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45 Best Songs About Falling In Love

December 7, 2023
Songs About Falling In Love

I’ve gathered the best songs about falling in love, each track capturing the exhilarating and heartwarming experience of this profound emotion.

This article is a romantic journey through melodies that articulate the joy, hope, and sweetness of falling in love.

Table of Contents

Best songs about falling in love

  • Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”
  • Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”
  • Chris Stapleton – “Tenesee Whiskey”
  • Tim McGraw, “It’s Your Love”
  • William Michael Morgan – “I Met A Girl”
  • Elvis – “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”
  • Elvis Presley – “Love Me Tender”
  • Kiss – “I Was Made For Loving You”
  • Fine Young Cannibals – “Ever Fallen in Love”
  • Cigarettes After Sex – “Falling In Love”

1. Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

In one of the star’s first big hits, he delivers some beautiful lines that describe the euphoric way you feel about someone special when you fall in love.

The opening lines are killer;

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks”

Sheeran brings up some important points and lays his intentions bare for all.

It is a sweet song about falling in love that remarks upon the way in which many people chase love but he and his significant other found it “right where” they were.

For the lucky few, love seems to fall right into their laps.

2. Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are”

Another equally as beautiful track that had to make our list of songs about falling in love comes from smooth-voiced crooner Bruno Mars.

This one is about accepting the person you love faults and all.

As the title suggests they are exactly what he wants and perfection just the way they are.

Mars takes us through the attributes he finds most attractive in his girl and tells her she is “amazing”.

“And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause girl, you’re amazing
Just the way you are

3. Chris Stapleton – “Tenesee Whiskey”

This 1981 track has a little more of an inventive narrative, the protagonist reflects upon a life where in his loneliness he turned to the bottle to keep him company most nights.

But now after finding love he describes the woman in his life using alcoholic metaphors.

“You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
You’re as sweet as strawberry wine
You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time”

He no longer needs the bottle because the love she pours is better any day of the week.

4. Tim McGraw, “It’s Your Love”

Sticking with the country songs about falling in love and we have another fantastic example from Tim McGraw.

It uses some happy real-life examples of the enjoyment found when you share your life with someone else.

How the simplest things seem so much bigger and make more of an impact.

McGraw can’t get enough and feels his emotions overflowing when it comes to his love interest.

He describes what her love does to him throughout and confesses that he can’t hold the emotions back.

“Oh, it’s a beautiful thing
Don’t think I can keep it all in
I just gotta let you know
What it is that won’t let me go”

5. William Michael Morgan – “I Met A Girl”

This one is yet another exemplary country song about falling in love, it strikes the perfect balance between well-worded personal verses that describe the way in which his world has become centered around the other person and very simple stripped-back choruses that put things more consicely.

“Met a girl
She made me smile, she made me wait
She crossed the street, she crossed my heart
She fixed her dress, she bit her lip, she let me up
I met a girl with crazy shoes and baby blues
The way she moves is changing my whole world”

6. Elvis – “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”

The first of two worthy Elvis entries on our songs about falling in love list.

To be honest, the hip-shaking rock and roll king probably could have filled a few more spots but we narrowed it down to two undeniable top choices.

“Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” has been used for a million and one soundtracks.

None more memorable than the film Ghost.

It has some beautiful imagery to offer the listener and the melody is on point.

You can’t help who you fall in love with, love is more often than not unplanned and unfolds naturally…

“Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you?”

7. Elvis Presley – “Love Me Tender”

Our second Elvis helping comes in the form of “Love Me Tender” which unlike many songs about falling in love is written about what the protagonist wants to get out of the relationship, the slow tempo and melody choices make it almost like a prayer of sorts.

Whilst most songs about falling in love are focused on how wonderful the other person is, in this one the protagonist asks gently to be loved.

He is totally, utterly, completely besotted and hopes that his love is returned equally forever.

“Love me tender, love me true
All my dreams fulfill
For, my darling I love you
And I always will”

8. Kiss – “I Was Made For Loving You”

This next one is perhaps a less obvious choice but not all songs about falling in love are sugary-sweet, some are less twee, and more fun shall we say?

Okay, so the love in the lyrics is probably a little less serious on the commitment front.

In reality it is a song about falling in love for the night!

There is a strong sexual undertone in which the way the person describes that they were “made” for loving the other one because this renders it a pretty physical comment to make.

“I was made for lovin’ you, baby
You were made for lovin’ me
And I can’t get enough of you, baby
Can you get enough of me?”

9. Fine Young Cannibals – “Ever Fallen in Love”

“Ever fallen in love, in love with someone
You shouldn’t have fallen in love with”

The chorus really does say it all with this one…

We can’t choose who we fall for, and many people can relate to falling in love with someone that they perhaps shouldn’t have, for whatever reason that may be.

This one is king of songs about loving someone you really shouldn’t.

This song surmises the sentiments really well and the spirit of the situation works really well with the genre too.

The chorus is fun to belt out along to and you don’t have to be able to hold a note either!

10. Cigarettes After Sex – “Falling In Love”

This next one is lesser known perhaps but has a lot of relatable content.

Love at first site doesn’t happen for the majority typically the feeling grows as people get to know one another…

“When I hold you close to me
I could always see a house by the ocean
Last night I could hear the waves
As I heard you say, “All that I want is to be yours””

A great opening set of lines that describe perfectly the way in which feelings of love become strengthened over time and once again great imagery is presented to the listener.

11. Frankie Lymon – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”

A beautiful track by Frankie Lymon and the teenagers that makes light of some pretty soppy feelings and the way we can act fairly foolishly when we are in love.

It uses lots of clichés in the lyrics and asks a lot of questions.

We get to hear the internal narrative of someone who has fallen in love and been hurt before and is once again falling in love hard as they question why we chase love at all.

Let’s not forget we are also treated to stunning group harmonies throughout this 1956 hit.

12. Leslie Gore – “Sunshine Lollipops And Rainbows”

On the topic of clichés, this one is brimming! As we ascribe to describe falling in love we often cling to familiar concepts.

This somewhat naive track has some of the most saccharine lyrics going…

“Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows
Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together
Brighter than a lucky penny
When you’re near the rain goes, disappears, dear
And I feel so fine
Just to know that you are mine”

Although it is a cloying song about falling in love at a young age, with over-the-top sentimental comparisons that lack maturity, we can’t help but sing along with its sickly-sweet words.

13. The Temptations – “My Girl”

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside
I’ve got the month of May”

Noticing a pattern with sunny weather and the sentiments surrounding love yet?

Much like the track above this one is packed with positive natural references that make strong comparisons for the feelings experienced when you fall in love.

The protagonists sings about his “girl” and the way she makes him feel on top of the world…

“I’ve got so much honey
The bees envy me
I’ve got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees”

14. The Spinners – “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”

Sometimes falling in love is unchartered territory, and perhaps past exeriences can confuse the situation.

If you thought you were in love with the one before only to find out it was a crush, then you can fail to trust your own judgment the second time around.

This one asks the big question, the lyrics describe signs of falling in love and ask whether it is in an optimistic, eureka moment type of way.

“Since I met you, I’ve begun to feel so strange
Every time I speak your name
That’s funny, you say that you
Are so helpless too”

It is also one of those songs above falling in love with a great groove.

15. John Paul Young – “Love Is In The Air”

We are going to take you through a few of the classic love songs now.

First up an Australian disco song from the late seventies that has been used in many a soundtrack since.

This one drips romance with its anticipative yet upbeat rhythm choices and seductive dreamy strings backing the beautiful lyrics.

Again we have a plethora of references to nature in this one, I guess because falling in love feels very natural in the moment.

“Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree
Love is in the air, in the thunder of the sea”

16. Frank Sinatra – “Let’s Fall In Love”

The next two songs share a link, as they are both written by Harold Arlen (music) and Ted Koehler (lyrics) for the movie with the same title.

Sinatra’s was the opening credits music and you will notice that musically it shares many motifs with the track below that has a different set of lyrics that are arguably much more risqué.

Especially for the time period!

Both are real classics and have been covered by umpteen artists.

17. Ella Fitzgerald – “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)”

“Birds do it, bees do it
Even educated fleas do it
Let’s do it, let’s fall in love”

This Cole Porter song about falling in love centers around sexual references, and was full of a fair few derogatry terms which we simply wouldn’t have in a song today.

It has a long legacy and many renditions of it are doing the rounds.

Even a punk version by miss Joan Jet, is well worth a listen, that featured in the 1995 film Tank Girl.

18. Cher – “The Shoop Shoop Song”

Knowing whether you are in love and whether your love is returned can be tricky.

Many crushes come with similar emotional waves.

Cher gives us some simple advice in this early sixties soundtrack; oiling the big question down to one thing and one thing only…“His kiss”.

Originally recorded by Betty Everett, Cher produced her version for the film Mermaids which she starred in.

The lyrics open with a big start;

“Does he love me, I wanna know
How can I tell if he loves me so?”

19. Shirley Bassey – “As I Love You”

Another sountrack offering this time from the smooth sultry voice of Dame Shirley Bassey.

It is a short but sweet song about being in love which extends pas those early days.

It is more focused on longevity and the way in which love develops and endures.

“Every moment spent with you
Makes me more content with you
Just as you are You are all I could pray for
All that you are that’s what I wake up each day for”

The sentiments are incredibly vulnerable and resonate with those who have been in love for far longer.

20. The Monkees – “I’m A Believer”

Back to the early days of love revelation with this hit from The Monkees.

The opening lines are something we can all get on board with;

“I thought love was only true in fairy tales
Meant for someone else but not for me”

We have seen that Hollywood love story a million times, our head is filled with those cliche love interest developments and romantic notions that seem intangible in reality.

The lyrics and high-energy music of this one kick in perfectly with a plot twist after the protagonist describes his frustrations and disappointment;

“Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer
Not a trace of doubt in my mind
I’m in love
I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried”

One of the top songs about falling in love unexpectedly in our minds.

21. Elton John – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

Another staple song about falling in love that would be totally remiss to exclude is this Elton John Classic that most of us remember from the movie The Lion King.

It again has a lot of natural ties and describes a peace brought by love.

Tim Rice paints a stunning picture with the words for this one;

“There’s a time for everyone
If they only learn

That the twisting kaleidoscope
Moves us all in turn
There’s a rhyme and reason
To the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager
Beats in time with yours”

22. Jack Johnson – “Better Together”

Moving on to more modern depictions of love and this track by the artist we love to hate, is somewhat cloying but has a lot of details that give it a personal edge.

“There’s no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard
No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a shoe box of photographs
With sepia-toned loving”

The melody is rhythmic and the syncopation over the very simplistic musical accompaniment gives it a sugary edge.

It is a cute song that puts the complexity of love into a much simpler light.

For the protagonist, and for many…“It’s always better when [they] are together”.

23. FINNEAS – “Let’s Fall In Love For The Night”

Next up a songs about falling in love that is a little more fickle in nature.

FINNEAS was inspired to write this one as he fantasized about spending time with so a girl he briefly met in Japan.

He released a second version entitled “Let’s Fall In Love For The Night 1964” which has a 1940’s throwback vibe and pays homage to the jazz singers of the era.

It has been compared to Let’s Fall In Love by Frank Sinatra which we mentioned earlier as a classic song about falling in Love.

24. Foster the People – “I Would Do Anything For You”

The sixth track from the lads’ debut 2011 studio album Torches.

“I’ll give it all into your hands,
Do what you will with me, and oh
I’ll smile when you speak
Remember those times I was hoping for something”

This song is a song about falling in love after you have experienced a love that ended.

It sums up the worry, doubt and constant surprise you find as you learn to let yourself fa love someone again and allow yourself to be loved.

Some people interpret the lyrics as being about God rather than a lover.

“Oo la love, I’ve fallen in love, and it’s better this time than ever before
Oo la love, I’ve fallen in love, and it’s better this time than I’ve ever known”

25. Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply”

Savage Garden declare their love loud and clear in this late 90’s forgotten gem.

“I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
I wanna lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me”

It was the Aussie duo’s first chart entry, peaking at number 4, it presents us with all the typical platitudes we associate with lyrics about falling in love.

Frontman Darren Hayes was inspired after recording in Sydney away from his home and family in Brisbane.

His wife at the time encouraged him to pen down some of his heartfelt words that had been cropping up in conversation.

26. Moulin Rouge – “Come What May”

Another pretty big promise is made with this one.

“Come what may
I will love you
Until my dying day”

Bold declarations fill this song about falling in love.

Fun fact it was originally written for an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet but made its debut instead in the movie adaptation of Moulin Rouge, where we were treated to Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman giving it their best-autotuned shot.

27. Wheatus – “Teenage Dirtbag”

The title track from the groups 2000 album, the words were actually based on a true childhood experience but far from the underdog love interest narrative it appears to tell.

Brendan B. Brown tells of the judgement he felt being 10 years old and wearing his Iron Maiden shirts in his neighbourhood after a satanic ritualistic murder took place near his home by a kid who dressed in a similar manner.

His “Teenage Dirtbag” statement was born from the feeling he had been tarred with the same brush.

Heaviness aside, this gritty pop track highlights your young underdog love and has all the classic rites of passage in is prom-centered music video.

28. Whitesnake – “Is This Love”

This late eighties power ballad is one of those songs about falling in love that expresses the unknown elements encountered early on when we are trying to determine whether or not this is the ‘real’ thing.

“I find I spend my time waiting on your call”

Examples like the one above are throughout the verses describing the way the protagonists behavior has changed and their focus has shifted predominantly to the other person.

We get a question laiden chorus;

“Is this love that I’m feeling?
Is this the love that I’ve been searching for?
Is this love (Is this love?) or am I dreaming?”

That is resolved as he sings that it must be as it really has a “hold” on him.

29. George Harrison – “This Is Love”

A similar idea expressed from the opposite side of the story, from the perspecive of a protagonst who is sure that he has love.

George Harrison gives us a sweet B-side co-written with Jeff Lynn that talks more of the way that real love conquers everything.

“Since our problems have been our own creation
They also can be overcome
When we use the power provided free to everyone”

The way in which the pair endure is how he knows that “This is Love”.

30. Ellie Goulding – “How Long Will I Love You”

Ellie Goulding gives us a stunning vocal-led song about falling in love that ascribes to a promised longevity.

In her simple, but succinctly sweet lyrics she compares the length of time that she will love the person in question to things that are perpetual in this world such as the ocean washing up on the shore and the stars shining in the sky.

Things that will inevitably continue for longer than the lifetime we human beings are promised on this planet.

“How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you”

31. Jason Derulo – “Marry Me”

Derulo wrote this one from the heart about his partner Jordin Sparks.

It is one of those songs about falling in love that is a little more serious in nature and tugs the heart strings.

It describes the lead up and anticipation before the day you propose marriage.

It is relatable as the artist acknowledges that the time is not right, that first, he needs to get his finance and career in order…

“Will forever be enough, so there ain’t no need to rush
But one day, I won’t be able to ask you loud enough”

32. Sixpence None The Richer – “Kiss Me”

This song about falling in love was featured in the 1999 romantic comedy film She’s All That.

It propelled the band who previously only had notoriety with a fringe fanbase.

The song was somewhat light for the group who were a little edgier in general.

The lyrics present beautiful imagery, swinging in tire swings, dancing and kissing “beneath the milky twilight”.

33. Jason Chen – “I Fell In Love With My Best Friends”

This song is a little lesser known but has great sentiment when it comes to explaining the way we fall for one another.

Most of the time we find ourselves friend-zoned and we don’t look at our friends inappropriately but for a lucky few the person you love is also your best friend be it before or after.

“This is something like a movie
And I don’t know how it ends girl
But I fell in love with my Best Friend”

The singer sings his blessings at having been lucky enough to fall in love with his best friend whom he has known since childhood days and been beside every step of the way and talks of growing old together.

“Through all the dudes that came by
And all the nights that you’d cry.
Girl I was there right by your side.
How could I tell you I loved you
When you were so happy
With some other guy?”

34. Beyoncé – “Crazy In Love”

Love can make us all go a little crazy, or at least appear to be from the outside huh?

Beyoncé sings all about it in her early noughties hit with its throwback feel and funky horn-centric hook.

“I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave, I’m begging you not to go
Call your name two, three times in a row
Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I’m feeling and my pride is the one to blame”

Writer Harrison only had hours to come up with the lyrics for this one, true story!

35. Ke$ha – “Your Love Is My Drug”

We often hear drug addiction references used to describe the intensity of the emotions experienced with a love interest.

Sometimes it is the co-dependency and not necessarily a healthy light to paint it in, but plenty of people can relate.

The feelings can be strong and take a grip on a person, falling in love can be all-consuming- just like a drug.

Ke$ha is like an addict seeking her next fix, check out the gritty lyrics;

“I’m looking down every alley
I’m makin’ those desperate calls
I’m staying up all night hoping
Hittin’ my head against the wall”

36. Kygo Ft. James Vincent McMorrow – “I’m In Love”

With blurry, reverberating vocals from then newcomer James Vincent McMorrow, we get treated to a distinctive collab.

McMorrow is known for his folk music and Kygo for EDM the mix with this one was interesting.

The lyrics are simple and the verses and chorus are somewhat juxtaposing telling the tale of someone who is in love with a woman who is disinterested and possibly with another guy.

Yet he allows her to crawl back and leave time and again because he is in love, even if she is not.

37. Alanis Morissette – “Head Over Heels”

Morrisette isn’t known for lovey-dovey heartfelt songs she has an edgier, independent vibe which she established early on with her candid track “You Oughta Know” but this one is much more vulnerable and laid bare.

Morrisette taps into some raw, foolish perhaps, emotion with her lyrics in this song about falling in love.

She describes her actions as unaccustomed to the way in which the other person treats her, a little apprehensive and distrustful to really throw herself in and commit.

But the other person persists and she can’t help herself.

“You’ve already won me over in spite of me
Don’t be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don’t be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn’t help it
It’s all your fault”

It is one of those songs that make you want to fall in love no matter how much of a synic you may be!

38. Grover Washington Jr. feat. Bill Withers – “Just The Two Of Us”

Back to the classic songs about falling in love, the oldies are often the best.

This sexy soulful track from Grover Washington is a hopeful declaration, that doesn’t sugarcoat.

Love and relationships aren’t always plain sailing but with a little work and the will to make it work, love endeavours.

“Just the two of us
We can make it if we try”

This one is once again littered with beautiful references to the natural world to boot.

39. Frankie Valli – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

This song about falling in love was Valli’s biggest single at the time of release.

It has featured in many soundtracks and has two distinctly recognisable sections, one vocal appreciation for the one he adores and the other an explosive horn fuelled declaration of love.

“You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you
You’d be like Heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last, love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you”

40. Nat King Cole – “When I Fall In Love”

This next one is a little different as it is a song about not falling in love unless it is the real McCoy.

“When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I’ll never fall in love”

The protagonist isn’t prepared to give his heart unless it is completely, which ultimately is what we all want in a monogamous committed relationship.

It was featured in the film One Minute to Zero and there have been many, many cover versions of this timeless track.

41. Al Green – “Let’s Stick Together”

With a seductive horn lick to open it and Al Greens’ smooth vocals and impressive falsetto shifts dripping like honey all over it, this song about falling in love is another memorable entry.

The lyrics make commentary on the way in which people are quick to break up rather than stick at it and he pleads a good case for staying with his missus whom he clearly loves.

“I, I’m I’m so in love with you
Whatever you want to do
Is all right with me
‘Cause you make me feel so brand new
And I want to spend my life with you”

42. The Jackson 5 – “I’ll Be There”

Another sweet track about being in love, the words share the need to protect and be there for the other with “a love that’s strong”.

Jackson was perhaps far too young at the time to sing a song with such serious lyrics but it has plenty to say and is ideal for our list of songs about love.

“Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
Togetherness, girl, is all I’m after
Whenever you need me
I’ll be there”

It even makes mention of sticking around for the person if they should ever move on.

43. Macy Gray – “I Try”

This was her second single but arguably her biggest and gave her the best female pop performance with her unique vocal tone and register.

Macy sings about being a “prisoner” to the other person’s love.

She vents sarcastic frustration at the way her body and actions give her away.

She isn’t in control and so she can’t hide the way she feels about the person she should be with but isn’t with yet.

“I play it off, but I’m dreaming of you
But I’m dreaming of you, babe
And I’ll keep my cool, but I’m fiendin'”

44. The Cure – “Lovesong”

The Cure gives us a personal song about being in love in this track that is a little more uplifting than some of their other alt-rock songs.

It is an eye-opener with a distinctive bassline that was written with a certain someone in mind.

Robert Smith had married Mary Poole a year before and penned this one as a gift to her.

It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

“Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again
However far away
I will always love you”

45. Bob Marley – “Is This Love”

Our final song about falling in love is this piece of reggae perfection from Bob Marley & The Wailers.

It went on to become the star’s most well-known song.

The lyrics are wholesome and get straight to the point from the get-go.

“I wanna love you and treat you right
I wanna love you every day and every night
We’ll be together with a roof right over our heads
We’ll share the shelter of my single bed”

The humbler parts described such as the lyrical decision to put a single bed gives the song a deeper sentiment.

No matter what they have they will share it.

With depth like that it could well be love that he’s feeling.

Whether it is or not, this one is one of those I think I’m falling for you songs we all know and love.

Final Thoughts

It should come as no surprise that the charts have been packed full of odes to the apples of eyes since the probably the dawn of time.

Love is an incredible thing, the feelings, and emotions that come along with intense.

The euphoria is difficult to surmise but as you can see many artists have managed a good homage.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the 45 best songs about falling in love.

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