassure them of their place in your life.

30. “In This Life” by Collin Raye

This list is filled with songs with the word “thank” in the title, but that doesn’t make songs like “In This Life” not shine.

In this song, Colin Raye expresses profound gratitude for his lover by inferring that even if everything falls apart, he’ll be comforted knowing she loves him.

31. “Mashed Potato Time” by Dee Dee Sharp

There is no better time to give thanks than during thanksgiving, and that is why Dee Dee Sharp named her hit song “Mashed Potato Time” after the thanksgiving staple food, mashed potatoes.

In this song, the singer gleefully expresses that her love for mashed potatoes greatly influences her love for the Thanksgiving season.

This is the perfect song to get you in the thanksgiving mood.

32. “Every Day” by Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts is an America group known for singing country songs about whiskey and women.

“Every Day” is a mid-tempo country ballad in which the narrator sings about a person that constantly looks after him to keep him from making mistakes.

The narrator appreciates the person for saving his life every day.

33. “The Only Thing That’s Beautiful In Me” by Rush of Fools

“The Only Thing That’s Beautiful In Me” by Rush of Fools is a gospel song about appreciation that glorifies God for his goodness.

In the song, the band confesses that Jesus lives inside them; for that, they believe that Jesus is the only beautiful thing in them, and they appreciate him for that.

34. “Grateful” by Hezekiah Walker

There are several gospel songs about gratitude, and “Grateful” by Hezekiah Walker is one of the most popular.

In this song, Hezekiah judiciously lists out everything God has done for him and then appreciates him by singing, “Because I’m grateful, grateful, so grateful just to praise you, Lord.”

35. “Thank U” by Alanis Morissette 

In “Thank U,” Alanis Morissette expresses gratitude to a god for protecting her throughout her tour.

In the song, she details how keeping a grateful heart brought her far in life and how touring the country positively affected her spiritual life.

Songs About Gratitude – Final Thoughts

Send any of these songs about gratitude with a lovely caption to your friends and family to appreciate all the unique things they have done for you and watch them love you even more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list!

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