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15 Best Papa Roach Songs Of All Time (Greatest Hits)

August 8, 2023
papa roach songs

Papa Roach has been making music for over two decades and throughout their career, they have created a number of timeless songs.

In this article, we will explore the 15 best Papa Roach songs of all time.

From the rock classic “Last Resort” to the contemporary hit “STILL SWINGIN”, this list will take a look at the best of Papa Roach’s greatest hits.

We will discuss the songwriting, production, and lyrical themes of each song, as well as their influence on the rock genre.

Furthermore, we will consider how each song has stood the test of time and why they have become some of Papa Roach’s most beloved songs.

1. “Last Resort”

Last Resort” is a song by the American rock band Papa Roach that was released in 2000 on their major-label debut album Infest.

The track is widely regarded as one of the group’s signature songs and has become a staple in their live shows.

The lyrics are a cry for help in the face of intense personal struggles.

Musically, the song is driven by hard-hitting drums and heavy riffs, with a breakdown section during the bridge and a melodic chorus.

The song has become a favorite among Papa Roach fans and is often cited as one of the group’s best songs.

2. “Scars”

Scars” is a song by Papa Roach that has become an iconic track in the alternative rock genre.

The track, released in 2004, is an ode to personal struggles and resilience.

The lyrics are reflective of pain and suffering, yet the chorus remains upbeat and encouraging.

Musically, the song is characterized by a strong guitar riff and heavy drums, while the lead vocalist’s emotive yet passionate delivery adds to the song’s impact.

The song’s success is largely due to its relatable lyrics and its powerful sound, which has made it a popular choice for radio airplay as well as a live favorite.

3. “Between Angels And Insects”

Released in 2000, “Between Angels and Insects” is a Grammy-nominated single by Papa Roach that has become a staple in the alternative rock genre.

The song is a reflection of the band’s struggles and frustrations with modern life, expressed through hard-hitting lyrics and an intense rock sound.

Musically, the song features a heavy bass line and hard-hitting drums, as well as a powerful chorus that emphasizes the lyrics.

The song has become popular among fans due to its themes of angst and alienation, as well as its musical composition and production.

Overall, “Between Angels and Insects” is an iconic song that has become a classic in the genre of alternative rock.

4. “Getting Away With Murder”

The Grammy-nominated single “Getting Away With Murder” is a powerful reflection of the band’s exploration of modern life and its effects.

It is an amalgamation of hard rock and rap, with intense lyrics that focus on the struggles of life.

Themes such as addiction, insecurity, and mental illness are reflected in this song, creating a vivid and gripping story.

Musically, the drums, guitars, and bass combine to create an engaging and powerful sound that perfectly encapsulates the intensity of the lyrical themes.

It is a perfect example of the band’s unique sound and demonstrates their creative talent and ability to capture the listener’s attention.

5. “She Loves Me Not”

“She Loves Me Not” is a song that powerfully conveys the pain of a failed relationship, exploring the emotions of sorrow and heartache.

The lyrics focus on the protagonist’s despair as they realize that the person they love no longer loves them back.

The song is marked by a hard-hitting sound, with heavy guitar riffs and crashing drums.

The chorus is particularly effective in communicating the protagonist’s desperation, featuring a powerful vocal delivery with a melancholic melody.

Overall, the track is a powerful exploration of heartbreak and a classic of Papa Roach’s greatest hits.

6. “Hollywood Whore”

With a heavy guitar riff driving the song, Papa Roach’s “Hollywood Whore” is a powerful exploration of society’s obsession with fame and glamour.

The lyrics highlight the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry, from superficial relationships to the corruption of the power it brings.

Musically, the song is an energetic mix of rap-rock, with a thumping beat and intense vocal delivery.

It conveys a sense of anger and frustration at the glamorization of fame and the exploitation of those who seek it.

Ultimately, “Hollywood Whore” is a darkly humorous critique of modern celebrity culture.

7. “…To Be Loved”

Exploring the complexity of love, Papa Roach’s “…To Be Loved” is a heartfelt ballad that captures the many facets of human emotion.

The song contains elements of both optimism and melancholy, as the lyrics reflect the desire to be accepted and to know that one is worthy of love.

The chorus of “…To Be Loved” features a repetitive, catchy melody that is in stark contrast to the song’s lyrical content.

It is this contrast that makes this song so powerful, as it conveys the bittersweet nature of love.

The song is a testament to the power of music to communicate complex emotions and feelings in a meaningful way.

8. “HELP”

Papa Roach’s song “HELP” is a testament to the power of reaching out for the support of others.

With lyrics that plead for understanding and compassion, the track is a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt alone and isolated.

Musically, the track is a blend of rock and hip-hop, creating a powerful contrast between the harshness of the lyrics and the soothing melodies of the track.

An anthem for the downtrodden, “HELP” is a reminder that help is always available for those who need it.

9. “Broken Home”

Examining the broken home dynamic, Papa Roach’s hit song “Broken Home” offers an empathetic exploration of the emotional complexities of family troubles.

The lyrics are delivered with a somber, intense delivery, making the song an emotional journey for the listener.

The chorus brings the message of the song home, as the singer implores his audience to not forget all the broken homes.

Papa Roach uses the song to communicate the heartbreaking reality of family strife, prompting the listener to contemplate the difficult emotional depths of the broken home dynamic.

10. “I Almost Told You That I Loved You”

The transition from the previous subtopic of “Broken Home” to the current subtopic of “I Almost Told You That I Loved You” serves as a stark reminder of the emotional impact of Papa Roach’s lyrics.

This song is a powerful, emotive piece that speaks to the fragility of love and the risks associated with expressing feelings.

The lyrics are reflective and heart-wrenching, depicting a situation in which the narrator was on the brink of expressing his love for someone.

The raw emotion in the song is conveyed through its melancholic instrumentation and intense vocal delivery.

11. “Lifeline”

“Lifeline” is a passionate ode to the power of hope, with its stirring lyrics and uplifting instrumentation providing an anthemic call to arms.

The song is structured around a driving guitar riff and a simple chord progression, creating a soundscape that is both lively and emotive.

Papa Roach’s distinctive vocal style drives the track, while the lyrical content speaks of the strength and resilience needed to overcome hardship.

“Lifeline” is a powerful reminder that hope can be found in even the darkest of times.

12. “Leader Of The Broken Hearts”

Exploring the themes of loss and resilience, “Leader of the Broken Hearts” is a powerful track from Papa Roach that serves as an anthem to those who have experienced hardships.

The song presents a narrative of a broken leader, one who has seen much suffering and is determined to fight through it.

The lyrics depict this leader as a source of strength and courage, inspiring others to rise above their struggles.

Musically, the song utilizes a mix of heavy guitar riffs and melodic vocals to create an emotionally-charged soundscape.

Ultimately, “Leader of the Broken Hearts” is a song of hope and empowerment that resonates with many.

13. “Burn”

Moving on from the anthemic, anthem-like sound of “Leader of the Broken Hearts”, “Burn” is a song that is both a hard-rock classic and a lyrical masterpiece.

Its thunderous drums, driving guitar riffs, and powerful chorus are the perfect backdrop for vocalist Jacoby Shaddix‘s lyrical exploration of the depths of despair.

The lyrics explore the feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, and are full of raw emotion.

The song is a powerful testament to the strength and courage that it takes to overcome adversity.

14. “No Matter What”

“No Matter What” is a song that captures the struggles and hardships of life, and serves as a reminder that despite the difficulties, there is hope and strength to be found in perseverance.

The song also speaks to the universal experience of feeling alone and misunderstood and encourages the listener to never give up.

The song’s production is dynamic, with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and drums driving the beat.

The combination helps to create an emotionally charged atmosphere and conveys the song’s message of hope.


The rock song “STILL SWINGIN” by Papa Roach is a powerful anthem of resilience and determination that celebrates overcoming obstacles and persevering through adversity.

It is an up-tempo rock song with a driving guitar riff and powerful vocal delivery.

The lyrics express a sense of resilience and resilience in the face of adversity, addressing the need to keep fighting and keep going even when the odds seem insurmountable.

The song has become an anthem for those who have faced and overcome difficult challenges.

The song is a reminder that no matter what, one can overcome any obstacle and still swing.

Best Papa Roach Songs Of All Time – Final Thoughts

The 15 best Papa Roach songs have been chosen for their popularity and critical acclaim.

From the anthemic single “Last Resort” to the emotionally charged “Scars”, Papa Roach has created a diverse catalog of hits that have earned them a place among the most successful and influential rock bands of the 21st century.

Every song on the list displays Papa Roach’s ability to craft powerful lyrics, memorable hooks, and unique soundscapes.

Their musical evolution and ability to attract fans of various genres have kept them at the top of the charts for nearly two decades.

Papa Roach is a timeless band that will continue to be a powerhouse in the world of rock music for years to come.

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