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12 Best Run-D.M.C. Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 8, 2023
run-d.m.c. songs

Run-D.M.C. is widely recognized as one of the most influential hip-hop groups in history.

The trio of Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason Mizell achieved remarkable success with their groundbreaking sound and lyrics.

As such, their greatest hits are some of the most widely-loved songs in the hip-hop genre.

This article will explore twelve of the best Run-D.M.C. songs of all time, including classics such as “Walk This Way,” “It’s Tricky,” and “Christmas In Hollis.”

Each song is presented with an analysis of its production, lyrics, and impact on the hip-hop scene.

For fans of Run-D.M.C., this article provides a comprehensive and insightful look into the group’s legacy and the timelessness of their music.

1. “Walk This Way”

A classic collaboration between Aerosmith and Run-DMC, “Walk This Way” is widely considered one of the most iconic hip-hop songs of the 1980s.

Released in 1986, it was the first rap song to cross over from the underground rap scene to mainstream pop.

It brought rap and hip-hop to a wider audience and opened up a new genre of music.

The song also featured Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler, introducing rock elements into the rap world.

It is credited as one of the first rap songs to move rap and hip-hop away from its underground origins.

2. “It’s Tricky”

Widely recognized as an innovative, groundbreaking hip-hop single, “It‘s Tricky” was released in 1986 by the iconic rap group Run-D.M.C.

The lyrics center around the idea of being clever and tricky in order to overcome obstacles.

The song was widely acclaimed for its creative use of sampling, and has been described as a ‘masterpiece of hip-hop production’.

It has been cited as an influence on many subsequent hip-hop songs.

3. “It’s Like That”

Released two years before “It’s Tricky”, “It’s Like That” was an iconic single from Run-D.M.C. that demonstrated the group’s continued innovation in the hip-hop genre.

The song’s lyrics tackled the dangers of inner-city life and the harsh reality of growing up in poverty.

The single was a commercial success and cemented Run-D.M.C.’s status as one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time.

4. “Christmas In Hollis”

The holiday-themed single “Christmas in Hollis“, released in 1987, evokes a sense of nostalgia and captures the essence of the Christmas season for many listeners.

Run-D.M.C.’s infectious beat and clever rhymes create a perfect backdrop for a joyful Christmas celebration.

With its upbeat tempo, catchy chorus, and classic rap flows, “Christmas in Hollis” is clearly a classic Christmas hip-hop tune.

The song has been featured in numerous films and television shows, proving its enduring popularity among fans.

It has become a beloved timeless holiday classic.

5. “King Of Rock”

Boasting a signature style of rap and hip hop, Run-D.M.C.’s 1985 single “King of Rock” became an instant classic in the genre and remains a defining moment in the group’s discography.

Featuring an infectious beat and witty lyrics, the song marked a new era of rap music.

The track also spawned a popular music video, which further solidified its status as an iconic hit.

“King of Rock” remains a staple of Run-D.M.C.’s impressive catalog of music and is considered a classic of the genre.

6. “Rock Box”

Run-D.M.C. further cemented their status as hip-hop pioneers with the release of their 1984 single “Rock Box”.

The track was a high-energy rap and hip-hop fusion, with hard-hitting beats and a hard-edge rap flow.

It featured a combination of rap and rock, blending the two genres in a distinct and unique way.

It was a major influence on the rap and hip-hop scene of the time, where it helped to define the genre of rap and hip-hop music.

7. “Sucker MC’s”

One of the most notable songs on their self-titled album was the hit single “Sucker MC’s”, which has since become one of the group’s most iconic songs.

The song was released in 1984 and was an immediate commercial success, launching Run-D.M.C. into the mainstream.

It has since been considered one of the most important hip-hop songs of the 1980s, featuring a hard-hitting beat, powerful rap verses, and an instantly recognizable hook.

The song has been sampled and covered countless times, making it a timeless classic.

8. “You Talk Too Much”

“You Talk Too Much” is an iconic hip-hop track from Run-D.M.C.’s 1985 album, King Of Rock, that has been widely recognized for its infectious melody and powerful chorus.

The track is renowned for its clever wordplay, where the members rap about how they don’t want to be around people who talk too much and don’t have anything of substance to say.

The track has been sampled by many other hip-hop artists over the years and is considered one of Run-D.M.C.’s greatest hits.

The song’s classic hook and hard-hitting beats have influenced generations of hip-hop fans around the world.

9. “Beats To The Rhyme”

Following this, Run-D.M.C. released “Beats To The Rhyme”, another one of their greatest hits.

This song is driven by a powerful drum beat and a unique bassline that stands out in the mix.

The lyrical flow is fast and energetic, and the chorus is memorable and catchy.

All these elements make “Beats To The Rhyme” one of the best Run-D.M.C. songs ever.

10. “Peter Piper”

A monumental single from Run-D.M.C.’s debut album, The Apollo ’86 (live), “Peter Piper” is renowned for its hard-hitting, in-your-face production.

The song is propelled by a driving bass line, accentuated by claps and scratches.

The lyrics are aggressive and boastful, and the overall sound is indicative of the hip-hop group’s signature style.

“Peter Piper” is often credited with helping to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school hip-hop, as it contained elements from both.

It continues to be a mainstay in Run-D.M.C.’s live shows and is considered by many to be a classic hip-hop track.

11. “My Adidas”

Moving along to one of Run-D.M.C.’s most renowned tracks, “My Adidas” is an ode to the company’s iconic shell-toe sneaker.

Released in 1986, the song was a commercial success and featured on the group’s album, The Apollo ’86 (live).

The track is renowned for its simple yet effective lyrical content, highlighting the street style of the era.

The song has since become a classic and is credited as one of the pioneering songs of the golden age of hip-hop.

12. “The Ave.”

Marking the group’s entry into the mainstream, “The Ave.” is a classic track from Run-D.M.C.’s album, Back from Hell.

The song demonstrates the group’s musical versatility and ability to blend different genres.

The lyrics focus on the everyday struggles of urban life in New York City, in particular, the issue of poverty and the lack of opportunities for young people.

The song has become a classic, praised for its infectious energy and powerful message.

It is widely considered to be one of the group’s best songs and a highlight from the album.

Best Run-D.M.C. Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

Run-D.M.C. has been a pioneer of hip-hop music since the early 1980s.

Their music has influenced generations of rap and hip-hop artists, and their greatest hits remain popular today.

The group has a lengthy list of classic songs, including “Walk This Way,” “It’s Tricky,” “It’s Like That,” “Christmas In Hollis,” “King Of Rock,” “Beats To The Rhyme,” “Peter Piper,” and “My Adidas.”

These songs play an integral role in the history of rap and hip-hop and serve as a reminder of the influence of Run-D.M.C. in the music world.

Their unique style and groundbreaking sound have been an inspiration to many.

The 12 greatest hits of Run-D.M.C. are essential to any hip-hop fan’s collection.

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