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14 Best Songs About Feminism

August 25, 2023
Songs About Feminism

Do you want to celebrate female empowerment through music?

Look no further than these 14 songs about Feminism.

From classic anthems like Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” to modern hits like Doja Cat’s “Woman”, these songs document the journey of the feminist movement.

Each song offers a unique perspective on the power of female strength, confidence, and resilience.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate Women’s History Month or just want to revel in the glory of being a woman, these songs are sure to provide the perfect soundtrack.

So turn up the volume and enjoy these empowering best songs about Feminism.

1. “Stronger” by Britney Spears

With its empowering lyrics about self-reliance and resilience, Britney Spears’ “Stronger” serves as a powerful anthem for modern feminists.

The song is a call to action for women to be independent, to rely on their own strength and perseverance.

Its hard-hitting beat and epic chorus make it an electrifying proclamation of female empowerment.

It serves as a reminder to never compromise on one’s ideals and to believe in the power of the individual.

A powerhouse of a song, “Stronger” is a timeless piece of feminism.

2. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

An anthem of female empowerment, Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” has become a global symbol of strength and resilience for feminists.

The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has been wronged but is determined to overcome her struggles and stand on her own two feet.

Its powerful message of self-reliance has resonated with listeners from all walks of life, inspiring them to take control of their own lives.

With its timeless anthem of female empowerment, “I Will Survive” continues to be an enduring symbol of female strength and resilience.

3. “Just A Girl” by No Doubt

Gwen Stefani’s anthem “Just A Girl” is a powerful statement of female autonomy and defiance against societal expectations.

It has become a rallying cry for women to stand up for themselves and to challenge gender roles and stereotypes.

Lyrically, the song expresses a sense of frustration and disbelief at the limitations that society has imposed on the female gender.

The song’s message is further emphasized by the delivery and tone of Stefani’s vocals, which convey a sense of strength and defiance.

“Just A Girl” is a timeless classic that will continue to inspire women to stand up for their rights.

4. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

You won’t forget the empowering lyrics of Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”.

The song celebrates self-love and encourages listeners to embrace their true selves.

In the chorus, Cyrus sings about how she will not let anyone else define her beauty.

She will only take advice from her inner voice.

The song is a strong message of self-acceptance and self-respect.

It reflects the feminist ideals of standing up for oneself and refusing to be controlled by external standards.

It’s a powerful anthem for people to stand up and be proud of who they are.

5. “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill

Unleash your inner rebel with Bikini Kill’s classic “Rebel Girl”.

This anthem celebrates female empowerment and urges women to embrace their strength.

Its fast-paced and energetic chorus has become a symbol of female solidarity and strength.

The lyrics are bold and direct, providing an empowering message for women everywhere.

Its impact is undeniable and has become an anthem for modern feminism.

6. “Good As Hell” by Lizzo

Feel empowered and confident with Lizzo’s uplifting hit, “Good As Hell”.

The song is a celebration of self-esteem and self-love, with lyrics that speak to the power of being an independent woman.

The song’s empowering chorus urges listeners to be strong, confident, and unafraid to express themselves.

The beat is upbeat and cheerful, making it the perfect anthem for feminist pride.

With its inspiring message and catchy melody, “Good As Hell” is the perfect song for any situation where you need an extra boost of self-confidence.

7. “The Man” by Taylor Swift

“The Man” by Taylor Swift is a powerful anthem that celebrates female ambition and the beauty of being unapologetically confident.

This speaks to how women often face criticism for their ambition and independence.

The song is a celebration of women’s strength and a reminder that they should never be apologetic for who they are.

8. “She Loves Control” by Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello’s “She Loves Control” is an empowering anthem about embracing one’s own power and not letting anyone else dictate their choices.

The song is an ode to female independence and self-determination, sending a message that women should be free to make their own decisions and take control of their lives.

The lyrics are filled with empowering imagery of taking back control, and the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a perfect feminist anthem.

Cabello’s single is a powerful reminder of the importance of women in society and the need to fight for equality.

9. “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore

Gore’s hit song “You Don’t Own Me” carries the theme of female empowerment by taking a stand against the male-dominated society of the 1960s.

The song’s message remains relevant today, as it encourages women to stand up for themselves and assert their independence.

With its bold lyrics and catchy melody, it serves as a powerful reminder that no one has the right to control or dictate another person’s life and that everyone deserves to be respected and valued.

10. “Can’t Pin Me Down” by MARINA

MARINA’s “Can’t Pin Me Down” is a powerful anthem of freedom that encourages you to stand up for yourself and never let anyone control or limit who you are.

The song’s lyrics emphasize the importance of maintaining one’s autonomy and resisting any attempts at being pigeonholed or categorized.

The chorus is a powerful call to action, inspiring you to resist any attempts to limit or control you.

Instrumentally, the track is upbeat and empowering, with a catchy beat and a soaring chorus.

MARINA’s “Can’t Pin Me Down” is a powerful feminist anthem that encourages you to be true to yourself and to never let anyone put you in a box.

11. “Woman” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s “Woman” is a powerful and empowering track that celebrates womanhood and encourages listeners to embrace their identity and be proud of who they are.

The song’s lyrics are packed with feminist messages that center around self-love, body positivity, and the importance of female empowerment.

Doja Cat’s strong vocals and catchy chorus make the song a modern feminist anthem that speaks to the challenges faced by women today.

With its upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics, “Woman” is a perfect song to listen to when striving for gender equality.

12. “That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl” is an uplifting and empowering anthem.

It encourages listeners to be proud of themselves and never give up on their dreams.

It is a modern-day feminist classic.

The song has a strong message of support and encouragement for girls and women everywhere.

The lyrics speak to the importance of female friendship and sisterhood.

They encourage young women to stay strong and keep believing in themselves.

With its catchy hook and infectious rhythm, “That’s My Girl” is a great anthem to motivate and empower female listeners.

13. “BO$$” by Fifth Harmony

You’re sure to feel empowered after listening to Fifth Harmony’s hit single “BO$$”.

With its lyrics celebrating female confidence and ambition, this empowering anthem is a great way to express support for gender equality.

The song begins with an attention-grabbing beat and a catchy chorus that encourages listeners to go for their dreams.

The verses tell stories of self-reliance and female empowerment, while the bridge urges women to take control of their lives.

Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$” is an inspiring and empowering song that stands out as a great example of feminist music.

14. “Just Because I’m A Woman” by Dolly Parton

The girl power vibes continue with Dolly Parton’s “Just Because I’m A Woman”.

This track dives deep into the double standards women face.

It explores how women can be judged for simply doing what is natural.

Parton’s lyrics are powerful and empowering.

Her voice conveys strength and resilience.

This song is an anthem for all women fighting against outdated gender roles and expectations.

Songs About Feminism – Final Thoughts

You’ve heard some of the best songs about feminism, from classic anthems to modern hits.

Each of these songs encourages women to be strong, and independent, and fight for their rights.

From Dolly Parton’s “Just Because I’m A Woman” to Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl”, they all stand out in their own way.

These songs show the power of music to spread a message of female empowerment.

They serve as a reminder to us all that we must continue the fight for gender equality.

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