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30 Best Songs About Being 16

May 22, 2023
songs about being 16

Are you searching for the best songs about being sixteen?

Being sixteen may not always feel like a teenage dream, but these songs will remind you of the joy of the journey to adulthood.

Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, these songs will evoke some nostalgic memories within you!

This article lists the thirty best songs about being 16!

1. “Sweet Sixteen” by Billy Idol

“Sweet Sixteen” is a song by British singer Billy Idol, that was released in 1987 on his third studio album Whiplash Smile.

He wrote it himself, inspired by watching a program based on Coral Castle. He later said it was an ode to his former lover Perri Lister.

The hit charted in fourteen countries around the world, reaching number two in Germany and number three in New Zealand.

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2. “Sixteen Candles” by The Crests

“Sixteen Candles” is a 1958 song, written by Luther Dixon and Allyson R. Khent and performed by the American doo-wop group The Crests.

It has been covered by multiple artists, including Jerry Lee Lewis and Sha Na Na.

The song hit number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stayed at number four on the R&B charts for twenty-one weeks the following year.

3. “Sweet Little Sixteen” by Chuck Berry

“Sweet Little Sixteen” is a rock and roll song that was written and recorded by Chuck Berry in 1958, and released on his album One Dozen Berrys.

It shot to number two on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of his most successful songs.

Rolling Stone ranked it at number 272 on their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list, and it reached number sixteen on the UK Official Charts.

4. “Only Sixteen” by Sam Cooke

“Only Sixteen” was released by Sam Cooke in 1959, released on the B-side Lets Go Steady Again.

It was inspired by Lou Rawl’s sister Eunice, who was celebrating her sixteenth birthday that year. 

The song proved popular, charting at number thirteen on the US Hot R&B Songs chart, number twenty-eight on the US Billboard Hot 100, and number twenty-three on the UK Singles Chart. 

5. “Christine Sixteen” by Kiss

The hard rock band Kiss wrote and recorded “Christine Sixteen” for their studio album Love Gun in 1977.

Lyrically, the song is about an older man and his infatuation with a sixteen-year-old girl. This was controversial, but the song performed well despite this.

The single charted in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United States, reaching number twenty in the US Cash Box Top 100.

Cash Box stated, “It’s a tale of teenage lust, put to a bump and grind rock accompaniment that utilizes channel-hopping vocals.”

6. “Sixteen” by Ellie Goulding

“Sixteen” is a song by Ellie Goulding as a part of the fourth studio album Brightest Blue, released in 2019.

It is an electronic dance music ballad about the “reckless days of adolescence”, as Ellie Goulding looks back over her youth.

It charted in sixteen countries around the world, performing the best in New Zealand and reaching number eight on their Hot Singles chart.

It sold over five hundred thousand copies in the United States and was awarded Gold certification in four countries.

7. “You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine)” by Ringo Starr 

Ringo Starr’s version of “You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine)” was released in 1973 on his album Ringo.

Paul McCartney sang in the single, with his ad-hoc notes making people mistake his voice for a kazoo!

It hit the charts in twelve different countries and reached the number one spot on the US Cash Box Top 100, the US Billboard Hot 100, and the New Zealand Singles chart.

Cash Box called Ringo Starr’s vocals “perfect” – it doesn’t get any better than that!

8. “A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More ‘Touch Me’” by Fall Out Boy

“A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More ‘Touch Me’” is a hit song by Fall Out Boy, an American rock band.

It was released in 2006 on the album From Under the Cork Tree, their second studio album. 

It charted in the UK Singles Chart at number thirty-eight, the US Billboard Pop Songs at number thirty-three, the US Billboard Alternative Songs Chart at number thirty-eight, and the US Billboard Hot 100 at number sixty-five.

9. “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” by The Sound of Music

“Sixteen Going On Seventeen” is a well-known song from the musical The Sound of Music, published in 1959.

It is about how Liesl is at the beginning of her journey to womanhood.

It has been covered multiple times by various artists and is used extensively in popular media. 

10. “Sweet Sixteen” by Destiny’s Child

“Sweet Sixteen” is a track by Destiny’s Child from their album The Writing’s on the Wall, released in 1999.

It was written by D’wayne Wiggins, and it’s about a girl named Jackie who is extremely eager to grow up. 

It contains a sample from Diana Ross’ “Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)”, which remains uncredited.

11. “Sweet Sixteen” by Hilary Duff

“Sweet Sixteen” is the opening TV theme song to the reality television show My Super Sweet 16, sung by Hilary Duff.

The show is about teens with wealthy families who attend lavish parties, and the song reflects that.

12. “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” by Neil Sedaka

“Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” is a song by Neil Sedaka, released in 1961 as a part of his compilation album Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits.

The protagonist reminisces on his friendship with a girl as she turns sixteen, singing about their highs and lows.

The song charted in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart, and number four on the Australian Singles Chart. 

13. “Sixteen” by Thomas Rhett

“Sixteen” is a country song by Thomas Rhett, released on his third studio album Life Changes in 2018.

It reflects upon the milestones of the protagonist’s life, beginning at sixteen and making his way up to twenty-five.

It charted at number one on the Canadian Billboard Country chart and the US Billboard Country Airplay chart, selling over one million copies in the United States and being awarded Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America.

14. “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” by Britney Spears

“I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” is a song by Britney Spears, released on her third studio album Britney in 2002.

It details the teenage angst and heartbreak of adolescence and can help teens not feel so alone during the up and downs of growing up.

It charted in twenty-one different countries around the world, landing at number one in the UK Independent Singles chart.

It sold over two hundred thousand copies in the United Kingdom, subsequently being awarded Silver certification by the BPI.

15. “Always Sixteen” by Billy Ray Cyrus

“Always Sixteen” is a song by Billy Rae Cyrus from his album The Other Side, released in 2003.

The song is about a couple who have been married for over fifty years and discusses how their love is timeless and ageless.

16. “Sixteen” by No Doubt

“Sixteen” is a song by No Doubt that was released in 1995.

It is about how sixteen-year-olds are sometimes treated like children when really they’re not so innocent!

The music video for the song received over three hundred thousand views on YouTube.

17. “Just Sixteen” by Velvet Revolver

“Just Sixteen” is a popular song by Velvet Revolver, released in 2007 as a track on their studio album Libertad.

It was controversial upon release and received very little radio airplay due to the lyrical content.

It is about a teacher lusting after a student, who is only sixteen years old, and they carry on dating until they get caught.

Interestingly, it ends up being the student who feels guilty for their wrongdoings, not the teacher.

18. “Good Time” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson

“Good Time” is a song by the singer Carly Rae Jepson, who teamed up with the electronica band Owl City.

It appeared on Jepson’s second studio album Kiss and as the lead single on Owl City’s fourth studio album The Midsummer Station.

It received three awards: the 100,000,000 Views award at the Vevo Certified Awards, the Hot Top Airplay of the Year, and Digital & Airplay Overseas of the Year awards at the Billboard Japan Music Awards.

19. “Sweet 16” by Green Day

Green Day released the song “Sweet 16” as the tenth track on their 2012 studio album ¡UNO!

The music video for the hit has over three hundred thousand views on YouTube, making it one of the most popular versions of the song.

20. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas wrote the song “Butterfly Kisses” in 1997 for Carlisle’s third studio album Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace).

It became a major hit for him, charting in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States.

It topped the Canadian Adult Contemporary singles chart and the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.

It has been covered multiple times, including versions by the Raybon Brothers, Jeff Carson, and Westlife.

21. “Sweet Little Sixteen” by The Beatles

“Sweet Little Sixteen” was written and originally recorded by Chuck Berry, and was released in 1963 by The Beatles.

It was recorded for BBC Radio One’s Pop Go the Beatles compilation.

They have performed the song many times, and their version proved popular among fans.

22. “I’m Sixteen” by Dolly Parton

“I’m Sixteen” is a song by Dolly Parton that was released in 2016 on her forty-third studio album Pure & Simple.

Parton looks back on fond memories of her younger self, specifically simpler times with her family when she was sixteen.

23. “Jack & Diane” by John Mellencamp

“Jack & Diane” is a song by singer/songwriter John Mellencamp, then known as John Cougar.

It was released in 1982 on his fifth studio album American Fool. The Recording Industry Association of America named it one of the Songs of the Century.

It spent four consecutive weeks at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as the Canadian Top Singles chart.

It is Mellencamp’s best-performing single, selling over one million copies in the United States and being awarded Platinum certification.

24. “16 @ War” by Karina

“16 @ War” was singer Karina’s debut single, released on her debut studio album First Love in 2008.

It reached number six on the US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart and spent eight weeks on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

25. “You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again” by Roy Orbison

“You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again” is the leading track on Roy Orbison’s compilation album The Classic Roy Orbison in 1966.

It is a song about not looking back to the past, and moving forward from heartache. 

26. “Sixteen Again” by the Buzzcocks

“Sixteen Again” is a track by the Buzzcocks from their studio album Love Bites.

It was released in 1978 and is about how the protagonist feels like he’s sixteen again, hanging out and “lazing around” with his friends.

27. “Sixteen Candles” by Jackson 5

“Sixteen Candles” is a track from the Jackson 5’s studio album Maybe Tomorrow, released in 1971.

In the song, they wish a sixteen-year-old girl a happy birthday and profess their love.

28. “Sixteen” by Iggy Pop

“Sixteen” is a rock song by Iggy Pop, released as the second track on his second solo studio album Lust for Life in 1977.

Lyrically, it details the protagonist’s love and lust for a girl.

29. “Sweet Sixteen” by B.B. King

“Sweet Sixteen” is a song that was originally written by Ahmet Ertegun. B.B. King and His Orchestra released their version of the single in 1959.

The song has been covered countless times, with B.B. King’s version being one of the most popular.

30. “Only Sixteen” by Craig Douglas

Craig Douglas released his version of “Only Sixteen” in 1959 with the B-side “Let’s Go Steady Again”.

Douglas took the popularly covered hit to number one on the UK Singles Chart, making his one of the most successful versions of the song.

That ends our list of the thirty best songs about being sixteen.

Best Songs About Being 16 – Final Thoughts

These hits could evoke happy teenage memories within you, or remind you that you’re not alone as your travel throughout your teens.

There’s something in this list for everyone, and we hope you enjoy checking out some of these songs about being sixteen.

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